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This Day is published,
COOKE's Modern and Authentic SYSTEM of

UNIVERSAL GEOGRAPHY; being a complete de-
scription of the Whole World, and its Inhabitants : The British public will read with equal horror and
including authentic Narratives from all the distinguished indignation the nefarious and wicked attempi of some
Navigators who have made

individual, who, under the specious prelext of patrioNEW DISCOVERIES.

tism, endeavoured last week to force Mr. Faleur, of, to quit this country under the Alien
Among whom are the following:

Act. Mr. Faleur is a native of Brussels, and has been

in England eight years : lie resided nearly three years in

the house of Monsieur De Chemnant, as he calls himself,
Maurelle, Perouse,

in advertising dentist, and was his principal assistant in Carteret, Wilson, Vancouver,

the construction of Mineral Teeth for the time, for Cooke,

Portlock, Entrecasteaux, which De Chemant had obtained a patent. After the Furneaux, Dixon,

Missionaries, &c.

expiration of the patent, Mr. Faleur, conceiving he had Clerke, Bligh,

a right to exert his talents and ingenuity mure to his Likewise interesting and entertaining Accounts from the

own advantage, changed his abode to No. 18, WoburgMOST MODERN TRAVELLERS. place, Russel-square, where he was immediately ho. Hanway, Sonnini,


noured with a distinguished patronage. M. De Che.

Render, mant, naturally alarmed at a competition which threal-
Mackenzie, Pallas,

ened at once his favourite system of charge and prac-


tice, endeavoured to ruin Mr. Faleur in the onset. Mungo Parke, Barrow,

Collins, &c.

With this view, Monsieur De Chemant caused a Macartney,

warrant to be issued against him, from the MarlboroughoForming a Complete Collection of

street Office, where he swore that Mr. Faleur had rob. VOYAGES AND TRAVELS;

bed him. But after a patient hearing, the charge was The whole comprising an authentic Description of every scoured by that respectable Magistrate Mr. Conant.

thing worthy of Geographical Notice. The case having been stated to Counsei, Mr. Garrow By GEORGE ALEXANDER COOKE, Esq. gave luis opinion in writing, that it furnished ample The Work is decorated with near One Hundred En matter for obtaining an action of law against Monsieur gravings, and illustrated with a considerable numbes of |De Chemant. Mr. Faleur, however, chose rather to Maps and Charts, which form

attend to his business, than engage in a contest, which A COMPLETE ATLAS.

would unavoidably take away his attention from the To this work is added, a Guide to Geography, the Use Mr. Faleur has been reviled in the public prints, in the

service of liis frnds and benefactors. Since this period, of the Globes, Maps, &c.

most ungenerous and unmanly manner, all which he PLAN OF THE WORK.

treated with the uimost pity and contempt; satisfied, 1. The Work is printed in two volumes, on a large ihat while he continued to gire satisfaction io his nudemy quarto, on a new type and wove paper.

merous and respected friends, the efforts of an envious II. The Work'is comprised in one hundred Numbers, and disappointed competitor could not injure him with price only Sixpence each.

a British public. III. The Work contains two sheets of letier-p


in every Number, which is one-fourth more than is given Wednesday the 2d inst. to attend the Alien Office,

Thus circumstanced, Mr. Faleur received an order on in any other System of Geography: a saving there when, to his astouishment and surprise, he was informed

fore of 25 per cent. will accrue tu the purchaser. IV. The Work may be purchased by one or more at a

that he was represented as a spy from the French Governtime, or the whole complete in 100 Numbers, price licaves it with the public to judge of the wickedness of

ment, and that he was paid by Bonaparte. M:. Faleur Two Pounds Ten Shillings; bound, calf-lettered, Three Pounds Three Shillings; elegantly bound, public opinion, and to force him from his home, and

an atempt, which had for its object to ruin him in the calf-gilt, Three Pounds Five Shillings; and super from his prospects of establishment. He also leaves it

extra, Three Pounds Eleven Shillings.
V. A superior Edition is printed on large wove vellum with the public to form conclusions as to the person

paper, and possesses the further advantages of coloured who could be capable of so detestable a conspiracy.
inaps, additional plates, and first impressions: price

