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ertions of the chair procured order, the that his brother Cedt from Badenoch or orator immediately began. “ Gratified as Lochaber would prove that they were he was (be said) by the flattering, un- achieved by the unaided arms of the bought approbation of his suffering breeches-less heroes of the Highlands. countrymen, yet he would not waste He held up the Duke of Wellington as another sentence on the subject; his a model of ingratitude, for not supportheart was too full of his country, her ing, in the Lords and the Cabinet, the wrongs, and her sorrows, to leave room cause of those men to whom alone he in it for a thought connected with so in- was indebted for the ducal coronet and significant a being as himself. And, the knightly garter, Yet, in the army heaven knows, enough there is of bitter- of this very man~I am sorry to say he is ness in our situation to wring and sada an Irishman, though happy to add, that den a heart like mine-Irish in every bis Grace has the grace to deny it-[hear, vein. Was ever a people so hapless as hear, and a laugh,]-though the bayonet we? We are strangers in our native is irresistible in the hand of a Catholic, country. Helots in the fields over which the double epaulet of the major must our fathers swayed. Neither time, nor not shine upon his shoulder. He may our loyalty of demeanour, nor our exer- win his weary way up to the glorious tions in fighting the battles of the coun, privilege of conimanding a companytry with purse and person (it

was in the though in practice even that paltry boon height of the war against Buonaparte is but rarely conceded—but a regiment that this speech was made) nor our rea- --What! a Papist, an Idolator, an Amadiness to give every pledge which the lekite command a regiment! The idea most lynx-eyed investigator could de. would make every hair in my Lord mand, can make any impression on the Cbancellor's wig, well arranged as it minds of those whom their own baleful is, uncurl and stand up with horror. and bigoted passions and prejudices have A Popish or Romish officer-they have arrayed in opposition to the millions of a variety of pet names for us—is brave their countrymen. Year after year we as his own sword-loyal, skilful, dashare doomed to feel the bitterness of ing, in all points of war, in all the pomp hope deferred.

Year after year we and circumstances of military glory, in have the same stale, and a hundred all the regularity and etiquette of militimes refuted sophisms brought forward tary discipline, absolute and perfeet-he with unblushing effrontery to oppose may be qualified to be a marshal of our just pretensions. Can any man, France-but a British major he must who has the spirit of a man, put up not be !- Why ?--Is any fault found with this? But it is said that we are with his knowledge, his bravery, his hoclamourous-gentle souls ! So it appears nour, his birth, his loyalty? Oh! nothat we are io lie down without even the none whatever. What then is his crime? poor privilege of pigs (a laugh) without He believes that the blessed Virginleave even to squall when our tormen- glory to her name—[here he blessed himtors are plunging their knives into our self, and the crowd bowed in reverence] throats. And again, there are agitator's - he believes, I say, that the Virgin among us! agitators ! aye, to be sure. Mary is mother of God, and, therefore, I am an agitator-so I hope and trust be he brave, be he all that can be said are many whom I see around me. or sung in praise of a perfect soldier, he hope that we will never cease to agitate dies a subaltern!" and ruffle the slough of despond into Tumultuous uproar of applause fola which our enemies have cast us, until lowed this sentence, Many minutes we emerge from its foul waters for ever.elapsed ere order could be at all

This was a trope, or a figure—I do not restored. The cheek of the orator was know which-and, of course, was re- now flushed, and his eye blazing when ceived with the applause, which is the he got through the next period. He regular tribute to trope and figure in went over the different professionsIreland. The orator went on. He spoke how the Catholic could not rise in the of the goodness of the Irish heart, the navy, though he might direct the thunbeauty of the emerald isle, the bravery ders of the British oak with unerring of its sons, the chastity of its daughters. intrepidity-how parliament was closed -He proved, to the satisfaction of his against him, and open to mutton-pated hearers, that Maida, and Talavera, Sa- people, whose sole merit was hatred of lamanca, and Vittoria, were won by the the majority of their countrymen—how Irish Catholic, much in the same way the nobility of Howard, the antient

