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13 Acosta, Gios. di. Historia naturale e morale delle Indie, tradotta della

lingua spagnuola nella ital. da G. P. Galucci. Venetia, B. Basa, 1596. 4o. Ppbd.

20. Maisonneuve: Traduction peu commune. 40 fr. 14 (de Bry, Grands Voyages. Pars II.) Der ander Theil der Newlich erfun

denen Landtschafft Americae, von 3 Schiffahrten so die Frantzosen in Floridam gethan, eine unter Laudonniere 1564, die ander unter Ribald 1565, die dritte unter Guerguesio 1567. Franckf. 1603. fol. cart. 10.

2. Ausgabe. Wohlerhaltenes Ex., dem jedoch der Schluss von „Unterthänige Supplication...

..... an König Carlen“ an feblt. 15 Detectio Preti Hudsoni. Hessel Gerritz's collection of tracts by him

self, Massa and De Quir on the N. E. and W. Passage, Siberia and Australia. Reproduced, with the maps, in photolitography in Dutch and Latin after the editions of 1612–1613. With a new english translation by Fr. J. Millard and an essay on the origin and design of this collection by S. Muller. Amsterd. 1878. 4o.

40. Schöne Facsimile- Ausgaben dieser für die Geschichte der geographischen Entdeckungen im Norden Europas u. Amerikas überaus wichtigen Sammlung. Die Ori

ginal-Ausgaben sind nur in 4 oder 5 Exx. bekannt! 16 Heubeldinck's Collection of Voyages: Oost-Indische ende West-Indische Voyagien. 10 vols. Amsterdam, Mich. Colyn, 1617-19. 4° obl.

500. This is one of the rarest collections of old Dutch Voyages to the East- and WestIndies; it embraces 10 voyages (each with a special title), viz.

I. de Veer's Voyage to the North.
II. Houtman's Voyage to the East-Indies.
III. van Neck's Voyage to the East-Indies.
IV. Spilbergen's Voyage to the East-Indies.
V. Marees' Description of Guinea.
VI. Candish & Drake's Voyage round the world.
VII. Raleigh and Drake's Description of Guiana. This part is wanting

nearly always !
VIII. Bicker and Heemskerk's Voyage to Rio Plata and the Magellan.
IX. de Weert's Voyage round the World.

X. van Noort's Voyage round the World (wants pag. 67–70).
Very fine copy, with a large number of plates, maps etc. — Complete copies
as this are of the utmost rarity, part VII. is wanting nearly always. -

Confer Tiele's
Mémoire bibliographique.
17 Marees, P. de. Beschrijvinghe ende Historische verhael vant Gout Koninck-
rijck van Guinea etc. Amst., M. Colijn, 1617. 4°obl. cart.

45. Dritte Ausgabe d. Beschreibung von Guinea. Schönes Ex., jedoch mit einigen unbedeutenden Wurmstichen. Die auf dem letzten Blatte stehende Reclame „Hier" scheint darauf hinzudeuten, dass noch ein Appendix folgen sollte, derselbe ist

jedoch nicht erschienen. Vergl. Tiele pag. 151. 18 Houtman, C. de. 'T Eerste Boeck. Historie van Indien, waer inne ver

haelt is de avonturen die de Hollantse Schepen bejegent sijn .... Amst., M. Colijn, 1617. 4° obl. cart. Tiele pag. 129.

Schönes breitrandiges Ex. dieser sehr seltenen Ausgabe, mit zahlr. Karten u.

Kupfern. Houtman's Ostindische Reise fällt in die Jahre 1597—98. 19 Neck, J. C. ende W. van Warwijck. Historiale beschrijvinghe inhoudende

een waerachtich verhael vande reyse ghedaen met 8 Schepen van Amsterdam ... . Hier is byghevoecht een Vocabulaerin Duytsch, Malleys, ende Javaens. Amst., M. Colijn, 1619. 4° obl. cart.

40. Schönes Ex. dieser höchst seltenen Ausgabe, mit zahlr. Kupfern. Die Reise ging (1598) nach Ostindien (Molucken) u. hat ein nicht unbedeutendes Interesse; das Vocabular allein umfasst 13 pag. Ein sehr mangelhafter Auszug findet sich in

de Bry's kleinen Reisen. Bd. 5. Vergl. Tiele pag. 142. 20 (De Bry, Grands Voyages. I.) – Hariot, Thom. Wunderbarliche doch

warhafftige Erklärung von der Gelegenheit vnd Sitten der Wilden in Virginia. Oppenheim, In Verlegung J. T. de Bry, 1620. fol. cart.