We are authorised by the Alien Office to state, that

in One Shilling each Nuniber.

consequence of private information, that Mr. Faleur, London: printed for C. Cooke, 17, Puternoster-row;

of Woburn-place, under pretence of being a deatist, and sold by all the Booksellers.

remained in this country, for the purpose of conveying
intelligence to the enemy, and that he was supported

by the French Government, Mr Reeves, the very rePATRICK'S NEW SPIRAL-BURNER PATENT Lhat office, caused a very strict inquiry to be made, as

spectable Gentleman who superintends the affairs of LAMPS.

to the habits, business, or occupation of Mr. Faleur; rienced for the last iwo seasons, sroin ihe Nobility, of several respectable characters in town of Mr. Faleur. The unprecedented demand my Lamps have expe of his attention, and aiter having received stimonials

and after an examination which occupied a good deal Gentry, and Public, together with their having super. Mi Reeves was perfectly satisfied that the information ceded the manufacturing of air-lamps on any other he received was founded in private malice; that Ms. principle, I trust will fully prove their superiority. In diffusing a more general and brilliant light, without

Faleur was a quiet inoffensive man, who had succeeded shade or smoke, they never have been excelled, and are

in establishing for himself a respectable character, by not liable to be out of repair. My stock is adapted to

industrious, orderly pursuits and a strict attention to the all purposes where light is required, at prices from 125. composition of Artificial Teein, by means of a mineral $d. upwards.

JOHN PATRICK. preparation; and that consequently Mr. Faleur has Lamp-maker and Oil-fact-r, No. 94, Newgate-strer: laws.

been considered entitled to the protection of the N.B. Lamps op hire, for Balls, Routs, &c. [888



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PROVIDENT INSTITUTION, PREPARED CHARCOAL and CONCENTRAT. Established by Act of Parliament, for the Insurance of ED SOLUTION.

Lives, and Grant and Purchase of Annuities,

Southampton-streri, Strand, London. Charcoal from its antiseptic properties as long been

PRESIDENT, recommended by the first professional men as the most efficacious Toob Powiler that can be used for cleaning, The Most Noble the Marquis of BUCKINGHAM,K.G.

VICE-PRESIDENTS, whitening and preserving the Teeth, removing the

Marquis of Salisbury, Viscount Chetwynd, Scurvy from the Gums, and destroying the fælor aris

Earl Temple,

Viscount Duncannon, ing from carious teeth, which contaminates the breath,

Viscount Bulkeley, Lord Braybrooke. and is incapable of injuring the enainel.

TRUSTEES, From the grout reputation the genuine preparation Marquis of Buckingham, I, Lord Bray brooke, invented by Edm. Lardner (Chemist to the Duke and

William Pread, Esq. M. P. Duchess of York) has acquired; many insitations are daily offered for sale; the true only is signed Edm. truly laudible design of Life Insurance and Provision

The object of this Institution is to encourage the Lardner on the Label,

It is sold Wholesale and Retail at No. 56, Piccadilly, for Old Age, by reducing those transactions to princicorner of Albany; and Retail by Newbery, St. Paul's ples of the utmost possible public benefit. With this

view an extensive Society of Noblemen and Gentlemen Church-yard; Rigge, Cheapside; Vade, Cornhill; Davison, Fleet.street; and Bacon Oxford-street, and have entered into a Subscription of 250,0001. to con.

stitute an Original Capital, and, taking upon thems-/ves most venders of genuine medicines.