famc of Talbot, the active loyalty of there the victim died, and there was an Kenmare, the baronial ancestry of Clif end. But, in our case, we were subford, were all equally unavailing to seat mitted to the process of lingering death : them with their peers--" or to come to we were roasted at a slow lire. Like matters nearer home, long standing at the tyrants of old, they bound our living the bar, extensive practice, some degree bodies to the dead carcase of a treaty of knowledge, at least of experience, putrefying in their corruption. [A trope nuimpeached integrity, must be con- Hibernian-and, of course, followed by tented with a gown of stuff-don't immense applause.) laugh, gentlemen; it may appear matter Gentlemen, [there were not fifty of form-but it is matter of substance- coats whole at the elbows in the multiin my case it might make a difference tude, but, nevertheless, they were exof a thousand a-year — while insuffici- officio gentlemen : though it would have ency, inferior standing, ignorance, and been hard to deduce their title to the want of public respect, figures away name, either from their gentleness or flauntingly in a gorra of silk. And why gentility.) Gentlemen, it is vain for us - why, I ask, is the hardy sailor, the to conceal from ourselves the miserable man of wealth or talent, the high-born fact of our horrible degradation. We lord, the learned lawyer kept from their are slaves. We dare not speak.” To stations—no impeachment is on their corroborate this fact of their slavery and honour, no tache on their blazonry, no silence, a tumultuous shout doubt of their powers—but they hold by -That rent heaven's concave and beyond, the faith of their ancestors, they believe Frighted the Vetoists in the creed of the majority of the civi- arose, denouncing vengeance against Jized world - they believe that the the ascendancy, and the bloody OrangeBlessed Virgin [another blessing, and men. When it subsided, the counsellor another responsive reverence from the continued,-“ Yes, gentlemen, we dare multitude,] is worthy of honour. There not whisper above our breath. The inis their criine-We all know what is its trusive novelty of this three hundred year punishment." [Applause.)

old church-this mushroom of yesterHe had now fairly worked himself day- must not be muttered against. into a passion, and began to rage. He Well, be it so.' It shan't be so long. went into a history of the penal laws, The ranks of the establishment are scatfrom the treaty of Limerick to the mo- tered and broken up. The Cossacks ment he was speaking. He reminded of methodism are invading them in one his audience how the Catholic priests flank, the murky-muzzled fanatics of had been hunted down like wild beasts the presbytery are assailing them in

-a price fixed upon their heads—their another, while we, children of the cross, churches, or, as they were insultingly [a blessing] “ bearing the sacred symbol called, their mass-houses closed-how of our holy and unchangeable religion, the layman had been deprived of arms, hoisting the oriflamme of the church, are aye, even of a fuwling-piece, to pursue bearing down on them in unbroken the game over the lands of his ancestors phalanx, and down the accursed thing how a papist dared not ride on a horse must go. Down-down-to eternal of the value of five pounds—how chil- darknessas sunk the Arians, the Nesdren had been set against parents by a torians, the Waldenses, and all other lure to their cupidity—how the youthful foes of Catholicity, so must sink this progeny of the poor had been dragged spawn of Luther, this swarm of locusts, away from them, to be inclosed in semi- which issued from the bottomless pit, as naries of proselytism-how every thing, pious Pastorini, a book which you all in short, which could be said or feigned should read, has learnedly demonstrated. of all former persecutions of the church, But to drop the consideration of these had been enacted in tenfold ferocity ecclesiastical matters for the present, against the unfortunate Irish. Yes, though I hope and trust, brother Cathomy friends, and fellow-sufferers, former lics, they will ever be prominent in your persecutions, those of Nero and Diocle- minds, for our religion is all that is left us, sian,' were less cruel than those of our and turn to the matter more immediately English oppressors. These pagan prin- in hand-a chance of our re-appearing ces, it is true, cut off by fire and sword in the possession, or, at least, in the the holy martyrs of the church; but they show of possession, of the rights so abodid not wage war on a whole people minably withheld from us, is now before

