The Devil [by C. Dibdin].

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Page 128 - While the head fung a lamentable elegy on the fate of its late proprietor, the harp, touched by the wind, accompanied it with a folemn ftrain, till fwimming down the Egean fea the mournful concert arrived at Lefbos.
Page 93 - Amaz'd the gazing ruftics rang'd around ; And ftill they gaz'd, and ftill the wonder grew. That one fmall head could carry all he knew. But paft is all his fame : The very fpot Where many a time he triumph'd, is forgot! Near yonder thorn, that lifts its head on high, Where once the fign-pofi caught the paffing eye, Low lies that houfe where nut-brown draughts infpir'd,.
Page 33 - Playing, whofe end both at the firft and now, was and is, to hold as 'twere the Mirror up to nature '•, to (hew Virtue her own Feature, Scorn her own Imape, and the very Age and Body of the time, his Form and Preflure; Now, this over-done, or come tardy off, tho...
Page 53 - ... WHINCOP (THOMAS). Scanderberg, or, Love and Liberty. London, 1797 ; WHITEHEAD (WILLIAM). Poems and Plays. 2 vols. London, 1774; and others. Together, 11 vols. 8vo and 12mo, various bindings, three bindings worn. Various places, various dates DRAMATIC BOOKS AND TRACTS— Continued 556. DEVIL (THE) : containing a Review and Investigation of all Public Subjects Whatever; calculated to Furnish the World with every Material Intelligence and Remark . . . by a Society of Literary Gentlemen.
Page 179 - I trult you will be able this fefiion to carry into effect regulations for the eafe of the merchants, and for fimplifying the public accounts in the various branches of the revenue ; and...
Page 79 - The Devil: Containing a Review and Investigation of all Public Subjects whatever; Calculated to furnish the World with every Material Intelligence and Remark, relative to Literature, Arts, Arms, Commerce, Men, Measures, the Court, the Cabinet, the Senate, the Bar, the Pulpit, and the Stage; which together with all other of the various Topics that excite universal Curiosity, will be treated with no less Firmness and Freedom, than Fairness and Candour. The whole self -evidently intended as a disinterested...
Page 179 - I truli you will find that the provifions contained in it are calculated for the encouragement of induftry and the extenfion of lawful commerce in both countries, and by promoting a beneficial mtercourfe between our refpeclive lubjefts, appear likely to give an additional permanence to the bleflings of peace.
Page 93 - Beside Charles-street, where hackney-coaches meet, Where two blue posts adorn fam'd Russell-street, There, in an ale-house, taught to play the fool, Good master Shuter first was put to school. Nature's adopted son, though mean and low, Alas !
Page 75 - ... cries. Ease, nature, grace, are now neglected all, For he acts best who can the loudest bawl ; Or by a squint, or grin, or squeak engage, To fright astonish'd reason from the stage. Ill fares the town to vicious tastes a prey, Where op'ras multiply, and plays decay ; Pageants and shows may flourish or may fade, A puff can make them, as a puff has made, But well-writ plays, the stage's noblest pride, When once destroy'd, can never be supply'd. Time has been, ere monopoly began, An author has been...
Page 75 - Comus' court, Milton and Arne taught how to laugh and sport. There Boyce and Dryden wak'd with hound the morn, Or vocal Johnny Beard, with early horn. There the apt tune in timely moment play'd, To fill each pause the exeunt had made. But now Simplicity's soft accents fail, And Irish jigs th

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