(910 | the sole responsibility of the Establishment, they en

title the persons insured and Annuitants to participate ELEGANT DRESSES.

in profits, after the expences of an economical manage. Elegant Articles in Britisii Lace and Patent Net, con ment are defrayed, in which the President, Directors, sis:ing of Dancing and Train Dresses, Maniles, long | Trustees, and Auditors act gratuitua ly. Thus, by the and short Veils, Half Handkerchiefs for the bead, short specific Sums insured, and the division of contingent and long Sleeves, Shirts, Tuckers, Chemisetts, Catalani, profils, every Member has the fullest value possible for Italian, Moh, and other Caps, elegant and unique pit- his payments, without being subject to calls upon any terns, and warranted to wash well as foreign lace Black losses whatever. This important and unprecedented Lace Dresses in train and walking lengths, elegantly advantage is peculiar to the Provident Ins:itution. bordered short and long Black Veils, Mantillas, &c.;

Military Men insured at thi, Cifice are not charged an entirely new and elegant variety of coloured Half with any additional Premium, unless called into actual Handkerchiefs for the head, also worked in gold and Service. silver thread; an extensive assortment of Cambric,

No Admission Fees are required; nor is any charge Leno, and clear Muslin Robes, without trains, for made for Policies. dancing, walking, &c. from 18s. to 42s. Train Dresses A Pamphle', fully explaining the principles and in Leno and fine India Muslin, with new and beautiful terms of this Institution, is published by Messrs. Cadell borders. Italian Gauzes, Lustres, Sarsnets, &c. The and Davies; and may be had at the house of the Insti. Catalani Shirt, an entirely new shape and pattern, and tution, and of the Agents and Booksellers, price 6d. a variety of new Winter Dresses in iwill Cambrics with

(917 worked borders. At W. Forest's Linen Warehouse,

No. 286, High Holborn, three doors from Great

(891 From Alicant, Malaga, Faro, Bordeaux, Genoa,

Sardinia, Smyrna, Madeira, Barbadnes, Jamaica and

Martinique, part of the cargoes which are laden at RHEUMATIC GOUT AND RHEUMATISM.

some of the above places, will arrive about the middle BURRIDGE'S SPECIFIC.

of January. Consisting of superfine Muscatell Raisins The utility of this excellent Specific has been proved on branches for deserts, Blooms, Raisolis, Malagas, in a very extensive Circle and is generally recommended Jordan Almonds, Grapes, preserved Apricots, Peaches, as a certain Cure in those afflicting Disorders. In the Plums, Oranges, Lemons, Figs, Walnuts, Strawberries, most obstinate Cases it has always" afforded relief, and Raspberries, Cherries, Currants, Gages, Mirabellas, &c. by far the greater number have received a perfect Cure, in Syrup, Branly or dried. Maccaroni, Vermacilli, where every other remedy has failed, and where, from Florence and Lucca Oil; Olives, Capers, Anchovies, the length of affliction and deprivation of the use of Cagliari Paste, Bologna Sausagos, Narbonne Honey, limus success has been hopeless.

genuine Indian Arrow Root; Preserved West India Copy of a Letter from Mr. W. Fournier to Mr. Burridge. and West India Ginger ; Tamarinds, Line rhob,

Sweetmeats, viz. Papaws, Lines, Citron Blossoms; East SIR,

April 11th, 1807. Cassava Bread, Pindus, Hickery, Cashew Suwurow, I have been afflicted with the Gout, a long time, and Pistachis, and Brazil Nuts; West India Pickles, Chillis, have applied to several medical gentlemen without get- Bird Pepper Cayenne, anı! pure cold drawn Castor Oil ting any relief. For the last twelve months I have fine large and superior Anvoured Bombay and China been so bad that I could not either dress or feed myself: Margoes, all kinds of foreign seeds formed into the most fortunately a friend called on me who recommended fashionable Necklaces, red and white Crone de Noyau me to try your Specific, and I thank God for the won from Martinique; Fish and Game Sauces, particularly derful good it has done me, after taking five bottles; Harvey's Fish Sauce, from the original receipt given to as, in short, it has made a perfect cure. This faithful that Gentleman by Dr. James Lynd, prior to the account is entirely at your service,

