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true Christian, and died in the faith of Jesus, yet the greater part of the Jews live and die rejecting Him who is the only Saviour.

Pray for the inquiring Jews! Many have begun to inquire ; and this is a hopeful sign. There have been schools formed for the children of the Jews; and in some the scholars bring from their parents texts of Scripture, written on pieces of paper, that the teachers may send back in writing their meaning. In other places, the Jews are earnestly seeking after the Bible, that they may search the Scriptures for themselves. In one city, a young Jew who was converted, wrote some letters to his nation, giving an account of his belief in Christ. This aroused the attention of about two hundred young learned Jews, who wished to know more about the Christian faith. In France, a lady was speaking to some little girls, and asked one of them on what she rested her hope of heaven. She said, “Christ died for me.” On hearing this reply, some of the scholars cried out, “Oh, she is a Jewess, and yet she says, 'Christ died for me !!” “Well," added the little girl, “though I am a Jewess, Christ did die for me." We see, then, that there are many Jews who are seeking for the truth. Should we not pray for them ? When a Jew begins to show a concern about the Christian religion, he is insulted by his own people. And should he declare his belief in it, even his own parents often disown him; his brothers and sisters, and the whole family, put on mourning as though he were already dead. Then do not forget to pray for the inquiring Jews.

Praise-praise for the converted Jews. The good work has been begun, and many are engaged in carrying it on. Forty years ago there

was only one converted Jew who was a missionary; now there are more than forty. More than five thousand Jews have become Christians in the last twenty years. This is like the first sheaf of the great harvest. Some few years since, Miss Sarah Alexander, the daughter of the late Bishop of Jerusalem, a converted Jew, died when she was not quite thirteen years old. Many delightful sayings came from her dying lips. “I am so happy,” she often said, “my precious Saviour is so near to me." When she was told that she could not recover, she replied, “ Jesus says, “This night thou shalt be with me in paradise.' About two hours before her death, she said aloud, “Satan says, it is a false foundation ; but the everlasting arms of Jesus are beneath me.” Many Christian hymns and texts of Scripture, which she had learned in health, were her comfort in sickness, She desired her money, amounting to fifteen shillings, should be given to a Society for the benefit of the Jews, as A dying gift from Sarah Alex. ander.” Let us praise God for his grace, as seen in her happy death. Had she been left in ignorance, she would not have known that holy name which was so precious to her in health and in sickness; or she might have been taught only to revile it.

Children of Christian parents, when you pray for yourselves, pray also for the Jews; that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob may have compassion upon them, and "rejoice over them for good, as he rejoiced over their fathers." (Deut. Xxx. 9.) Then shall the voice of Jewish children again be heard singing, “Hosannah to the Son of David;" and then will Jesus be “a light to lighten the Gentiles, and the glory of his people Israel."

Go now, and bend your knee to pray

For Israel's ancient race ;
Ask the Redeemer every day

To call them by his grace :
Go-for a debt of love is due
From Christian children to the Jew.


THE JEWS. We are glad to place the following Address before our readers. It was drawn up by a little boy not more than ten years old. He had it printed for circulation quite unknown to his parents, giving this practical proof of heartfelt desire to benefit God's ancient people.

The young gentleman who wrote this circular is of a noble family, and, if his life be spared, may be one of England's future statesmen. May he grow


every grace, and may wisdom from above be abundantly given to him, that this spring so full of promise may be followed by a genial summer and an old age bringing forth the full ripe fruits to the glory of the Lord ! LONDON SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING CHRIS

TIANITY AMONGST THE JEWS. “ To the lost people of God the attention of the reader is directed ;-the Society's aid is directed to the lost people of the house of Israel. It is plainly expressed in the Bible, referring to the Jews, They shall prosper that love thee.! And with the saying also the fulfilment goes, for it has been found a very sure thing that he who loves Jerusalem loves his Bible more than he ever did. In all countries the Jews are a very despised race; very much so in England. From amongst others I will relate a little anecdote to shew that even

the meanest wretch teaches his children to curse the Jews.

A Jew was selling old clothes to a gentleman's servant, when a little child hardly able to speak plain, came up to him and said, "Cursed, cursed Jew,' and spit upon him three times. This shows what a despised and dejected nation the Jews are.

“ The Turks have also a share in ill-treating them. Here is an instance:- A Turk and a pack of Jews were bathing, when the Turk tumbled against an anchor, which was the cause of his death; the Jew, who was near him at the time, 'was taken up and put in prison, as it was said, in case he did it to the Turk. Thus we see by one instance (though there are a hundred) how their oppressors hate them. But let us, on the other hand, try to shorten that time, when they shall all be Christians, for what more glorious consummation can we look forward to than this ?

The following are some of the Stations of the Society :“ London, Rotterdam,

Liverpool, Frankfurt on the Oder,

the Maine, Stettin,
Jerusalem, Creuznach, Königsberg,

Beyrout, Berlin,

Gothenburg, Aleppo,

Breslau, Warsaw, Lublin,

Kalisch, Cracow, Constantinople, Smyrna, Bagdad. Amsterdam,

“ The principal Station of Europe, is Warsaw; of Asia, Jerusalem.”


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