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THE Lord is King, be the

9 Let the foods clap their, Psalm c. Jubilate Deo.. ful together before the Lord, IO BE joyful in the Lord,

; serve the for he is come to judge the Lord with gladness, and come earth.

before his presence with a 10 With righteousness shall

song. he judge the world, and the

2 Be ye sure that the Lord people with equity.

he is God; it is he that hath Psalm xcix. Dominus reg- made us, and not we ourselves;navit.

we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.

3 o go your way into his people never so impa-gates with thanksgiving, and tient; he sitteth between the into his courts with praise; be Cherubim, be the earth never thankful unto him, and speak so unquiet.

good of his Name; 2 The Lord is great in Sion, 4 For the Lord is gracious; and high above all people. his mercy is everlasting; and

3 They shall give thanks his truth endureth from geneunto thy Name, which is great, ration to generation. wonderful, and holy.

4 The King's power loveth Psalm ci. Misericordiam ei judgment; thou hast prepared equity; thou hast executed

judicium. judgment and righteousness in Y song shall be of mercy Jacob.

and judgment ; unto 5 O magnify the Lord our thee, O Lord, will I sing. God, and fall down before his 2 O let me have understandfootstool ; for he is holy, ing in the way of godliness.

6 Moses and Aaron among| 3 When wilt thou come unta his priests, and Samuel among me? I will walk in my house such as call upon his Name : with a perfect heart. these called upon the Lord, 4 I will take no wicked thing and he heard them.

in hand; I hate the sins of 7 He spake unto them out unfaithfulness : there shall no of the cloudy pillar ; for they such cleave unto me. kept his testimonies, and the 5 A froward heart shall de. law that he gare them. part from me; I will not know

8 Thou heardest them, Oja wicked person. Lord our God; thou forgavest 6 Whoso privily slandereth them, O God, and punishedst his neighbour, him will I detheir own inventions.

stroy. 9 O magnify the Lord our Whoso hath also a proud God, and worship him upon look and high stomach, I will his holy hill ; for the Lord our not suffer him. God is holy.

8 Minc eyes look upon such


as are faithful in the land, that are mad upon me, are sworn they may dwell with me. together against me.

9 Whoso leadeth a godly life. 9 For I have eaten ashes as he shall be my servant it were bread, and mingled my

10 There shall no deceitful drink with weeping. person dwell in my house ; he 10 And that, because of thine that telleth lies shall not tarıy indignation and wrath ; for in my sight.

thou hast taken me up, and 11 I shall soon destroy all cast me down. the ungodly that are in the 11 My days are gone like a land ; that I may root out ali shadow, and I am withered wicked doers from the city of like grass. the Lord.

12 But thou, O Lord, shalt endure for ever, and thy re

membrance throughout all geThe Twentieth Day.


13 Thou shalt arise, and MORNING PRAYER.

have mercy upon Sion ; for it Psalm cii. Domine, exaudi. is time that thou have mercy HEAR my prayer; O Lord: upon her; yea, the time is

come. unto thee.

14 And why? thy servants 2 Hide not thy face from me think upon her stones, and it in the time of my trouble ; in-pitieth them to see her in the cline thine ear unto me when dust. I call; O hear me, and that 15 The heathens shall fear right soon :

thy Name, O Lord ; and all 3 For my days are consumed the kings of the earth thy Ma. away like smoke, and my bones jesty. are burnt up as it were a fire- 16 When the Lord shall brand.

build up Sion, and when his 4 My heart is smitten down, glory shall appear ; and withered like grass ; so

17 When he turneth him that I forget to eat my bread. unto the prayer of the poor

5 For the voice of my groan- destitute, and despiseth not ing, my bones will scarce their desire ; cleave to my flesh.

18 This shall be written for 6 I am become like a peli-those that come after, and the can in the wilderness, and like people which shall be born an owl that is in the desert. shall praise the Lord.

7 I have watched, and am 19 For he hath looked down even as it were a sparrow, that from his sanctuary ; out of the sitteth alone upon the house. heaven did the Lord behold the top.

earth. 8 Mine enemies revile me 20 That he might hear the all the day long; and they that mourning of such as are in


captivity, and deliver the chil-with mercy and loving-kinddien appointed unto death ; ress ;

21 That they may declare 5 Who satisfieth thy mouth the Name of the Lord in Sion, with good things, making thee and his worship at Jerusalem ; young and lusty as an eagle.

22 When the people are ga- 6 The Lord executeth righthered together, and the king-teousness and judgment, for doms also, to serve the Lord. |a!! them that are oppressed

23 He brought down my with wrong. strength in my journey, and 7 He showed his ways unto shortened my days.

Moses, his works unto the 24 Bul I said, O my God, children of Israel. take me not away in the midst 8 The Lord is full of comof mine age ; as for tly years. passion and mercy, long-sufthey endure throughout all ge-fering, and of great goodness nerations.

9 He will not alway be chi25 Thou, Lord, in the be-ding; neither keepeth he his ginning hast laid the founda-anger for ever. tion of the earth, and the hea- 10 He hath not dealt with vens are the work of thy after our sins; nor rewarded

26 They shall perish, but us according to our wickedthou shalt endure; they all shall nesses. wax old as doth a garment. 11 For look how high tke

27 And as a vesture shalt heavens is in comparison of the thou change them, and they earth ; so great is his mercy shall be changed ; but thou art also toward them that fear the same, and thy years shalihim ! not fail.

