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EVENING PRAYER. | 6 It grieveth me when I

Clamavi in toto corde mco. see the transgressors ; because I CALL with my whole they keep not thy Law heart ,

7 Consider, O Lord, how I will keep thy statutes. love thy commandments; O

2 Yea, even unto thee do I quicken me according to thy call; help me, and I shall keep loving-kindness. thy testimonies.

8 Thy word is true from 3 Early in the morning do I everlasting ; all the judgments cry unto thee ; for in thy word of thy righteousness endure for is my trust.

evermore. 4 Mine eyes prevent the

Principes persecuti sunt. night watches; that I might be occupied in thy words. RINCES have persecuted

me without a cause; but according unto thy loving- my heart standeth in awe of kindness; quicken me accord-thy word. ing as thou art wont.

2 I am as glad of thy word, 6 They draw nigh that of as one that findeth great spoils. malice persecute me, and are 3 As for lies, I hate and far from thy law.

abhor them ; but thy law do I 7 Be thou nigh at hand, Ollove. Lord; for all thy command- 4 Seven times a day do I ments are true.

praise thee ; because of thy 8 As concerning thy testi.righteous judgments. monies, I have known long 5 Greai is the peace that since, that thou hast grounded they have who love thy law ; them for ever.

and they are not offended at it. Vide humilitaiem.

6 Lord, I have looked for

thy saving health, and done CONSIDER mine ad- after thy commandments.

versity, and deliver me, 7 My soul hath kept thy for I do not forget thy law. testimonies, and loved them

2 Avenge thou my cause, exceedingly. and deliver me; quicken me 8 I have kept thy commandaccording to thy word. ments and testimonies ; for all

3 Health is far from the uniny ways are before thee. godly; for they regard not thy

Antropinquet deprecatio. statutes. 4 Great is thy mercy, o LE

ET my complaint come Lord ; quicken me as thou art before thee, O Lord ; give wont.

me understanding according 5 Many there are that trou-to thy word. ble me, and persecute me; yet 2 Let my supplication come do I not swerve from thy testi- before thee; deliver me acmonies.

cording to thy word.

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3 My lips shall speak of Psalm cxxi. Levavi oculos . thy praise, when thou hast taught me thy statutes.


WILL lift up mine eyes 4 Yea, my tongue shall sing unto the hills, from whence of thy word; for all thy com-cometh my help. mandments are righteous. 2 My help cometh even

5 Let thine hand help me ; from the Lord, who hath made for I have chosen thy com- heaven and earth. mandments.

3 He will not suffer thy foot 6 I have longed for thy sa- to be moved ; and he that ving health, O Lord; and in keepeth thee will not sleep. thy law is my delight.

4 Behold, he that keepeth 7 O let my soul live, and it Israel shall neither slumber shall praise thee; and thy nor sleep. judgments shall help me. 5 The Lord himself is thy

8 I have gone astray like a keeper; the Lord is thy desheep that is lost; O seek thy fence upon thy right hand ; servant, for I do not forget thy 6 So that the sun shall not commandments.

burn thee by day, neither the

moon by night. The Twenty-seventh Day.

7 The Lord shall preserve

thee from all evil; yea, it is MORNING PRAYER.

even he that shall keep thy Ad Dominum. soul. THEN I was in trouble,

8 The Lord shall preser I called upon the Lord, thy going out and thy coming and he heard me.

in, from this time forth for ? Deliver my soul, O Lord, evermore. from lying lips, and from a

Psalm cxxii. Lætatus suni. deceitful tongue.

3 What reward shall be I WAS glad when they said false tongue ? even mighty and the house of the Lord. sharp arrows, with hot burn. 2 Our feet shall stand in ing coals.

thy gates, O Jerusalem. 4 Woe is me, that I am con- 3 Jerusalem is built as a strained to dwell with Mesech, city that is at unity in itself. and to have my habitation 4 For thither the tribes go among the tents of Kedar. up, even the tribes of the

5 My soul hath long dwelt Lord, to testify unto Israel, to among them that are enemies give thanks unto the Name of

the Lord. 6 | labour for peace ; but 5 For there is the seat of when I speak unto them there-judgment, even the seat of the of, they make them ready to house of David.

6 O pray for the peace Erh

Psalm cxx.

unto peace.


Jerusalem ; they shall prospery 4 The deep waters of the that love thee.

proud had gone even over our 7 Peace be within thy walls, soul. and plenteousness within thy 5 But praised be the Lord, palaces.

who hath not given us over 8 For my brethren and com- for a prey unto their teeth. panions' sakes, I will wish thee 6 Our soul is escaped even prosperity.

as a bird out of the spare of 9 Yea, because of the house the fowler ; the snare is broof the Lord our God, I will ken, and we are delivered. seek to do thee good.

7 Our help standeth in the

Name of the Lord, who hath Psalm cxxiii. Ad te levavi

made heaven and earth.
oculos mcos.
NTO thee lift I up mine

Psalm cxxv. Qui confidunt..


eyes, O thou that dwel. T'i the Lord'shall be even

lest in the heavens.

2 Behold, even as the eyes as the mount Sion, which may of servants look unto the hand not be removed, but standeth of their masters, and as the fast for ever. eyes of 'a maiden unto the 2 The hills stand about Je. hand of her mistress, even so rusalem ; even so standeth the our eyes wait upon the Lord Lord round about his people, our God, until he have mercy from this time forth for ever.

upon us.


