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influence his ministers to slander the ministers of Christ, 262 -The author apologizes for the preceding remarks, 263-Concerning false conversions, 264–Marks of a genuine conversion,-its evidence three-fold, 266--Disinterested benevo. lence, not a bible doctrine, 269–To be willing to be damned, inconsistent, 270.


A recapitulation of some of the preceding doctrines. The incompatibility of the doctrine of fore-ordination, with free. agency, 277-It destroys all distinction between virtue and vice, 278,-makes void the law, 279,--and the Gospel, 280— The doctrine of unconditional election incompatible with the universality of the atonement, 281—Remarks on “moral ina. bility," and the absurdity, on the Hopkinsian plan, of inviting all to come to Christ, 282—Methodist ministry vindicated, 288—Scriptural view of divine truth, 294-Under this view of the subject, the author takes his leave of controversy for the present, with a profession of love to his opponent, and for all men, 295.


Predestination, in what it consists, 297—The case of Pharaoh, an explanation of Rom. ix. 17, 301--On whom the Lord will have mercy, and whom he wills to harden, from verse 18, 307_Vessels of honour and dishonour, ver. 21, 309—Vessels of wrath fitted to destruction, ver. 22, 311--An explanation of Isaiah vi. 9, 10, 312.-Explanation of 2 Peter ii. 12, 313– Also of Jude, ver. 4, 314-Reasons why we err in the inter. pretation of scripture, 315–From a scriptural view of God's character, a foundation is laid on which ministers may stand and exhort sinners, 317–Victory over sin the most important, 318.



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