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With an EXAMINATION of some Positions in the former SYSTEM


And some ILLUSTRATIONS of the present one:

And a Complete Index of Names to the MAP.



Late Major of ENGINEERS, and Surveyor General in BengAL.

From Samarchand by Oxus, Temir's Throne,
To Agra and Lahor of Great Mogul,
Down to the Golden Chersonese.
And utmost Indian Ine Taprobane.


L O N D 0 N:

Printed by M. Brown, for the AUTHOR :
And Sold by W. Faden, Corner of St. Martin's Lane, Charing Cross.


V DOOSTAN was limited to a particular province of P R E FACE.

HILST the theatre of the British Wars in HinWH it, little curiosity was excited towards the general Geography of the country: but now that we are engaged either in wars, alliances, or negociations, with all the principal powers of the Empire, and have displayed the BriTISH STANDARDS from one extreme of it to the other ; A Map of HINDOOSTAN, such as will explain the local circumstances of our political connections, and the marches of our Armies, cannot but be highly interesting to every person whose imagination has been struck by the splendor of our victories, or whose attention is rouzed by the present critical state of our affairs, in that quarter of

the globe.

That, which I now offer to the public, is intended to answer the above purposes; all such minutiæ as tend rather to introduce confusion, than to illustrate the general fyftem, being omitted : and the particular Geography of each province left to be hereafter explained in separate maps, on more distinct scales; in the same manner as Bengal, Oude, &c. are already done. I am aware that I shall


A 2

incut fome censure for using so small la fcale, on the prefent óccafion; as many people who peruse maps, without reflecting on the nature and intent of their construction, are too apt to expect a large extent of country, and all the minute particulars of it, in the fame'map.

If it be admitted that this map contains a sufficient number of situations and particulars to answer the purpose intended, the smallness of the scale will be rather an advantage than otherwise ; as the ideas of connection and relative position are best preserved, when the matter lies within a moderate compass. And the principal objection that lies against small maps (viz.) the difficulty of finding out the names, from the smallness of the character in which they are written, is here obviated, by means of

an Index.


The Map is contained in two large sheets, which may either be joined together for the purpose of bringing the whole into one view, or bound up feparately in an Atlas; as may suit the fancy or convenience of the purchaser. The scale is one inch to an equatorial degree ; and as the whole map is a square of more than 30 such degrees, its surface will be found to contain a space larger than all Europe : although the quantity of land bears no proportion to it.

The whole construction is entirely new, as will appear at once by comparing it with any of the former maps;


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