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This is a pretty good introduction to the painting techniques in many of India's famous wall painting sites such as the Ajanta and Ellora caves and the Brihadeshwara and Kailashnath temples. It includes a discussion of wall painting procedures written in ancient Indian texts like the Vishnudharmottara purana and Shilparatna as well as more technical information about the materials used in the paintings from archaeological reports and scientific studies. Of course, recent scholarship using a better developed historical insight and more sophisticated technology for the material analysis of the caves have emerged since, but this book is still quite worth a close read.
One thing to note about the publishing details of this book is that it shows the year of publishing as 1895 which can be misleading as people might think it refers to the year 1895 of the Gregorian calendar. Upon reading the book though, you come across mentions of seemingly anachronistic technology and research publications. This is because the page containing the publishing details actually records the date of publishing according to the Saka or the Indian national calendar. So the "1895" actually corresponds to 1973. It would be beneficial to change this date so that people do not dismiss this book as being too old to contain useful information.

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