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A CURE for the TOOTH-ACHE, GUM BILES, &c. On the first of January next will be published, at TROTTER'S TINCTURE,

R. Ackermann's, 101, Sirand, the First Number of Which is well known for its safety, and no ways pre the julicial to the Enamel; also the ORIENTAL DEN.

MICROCOSM OF LONDON; TIFRICE, or ASIATIC TOOTH TOWDER. Its efficacy and virtue has been acknowledged by the most

Price Seven Shillings. respectable Medical Authorities, used by many, and recommended for above these twenty years

. The Pow- Containining Four Piates, Interior Views of the princider cleanses and beautifies the Teeth, sweetens the pal Buildings and public pl.ces in the Metropolis; Breath, possesses no acid that can corrode the Enamel, with from Tweny.four to Thirty-two pages of Leter? and puts a beautiful Polish on the Teeth. Fron its press: The Architectural part designed by Mí. Pugin, astringency, it strengthens the Gums, eradicates the and the Figures by Mr Rowlandson ; printed on a Scurvy (which often proves the destruction of a whole quarto elephant wove paper, and hut pressed. This set of Teeth), preserves suund Teeth from decay, se

most interesting work will be comprised in one hundred cures decayed Teeth from becoming worse, fastens Plates; four of which will be published on the first of those which are loose, and proves the happy means of every Month till complet d; the whole forming an presenting their being drawn. But what has enhanced elegant and useful Library book, in four vols.; to each it in the estimation of those who have been in the habit of which will be given a most beautiful Frontispiece. of using it is, that it prevents the re!urn of the Tooth-More detailed particulars, with a lis of the subjects ache, with which, before that period, they have been proposel, may be liad of the publisher, or any of the violently afflicted. A caution against purchasing any principal Booksellers in the kingdom.

[872 Asiatic Too!h Powder, without “M. Troiter” on the stamp on the top of the box.- All others are counterfeirs.

Sold, wbolesale and retail, at her Warehouse, No. S, MILLINERY AND DRESS ROOMS.
Beaufort-buildings, Strand : and, hy appointment, by
Mr. Davison, Fleet-sireet; Mr Tuti, Royal Exchange;

MARCHANT and BURTON, most respectfully inform Mr. Gattie, New Bond-street; Mr. Tumer and Mr. The Nobility, Gentry, and their friends that they intend! Rigg, ditto; Mr. Berry, Greek street, Soho; Mr. opening their rooms on th 1st of December, when they Taite, Cornhill; Mr, Rosser, Skinuer-street; and Mr. will subinit to their inspection an elegant assortment of Rigg, Cheapside.

[867 Millinery, Dresses, Cardinals, Pelisses, Mantles, and

Furs. M. and B. having eng ged Women of the first BY DIVINE PROVIDENCE.

ability in their respective lines, pledge themselves to The BALM of QUITO is the best remedy in the produce a constant succession of new Articles in the universe for Nervous Complaints, the most powerful re.

most elegant style; they beg leave particularly to storative and re-animating Balin of Life and Health, recommend their Cardinals as chef d'euvres. and the safest and best inelicine in the world. It is not

No. 114, Now Bund-street.

[87 pretended that this medicine can arrest the progress of nature, but it is asserted, and proved, that it will restore beaith even where the constitution appears to have been COMPANIONS FOR THE TOILETTE. irreparably injured. Those who have impaired their health by a residence in hot and unhealihy climates; ALMOND BLOOM, or VEGETABLE Rouge.

young of either sex, whose infirmities threaten pre. mature old age, a life of misers, and an early dissolu A. PEARS, Perfumer, No. 53, Well’s-street, Oxfordtion; and those more advanced in years, whose lotter. street, with all due respect to the Female World, eming sapless frames appear withered and almost worn braces this opportunity of recommending his Alinond out, are more immediate objects of this soothing Balm, Bloom, or Liquid Vegetable Rouge, to dissinguished whose benign influence may be extended to the whole atention. class of Paletudinarians. For in all cases, and in all This invaluable Preparation, although it may be said ages, where he solids are relaxed, where the constitu- to be in its infancy, from the short time that has occus. tion has received a shock, or is by any means debilitated, red since it was first introduced to public notice, has this RESTORATIVE and RE-ANIMATING BALM required a reputation almost unparalleled in the annals of LIFE and HEALTH will produce the happiest of personal improviment. Ils principal excellencies effects ; the cold and tremulous nerves will be warmed are the softening the skin for a free perspiration, ad. and steadied; the relaxed fibres will be braced and hering firmly to the face, giving a light and delicate rendered firm'; the muscles will be envigorated; the lint that cannot be distinguished froin nature. Five sinews will be strengthened, the emaciated limbs Shillings per bottle. will be covered with firm fesh; the exhausted