Doctor's voyage to India; Westphalia and Wes! more. And I am your obedient Servant,

land Hams, Tongues, &c Fine old Cogniac Brandy, No. 11, Cross-street,

Rum, and Roterdam Geneva, genuine as imported,

WILLIAM FOURNIER Blackfriar's Road, Surrey.

and cheaper than any other House in Town; Port,

Sherry, Madeira, and Calcavella; Cherry Brandy, A pamphlet containing very many proofs of its vir. Ratafia ; Russia, Garden, and Packing Man, China tues may be had gratis, at the Warehouse, No. 6, York Table Mats, &c. with a greater viriety of foreign pro. street, Covent-garden, where it is sold in bottles, eleven rice than any other House in town), at PRESSEY and shillings each, and also, by every reputable Medicine BARCLAY's Foreign Warehouse, Henrietta-street, Vender. (915Covent-Gardun.






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MUSIC. M. DUNCOMBE, C urt Dress anil ornamental The HARP, PIANO-FORTE, &c. &c. Fancy Trimming Makes her Roval Highness Mr. HOFFMIN's arrangements for the accommo. CHARLOTTE Prince-s of Wales, begs leave to inform dation of young Ladies and Gentlemen who are anxious the Nobility and Ladies in general, she has now in hand11o be instructed expeditiously in Music, are not, we various new and appropriate Trimmings for the ensuing believe, to be equalled in the Metropolis. Mr. Ho5. Birth-day, which she presumes to flatter herself will man having been employed for so long a period in a be sanctioneel by their approbation.

very extensive and distinguished prac'ice as a Naster No. 4, Charing-cros

of Music, has availed himself of his expeience to adapt his house to the purposes of musical Institution in the

most coin modious manrer, Different rooms are apA CARD.

propriated for different Pupils, replete with the best io. To Families and Schools of respectabilitv.-French, struments, viz Harps, Piano-Fories, Violincellos, Italian, and Latin Taught by a French Gentlemau of Clarinets, &c. &c. Mr. Hoffman's fainily consisting an University Education, in a tirg and extensive of iwo Daughters and three Sons, have all been in practice. Terms in town, Two Guwens a Month, structed in Music froin their earliest infancy by him. Three Lessons a Week one hour eachine. Two orl self, and, independent of their perfect command of the Three Scholars in the same house would be no adui respective instruments, they are accustomed to the tional charge; good opportunity for a famil«, who may newest and best modes of teaching. Miss Hoffnan at depend the Advertiser will spare no trouble to promote

the age of two years and a half, was honoured by per. his Popils progress. Direct to Mr Leguerney, N, 176, forming before their Majesties, and at the age of fise, High Holborn.

[880 had the same honour, when, by particular desire of his

Majesty she played at sight a Sonata on the I{arp, and

a Concert on the Piano-Forte The other branches of FOR MAKING THE HAIR GROW.

the faunily instruc, or assist the P!!, j1 according to their

prospective aves. Mr. John Hoffman has already led Thé unexampl-d success of Stirscia's 1:alian Oil has the Band in several public concerts. Emulation is by met with for upwards o twenty-five years, in making his means excited among the Pupil, who are oftea the Heir gror, both thick and long, and preventing is more willing to attend to the surgestions of those who falling off, which it will do in iw n'y-forr hours after ape nearly their equals, ihan to the dictactic and foi mal illness,) continues to be the most Fashionable Pomade mode, 100 of cn adopted by Masters. Those Lielies with Ladies of high rank, since powder is out of use; by and Gentlemen who take Lessons at lir. Hoffman's keeping the head and hair perfectly clean; and making House, have the additional advantage of practicing in the hardest hair as soft as Silk, at the same lime gives it concert with his family, who are always ready to assist a most beautiful natural appearanca prevents its turning their progress and facilitate their improvement. gray, and even if on the change, will return the hair to No. 21, Manchester-street, Manchester-square, Jan. its natural colour The Dow iger Lady Smih of Syih.1, 1808.

