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The Multitudes, after having been miraculously fed in the Wil-

derness, attempt to take Christ by force, and make him

King : He shuns their importunity by withdrawing himself

from them : He walketh on the Sea to his Disciples: He

saves Peter, who desired to accompany him, but was sinka
ing for want of Faith. Curist disputes with the Jews in tbe



Synagogue of Capernaum,' and declareth himself to be the

Bread of life : He goes to Jerusalem at the Passover ; then

returns to Galilee, and reproves the Fharisees for their Su-


justifieth his Doctrine against the Pharisees : He promiseth

Freedom, through Knowledge of the Truth to those Jews

who believed on him: Confuteth their vain Boast of being


Jesus remarks the ignorance and stupidity of the Jews, in not

discerning the Times; and sheweth the Danger of neglect-

ing the Means of Reconciliation offered them : He sheweth

that temporal calamities are no sure signs of sinfulness, but

that others should take warning by them, and repent: He

delivers the Parable of the Fig-Tree that was ordered to be
çut down for being fruitless : He biealeth a Woman that
had been long bowed together, and putte:h the hypocritical



Christ departs from Ephraim, and, in his Journey to Jerusa-

lem by the way of Jericho, he instructeth a Young Man

how to attain eternal Life, and how to become perfect:

He sheweth how hard it is for a rich Man to enter into the

Kingdom of God; and promiseth great rewards to his dis-

ciples, and to all who have forsaken ought to follow him :

He delivers the Parable of the Labourers, who were hired at

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