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Page 430 - Journal historique du dernier voyage que feu M. de La Sale fit dans le golfe de Mexique, pour trouver l'embouchure, & le cours de la riviere de Missicipi, nommée à present la riviere de Saint Louis, qui traverse la Louisiane.
Page 186 - Annual Report of the American Society for Colonizing the Free People of Colour of the United States.
Page 410 - For defraying the charge of the incorporated society in Dublin, for promoting English protestant schools in Ireland - - 4,552 12 ]i Ditto .... of the Foundling hospital in Ireland - 3,46l 1O 7!
Page 346 - Observations on Certain Documents, contained in Nos. V. and VI. of the History of the United States for the year 1796, in which the charge of speculation against Alexander Hamilton, late Secretary of the Treasury, is fully refuted, written by himself.
Page 469 - A Letter from an American, now resident in London, to a Member of Parliament, on the subject of the RESTRAINING PROCLAMATION; and containing strictures on Lord Sheffield's Pamphlet on the COMMERCE OF THE AMERICAN STATES.
Page 322 - The Origin of Laws, Arts and Sciences, and their Progress among the Most Ancient Nations, Translated from the French of the President de Goguet.
Page 237 - Lettres Critiques et Politiques sur les Colonies et le Commerce des Villes Maritimes de France.
Page 416 - Jamaika. 12mo. Gottingen. 1780. , Privileges of the Island of, vindicated ; with an Appendix, containing an Historical Account of the Establishment of the Colony. 8vo. Lond. 1766. . Acts of Assembly, from 1681, to 1737, inclusive, fol. Lond. 1738. Acts of Assembly from 1681, to 1754, inclusive, fol. Lond. 1756. . Act for raising a Tax by the Poll. 4to. St. Jago de la Vega. 1792. Act to oblige the several Inhabitants of this Island to provide themselves with a sufficient Number of White Men, &c.
Page 424 - Constitutions," íic. will speedily publish a -mall work entitled, the Influence of Civic Life, Sedentary Habits, and Intellectual Refinement, on Human Health and Human Happiness; including an estimate of the balance of enjoyment and suffering in the different gradations of society.
Page 23 - Analysis of the late Correspondence between our Administration and Great Britain and France;" with an attempt to shew what are the real Causes of the failure of the négociation.

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