Gutes vollständiges Ex. der sehr seltenen 3. Ausgabe. 21 Blocius, J. Historiae per saturam ex novi orbis scriptoribus excerpta memorabilia cont. Rostochi, J. Pedanus, 1627. 12o. Prgtbd. Schief beschnitten. 12. 50

Wenig bekannt, giebt eine abgekürzte Beschreib. Americas nach Benzoni,
Columbus, Gomara, Xulsius etc. Maisonneuve 60 fr.


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Relations des Jésuites, 1635) --1673.


» This is the most extraordinary and valuable collection of material, relating to the history and life of the Indians ever made. It is composed of the narratives of a class of men who, two centuries before what we boastingly term civilization, had prostrated the forests and exterminated their free occupants, explored the vast territories covered by them, recorded the peculiarities of their natives, and in many instances bestowed the blessings of Christianity upon them. These relations, for many years looked upon through the haze of sectarian distrust, were lightly esteemed by the students of American history, but the more their character and statements were investigated, the more important and valuable they appeared. They have become the sources from which we must draw almost all the historic material of New York and Canada, during the first century and a half of their exploration by Europeans. From the manuscript relations sent to the head of the order, small editions were printed in 12° by the Cramoisy Press. Copies of these have become exceedingly rare. It is not known that a perfect series exists in any library, although several collectors have closely approached completeness. The library of the Canadian government at Quebec had nearly the number forming the series, when its collection was destroyed in the great conflagration of 1854. « (Field, Indian Bibliography.)

I have the pleasure to offer a most extraordinary set of this collection, embracing 26 parts of it; a close comparison with Brunet and Harrisse (Notes s. la Bibliographie de la Nouvelle France), will show that it is the larger part of the whole collection, and that it includes the rarest and most important Relations. Indeed of No. 40. no copy was known to Harrisse to exist in any American Library and two copies only in an European Library. I cannot remember that ever a set like the present has been offered during the last 20 years at least.

A few comparatively small deficiencies excepted (which are carefully noticed) all parts are in the best condition imaginable, clean and mostly very large, as will be seen from the measure (in french millimetres) added to each.

The collection (No. 22 to 47) will be sold in one lot for 5000 Mark; but if till 25. December next no order for it will have reached me, it shall be broken up and single parts shall be sold at the prices affixed. Collectors are requested to send in their orders for single parts without delay, they will receive an immediate preliminary answer, whether they shall receive the parts wanted, provided the collection will not be sold en bloc.

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22 Relation de ce qui s'est passé en la Nouvelle France, en l'année 1634. Paris 1635. 8o. vellum. 163 x 103 millimetres.

180. Original edition. Harrisse 60. 23 Relation en l'année 1636. Paris 1637. 8o. 161 x 107 mm. 125.

Harrisse 65. 24 Relation ... en l'année 1637. Rouen 1638. 8o. vellum. gilt edges. 466 X 107 mm.

450. Ilarrisse 67. 25 Relation. en l'année 1638. Paris 1638. 8o. 164 x 106 mm. 425.

Harrisse 69. 26 Relation en l'année 1639. Paris 1640. 89 161 x 106 mm. 125.

Harrisse 71. 27 Relation en l'année 1640. Paris 1641. 8o. 160 x 100 mm. 125.

Harrisse 76. 28 Relation es années 1640 et 1641. Paris 1642. 8o. 160 x 100 mm. 400.

Harrisse 77. - A wormhole in the inner margins of some leafs. 29 Relation en l'année 1642. Paris 1643. 8o. 160 x 104 mm. 125.

Harrisse so. 30 Relation ....

es années 1645 et 1646. Paris 1647. 8o. vellum. 168 X 108 mm.

160. Harrisse 86. Very large and fine copy. 31 Relation ..., en l'année 1647. Paris 1648. 8o. vellum. 173 X 114 mm. 160.

Harrisse S7. - Very large copy. 32 Relation .... és années 1647 et 1648. Paris 1649. 8o. 162 x 103 mm. 50. Harrisse $9. Title wanting.

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33 Relation .... és années 1648 et 1649. Paris 1650. 8o. 162 X 104 mm. 460.

Harisse 91. – Second edition of this Relation, it is augmented by a second

part which is not to be found in the first edition of the same year. Very rare. 34 Relation .... depuis l'esté de l'année 1649 jusques à l'esté de l'année 4650. Paris 1651. go. 162 x 106 mm.

