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, There is, perhaps, no subject contained in the volume of revelation, which is, at the same time, both so important and so imperfectly understood, by a large proportion of Christians, as the Theocracy of the Hebrews. Very brief are the notices to be found of this form of government in the works of the most learned American divines. Their attention has hitherto been almost exclusively directed to the doctrines or duties of Christianity. The consequence has been, that the four last books of the pentateuch have been too much neglected, as uninteresting to those, who live under the present dispensation. The works of distinguished foreign writers, are too voluminous to be of general use in our churches, and many of them contain opinions manifestly erroneous and of dangerous tendency.

A small treaties on the Hebrew Theocracy, suited to the wants of Christian families and Bible classes, appears to be needed. No work of the kind, it is believed, has ever been published in this country.

It is not the intention of the author of this work, to quote largely from the writings of others. Much space is sometimes occupied with the refutation of erroneous opinions, never before known to the reader. This may be done, not so much to benefit the reader, as to give reputation to the writer. A plain scripture view of the Hebrew Theocracy in its connexions is all that will be attempted. If it contribute to make any part of the volume of revelation interesting and instructive, which has been too much neglected, the object of the author will be attained.


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