12 Look how wide also the 28 The children of thy ser-cast is from the west ; so far vants shall continue, and their hath he set our sins from us. seed shall stand fast in thy

13 Yea, like as a father pisight.

ltieth his own children ; eren Psalm ciii. Benedic, anima so is the Lord merciful unto

them that fear him.

14 For he knoweth whereof RAISE the Lord, O my we are made; he remem.

soul; and all that is with-bereth that we are but dust. in me, praise luis holy Name. 15 The days of nian are but

2 Praise the Lord, O my as grass ; for he flourisheth as soul; and forgel not all his he. a flower of the field. nefits ;

16 For as soon as the wind 3 Who forgiveth all thy sin, goeth over it, it is gone ; and and healeth all thine infirmi-the place thereof shall know

it no more. 4 Who saveth thy life from

17 Butthe merciful goodness destruction, and crowneth thee for the Lord endureth for ever

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and ever upon them that fear the deep like as with a garhim ; and his righteousness ment; the waters stand in the upon children's children ; bills.

18 Even upon such as keep 7 Al thy rebuke they flee ; bis covenant, and think upon at the voice of thy thunder his commandments to do them. they are afraid.

19 The Lord hath prepared 8 They go up as high as the his seat in heaven, ani his hills, and down to the vallies kingdom ruleth over all. beneath ; even unto the place

20 O praise the Lord, ye which thou hast appointed for Angels of his, ye that excel them. in strength; ye that fulfil his 9 Thou hast set them their commandment, and hearken bounds, which they shall not unto the voice of his words. pass, neither turn again to co

21 () praise the Lord, all ver the earth. ye his hosts ; ye servants of 10 He sendith the springs his that do bis pleasure. into the rivers, whicla run

22 ( speak good of the among the bills. Loril, all ye works of his, in all 11 All beasts of the field places of his dominion : Praise drink thereof, and the wild thou the Lord, O my soul. asses quench their thirst.

12 Beside them shall die EVENING PRAYER.

fowls of the air have their haPsalm civ. Benedic, anima bitation, and sing among the

branches. PRAISE the Lord, O my

13 He watereth the bills soul : O Lord my God. from above ; the earth is filled thou art become exceerling with the fruit of thy works. glorious, thou art clothed with 14 He bringeth forth grass majesty and honour.

for the cattle, and green herb 2 Thou deckest thyself with for the service of men. light as it were with a gar- 15 That he may bring food ment, and spreadest out the out of the earth, and wine that beavens like a curtain. maketh glad the heart of man;

3 Who layeth the beams of and oil to make him a cheerhis chambers in the waters, ful countenance, and bread to and maketh the clouds. his strengthen man's heart. chariot, and walketh upon the 16 The trees of the Lord wings of the wind.

also are full of sap ; even the 4 He maketh his angels spi- cedars of Libanus, which he rits, and his ministers a flam-hath planted :. ing fire.

17 Wherein the birds make 5 He laid the foundations of their nests; and the fir-trecs the earth, that it never should are a dwelling for the stork. move at any time.

18 The high hills are a ria 6 Thou coveredst it with suge for the will goats;


50 are the stony rocks of the 31 The glorious majesty of conies.

the Lord shall endure for 19 He appointed the moon ever; the Lord shall rejoice for certain seasons, and the in his works. sun knoweth his going down. 32 The earth shall tremble

20 Thou makest darkness, at the look of him ; if he do that it may be night; wherein but touch the hills, they shall all the beasts of the forests do smoke. move.

33 I will sing unto the Lord 21 The lions roaring after as long as I live ; I will praise their prey, do seek their meat my God while I have my befrom God.

ing ; 22 The sun ariseth, and they 34 And so shall my words get them away together, and please him: my joy shall be lay them down in their dens. in the Lord.

23 Man goeth forth to his 35 As for sinners, they shall frork, and to his labour, until be consumed out of the earth, the evening.

and the ungodly shall come to 24 O Lord, how manifold an end : Praise thou the Lord, are thy works; in wisdom hast O my soul, praise the Lord. trou made them all ; the earth is full of thy riches. The Twenty-first Day.

25 So is the great and wide sea also ; wherein are things

MORNING PRAYER. creeping innumerable, both Psalm cv. Confitemini Do$Ir and great beasts.

mino. 26 There go the ships, and there is that Leviathan, whom O GIVE thanks unto the pastime therein.

Name ; tell the people what 27 These wait all upon thee, things he hath done. that thou mayest give them 20 let your songs be of meat in due season.

him, and praise him; and let 28 When thou givest it your talking be of all his wonthem, they gather it ; and drous works. when thou openest thy hand, 3 Rejoice in his holy name : they are filled with good. let the heart of them rejoice,

29 When thou hidest thy that seek the Lord. face they are troubled : when 4 Seek the Lord and his thou takest away their breath, strength; seek his face everthey die and are turned again more. to their dust.

5 Remember the marvel. 30 When thou lettest thy lous works that he hath done ; Breath go forth, they shall be his wonders, and the judg. made ; and thou shalt renew ments of his mou 1 ; he face of the earth.

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