* a people. Where the sword smote us. Something,-- it is needless to exa

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mine too minutely what has so dis- carried - decreed, that the Man of the posed the minds of those in authority, People should be drawn from thie place that they are thinking of doing us some of meeting, in triumph, to his lodgings sort of tardy justice. But beware of the ii a distant and more fashionable part insidious manner in which it is proposed of the city. He opposed it with becom that this should be done. Some, no ing difidence - why should be not? doubt, actuated by a real affection for The Nolo Episcopari is not confined to liberty-alas! they are but few-and churchmen-but, like the unwilling cansome, out of indifference to the cause of didate for the mitre, suffered his scruples the church, to which they nominally be- to be over-ruled, and placed himself in long, would grant us emancipation with- an open carriage, decorated by what out farther conditions. But others, sham symbols of their party they could hastily friends to our cause, which they hope to collect-green boughs, shamrocks, knots ruin by their patronage, or else obliged of ribband of the emerald dye-and to bend to the bigotry or hatred of the drawn by hundreds, happy to perform dark-gowned churchmen of Oxford, or the office of coach-horses in a cause the purple-visaged corporators of Dub- identified by them with tlie cause of lin, or the iron-handed and iron-eyed

their country. Anti-Irishmen, who rule Ireland all through its ill-fated hills and valleys,

Interior of an Orange-Loige. bawl aloud for securities. New oaths, The procession moved on as such pronew tests, are required of us--our pure cessions are wont to do, noisily enough ; episcopal order is to be put under the its ranks thickening as a snow-ball, l.y surveillance of the underlings of an ini. rolling onward, lis way, 'cre it had mical cabinet, our ecclesiastics, &c.” proceeded very far, lay through a long

I need not go on any farther with the and narrow street, through which it hai counsellor's harangue. He went over to wind slowly and cantiously. Now every topic, which, from long experi- it so happened that in that very street ence, be well knew would excite dis- was a tavern of an humble class, so content, or infame indignation. He humble indeed, as to deserve scarcely a proposed, that a resolution, declaratory higher appellation than that of a publicof their unshaken attachment to the house. In London, to be sure, it would church, and their consequent firm deter- have assumed the title of Wine Vaults, mination to resist the insidious encroach- and sold fine Port and undeniable Sherments of vetoism, should be instantly ry; but here it sported only whiskyadopted-and adopted it was, amid a punch, and matchless porter. So it was, thunder of applause. A petition, framed that, call it as you please, it was the in any thing but the spirit of supplica- place of meeting of one of the most viotion, was passed in a similar temper; lent Orange Lodges of the City. That and the whole was wound-up by a day happened to be one of those are second appeal, still more animated pointed for their monthly meeting, and and unconciliating, from their favourite they had assembled in considerable spokesman. The mob shonted, groaned, force. Long, however, before the hour gron led, wondered, hooted, or were of the procession had arrived, the mule in silence, as the various portions Orange Lodge had dissolved; but some uf his fervent harangue worked on their business of internal arrangement deseveral passions; and, when at the pero- tainedits Purplemen inanxious conclave. ration, he told them to sporn with in- The departure of those, who, though inidignation the paltry shuffling of cow- tiated in the primary mysteries, knew ardly or crawling compromises of their nothing of the purple arcana, had rcliberties and their religion, and to trust dnced the numbers to but five. These in the goodness of their canse, which had done their business, which occupied must be blessed by the God of the whole some time; and, as it had then advanced world and of Ireland, [a common somewhat into the evening, they repiece of Hibernian bathos] they in- mained to dine. (Even the uninitiated terrupted his uplifted voice to exclaim, know that matters of mastication and as if with the cry of one man—“Say no refreshment, as they are technically more about it-We trust in you." He termed, are excluded, by positive and bowed, as if oppressed by the weight of unbending enactment, from the Lodges a compliment which he had anticipated, of Orangemen and Freemasons; but and sate in modest silence--while a re- nevertheless, in both societies, these form solution, bastily put, and more hastily the usual appendageto their lab urs, after VOL. I.


