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IT is not intended to detain the Reader by a long Preface. If the Work submitted to his notice be worthy of approbation, it will be conceded without solicitation; if not, the Author would disdain to seek from favour that which justice should deny. With regard to the assistance which he has received from friends and others, all such instances are noticed, as he hopes, with a proper sense of gratitude, in the several pages where they occur. His opinions throughout have been expressed freely and conscientiously, but without bigotry; since he is very ready to acknowledge the weakness of human judgment, and will be as anxious to retract an error, as he would be averse to supporting any doctrine or position from interested and selfish motives. He has long wished to

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fulfil his engagement in the publication of these volumes, that he might give a more exclusive attention to studies connected with a profession adopted subsequently to his Travels; but that wish has been prevented by several causes with which it is not necessary to make the Public acquainted. . Whatever may be the fate of his Work, the Author's intention has been to instruct and amuse the Reader; but if he shall bave only succeeded partially in this design, and amused bim without vitiating bis taste or corrupting his principles, he will even then think his time has not been unprofitably employed.

Cambridge, June 17, 1820.




Site of Acradina-Cicero's Description–Temple of Jupiter-Forum-Prytaneum-Plunder of

the fine Arts in Syracuse by the Romans-Small Harbour and Vestiges of Buildings-House

of Archimedes-Capuchin Convent-Beautiful Gardens in a Lautomia or ancient Stone

Quarry-Church of Santa Lucia-Shrine and Image of the Saint-Supposed Ruins of the

Hexacontaclinos, and Construction of a curious Arch-Baths excavated by the Cavaliere

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Landolina-Traces of the principal Street of Acradina-Church of St. John-Sepulchre of

St. Marcian-Votive Offerings-Descent into the Catacombs - Illumination and gene-

ral Remarks upon them --Return to Syracuse—Second Visit to Acradina-Circuit of the

Walls-Gateways - Broad Street of Separation between Acradina and the upper City-

Turris Galeagra — Return again to Syracuse—Visit to Signore Capodieci --Expedition to

Tycha - Temenites - Apollo and Diana-Ancient Sepulchres- Few Remains of Antiquity

in Tycha-Athenian Wall of Circumvallation—Wall of Dionysius-Fortress of Hexapylon

- Marcellus weeping over Syracuse--Reflections thereon-Battle with a Snake--Labdalus

- Ancient Masonry--Species called Emplecton - Castle of Euryelus upon Epipolæ -Dif-

férence of Generalship between Nicias and Marcellus— Tremila and Villa of Timoleon-His

Character, &c.—Lysimelia-Olympiæum-Jupiter Urios-River Anapus and Fountain

Cyane-Papyrus-Syracusan Festival – Visit to Neapolis — Lautomia called “Il Paradiso”-

Ear of Dionysius-Character of that Prince misrepresented by the Ancients - Great Theatre

- Street of the Tombs— Tomb of Archimedes-Ancient Aqueduct - Amphitheatre-Pol-

lian Wine-Dangerous Ascent to the Chamber of Dionysius – Reflections on the Antiqui-

ties of Syracuse-Departure


Journey towards Catania —Ancient Monument opposite Thapsus-Arrival at Catania - Descrip-

tion of that City-Expedition to the Rocks of the Cyclopes--Ascent up Mount Etna-

Description of the Mountain with its various Phenomena-Journey to Giardini — Ascent to

Taormina-Magnificence of its Site-Immense Theatre - Prospect of Etna, and the Faro

Straits - Cape Alessio-Messina-Sirocco Wind-Journey to Palermo - Festival of Santa

Rosolia --College of Jesuits -- Piazzi the Astronomer – Journey through the Interior of

Sicily to Messina--Description of that City-Superstition of its Inhabitants — Festival of

the Bara – Madonna della Lettera-Copy of the Letter written by the Virgin Mary to the

People of Messina-Straits of the Faro-Scylla and Charybdis – Fortifications at the Faro

Point--- The Pantani, or Lakes of the Faro---Site of the Neptunium--- Heights of Curcuracci

---Return to Messina--- Illumination of the Calabrian Coast---Splendid Scene in the Hare

bour of Messina---Fishery---Harpooning of the Pesce-spada---Increasing Commerce---

Variety of Costume--- Albanian or Greek Regiment--- Ancient Sarcophagus---Sail for Zante

---Violent Storm--- Arrival at Zante.....

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