250. Harrisse 95. This is one of the rarest parts of the collection. 35 Relation .... és années 1650 et 1651. Paris 1652. go. 161 x 106 mm. 120.

Harrisse 97. 36 Relation .... es années 1654 et 1652. Paris 1653. 8o. 161 x 106 mm. 120.

Harrisse 98. 37 Relation .... des années 1652 et 1653, Paris 1654. 8o. 161 x 106 mm. 120.

Harrisse 101. 38 Relation .... ès années 1653 et 1654. Paris 1655. 8o. 161 X 106 mm. 120.

Harrisse 103. 39 Relation .. ès années 1656 et 1657. Paris 1658. 8o. vellum. 460 X 104 mm.

125. Harrisse 110. 40 Lettres || envoiées || de la || Novvelle France || Au R. P. Jacques Re

navlt || Prouincial de la Compagnie de || Jesus en la Prouince de la France, || Par le R. P. Hier. Lallement || Supérieur des Missions de ladite Com || pagnie en ce nouueau Monde: || A Paris || chez Sebastien Cramoisy, || Imprimeur ordinaire du Roy. || M.DC. LX. 8o. 157 X 105 mm. 2500.

Harrisse 113: „Cette relation est, avec celle imprimée en 1656, la plus rare de toutes. On croyait même qu'elle n'existait plus depuis l'incendie de la Bibliothèque du Parlement de Québec en 1854 ou fut détruit l'exemplaire alors considéré comme unique. Mais nous en avous trouvé deux exemplaires dans la Réserve de la Bibliothèque Nationale de Paris.“

I am informed that a copy of this relation is in the Carter Brown Library, but no other is known to exist in any American Library. – My copy

is in the best state of preservation and may justly be considered as a cimelium. 44 Relation .... és années 1660 et 1661. Paris 1662. 8o. vellum. 150 X 90 mm.

125. Harrisse 117. Unfortunately this very rare relation is cut closely, but has

not lost any printed text. 42 Relation ... ès années 1661 et 1662. Paris 1663. 8o. vellum. 467 x 110 mm.

150. Harrisse 119. Two very small wormholes in the title, else a fine large

copy, having some rough edges. 43 Relation ... és années 1662 et 1663. Paris 1664. 8o. vellum. 163 X 110 mm.

120. Harrisse 121. 44 Relation ... aux années 1665 et 1666. Paris 1667. vellum. 173 X 107 mm.

150. Harrisse 126. Has the Lettre de la Reverende Mère etc.

Fine large copy. 45 Relation ... és années 1666 et 1667. Paris 1668. 8o. vellum. 469 X 105 mm.

100. Harrisse 127. Fine сору,

but has not the „Lettre de la Reverende mère“ which Harriss saw in the copy of the Bibliothèque Nationale, and which is

not mentioned in the table des matières. 46 Relation ... des années 1670 et 1674. Paris 1672. 8o. vellum. 172 X 111 mm.

410. Harrisse 138. Very large copy, but has no map, which is wanting nearly

always. 47 Relation .. des années 1674 et 1672. Paris 1673. 8o. vellum. 476 X 113 mm.

150. Harrisse 139. This is the last Relation published, and one of the rarest of the collection. Very large copy.

See Nr. 51 Pelleprat.



16 pag.

Mes 48 Linschoten, J. Huyggen van. Itinerarium ofte Schipvaert naer Oost ofte Portugaels Indien etc. etc. 3 parts in 1 vol. Amsterdam 1644. fol. vellum. 60.

Clean tall copy in exceptionably good condition; with a large number of fine plates and maps. - This inestimable book, a treasure of all the knowledge and learning relating to the East- and West-Indies and the navigation thither, at the end of the 16. century, has been in the highest esteem for nearly a century, and was given to each ship sailing to India, as log-book. Hence the many editions (6 in Duteh, 3 in French, T in Latin); but this is also the cause that fine copies, especially with all the plates and maps, are so very rare. A large part of the book is occupied by translations of original Spanish and Portuguese documents on geography, etbrography, statistics, navigation etc. and also in these respects the book is of the highest importance and authority. - The description of America occupies the pag. 17

to $2 of the 3. part: Description etc. 49 Begin ende voortgangh der Vereenighde Nederlandsche Oost - Ind. Com

pagnie. Tweede deel, begrijpende 12 voyagien. (Amsterd.) 1646. 4o. obl. In 2 Frzbdn. Sehr wohlerhaltenes Ex.

