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6 I have had as great de- ments; and so shall I talk of light in the way of thy testi-thy wondrous works. monies, as in all manner of 4 My soul melteth away for riches.

very heaviness; comfort thou 7 I will talk of thy com-me according unto thy word. mandments, and have respect 5 Take from me the way unto thy ways.

of lying, and cause thou me 8 My delight shall be in to make much of thy law. thy statutes, and I will not 6 I have chosen the way of forget thy word.

truth, and thy judgments have

I laid before me.
Retribue servo tuo. 7 I have stuck unto thy tes-
DO well unto thy ser-

timonies; O Lord, confound
vant ; that I may live, and me not.

8 I will run the way of thy keep thy word. 2. Open thou mine eyes ;

commandments, when thou that I may see the wondrous

hast set my heart at liberty. things of thy law. 3 I am a stranger upon

The Twenty-fifth Day. earth ; 0 hide not thy com

MORNING PRAYER. mandments from me.

Legem pone.

TEACH me, O Lord, the the very fervent desire that it

way of thy statutes, and hath alway untothy judgments. I shall keep it unto the end. 5 Thou hast rebuked the

2 Give me understanding, proud ; and cursed are they and I shall keep thy law; yea, that do err from thy com- I shall keep it with my whole mandments.

heart. 6 Oturn from me shame

3 Make me to go in the and rebuke ; for I have kept path of thy commandments ; thy testimonies.

for therein is my desire. 7 Princes also did sit and 4 Incline mine heart unto speak against me; but thy ser- thy testimonies, and not to coyant is occupied in thy statutes. vetousness.

8 Forthy testimonies are my 5 U turn away mine eyes, delight, and my counsellors. llest they behold vanity ; and

Adhæsit pavimento. quicken thou me in the way. (Y soul cleaveth to the 6 stablish thy word in thy

dust; O quicken thou servant, that I may fear thee. me, according to thy word. 7 Take away the rebuke

2. I have acknowledged ny that I am afi: id of; for thy ways, and thou heardest me judgments are good. O teach me thy statutes. 8 Behold, my delight is in

3 Make me to understand tv commandruents; O quickthe way of thy command- en me in thy righteousness.

e TE


Et veniat super me.

my songs in the house of my ET thy loving mercy pilgrimage.

7 I have thought upon thy Lord, even thy salvation, ac- Name, O Lord, in the night cording unto thy word: scason, anı have kept thy law. 2 So shall I make answer

8 This I had because I kept unto my blasphemers; thy commandments. trust in thy

Portio mea, Domine.

for my

ost is take not the word of TLord ; I have promised

thy truth utterly out of my
mouth; for my hope is in thy to keep thy law.

2 I made my humble peti4 So shall Falway keep thy uion in thy presence with my law: yea, for ever and ever whole heart; O be merciful

5 And I will walk ac liberty ; unto me, according to thy for I seek thy commandments. word.

6. I will speak of thy testi- 3 I called mine own ways to monies also, even before kings, remembrance, and turned my and will not be ashamed. feet unto thy testimonies.

7 And my delight shall be 4. I made haste, and pro, in thy commandments, which longed not the time, to keep I have loved.

thy commandments. 8 My hand also will I lift 5 The congregations of the up unto thy commandments, ungodly have robbed me ; but which I have loved ; and my I have not forgotten thy law. study shall be in thy statutes. 6 At midnight I will rise to Memor esto servi tui. give thanks untothee; because

of thy righteous judgments. THINK

I am a word, wherein thou hast caus

thy commandments. ed me to put my trust.

8 The earth, Q. Lord, is 2 The same is my comfort

full of thy mercy:: 0 teach in my trouble ; for thy word

me thy statutes. hath quickened me. 3. The proud have had me

Bonitatem fecesti. exceedingly in derision; yet O LORD, thou hast dealt have I'not shrinked from thy law.

vant, according unto thy word. 4 For I remembered thine 2 O learn me true undereverlasting judgments, O Lord standing and knowledge ; for and received comfort. I have believed thy com

5 I am horribly afraid, for mandments. the ungodly that forsake thy 3 Before I was troubled, I Haw.

went wrong ; but now have I. 6 Thy statutes have been kept thy worsk



4. Thou art good and gra- 8 O let my heart be sound cious: O teach me thy statutes. in thy statutes, that I be not

5 The proud have imagined ashamed. *a lie against me ; but I will

Defecit anima mea. keep thy commandments with

Y soul lathlonged for thy my whole heart. 6 Their heart is as fat as

salvation, and I have a brawn; but my delight hath good hope because of thy word. been in thy law.

2 Mine eyes long sore for

thy word; saying, when 7 It is good for me that I

will thou comfort me? have been in trouble ; that I

3 For I am become like a may learn thy statutes.

bottle in the smoke ; yet do I 8 The law of thy niouth is dearer unto me than thousands

not forget thy statutes.

4 How many are the days of of gold and silver.

thy servant ? when wilt thou

be avenged of them that perEVENING PRAYER.

secute me? Manus tuæ fecerunt me.