1999 ing Home, lea: Dorchester, has done the proprietor the high honour in giving him the liberty 10-2y, that I do

INVALUABLE RECIPE. Smih has found great benes from the use of Oils, both in lengthening and thickening the hir, and in keeping A person possessed of an Invaluable Recipe, which the head ant hair so perfectly clean, as to render the

will infaldbly render the Hand and Arm delicately while, use of a small tooth combunnecessary.

wishes to dispose of ir. Caution - Those Ladies who purchase Stiracia's

In this truly refined age, when personal beauty is so Italian Oils, will plase to observe that they are always much attended too; the above is inestimable, and its in pots, with the Proprietor's name, Johnson, signed on value is greatly enhanced by the prevailing fashion of the lable across the pot..

displaying that beautiful part of the female form. To be had at the Proprieror's No 94, Newman streer,

Any person who is inclined to treat for the abore, Oxford-street; Geldig. No. 42, Cornhill; and at all will find their account in it, as a Fortune may with the principal P rfumers in Town and Country, at 5s a

ease and without any risk, be gained by it ju a short jot or 21. 145. a dozen.

The Advertiser's reason for wishing to dispose of the

above is, that she is engaged in an eligible situation THE GENUINE CHARCOAL DENTIFRICE,

which occupies her whole time. Prepared only by the Proprieturs,

Leiters post paid, addressed in S. A, at Mr. Horneis,

Porkman, No. 20, Queen-street, Borough, will be reKERNOT and BLAKE, Chemists, 3.3, St. James's spectfully attended too. Street, London, is un xceptionably become the most esteemed and general Tuorli Powder now in use; it has

SOLOMON': CORDIAL BALM OF GILEAD decidedly the claim to pre-erninence over all other kini's, by combining every requisite property essential Is a nost noble Medicine, composed of some of the to the imprurent of Teeth, and the preservation of the choicest Balsams and Strengtheners in the whole NaGuims.

teria Medica ; and is particularly applicable to those K. and B. feel it incumbent on them to state to the whose Constitutions are relaxed by extreme weakness Public, ihitihe very great demand for the Genuine and debility, or broken by enervating or vicious Indul. I'repared Charcoal, iestified by Affuavit of Mr. Blake, gencies. before he Lord Mayor, bearing date, June the 10th, In all nervous affections, lowness of spirits, tresa. 1806, has occasioned such various imitations, that unless blings, loss of memory, impaired vigour, and the num. they are particular in asking for their Preparation, they berless symptoms of impaired and tottering Constituundergo a great risk of a spurious kind being iinposed tions, whether arising from a life of inactirily, inten. upon them. Price 25 each box, bearing their Signa- perance, or inattention to health, its efficacy bas attained ture. None other is genuine.

throughout the three Kingdoins universal and unpaSold by the Proprietors, at their Warehouse, No.33, ralleled celebrity. By strict perseverance in its use, it St. James's s:rcet; by Mr. Sanu i Berry, Wholesale chears, braces, and invigorates the whole nervous sysAgent, Greek street, London; at most of the Water tem, and gives a new tone to all the vital functions. ing Places, and Principal Towns throughout the United Sold at 10s. 61. and S3s. bouiles by Mathews and Kingdom.

(913 Leigh, 18, Strand.

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[858 time,


the Box.

DELL'S MONTHLY COMPENDIUM OF ADVERTISEMENTS FOR JANUARY, 1805. FOR COUGHS, HOARSENESSES, &c. universally aimired accomplishment, will not only The great demand for Mr. Greenong's LOZENGES save nearly half the expence, but alsó, froin the easy, OF TOLU, after 30 years trial proves their superioniy, concise, and f.cile movie of practice hire laid down, be as the nose pleasant and effectual Reinedy for all enabled soon to ..prve at perfection in that chaste beauty Coughs, Harsenesses, Sore Throats, and Defluxions of coouring, without which, no Drawing, however on the lungs, healing ihe Rawness and Sorencss of the in other specis correc', cail please the eye of taste; Breast, and affording relief in Shortness of Breath, and which, the expensive profusion of those water: Asthmatic and Consum prive Complaints.-They do ake colours, wilaily putno o the hands of learners, not cloy the Stomach, but create an Appetite. Buz hav so much rulard :d ---Price only 11 55. as the great benefit to be derived from thein, can only Also, on a smaller scale, with a short Treatise on be secured by having them genuine, the Public are re Flower Paint:04, Drawing with Water Colours, &c. quested to observe, that R. Hayward is printed on the Superfine Cake Colours, Tintings, Saucers, Siamps. They are prepared and sold by R Hayward, &c. at lös. 10), od 75.64 and 6s. vach.

