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but I have been led to write of Divine things, according as I have experienced them, amidit the various changes that have happened to me in life, and as sacred impressions have occasioned Devout Breathings to arise in my Soul after God.

For what relates to doctrine, exhortation, or the encouragement of others, &c. I have carefully and impartially examined whatever fell in my way, either from men or books, with a mind wholly in search after TRUTH; and as fuch I have advanced nothing but what I sincerely be lieve is built on this everlasting foundation. For which reason, I readily offer my best thoughts to the world, hoping my labour will not be in vain in the Lord.

Concerning poetry we find there is but little mention made of it in the Scriptures; yet it

appears to be quite agreeable to the Gospel, or the Apostle Paul would not have quoted the Athenian. Poetsd in support of its doctrines; neither would our Lord have sung an Hymn with his Disciples® had not such a composition been consistent with the true Spirit of Devotion. Herein then we have an infallible precedent, without having to refer back to fuch accounts as are, at best, only handed down by tradition.

Much might be said also in favour of singing, but I have already treated a little on this subject in the Preface of a volume of Hymns, which I publithed at Whitby, in the year 1781, and shall take some notice of it again at the latter end of this bookt: I will, therefore, now only speak of its use. We find the Ephesians are exhorted to speak to themselves in. Pfalms and Hymns, and: Spiritual Songs, &cf. and the Coloflians are bid to admonish crie anotkers in the same manner : from which it evidently appears, that singing is recommended as a very profitable means both for pri

(d) Acts xvii. 28. (e) Matt. xxvi. 30,-Mar. xiv. 26.

(f) Eph. V. 19. (3) Col. ii. 16,

See the Conclusion, page 255.

vate and public worship; and this is happily experienced by all those who sing with grace in their hearts to the Lord, whether alone or in the affema blies of the righteous.

Therefore, that this book might be rendered useful for both purposes, I have divided it into two parts, and arranged each part in such order as I trust will meet the approbation of serious persons of every denomination.

With respect to the style of this work, let the reader take notice, that I make no pretences to much erudition; and I have much better work for the few precious moments that can be spared from the temporal concerns which are necessary for the support of a large family, than to waste them in hammering a work upon the anvil, to make it proof against cenforious Critics. I rather judge it is more my duty to do that which may promote the glory of God in my own salvation, and the salvation of others. To this end I have every where, as much as possible, closely confined myself to the language held forth in the Scriptures, and all along have pointed to such passages as will in some degree illustrate the subject, and render its use more extensive..

As to the work in general, no part of it is borrowed or picked up from other authors, except. some of the remarks which are made as marginal references : of these I have selected a few, but the name of each author is given, or where this was not known, the place is mentioned where the quotation is taken from. For all the rest I am answerable, and must shortly give an account to the Searcher of Hearts, who will bring every work into judgmenth, and reward every man according to his worksi.

JOSHUA PEEL, GILLING, 4th of the with month, 1793.

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ADAM was in God's image made

A fool I'm counted for Chrilt's fake,
Alas! when busy thought
Alas! we stand in jeopardy
Alas! how vain is fallen man?
All glory be to God mon High!
All nations tremble at the rod
Almighty God! belold how weak
Almighty, O amazing LOVE!
Almighty God! lay to thine hand;
Almighty God! how great art thou ?
Almighty God of sov'reign pow'r
Almighty God how wondrous great?
And has our friend, so late deceas’d,
Angels with joy good news do bring;
Arise, O God, come and make known
Arise, my soul, thy Maker praise,
Arise, great God! arise,
Arm of the Lord awake!
As at Bethesda's pool I wait
Awaking out of sleep
Awake! God bids his saints rejoice
Awake, my soul, arise and fing
Awake, my soul, and call to mind
Awake and let us fing
Behold! the Lamb of God was slain
Behold this congregation, Lord,
Behold the çorple ! the lifeless clay,

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Before the awful judgment feat,
Bleffed are all the pure in heart,
Blessed and happy are all they
Blefsed are they that fear the Lord,
Born of thy Spirit from above,
Bow down thine ear, O Lord, to hear
Bow down my soul, and evermoré
Buy the truth, and fell it not,
Chief Shepherd, thou thy Lambs doft bear;
Christ's kingdom is a place of peace,
Christ is the true and living VINE!
Christ, the good Shepherd of his sheep
Come, Lord, and teach me how to pray,
Come, Lord, and make known
Gome, Holy Ghost, my heart inspire
Come, ye guilty finners, come,
Come ye who wish-to dwell above
Come now, most gracious Zord,
Come join to praise the Lord,
Come brethren; praise the Lord most High
Daily from the-source of good,
Dejected, forrowful, cast down,
Down on thy waiting children, Lord;
Dying worms are called to live
Eternal God of love,
Eternal glory be
Eternal God of truth and love!
Exalt the Lord! ye nations ally
Except God doth keep the city,
Except God the all-wife builder
Extol the great JEHOVAH's name,
Father of Spirits bright!
Fir'd with the sacred flames of Jesu's love
For thy free grace and boundless love,
For ever blefled are the dead
From sin, Lord, convert
Give ear, earth, 'tis God commands!
Give suff?ring grace, Lord, we implore
Glory to God alone
Glory be to thee, O Lord !
God of mercy; my delight,
God fpeaks! bet man consider well,

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God wilieth not at all
God fully to prove
God is a fure defence to those
God's love we may trace,
God of all grace, to thee we bow
Great God! thou art molt High,
Great God how shall I stand and

Great God, to whom all things are known
Great God! the course we take is wrong
Great God! thy love and fou'reign care,
Great God! when men thy laws forsake
Great JEHOVAH! heav'nly Father!
Hail Jesus, lover of my soul,
Happy! thrice happy is their case,
Hark how the herald angels fing
Hark how angels are resounding
Hafte at Jehovah's call
Have I the grace of God withstood
Help us, thy feeble followers, Lord,
High over all Jehovah reigns
Ho! ev'ry one that thirsteth come
Holy God, I ask of thee,
Hosannahs to the God of love
How small do worldly pleasures seem
How weak at first is ev'ry child
How dark are all who live in fin ?
How pleasant is the way to life,
I am that certain man which fell
I'll cast my burden on the Lord,
I long before the God of gods
I love thy righteous law, O Lord,
Incessant for thy love I cry,
In Christ, the new and living way
Infallible Lord,
In mercy view thy creatures, Lord,
In trouble, Lord, I pray to thee,
In the beginning thou, O Lord, hast laid
I will give thanks, and praise the Lord
Jehovah Jah is my strong tow'r
Jehovah Jah ! eternal is thy fame;
Jelovah juft and true,
Jehovah, Lord! all praise to thee,







- 55

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