40. Vergl. über diese wichtige Sammlung alter holland. Reisen, die von Is. Commelin auf Grund der Originalberichte veranstaltet wurde, die ausführliche Notiz in Tiele's Memoire bibliogr. pag. 9-15. – Dieser zweite (Schluss-) Bd. enth. 12 Reisen, u. a. die von Spilbergen, J. L'Hermite, v. d. Hagen etc., meist mit zahlreichen Karten u. Kupfern (die in jeder Beziehung weit über den de Bry’seben stehen). – Gute Ex.

sind sehr selten. 50 Horni, G. De originibus Americanis libri. Hagae Com. 1652. 8o. Prgtbd. 6. 51 Pelleprat, Pierre. Relation des missions des PP. de la Compagnie de Jesus

dans les Isles et dans la terre Ferme de l'Amérique meridionale. Avec une introduction à la langue des Galibis Sauvages. 3 partt. 4 vol. Paris, Cramoisy, 1655. 8o. vellum. 168 X 109 mm.

465. Fine copy of this rare book, which forms a supplement to the Jesuit Relations

on New-France.
52 (Rochefort, C. de.) Histoire naturelle et morale des iles Antilles de l'Amérique.

Av. un Vocabulaire Caraibe. 2. éd. augmentée. Roterd. 1665. 40.
Av. figg. et 3 pl. Frzbd.

12. 53 Tjassens, J. Zee-politie d. Vereenigde Nederlanden. 's Gravenhage 1669. 40. Hprgtbd.

18. „The chapters XIV-XXX of this valuable work contain the history of the WestIndia-Company, with reprints of the original documents. Copies with the date 1669,

are extremely scarce“. Fred. Muller's Cat. of Books America. (Priced 22 flor. = 43 M.) 54 Montanus, Arn. De Nieuwe en Onbekende Weereld: of beschryving van America. Amst. 1671. fol. Dutch vellum, fine copy.

30. Highly interesting work, with 47 large plates and maps, 7 portraits (Columbus, Vespucci etc.), a large number of figures, printed in the text, and one of the first views of New - Amsterdam. For other details see Asher's Essay, which contains

an ample analysis of the part treating on New-Netherland. 55 Ljung, E. P. Dissertatio de origine gentium Novi Orbis prima. Strengnesii 1676. 8o. 92 pag.

36. An exceedingly rare little volume printed at the small Swedish town Stregnäs. 56 Pyrard de Laval, Fr. Voyage, cont. sa navigation aux Indes Orientales,

Maldives, Moluques et au Bresil. Nouv. éd. augm. de divers traitez et relat. curieuses p. Du Val Paris 1679. 4o. Av. carte. Frzbd.

12. 50 Brunet: Rélation intéressante et qui passe pour fort exacte. Beste Ausgabe. 57 Pennsylvania. Eine Nachricht wegen der Landschafft Pennsilvania in

America, welche jüngstens an Will. Penn übergeben worden. Frankf. 1683.
4o. 32 pag.
Fine copy:

This German edition of the Account of the Province of Pennsylvania. (London
1680.)“ forms a part of the Diarium Europaeum, and although it has a special title
it was never published separately. This will account for its having remained nearly

unknown. 58 Hennepin, L. Nouvelle decouverte d'un tres grand pays situé dans l'Amé

rique, entre le Nouveau Mexique et la Mer Glaciale. Utrecht, G. Broedelet, 1697. 8o. Av. 2 cartes et planches. Uncut.

50. Edition origin. Maisonneuve 80 fr. Exemplaire non rogné, três-rare dans cet état. 59 Swedberg, Joh. D. Dissertatio gradualis de Svionum in America colonia. Upsaliae 1709. 80.

50. An extremely rare little work, as all the early Swedish publications on America; this must be still inore so, as it was printed as Dissertatio gradualis, and thus not put into commerce, but presented only to the Professors of the University and some friends of the author. The author was a nephew of the renowned Bishop of Scars, Jesp. Swedberg, and stayed some years as missionary in America.

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60 Biörck, Tob. E. Dissertatio gradualis de Plantatione Ecclesiae Suecanae in America. Upsaliae 1731. 4o.