Pears's Liquid Bloom of Roses gives a most delight. vessels will be replenished ; the impoverished watery ful tinge to ine Female Countenance, and to such a blood will become rich and balsamic, and its lan- degree of perfection, that it may with propriety he guid circulation restored to the sauative impetus, said, that Ait was never so surcessfully employed in which is the true criterion of health ; the languid droop improving the Charms of Nature. ing spirits will be revived and exbiliiated ; digestion bottle. will be promoted ; in short, the tones of the nerves will

Pears's Whitelmaperial Powder is an admirable Combe restored, and by these means the whole constitution panion to the above, being the most simple and will be renovated; feeblness, lassitude, anxie:y, me- fective Cosmetic in fashionable use. Lancholy, and all the deplorable symptoms of disease 1:0. Vegetables only, and gives to the skin a delicacy

1. is produced will vanish; and strength, ardour, serenity, and every strictly consonant to true Beauty, nor can the must evidence of renovated heain, will be the liappy result of taking this inestimable Bulm in due time, according to circumspective obierver perceive the application of it

on the Countenance, Price 25. J. and 5s. the box. the directions for use which accompany each bottle.

The Balm of Quito is prepared and sold by W. Peary's New Liquid Pink Dye, for colouring Silk Withers, Chemist, 229, Strand, near Temple Bar, Lon- Stockings, Gloves, Ribbons, &c. in a more irighi and don; and retail by all the respectable Medicine Ven transparent style than can be given by any utiler prepaders. Price 2s 9d. per bottle, or the quantity of five ration. Price is 6d. and 3s.per borie. borcles in one for 135. 6. duty includel, (00! Pears' Piik Saucers, an entire new Invention. [370


Price 3, 6d. per


| This day are Published, in four elegant volumes,

Price 11. 10s. in boards.
Translated from the German of C. Meiners, Councillor

of State to his Britannic Majesty, and Professor of
Philosophy at the University of Gottingen.

In this work, which has justly obtained a place among the classical productions of German Literature, the author not only describes the state of the Sex in ancient and modern times, among the principal nations of the Globe, but investigates the causes and conse

quences of its virtues and vices, and of its influence BEAUTY IMPROVED

upon the morals of society in general, both in private

life and Public affairs. The number of curious anes BY THE ACQUIREMENT OF A LOVELY COMPLEXION.

dotes with which these volumes abound, together with D. RIGGE of New Bond-street, cultivator and dis- the fund of Information they contain, render thea tiller of Roses and other Flowers to His Royal Highness equally entertaining and instructive. the Prince of Wales, has Invented a ROSE CREAM,

Printed for H. Colburn, 50 Conduit-street, and may or refined ALMOND PASTE, to wash with, the pleas. be had of all other Booksellers; as also the following ing effects attending the use of which are indescribable. new and Popular Works just published. Imagine a most innocent and elegant composition form

1. Zoological Anecdotes, or Authentic and Interest. ed of Almonds and Roses, capable of preserving the delicacy of the Skin, also of improving the finest Coming Tracts relative to the Lives, Manners and Economy plexion, and a trial of the Rose Cream, will realize the of the Brute Creation; in two closely printed volumes,

Price 10s, boards. idea. It is a highly concentrated Milk of Roses, containing the emollient properties of the Almond, in the Young Swede, by the Baroness Crudner, 2 vols. 10s.

2. The Sorrows of Gustavus, or the History of a proportion of ten to one in comparison with that cele

boards. brated cosmetic, and is in the same proportion more efficacious for softening the Skin and improving its delithe Author of Caroline of Litchfield, 2 vols

. 9s. boards.

3. Christina, or Memoirs of a German Princess, by cacy of texture. Ladies using this Cream to wash with,

4. Memoirs of Female Philosophers, by a modera will not in the most inclement season experience the Philosopher of the other sex, 2 vols 105. boards. inconvenience of chapped or rough Hands or Arms.

