A pocket companion for Oxford. [Entitled] A new pocket companion for Oxford: or, Guide through the University

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1799 - 120 pages

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Page 110 - Acquired an Influence, Which no Rank, no Authority can give, Nor any Force, but that of superior Virtue ; Became the fixed important Centre, Which united in one common Cause The principal States of...
Page 109 - Monument designed to perpetuate the Memory of the Signal Victory Obtained over the French and Bavarians, Near the Village of Blenheim, , On the Banks of the Danube, By JOHN Duke of MARLBOROUGH, The Hero not only of...
Page 39 - High-ttreet on the fbuth, and the Chapel at the north end of it. In this old quadrangle is a dial, contrived by that ingenious architect, Sir...
Page 132 - Pan, knit with the Graces and the Hours in dance, leads on the eternal spring.
Page 64 - College; but being of a more public fpirit than to confine himfelf to any one place, he allowed two Fellowfhips to the city of Coventry, two to Briftol, two aJTo to the town of Reading, and one to Tunbridge.
Page 81 - The Hall is by far the moft magnificent Room of the Kind in Oxford, and perhaps one of the largeft in the Kingdom. The Roof is framed of Timber curioufly wrought, and fo contrived, as to produce a very grand and noble Effect.
Page 147 - SIR ISAAC NEWTON, whom the God of Nature made to comprehend his Works ; and from fimple Principles, to difcover the Laws never known before, and to explain the Appearance never underftood, of this ftupendous Univerfe.
Page 77 - Winchefter, and obtained a Charter for that end ; but altered his mind by the perfuafion of Hugh Oldham, Bifhop of Exeter, who engaged to be a Benefactor to the Houfe, on condition that he would convert it into a College for the ufe of fecular Students, after the manner of other Colleges in the Univerfity. "Whereupon Bifhop Fox caufed the firft charter to be cancelled, and obtained another, whereby he was permitted to found a College for the ftudy of Divinity, Philofophy, and other liberal Arts.
Page 65 - College is to confift of the Chambers of the Fellows and Scholars on the North and South, and the Gardens, which are to lie on a Defcent to the River, on the Weft. The Apartment of the Provoft is at the North-weft Angle.
Page 133 - My love, my life, said I, explain This change of humour : pr'ythee, tell : That falling tear — What does it mean ? She sigh'd ; she smil'd : and to the flowers Pointing, the lovely moralist said: See, friend, in some few fleeting hours, See yonder, what a change is made. Ah me ! the blooming pride of May, And that of beauty are but one: At morn both flourish bright and gay, Both fade at evening, pale, and gone.

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