[918 (Successor to T. Greenough, the Inventor,) removed fron Ludgate Hill, to 56, Piccadilly ; sold also by To the LADIES OR the FASHIONABLE WORLD. Nerbery, St. Paul's Church yard; Bacon, Oxfor!. Ladies are invited to inspect an elegant Assor:ment street; Clarke, Burough; Ward, Holborn, and the of DRESSES, Mrs. FRANKLIN'; REPOSITORY, Venders of Genuine Medicines throughout the United | 35, l'iccadilly, nearly oppusi:e St. James's Church, on Kingdoms.Price One Stilling and Three Halfpence a very economical piin, every Article in Dress, (an't in

(904 Che first style of elegance), with li'tie or no charge for

making As hirdemand is very great, she is enabled TO THE LADIES.

to offer Ladie, this advintage, wiich is not to be met For Softening the Skin and rendering it Delicately Fair. with at any oth:s house Morvice Dresses 12». and

Prepared and sold by the Inventor, J. T. Rgge, 15.; Dinner and Evening Robes 185. and 25s.; CainNo.65, Cheapside; and 52, Park street, Grosvenor bric Slips 3s. ud and 125.60.; Circassian Maniles and square.

Pulisses 21. 125. 6d. to 41. 14s. 61. Mrs. F. in particular THE ROYAL ALMOND COMPOUND.

recommends her eleganı Roman Cloik, so much adTo preserve the delicacy of the Skin against the unred for beauty in the first circles.-Mrs. F. feels coneffects of an inclement season, and the harshness which heat her Dresses will, as usual, give the uimost satisit embibes after sea-bathing, are the oujects of the above faction. Chilren and Young Ladies' Frocks and Robes, Comond; and, with such of the Nobility ahd Gentry from 7s. 6d. to 185.; Corsets adapied for ease and ele. as consider the propertie, of Soap 'oo acrimonious during /gance, 165, and 18s Ladies full size, 18s, and 21s. the winter months, it will be found highly estimable, as Ladies and Gentlemen having foreign or country orders, :he Inventor confiden ly announces tha? it will not only may depend on having them execuied with the strictest render she Hinds and Arms soft, and clear of the most honour and allention.-N. B. Muumming Dresses, to minute har hness incident in the causes above mention every size, kepe ready-made.

[990 ed, but that its effects will assist the natural bloom of the Complexion.

Sold inputs wf 1s. 61. to 5s. each. Where also may be had for the Skin, the Proprietor's celebrated Violet Scented Almond Soap, his invaluable Cold Cream, or Cream of Roses, and that much admired cosmeric, Milk of Roses, in its most genuine state.



OF THE FIRST CIRCLE. This Day is published, in royal octavo, price 7s.6d. Russia Oil, for preserving and promoting the Growih

A New Practical Treatise on the Elenentary Princi- of Hair, and is so great a nourisher as to prevent its ples of FLOWER PAINTING and DRAWING wiih turning grey, becoming shadled, or falling oft; restores WATER COLOURS, on Paper, Suik, Sarin, &c. Hair on bı!d places, if the least roots remain'; several without the assistance of a Master; embellished with Gentlemen that were bald have declared, after using a number of easy Exain ples, delineated from Nature;

the Russia Oil regularly for three Months, the bald to which is added, a Coloured Tablet, displaying near

place became covered with Hair. It is superior to any one hundred brilliant Shades, with familiär Rules for Article for moistening the Hair when dressing, as it inaking, from only tweive purposely prepared Water- prevents the ill effects occasioned by the heat of drese Cake Colours, every varied tint that is necessary for sing-irons. completing the nicest and most highiy-finished Draw.

