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comfort-“ The Lord reigns, and orders every thing right and well,” &c. And if Christians would keep this in constant view, and fee and realize the hand of God in every event, they would have constant support and comfort, and live more to the glory of God. And this tends to destroy all contracted, selfish views and feel. ings, and to enlarge their minds, while they attend to the divine character, government and kingdom, and the power, wisdom and goodness by which all things in the universe are directed and governed. And the more they realize and are pleased with this, the more they resemble the inhabitants of heaven, and are prepared to be members of that happy fociety, and join with them in rejoicing and praising the only wise God their Saviour forever and ever. Amen.

ADVERTISEMENT. THE Author hopes the candid reader will not be displeased with his speaking so much in the first person singular in the following discourse. Such egotism in general is disagreeable to him; and he has therefore avoided it in his other difcourses, as the reader will perceive. But the following being of a peculiar kind, seemed to render it necessary; and it is hoped will not be thought selfish, assuming or improper.

Sermon XXI.


The Author's Farewell to the World.

Plalm lxxvi. 10. Surely the wrath of man shall praise

thee : the remainder of wrath fhalt thou restrain. THESE words have been explained in the preced.

ing discourse, and it appears that they contain the following important truth :


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That God, in his infinite wisdom and goodnefs, has determined that there should be just so much evil, both moral and natural, as has been, now is, and ever will be, and no more; as it is most suitable and necessary to make the brightest display of his perfections, and effect the greatest good, glory and happiness of his eternal kingdom ; therefore it is most wise and best that all this evil should exift: and every inftance of it, greater or less, God will overrule to answer this end, in the highest possible degree.

It has been shewn that this truth, being believed and properly improved, is a fufficient and the only foundation for the support, comfort and joy of the benevolent friends of God, in all the darkness, confufion, fin and misery with which they are surrounded.

And now, standing on this sure, firm foundation, this immoveable, everlasting rock, I look round, and, as far as I am able, view the world of mankind, and take my leave of them, expecting foon to put off this my tabernacle.

I am old, having lived near fourscore years, and I know not the day of my death ; but have no reason to think it is far diftant.

It is my earnest with to leave a blessing behind me when I shall go hence : and I have the confolation to know I shall. Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today and forever. He lives and reigns head over all things to the church. He will reign till all his enemies are put under his feet; till he has destroyed the works of the devil, and perfectly completed the work of re. demption ; yea, he will reign forever. He will cause all the kingdoms of this world, in which Satan has reigned fo long, to become his own kingdom, and all nations shall serve him, and be holy and happy under his influence, protection and smiles. Of this blefied time the Bible is full of predictions and promises. This bleffing I leave behind me for the world to enjoy long after I am dead; for I am sure that the time is coming when all the families and nations of the earth shall be

blefed blessed in Jesus Christ. The assurance of this affords fupport and consolation to me, while I am surveying mankind in their present linful and wretched state.

It is doubtless impossible to make an exact calculation of the number of inhabitants now living in this world, which thall be agreeable to the truth, and may not err in fixing on millions lefs or more than do actually exift. But they who have attended to this point, and perhaps are best able to judge, have fupposed that there are not less, but perhaps more, than eight hundred millions of people' now living on earth : that of these, four hundred and eighty-one millions are Heathens; one hundred and forty millions are Mahometans; and nine millions are Jews. All which amount to fix hundred and thirty millions. There remain one hundred and seventy millions, which are supposed to be nominal Christians," Of these ninety millions are Papists, thirty millions of the Greek Church, and fifty millions Protestants,

It is not probable that this computation is exact, according to the truth, and some may make a different one; but this is perhaps as near the truth as any that can at present be made. I cannot speak to all these, so as to be heard, and there is but a very small number, compared with the whole, whom I shall ever know in this world, or who will know or hear of me. But I am sure to meet not only all who are now in the world, but all the countless millions who ever have lived, or shall exist hereafter to the end of the world, at the day of judgment, when I shall know the character of every individual person, and mine will be inspected and known by all. i The earth is far from being filled with inhabitants. There is room for many more, probably a thousand, yea many thousands, to one of the present inhabitants. The earth when properly and fully cultivated, and the produce prudently used to anfwer the ends of living, would support a multitude of inhabitants, even beyond all our present calculation. : Noah- and his sons, and

in. them every generation of mankind who have defcended from them, received a command from God to muitiply and fill the earth. This command has not yet been properly regarded by mankind; but, instead of this, they have in a great measure depopulated the earth, by wars and cruel slaughters of each other, and the practice of a variety of destructive vices, by which multitudes have been immaturely cut off in every age. And, by reason of the great corruption and horrid rebellion of mankind in every age, God has been pleased to show his displeasure by destroying the bigger half that have been born, in their infancy, or the early days of youth. But the time is coming when a generation shall rise up who shall know and fear the Lord, and love their neighbour as themselves, and shall learn war no more, and there shall be none to destroy or hurt in all the earth: and, in the practice of piety and every focial virtue, under the smiles of Heaven, they will be happy, and multiply and fill the earth.

According to the foregoing calculation, the greater part of mankind now on the earth are in a state of Heathenism ; and there are near as many Jews and Mahonetans, as nominal Christians, who are professed enemies to Christianity, and are in as bad, yea, worse itate, than are the heathen.

It is the preceptive will of God our Saviour, that all men should come to the knowledge of the truth and be saved. He commanded his disciples to “go into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” And every one to whom the gospel is preached is commanded to repent and believe the saving truth. It is therefore wholly owing to the disobedience and wickedness of man, both Christians and Heathen, Mahometans and Jews, Infidels and Atheists, that the gospel has not been preached to all mankind, and that they have not all embraced it, to the falvation of their souls.

Notwithstanding man's- natural disposition to oppose, hate and reject the gospel, and the many difficulties and dangers which hence arise, in attempts to spread the gospel among the Heathen and others, it is the duty of Christians to exert themfelves, and take every proper method to propagate it far and wide, to the utmost of their power, looking to and trusting in Christ, to cause his word to run and be glorified. Love to Christ, and benevolence to men who are perifhing in darkness and fin, are sufficient, if properly exercised, to induce Christians to unite in the prosecution of this most ima


portant affair. Christians enjoy the richest treasure by [ the gospel, and they will not diminith but increase their own part in it by their attempts to impart it to others.

Within a few years past a great and extraordinary zeal and engagedness to propagate the gospel among the Heathen, and others who have it not preached to them, has appeared, and been uncommonly exerted, both in Europe and America. And I observe with approbation and pleasure, that all the societies which have been formed are agreed in the great and leading doctrines of the gospel, which have been called the doctrines of grace, or Calvinism; and that they appear, in all their publications, to express a spirit of true piety, and zeal to maintain and propagate these doctrines, and to approve of no missionaries who do not appear cordially to embrace them, and to be truly pious, as I am certain that this is the only scheme of doctrines which is consistent with itself, and with the Bible, and suited to convey saving truths to the minds of men.

This is an important and commendable design and work, and worthy to be pursued with increasing zeal and steady perseverance by all Christians, whatever difficulties, difappointments and apparent discourage. ments may occur. And though the attempts should not be succeeded in the conversion of one heathen, yet they who honestly, and from truly Christian principles, engage

in this cause, however much they risk or expend, and even if they lose their own lives in it, they will really lose nothing by it, but meet with a rich reward. And if but few fouls shall be gathered to Christ and be saved, this will more than compensate for all


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