Popular Aspects of Oriental Religions

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Abingdon Press, 1917 - 255 pages

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Page 66 - Who knows exactly, and who shall in this world declare, whence and why this creation took place ? The gods are subsequent to the production of this world: then who can know whence it proceeded ? or whence this varied world arose ? or whether it uphold [itself], or not ? He who, in the highest heaven, is the ruler of this universe, does indeed know; but not another can possess that knowledge.
Page 180 - God is great. God is great. ... I bear witness that there is no god but God. ... I bear witness that Mohammed is the Apostle of God. . . . Come to prayer ! Come to prayer ! ... God is great. God is great. There is no god but God.
Page 60 - Prayer is requested for the National Assembly, now in session, for the newly established Government, for the President yet to be elected, for the Constitution of the Republic, that the Government may be recognized by the Powers, that peace may reign within our country, that strong virtuous men may be elected to office, that the Government may be established upon a strong foundation.
Page 131 - There is no such thing, O King, as alms or sacrifice or offering. There is neither fruit nor result of good or evil deeds. There is no such thing as this world or the next. There is neither father nor mother, nor beings springing into life without them. There are in the world no recluses or Brahmans who have reached the highest point, who walk perfectly, and who having understood and realised, by themselves alone, both this world and the next, make their wisdom known to others.
Page 129 - ... mind he is not entranced in the general appearance or the details of it. He sets himself to restrain that which might give occasion for evil states, covetousness and dejection, to flow in over him so long as he dwells unrestrained as to his mental (representative) faculty.
Page 142 - ... idea of which seems to be to catch the image of the spirit as it comes ; a second raises...
Page 214 - Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling ; for it is God that worketh in you to will and to do of his good pleasure.
Page 61 - Powers; that peace may reign within our country ; that strong and virtuous men may be elected to office ; and that the Government may be established upon a strong foundation. Upon receipt of this telegram you are requested to notify all churches in your province that April twenty-seventh has been set aside as a day of prayer for the nation. Let all take part.
Page 46 - A gentleman has nine aims. To see clearly; to understand what he hears; to be warm in manner, dignified in bearing, faithful of speech, painstaking at work; to ask when in doubt; in anger to think of difficulties; in sight of gain to remember right.
Page 16 - ... phenomenal world, distinct from it, giving it form, existence, and activity, lies the ultimate, invisible, immeasurable power of Mind, of conscious Will, of Intelligence, analogous in some way to our own ; and, — mark this essential corollary, — that man is in communication with it. " What the highest religions thus assume was likewise the foundation of the earliest and most primitive cults.

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