Caution. As noxious counterfeits are in circulation, .10, without any other instructions.

Ladies and Gentlemen purchasing the Russia Oil, or Published for the Author, by Mr. Boydell, 90, Cheap giving their Hair-dressers orders for it, will particularly side; Harris, St. Paul's Church-yard; Mr. Sinizenich, observe the Signature of " Mochrikufky and Prince, Flower Painter, 29, New Bond-street; H. D. Symonds, in gold ink, is on the outside wrapper of each bottle; Paternoster-row; Chumpante and Whitrow; and G. any without that Signature are counterfeits, Riley, No. 2, Charles-street, Hatton-garden.

The Russia Oil promotes the growth of Whiskers, Of whom maybe had, intended as appropriate presents Eye brows, &c.--is. 7d per bottle, or a bottle contain to the other young Nobility, and all who have a taste ing four small, at a Guinea-To be had of the Propriefor Drawing, particularly for those residing abroad, or tor, A. Prince, No. 9, John-street, Oxlord street; and in the country, who have not ihe advantage of a skilfull by Appointment, Mr. Smith, Perfu 'ner 10 his' Ma. D:swing Mas'er, the Young Ladies' coinplete Portable, jenty, New Bond-street; Hendric, Perfumer to her Drawing Cabinet, comprised in a neat mahogany box, Majesty, Tichburne-street; Bavly and Blew, Perwith drawer and lock, with an Abstract of the above fumers to the Prince and Princess of Wales, CockspurTreatise, a coloured Tablet, with familiar instructions Street; Rigge, 63, Chea side; Bacon, 156, Oxfordfor mixing the different shades, twelve superfine Water street; Butler, 4, Cheapside; Shaw and Edwards, 66, Cake Colours, a drawing pallet, twelve tinting.cups,

St. Paul's Church-yard; Withers, 220, Strand; Hulmes, water glass, six proper camel hair brushes, a fine draw. Bullon, and Tutt, Royal Exchange, London ; Bull, ing pencil, Intia ink, India rubbers, &c. &c. The Dublin; Raeburn, Edinburgh; Collins, Salisbury; whole combining a Practical System of such united Crurwell, Bath; and most principal Niedicine Venders ad vanta res, that all lopers of this elegant, and now so and Perfurders.



vited by the leading and enlightened orders of the British Nation, evinces the high estimation which these branches of literature have obtained in the scale of a finished education. Encouraged by this general taste of the elevaled ranks of society, Mrs. Cross has spared neither pains nor expence to acquire a critical knowledge of the above languages and sciences, and it will be her con. stant endeavour to impart their treasurers to her Pupils.)

Terins :- The Young Ladies are boarded, and taught the English and French Languages with Grammatical

purity and correctness, History, and the Needle Works, for Thirty Guineas per annum, Washing included. Parlour Boarders Fifty-two Guineas a Year. Day

Boarders Three Guineas per Quarter; and Day Scholars BEAUTY IMPROVED

a Guinea and a Half. No Entrance Money expected,

either from Buarders or Day Scholars.-Writing, BY THE ACQUIREMENT OF A Lovely COMPLEXION.

Arithmetic, Music, Dancing, Drawing, Italian, GewD. RIGGE of New Bond street, cultivator and dis graphy, the Use of the Globes, and Astronomy, taught tilier of Roses and other Flowers to His Royal Highness by Professors of eminence and established merit. the Prince of Wales, has Invented a ROSE CREAM,

Wanted, a Young Lady of a docile disposition, and or refined ALMOND PASTE, to wash with, the pleas- genteel address, as an Apprentice.– Terms, 100 Guineas ing effects attending the use of which are indescribable for three years, Masters and extras included, Drawing Imagine a most innocent and elegant composition form only excepted, which, if required, must be paid seed of Alinonds and Roses, capable of preserving the parately for; or 60 Guineas without Masters. She will delicacy of the skin, also of improving the finest Com- enjoy many advantages which are not to be met with plexion, and a trial of the Rose Cream, will realize the in the generality of Schools. idea. It is a highly concentrated Milk of Roses, con.

