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75047A $ c ^hcational Series.

Astor. TBmaa^MS^> Ciheapest School Books Ever Published




MoGUFFEY'S ECLECTIC SPELLING BOOK, for primary and common schools.

McGUFFEY'S ECLECTIC FIRST READER; lessons in reading and spelling for the younger pupils.

MoGUFFEY'S ECLECTIC SECOND READER; lessons in reading and spelling for young pupils.

McGUFFEY'S ECLECTIC THIRD READER, for middle classes; chaste and instructive lessons in prose and poetry.

McGUFFEY'S ECLECTIC FOURTH READER, for more advanced classes; elegant extracts in prose and poetry.

McGUFFEY'S ECLECTIC FIFTH READER, (Rhetorical Guide); a rhetorical reading book for the highest classes.

THE HEMANS' READER, for Female Seminaries. Elegant extracts in poetry and prose.


PINNEO'S PRIMARY GRAMMAR, on the analytic method; a complete work for beginners in the study.

PINNEO'S ANALYTICAL GRAMMAR; a full and complete treatise, for academies and schools.


RAY'S ARITHMETIC, PART FIRST; simple mental lessons and

tables for little learners. RAY'S ARITHMETIC, PART SECOND; a complete text-book in

Mental Arithmetic, by induction and analysis.

RAY'S ARITHMETIC, PART THIRD; for schools and academies;

a full and complete treatise, on the inductive and analytic methods

of instruction.

RAY'S ALGEBRA, PART FIRST ; for common schools and academies;

a simple, progressive, and thorough elementary treatise.

RAY'S ALGEBRA, PART SECOND; for advanced students in academies, and for colleges; a progressive, lucid, and comprehensive work,

KTEach PART of the Arithmetical course, as well as the Algebraic, is a complete book in itself, and is sold separately.

entered according to act of Congress, in the year Eighteen Hundred and Fifty-Three, by Winthrop B. Smith, in the Clerk's Office of the District Court of the United States, for the District of Ohio.



The favor with which this book has been received by the public, and the consequent extensive demand for it, having rendered necessary another renewal of the stereotype plates, the opportunity has been improved for a minute examination and thorough revision of its pages. A slight change has been made in the introductory matter, rhetorical marks are used more sparingly in the lessons, and it is believed, all remaining typographical errors corrected. No change has been made in the matter or arrangement of the Reading Lessons.

In the preparation of the work, the compiler has not aimed at originality, but has endeavored to combine and present, as far as could be done in a single volume, the most valuable features of many popular books on the subject of Elocution and rhetorical reading. Free use has been made, therefore, of the works of Bell, Graham, Ewing, Pinnock, Scott, Wood, McCulloch, Enfield, Mylius, Sheridan Knowles, Walker, and others. While the compiler will not compare the present work with elaborate treatises on the subject, he trusts he will be found to have included every thing that could be made available for a school manual.

The compiler has also received much valuable assistance from an able and experienced teacher, who has devoted much time and study to the subject of Elocution.* He is not without the hope, therefore, that his labors may prove serviceable to those engaged in the business of education.

•T. S. Pinkeo, M. A., M. D., a graduate of Yale College, late Professor in tho Charlotte Hall Institute; and more recently, Professor in Marietta College.



Lisso.x. Pasz.

1. Description of a Storm D'Israeli. 61

4. Industry necessary to form the Orator H. Ware, Jr. 66

5. Romantic Story Anonymous. 68

6. A Highland Feud Anonymous. 69

7. The Chinese Prisoner Percival. 72

10. The Lone Indian Miss Francis. 75

11. Unwritten Music N. P. Willis. 76

12. A Political Pause Fox. 78

16. Prospects of the CherokeeB Spraguc. 81

17. Effects of Universal Benevolence Dick. 84

18. Select Paragraphs Johnson, Sheridan. 85

20. Character of Napoleon Bonaparte Phillips. 88

23. Speech before the Virginia Convention Patrick Henry. 92

25. Speech in reproof of Mr. Pitt Sir Robert Walpole. 96

26. Reply to Sir Robert Walpole Pitt. 97

27. Character of Mr. Pitt Robertson. 98

39. Paul's Defense before King Agrippa Bible. 114

42. The Fortune Teller Mackenzie. 118

43. Happiness of Temper Goldsmith. 120

44. La Fayette and Robert Raikes Grimkt. 122

1.e3sON. PAOX.

47. Ironical Eulogy on Debt . . i Anonymous. 128

48. The Broken Heart.» W. Irving. 130

50. The Tournament Walter Scott. 134

53. South Carolina Hayne. 140

54. Massachusetts and South Carolina Webster. 141

58. Homer and Virgil Blair. 146

59. Influence of Natural Scenery Anonymous 147

CO. View of the Coliseum Dewey. 149

fil. The Ruins of Herculaneum Kotzebue. 151

65. Elijah Bible. 157

G. Elijah at Mount Horcb Krummacher. 158

67. Discontent.—An Allegory Addison. 159

68. The Knave Unmasked Shakspeure. 163

69. Colloquial Powers of Dr. Franklin Wirt. 171

70. The Sick Scholar Dickens. 172

74. The Moon and Stars.—A Fable Montgomery. 178

75. The Same * lb. 180

78. Impeachment of Warren Hastings Edinburg Review. 186

79. Speech on the trial of Warren Hastings Burke. 188

82. The Voyage W. Irving. 194

83. The Same lb. 196

M. An Evening Adventure Anonymous. 203

87. Objects of Education Taylor. 204

88. The Ambitious Youth E. Burritt. 206

89. Incentives to Youthful Devotion Taylor. 209

M. Description of a Bee Hunt W. Irving. 213

93. Mechanical Wonders of a Feather Paley. 216

97. On the American War Lord Chathum. 220

M. Supposed Speech of John Adams Webster. 222

99. Death of Queen Elizabeth Hume. 224

102. Character of Louis Fourteenth Macaulay. 231

103. A Petition Franklin. 233

106. Anecdote of the Duke of Newcastle.^. Anonymous. 237

107. A Passage in Human Life Anonymous. 240

111. The Grave W. Irving. 245

112. Character of Columbus lb. 246

113. Reception of Columbus in Spain lb. 249

116. Surrender of Grenada Bulieer. 254

119. Character of Blannerhassett Wirt. 260

120. Speech on the Trial of a Murderer Webster. 262

125. The Little Brook and the Star Lit. Souvenir. 269

126. The Same . lb. 273

129. Eulogy on Candle-light Charles Lamhe. 281

130. Utility of Light Kidd. 283

133. Character of the Puritans Edinburgh Review. 289

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