5 The proud have digged

pits for me, which are not af. 'HY hands have made and fashioned me: O give

ter thy law. me understanding, that I may are true: they persecute me

6 All thy commandments learn thy commandments.

falsely ; O be thou my help. 2 They that fear thee will be glad when they see me; be-lend of me upon earth ; but I

7 They had almost made an cause I have put my trust in forsook not thy commandthy word.

ments. 3 I know, O Lord, that thy judgments are right, and that

8 quicken me after thy thou of very faithfulness hasi/!oving kindness ; and so shan caused me to be troubled.

I keep the testimonies of thy

mouth. 4 O let thy merciful kindness be my comfort, accord- In æternum, Domine. ing to thy word unto thy ser

, thy vant.

5 let thy loving mercies 2 Thy truth also remaineth come unto me, that I may live; from one generation 10 anofor thy law is my delight. ther; thou hast laid the foun

6 Let the proud be con-nation of the earth, and it founded, for they go wickedly abideth. about to destroy ine ; but I 3 They continue this day acwill be occupied in thy com-cording to thine ordinance; for mandments.

all things serve thee. 7 Let such as fear thee, and 4 If my delight had not been have known thr testimonies in thy law, I should have pebe turned

Irished in my trouble.

Orech for ever in heaven.

5 I will never forget thyf ? I have sworn, and am commandments ; for with steadfastly purposed, to keep them thou hast quickened me. thy righteous judgments.

6 I am thine : O save me, 3 I am troubled above meafor I have sought thy com- sure ; quicken me, O Lord, mandments.

according to thy word. 7 The ungodly laid wait for 4 Let the free-will offerings me, to destroy me ; but I will of my mouth please thee, O consider thy testimonies. Lord; and teach me thy judge

8 I see that all things come ments.
to an end ; but thy command- 5 My soul is alway in my
ment is exceeding broad. hand; yet do I not forget thy
Quomodo dilexi !

ORD, what love have I 6 The ungodly have laid a

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long is my study in it. not from thy commandments.

2 Thou, through thy com- 7 Thy testimonies have I mandments, hast made me claimed as mine heritage for wiser than mine enemies; for ever; and why? they are the they are ever with me. very joy of my heart.

3 I have more understand. 8 I have applied my heart ing than my teachers; for thy to fulfil thy statutes alway, testimonies are my study. even unto the end.

4 I am wiser than the aged; because I keep thy command

Iniquos odi habui. ments.

5 I have refrained my feet evil things; but thy law do from every evil way, that l I love. may keep thy word.

2 Thou art my defence and 6 I have not shrunk from thy shield; and my trust is in thy judgments; for thou teachest word. me.

3 Away from me, ye wicked; 70 how sweet are thy words I will keep the commando anto my throat; yea, sweeter ments of my God. than honey unto my mouth! 4 Ostablish me according to

8 Through thy command-thy word, that I may live ; and ments I get understanding : let me not be disappointed of therefore I hate all evil ways. my hope.

5 Hold thou me up, and I The Twenty-sixth Day. shall be safe ; yea, my delight MORNING PRAYER. shall be ever in thy statutes.

6 Thou hast trodden down Lucerna pedibus meie.

all them that depart from thy UY

my feet, and my paths,

7 Thou patiest away all the

TIY Here is a lantern unto statuites ; for they imagine but

ungodly of the earth like dross; 4 O look thou upon me, and therefore I love thy testimo-be merciful upon me; as thou nies.

usest to do unto those that love 8 My flesh trembleth for thy Name. fear of thee; and I am afraid 5 Order my steps in thy of thy judgments.

word ; and so shall no wicked

ness have dominion over me. Feci judicium.

6 ) deliver me from the DEAL with the thing that wrongful dealings of men; and

is lawful and right; Olso shall I keep thy commandgive me not over unto mine ments. oppressors.

7 Show the light of thy coun2 Make thou thy servant to tenance upon thy servant, and delight in that which is good, teach me thy statutes. that the proud do meno wrong. 8 Mine eyes gush out with

3 Mine eyes are wasted a-water, because men keep not way with looking forthy health, thy law. and for the word of thy righteousness.

Justus es, Domine. 4 O deal with thy servant according unto thy loving mer. RIGHTEOUS art thou, o cy, and teach me thy statutes. Lord ; and true is thy

5 I am thy servant; O grant judgment. me understanding, that I may 2 The testimonies that thou know thy testimonies. hast commanded, are exceed

6 It is time for thee, Lord, ing righteous and true. to lay to thine hand; for they 3 My zeal hath even conhave destroyed thy law. sumed me; because mine ene

7 For I love thy command- mies have forgotten thy words. ments above gold and precious 4 Thy word is tried to the stones.

uttermost, and thy servant 8 Therefore hold I straight loveth it. all thy commandments; and 5 I am small and of no reall false ways I utterly abhor. putation ; yet do I not forget Mirabilia.

thy commandments.

6 Thy righteousness is an "HY testimonies are won- everlasting righteousness, and

derful ; therefore doth my thy law is the truth. soul keep them.

7 Trouble and heaviness 2 When thy word goeth have taken hold upon me ; yet forth, it giveth light and un- is my delight in thy command. derstanding unto the simple. Jments.

3 I opened my mouth, and 8 The righteousness of thy drew in my breath; for my testimonies is everlasting: 0 delight was in thy command grant me understanding, and ments,

I shall live.


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