business is declared utterly concluded.) cutting short this catalogue of enormiDinner was but just over, and the Right ties, “ is, that I shall open a Lodge of Worshipful had given, over a foaming Emergency. Hand me the constitution jug of punch, the far-famed Shibboleth book, brother secretary, and I shall look of the party “ The glorious, pious, at the bye-law! Is Martin purple ?"and immortal memory of the great and “ To the lack-bone," quoth the secregood King William, who saved us from tary. “He Nung us the sign of distress popery, slavery, brass-money, and arbi- coming in, if I mistake not?" asked the trary power;" with such additional pray- master, " He did;" was the reply.ers for the success of its partizans, and “ Call him in, then, and let him report imprecations on its enemies, as bis ta- what progress he has made below." lents or experience in that line dietated. Martin announced that all was se . The high bumper was duly honoured.- cure, that he had put the women and “ The thrice repeated ery, which lails children in the back of the house, which alike the wine cup and the fight” (I for- projected over a river, and left his son, get the exact words in Don Roderick) a grown-up stripling of about nineteen, was given with all the ability of the and two men-servants, on guard in the langs of the company; and the upturned

front shop,

Are they the right colour ?"" glasses on the table proved that no one said the master, “ Your son Tom, I there based disgraced the memory of the know is, for I did the job for him last much-loved chief, by omitting to drain lodge day myself.”—“I know they have the beverage to its last drop. Just then got one step,” said the landlord, “ but a distant shouting and tumult reached cannot say whether they are bigher or their cars, and the landlord, eagerly not.”-“ Let them be tried," said tho bursting open the door, communicated Secretary, “ for we are going to open a to them the intelligence that a huge Pa- purple or orange lodge —the former if pist mob, chairing their ruffian counsel- possible--and wish to have as many in lor, was proceeding to enter the street. The room as we can muster."-" I shall “What is to be done?” said he ;“I know call them," said Martin, and in obedithey will tatter my house, or at the least ence to his call they made their appearsmash my windows. Are the villains

“ One at a time, brother," said coming :” said the master, starting from the master; and he got severally from his seat, which he had resumed on the each the word and sign which gave them entrance of the landlord. “You had bet- title to sit under the jurisdiction of his. ter, Martin, faston up below-hoist the

hammer. shutters-bolt the doors--and muster What these tests are I cannot say, nor as many good men, and truc, as you can is il material to my story. find to stand by you in case of an as- open, brother worshipful,” said one of sault." The advice was the best that the company, “ I propose the aforesaid;" could be given, and Martin hastened to forour brethren just now come in have not summon his household to put it into ex- drank it yet."-" Here, Martin,” said the ecution.

master, “ order off this punch, and post " What shall we do " asked, rather on the table a bottle of your primest port. anxiously, one of the five. “ What We shall give it in the regal purple shall we do?” indignantly retorted the stream. Here is the Glorious, Pious-master" why, stick by poor Martin, and may he who will not drink it be against these bloody murderers, as long rammed into the great gun of Athlone, as flesh and bone hold together. Do and spattered into pieces against the you think that we should desert him, battlements of Hell, to be made into and leave him to be roasted at a slow sparables for Orangemen's shoes.' Hip! fire, as these villains did the other day, bip! hurra! hurra! hurra! which was in Duhallow, to Regau the proctor? or of course uproariously responded by thehave his ears cut off, and stitched into company. As the burraing concluded, his mouth, as they did at Knockne- he flung the glass vehemently against croghery to Jack Stubbs, for not knowing the cieling, that it might never be polhow to bless himself?"-"Ay,” said ano- luted by being employed in the service ther, or be piked and hung out like a of a less sacred pledge, and the room imsalmon on a gaff, as they did to the mediately rang with the clatter of shiProtestants on Wexford Bridge.”- Or vered glasses, and the jingle of their falburnt alive," added a third,

ling fragments. the case at Scullabogue."-" The short He seized his hammer, ordered on the and long of the matter,” said the master, purple cloth, decked himself with the


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paraphernalia of his office, in which he of our ancestors bound them with heavy was followed by his brethren: scnt chains, and they bent under them pabrother Gubbins (one of ihe servants, tient as Issachar. lu 1715, Scotland and but there is in lodges no distinction of the north of England arose in rebellion persons--all being brethren) to tile the in favour of that accursed house, for which door, and opened business with the ac- the Papists had bitten the dust beneath customed prayer.

