Preface. Candlemas-day. Every-man. Hycke-scorner. Lusty Juventus [by Richard Wever] Gammer Gurton's needle. A lamentable tragedy ... conteyning the life of Cambises king of Percia, by Thomas Preston

Front Cover
Printed at the Clarendon-Press, for S. Leacroft, London, 1773

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Page 181 - I cannot eat but little meat, My stomach is not good: But sure I think that I can drink With him that wears a hood. Though I go bare, take ye no care, I am nothing a-cold ; I stuff my skin so full within Of jolly good ale and old. Back and side go bare, go bare, etc.
Page 238 - I say, Gammer! Gammer! Gammer. How now Hodge, how now? Hodge. God's malt, Gammer Gurton! Gammer. Thou art mad, ich trow! Hodge. Will you see the devil, Gammer? Gammer. The devil, son! God bless us! Hodge. Chould ich were hanged, Gammer Gammer.
Page 38 - They thanke me not for the pleasure that I to them ment, Nor yet for theyr beynge that I them have lent. I profered the people grete multytude of mercy, And fewe there be that asketh it hertly; They be so combred with worldly ryches 60 That nedes on them I must do justyce, On every man lyvynge without fere.
Page 42 - To my soule a full grete profyte it had be, For now I fere paynes huge and grete ! The tyme passeth, Lorde, helpe, that all wrought! For though I mourne it avayleth nought.
Page 35 - The story sayth : man, in the begynnynge Loke well and take good heed to the endynge, Be you never so gay, Ye thynke synne in the begynnynge full swete, Whiche in the ende causeth the soule to wepe, Whan the body lyeth in claye.
Page 49 - I lose my time here longer to abyde, Yet in my mynde a thynge there is: All my lyfe I have loved ryches; If that my Good now helpe me myght, He wolde make my herte full lyght; 390 I wyll speke to him in this distresse.— Where arte thou, my Gooddes and Ryches?
Page 18 - And all the men out of the cuntre be goon ; Ther be but women, and thei crie in every stede, A vengeaunce take kyng Herode, for he hath our children...
Page 46 - FELAWSHYP. Wheder ye have loved me or no, By. saynt John I wyll not with the go. EVERYMAN. Yet I pray the, take the labour and do so moche for me, To brynge me forwarde, for saynt charyte, 290 And comforte me tyll I come without the towne.
Page 241 - A Lamentable Tragedy, mixed ful of pleasant Mirth, conteyning the Life of Cambises, King of Percia, from the beginning of his Kingdome, unto his Death, his one good deed of execution ; after that many wicked deeds, and tirannous murders committed by and through him ; and last of all, his odious Death, by God's justice appointed. Don in such order as followeth, by Thomas Preston.
Page 61 - Ye, Everyman, hye you that ye redy were : There is no emperour, kynge, duke, ne baron That of God hath commycyon As hath the leest preest in the worlde beygne...

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