50. Collation : 4 unnumb. leaves, a very interesting folding map, 34 numb. pp. „An extremely rare work and of the highest importance for the early history of the swedish church in America, not mentioned by the bibliographers: Rich, Sabin, Stevens etc. The author, a son of Ericus Biörck, who was sent as minister to NewSweden in 1697, a born American, and his history is the first work on that country written by a native of it, which, as far as I know, bas been published in Sweden. It is full of interest not only for its historical details, but also for the knowledge of the Indians. In the preliminary pages will be found a dedication to Count Gyllenborgh of Lund, and a letter of Andr. Hesselius ,to the learned American Tob. Biörck", both in English, the first in verses. It is curious that they are not written in Swedish, and perhaps we may conclude from this circumstance, that at that time already the Swedish language was rather unfamiliar to the colonists in

New-Sweden." 64 Washington, George. The journal of Major George Washington, sent by

the Hon. Rob. Dinwiddie, Commander in Chief of Virginia, to the Commandant of the French Forces on Ohio. With a new map of the country as far as the Mississippi. Williamsburgh printed; London reprinted 1754. 8o. half calf.

180. Fine copy,

The original Williamsburg edition is, probably, the rarest Americanum of the 18. century. When in 1865 the late Mr. Joseph Sabin wished to reprint it, no copy was to be got and he was obliged to make the reprint on the London edition. Very few copies have turned up meanwhile, 2 years ago a copy (without a map) sold in a New - York sale for 560 Dollars (about 2400 Mark)and this

London edition for 80 Dollars (about 310 Mark). 62 Acrelius, Israel. Beskrifning om de Swenska Församlingar .... uti Nya

Swerige, sedan Nya Nederland, Pensylvanien .... Stockholm 1759. 40. half calf.

125. 534 pag. Title slightly mended, else a fine tall copy of this rare book, the most important ever written on the Swedish colonies in America. It reproduces a large quantity of documents, partly unpublished, and which are to be found no

where else. 63 Jefferson, Thom. Notes on the State of Virginia. Lond. 1787. 8°. With

a large map, includ. the States of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Frzbd. Selten. Quaritch 27 Shill.



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64 Colon, Christ. Cartas que escribió sobre el descubrimiento de America y testamento que hizo a su muerte. Madrid 1880. 12o. 192 pag.

2. 65 Columbus. Los restos de Colon. Informe de la R. Academia sobre el

supuesto ballazgo de los verdaderos restos de Crist. Colon en la iglesia catedral de St. Domingo. Madrid 1879. 8o. M. 6 Taf. 197 pag.

3. 66 (Faillon.) Histoire de la colonie française en Canada (depuis Cartier jus

qu'en 1674.) 3 vol. Villemarie, Bibliothèque Paroissiale, 1865—66. roy. 8°.

Av. cartes. Sarsbde. Schönes u. wichtiges Werk.
67 Ghillany, F. W. Geschichte d. Seefahrers Martin Behaim, nach d. ältesten

Urkunden. Nebst Abh.: Ueb. d. ältesten Karten d. Neuen Continents u. d.
Namen Amerika, v. A. v. Humboldt. Nürnb. 1853. fol. M. Portraits,

2 Planigloben u. 3 d. ältesten Karten v. Amerika. in facsim. cart. 24. 68 Holmes, Abiel. Annals of America from the discovery by Columbus to 1826. 2 vol. Cambridge (Unit. Stat.) 1829. gr. 8o. Hfrzbd. – Sehr selten. 50.

„Holmes' Annals has now become a liber rarissimus, and can rarely be

purchased.“ Allibone. Quaritch 4 Pfd. Sterl. 4 Sh. 69 Marco Polo. Le livre de Marco Polo, rédigé en français sous sa dictée

en 1298 p. Rusticien de Pise, publ. p. la fe fois d'après 3 MSS. inéd., av. variantes, comment. géogr. et histor. etc. p. G. Pauthier. 2 vol. Paris, Didot, 1865. gr. 8o. Avec carte. (40 fr.)

24. 70 (Murphy, H. C.) Jacob Stcendam, noch Vaster. A memoir of the first poet

in New-Netherland, with his poems descript. of the colony. Hague 1861. gr. 8o. W. portr. Printed for private distribution in a small number of copies.

15. 71 Murr, Chr. G. v. Diplomat. Geschichte d. portugies. Ritters Martin Behaims. M. Urkunden Nürnb. 1778. 8o.

Uncut copy.

7. 50 The name of Martin Behaim is so closely connected with the controversies regarding the real discoverer of the Western World and the Straits of Magellan, that the work of Murr based entirely on documents ought to find a place in every Bibliotheca Americana; it contains besides some highly interesting documentary pieces a large facsimile of Behaim's extremely curious globe manufactured about 1492.

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