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"I'll carve my passions on the bark,

And every wounded tree
Shall drop and bear some mystic mark

That Jesus died for me.
The swains shall wonder when they read,

Inscribed on all the grove,
That Heaven itself came down to bleed,

And win a mortal's love."

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The land of the Bible is not large, but famed above all the earth. Out of its dust Adam was formed. Here man sinned and fell, and the curse, like the mist from the valley, spread over all the world. It was the home of the Patriarchs, and their sepulchres remain to this day. Among the hills and vales of the Holy Land, David's lyre awoke the echoes of melody. Amid its kingly scenery, Solomon reigned in all his glory. Isaiah, rapt in vision, saw the Messiah's day, and spake of Him: God walked with


men in the cool of the day. The mountains were vocal, and He rode the chariot of flame. Palestine was the home of the Redeemer. In the sweet vale of Ephratah angels heralded his coming, and sang celestial praises to the Most High God. The Word was here made flesh, and handled by the sons of men.

“Over these acres walked those blessed feet
Which eighteen hundred years ago
Were nailed for our advantage to the bitter cross."

Here our Lord passed his youth, earned the bread that sustained his humanity, lived and loved and taught, carried blessing to many homes and hearts, scattered mercy on all sides, filled the cities and villages with joy as he passed; healed the sick, made the blind see, and the lame leap for joy; robbed the grave of its prey, and gave back the dead to the hearts that “believed not for joy, but wondered.” Here he bound up himself with the sinful children of woe, bearing the sickness and pains of God's suffering ones; here he was tempted, tired, and cast down, being made like unto his brethren, that he might have compassion on men.

The Holy Land is still true to its ancient title of the “Unchanging East.” It is now as in the olden time. Buried cities come forth to confirm the sacred record. Sodom's sullen lake holds the story of God's judgment among men. Moriah, though a waste, is marked as distinctly as when its summit was crowned with the glorious temple to which the thronging nation came thrice a year for worship. Hebron holds the tomb of Machpelah, within which is kept

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