3 Have mercy upon us, o 3 For the rod of the ungod. Lord, have mercy upon us ;sly cometh not into the lot of for we are utterly despised. the righteous ; lest the righ

4 Our soul is filled with the teous put their hand unto scornful reproof of the weal- wickedness. thy, and with the despiteful- 4 Do well, O Lord, unto ness of the proud.

those that are good and truc Psalm cxxiv. Nisi quia Do of heart.

5 As for such as turn back minus.

unto their own wickedness, If

been on our side, now may with the evil doers; but peace Israel say; if the Lord himself shall be upon Israel. had not been on our side, when

EVENING PRAYER, men rose up against us;

2 They had swallowed us Psalm cxxvi. In convertendo. up quick ; when they were so HEN the Lord turned wrathfully displeased at us. again the captivity of

3 Yea, the waters had Sion, then were we like unto drowned us, and the stream them that dream. had gone over our soul.

2 Then was our mouth filled


with laughter, and our tonguel 2 For thou shalt eat the lawith joy.

bour of thine hands : 0 well is 3 Then said they among the thee, and happy shalt thou be. heathen, the Lord hath done 3 'Thy wife shall be as the great things for them. fruitful vine upon the walls of

4 Yea, the Lord hath done thine house. great things for us already ; 4 Thy children like the whereof we rejoice. Olive branches, round about thy

5 Turn our, captivity, O table. Lord, as the rivers in the south. 5 Lo, thus shall the man be

6 They that sow in tears, blessed that feareth the Lord. shall reap in joy.

6 The Lord from out of 7 He that now goeth on his Sion shall so bless thee, that way weeping, and beareth thou shalt see Jerusalem in forth good seed, shall doubtless prosperity all thy life long; come again with joy, and bring 7 Yea, that thou shalt sce his sheaves wi:h him. thy children's children, and Psalm cxxvii. Nisi Dominus. peace upon Israel. XCEPT the Lord build Psalm cxxix. Sæpe expug


naverunt. but lost

13 Except the Lord keep the M fought against me from

city, the watchman waketh but in vain.

my youth up, may Israel now

say ; 3 It is but lost labour that ye haste to rise up early, and so

2 Yea, many a time have

they vexed me from my youth late take rest, and eat the bread of carefulness; for so he giveth vailed against me.

up; but they have not prehis beloved sleep.

3 The plowers plowed upon 4 Lo, children and the fruit of the womb, are an heritage

my back, and made long fur

rows ; and gift that cometh of the

4 But the righteous Lord Lord.

hath hewn the snares of the 5 Like as the arrows in the

ungodly in pieces. hand of the giant, even so are

5 Let them be confounded the young children.

and turned backward, as many 6 Happy is the man that

as have evil will at Sion. hath his quiver full of thein ;

6 Let them be even as the they shall not be ashamed when they speak with their grass growing upon the houseenemies in the gate.

tops, which withereth afore

lit be plucked up ; Psalm cxxviii. Beati omnes. 7 \Vhereof the mower fil

are all they that leth not his hand, neither he fear the Lord, and walk that bindeth up the sheaves in his ,

his bosom,


O called unto thee, to Lord;

8 So that they who go byl The Twenty-eighth Day. say not so much as, The Lord MORNING PRAYER. prosper you, we wish you good luck in the name of the Lord. Psalm cxxxii. Memento, De

mine. Psalm cxxx. De profundis.

ORD, remember Davids

and all his trouble.

2 How he sware unto the Lord, hear my voice. Lord, and vowed a vow unto

3 O let thine ears consider the Almighty God of Jacob; well the voice of my complaint. 3 I will not come within the

3 If thou, Lord, wilt be ex- tabernacle of mine house, nor treme to mark what is done climb up into my bed ; amiss, O Lord, who may abide 4 I will not suffer mine eyes it?

to sleep, nor mine eye-lids to 4. For there is mercy with slumber ; neither the temples thee; therefore shalt thou be of my head to take any rest; feared.

5 Until I find out a place for 5 I look for the Lord ; my the temple of the Lord ; an soul doch wait for him ; in his habitation for the mighty God word is my trust.

Jof Jacob. 6 My soulfleeth unto the Lord 6 Lo, we heard of the same before the morning walch, I at Ephrata, and found it in the say, before the morning watch. wood.

7 O Israel, trust in the Lord; 7 We will go into his taber. for with the Lord there is nacle, and fall low on our mercy, and with him is plen- knees before his footstool. teous redemption.

8 Arise, O Lord, into thy 8 And he shall redeem Israe! resting place ; thou, and the from all his sins.

Jark of thy strength. Psalm cxxxi. Domine,

9 Let thy priests be clothed

with righteousness ; and let non est.

thy saints sing with joyfulness. ORD, I am not high mind- 10 For thy servant David's

ed ; I have no proud looks. sake, turn not away the pre% I do not exercise myself sence of thine Anointed. in great matters which are loo 11 The Lord hath made a high for me ;

faithful oath unto David, and 3 But I refrain my soul, and he shall not shrink from it ; keep it low, like as a child 12 Of the fruit of thy body that is weaned from his mo- shall I set upon thy seat. ther: yea, my soul is even as 13 If thy children will keep a weaned child.

my covenant, and my testimo4 ( Israel, trust in the nies that I shall learn them ; Lord, from this time forth for their children also shall sit evermore,

lupon thy seat for evermore,

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