" How stands the our swords at the Biyne, at Antrim, enemy, brother?" said he to Tom; “ Jonk and at Derry, and yet ail was quiet bere. ont, and see.” Tom looked accordingly, In 1745, the Pretender shook England and reported that the crowd appeared to its centre-and Ireland looked on. to have met with some check, for they Why? They were kept down by our were only thickening at the end of the fathers. But a day comes, and we restreet, and making no progress. In fact, lieve them of the weighty bonds of an accumulation of broken pavement at which they complained. How are we the entrance of the narrow pass had de- thanked? By rebellion after rebellion layed the advance for some few minutes, -y murder and by fire. Their graand they were busily employed in re- titude is to turn, viper like, on the hands moving it, while the more practised were that warmed them into life. My poor reserving the ammunition thus casually father--but to speak of matters not perin store, in expectation of that inost pro- sonal to myself-are not our churches bable of all occurrences-a row.

insulted-our ministers mocked - our have brought ourselves, Worshipful,” church-yards violated -- our persons atsaid an enthusiastic orangeman, whose tacked? Is not this very mob a prooffather and uncle had been murdered by " The noise is getting nearer, brother a party of rebels, during one of the in- Andrews,” said the chair. “ Curse them, surrections so common in Ireland" we that ever gave them liberty to make it." have brought ourselves, Worshipful, to a -"Ay,” said Andrews,“ they have rued pretty pass. If there ever was a body it already. He that first moved Popish of men to be pitied, it is the Protestants Emancipation in the Irish Parliament lay of this country. We had the land in dead beneath a Papist ball in his heart, full domination, entirely in our own at 'Three Bullet-gate.”—"I tell you what, power, scarce thirty years ago, and pow Jads," said Hopkins, the Secretary, a we are obliged to skulk into holes and dashing, active, and tumultuous young corners, to declare our adherence to the man, on whom the wine he had swalprinciples which put the house of Ha- Jowed had done its office in some denover on the throne-which raised its

grec ; suppose we show them who we princes from being petty electors in beg

are ; suppose, I say, that we boist a flag garly Germany, where, in all probability, of defiance, and shake over the vagathey would have been lacqueys, cap-in- bonds the honest banner of King Wilhand to Buonaparte, or some of Buona- liam, Here it is," said he, lifting it parte's people, to the high rank of mo- from the chest—" here it is, my boys ; narchs of the greatest empire of the will you refuse to spread it to the blaze earth. We have, of our own mere mo- of day?"-"Not I, for one," said the tion, raised the Papists from a state of chair, " but we should be prepared for lowly depression to a participation of consequences. There will be an attack rights which they never granted to any on us decidedly, can we resist? Are Protestant community in any country there arms in the house?”—“And plenwhere they bore sway--we have given ty," said Martin ; “ the chest is in the them rank, and weight, and wealılı-wo roum, with arms enough for twenty men, withheld from them nothing but the en- primed and loaded, I warrant them, joyment of power, which they have · and oiled, in good condition ; there is always abused when they enjoyed, and ammunition too enough for our job.”which they are now clamouring for, only “ Arm ourselves, then,” cried Andrews, for an opportunity of abusing it again. " in the name of the God of Joshua, son They long for the days of the massacre of Nun. We are goiny to do no harm of 1641--their souls yearn after a repeti- --but force must be resisted by forcetion of the rule of James, when at a slap The blood be on the head of him who they attainted 3,000 of us, and when they does the first act of violence." caged us up wherever they had dominion, to be murdered at the sanguinary dictate

The Orange Insult. of their bloody priesthood. Blessed be In a moment the chest was open, and God! we beat ihem then. The policy muskets, pistols, and blunderburses, put

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