Mrs. Cross may be spoken with, or directed to, at her taining the emollient properties of the Almond, in the Seminary, No. 11, Charles's-square, near the City Road. proporsion of ren to one in comparison with that cele. This Establishment consists but of a small and select brated cosmetic, and is in the same proportion more number of Ladies,

[923 efficacious for softening the Skin and improving its delicacy of rexture. Ladies using this Cream to wash with, will not in the most inclement season experience the

STAYS inconvenience of chapped or rough Hands or Arms. UPON A PRINCIPLE TRULY UNIQUE, ADAPTED FOR Those whose complexions have been injured by an ex

HEALTH, ELEGANCE, AND PROPRIETY OF FEMALE posure 10 saline air, or too much sun, are informed that the Rose Cream is an effectual remedy for such inconveniences.-Price 3s. 6d, or six pots in a case 20s.! The MINERVA VEST; or, Imperial retainer of samples 1s. 60.

an elegant shape, stands unrivalled; having been pa· To Ladies who have occasion for Rouge, Rigge begs tronised by the Royal branches of the different Courts to recommend his Liquid Bloom, made from Damask of Europe. From its siin ple construction and superior Roses This Rouge is so suitable to the complexion properties it has been acknowledged by thousands, at that it cannot when judiciously applied be distinguished once to combine the powers of retention and expanfrom a natural Bloom. It is as innocent as simple Rose sion; and which has been sanctioned by the most Water, and may be used to the lips, when required, with eminent of the faculty. The Inventor of this invaluable a pleasing effect, price 3s. 6d. and 75.—Those eleganı Stay, having received his Majesty's Royal Letters and approved articles are prepared at D. Rigge’s Planta- Patent for an improved method of preserving and retion, Wandsworth, and sold in London, at his Ware- storing the shape of the human frame, and curing dehouse only, No. 31, New Bond-street.

[392 formities, now offers this discovery as truly advantageous

to the present and rising generation; and so confident

is he of success, that he will undertake tu forfeit five LADIES BOARDING-SCHOOL, hundred pounds if a deformity ever makes its appear. Near the City Road.

ance when it is worn, unless from a Scropholous affec

tion. Mrs. CROSS respectfulis informs the Gentry, Merchants, and her Friends in general, that her School will

Invented by M. Vistirin, the Patentee, No. 16, New recommence on Monday the 18th of January, and that has for sale a large assortment of Monitors, Back-boards,

Bond-street, opposite Grafion-street, London; who she has accommodation for three more Young Ladies as Boarders. She hopes that the flattering success she

Stocks for dancing-schools, Swings, Chamber-horses, has met with for these twenty-four years, in educating and every apparatus for the infirm, on improved prin. the Daughters of soine of the first Fainilies in the City, ciples; for Ready Money only. to whom references may be had, will be no sniall re M. Vistrin respectfully informs Ladies, that, in commendation to those Ladies and Gentlemen who order to prevent disappoiniment, he will attendon Monmay honour her with their Patronage.

days and Thursdays, for the purpose of displaying the The eagerness with which the English, French, MINERVA VEST, fitted on the Statue of the Venus Latin, and Italian Languages, Universal Grammar, de Medicis, that chef d'euvre of the ancients, and History, Geography, the Use of the Globes, Astronomy, which is acknowledged the very summit of perfection and Natural Philosophy, have of late years been culti- in delineating a fine female form.




London: Printed by and for John Bell, Proprietor of the Weekly Messenger, Southampton-Street, Strand,

January 1, 1808.


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