5. The Duke of Lauzan, an Historical Romance, it 'Those whose complexions have been injured by an ex: plete with anecdotes of the Court of Louis XIV. and posure to saline air, or too much sun, are informed that forming a Companion to the Duchess of La Valliere, the Rose Cream is an effectual remedy for such incon

2 vols. Os. boards. veniences. —Price 3s. 6d, or six pots in a case 20s.

6. The Romance of the Appennines, dedicated to samples 1s. 60.

Sir Francis Hartwell Bart. 2 vols. 95. boards. To Ladies who have occasion for Rouge, Rigge begs

(806 to recommend his Liquid Bloom, made from Damask Roses. This Rouge is so suitable to the complexion that it cannot when judiciously applied be distinguished LITERARY INSTITUTION, and SUBSCRIPTION from a natural Bloom. It is as innocent as simple Rose LIBRARY, No. 50, CONDUIT-STREET. Water, and may be used to the lips, when required, with a pleasing effect, price 3s. 6d. and 75 —Those elegant. The attention of the Literary and Fashionable World and approved articles are prepared at D. Rigge's Planta- is particularly requested to this Institution, which is tion, Wandsworth, and sold in London, at his Ware conducted on the most extensive scale, so as to insure house only, No. 31, New Boud-street.

[856 to Subscribers, whether in town or country, an ample

and immediate supply of the Books they desire. This DR. JAMES'S FEVER POWDER, AND Establishment now stands unrivalled, embracing a most ANALEPTIC PILLS,

general and select collection of Works, in every branch Prepared genuine, as usual, at the reduced prices of new English and Foreign Publications, including Ma

of Literature; to which are regularly added, all the 1s. 91the packet, and 2s. 9d. per box, by BENJAMIN gazines, Reviews, Pamphlets, &c. immediately on their PERRIN (the original and only person who ever prepared publication, or arrival in London. Books sent to Subthem for the late Dr. Robert James), No. 23, South- scribers (in boxes) to all parts of the country. -Comamptun-streel, Covent-Garden, London. Also, his fine Fragrant Double-distilled Lavender plete Catalogues, with the terms of Subscription, to

be had of the Librarian. Water, which none can excel; gives universal satisfaction to the Nobility, Gentry, &c. 2s. 9d. per bottle.

Just received from Paris, and to be had at no other PERRIN's Imperial Dentifrice, which gives a delicate

Library in the Kingdom, fragrancy to the breath, prevents the tooth-ache, and Agathe d'Entragues, par l'Auteur d'Irma, 6 tomes. will prove a valuable acquisition to every individual de La Princesse de Chypre, 5 tomes. sirous of teeth sound, clean, and white; or of gums L'Hotel Garni, 2 tomes. healthy, firm, and florid; 2s. Id. per box, to be had as Lettres de Christine, Reine de Swede, 3 tomes, &e. above. [849 &c.



London : Printed by and for John Bell, Proprietor of the Weekly Messenger, Southampton-Street, Strend

December 1, 1807.

Ol', Bell's Court and Fashionable Magazine.


For JANUARY 1, 1908, and to be continued Munthly.

WINTER FASHIONS FOR LADIES. COURT FASHIONABLE BIRTH-DAY STAYS. The Nobility and Ladies of Fashion and Taste are Stays A-la-Diana, Star of Fashion, and Zara Pois respectfully informed, that Mrs. Thomas, has prepared trine, under the immediate patronage of the Nobility in her usual tasty, neat, and elegant Style, a Collection and Gentry.-Mrs. and Miss Laura Pearce, Stay Merof novel things for the present Season, larger than chants froin Paris, respectfully make their best acknow

will be found in any other House in London: In Car ledgments to those Ladies who have the goodness to
dinals, new Mantles, Wraps, Dresses for Morning and allow them immortal Fame in the art of making and
Evening, with every description of Millinery, &c. improving the Figure.
The Materials made use of are of the best Quality, Mrs. Pearce now challenges the whole world to in.
anil from the very great Stock always kept of every vent any thing superior to the Stays she offers, being
size in the above Aricles, of the Fashionable Colours an improvement on all Inventions, combining beauty,
and Materials, Thomas and Co. feel confident, that health, dignity, love, comfort, and firm support-No
Ladies will find a ien-fold advantage by applying at Lady ought to be without them. Mrs. Pearce has
their Rooms, particularly on their arrival in Town; or the honour to make for the juvenile branches of the first
Gentlemen favoured with their Commissions.-T. and Families in the United Kingdoms, and the first Semi-
Co. presume to remark, that the extent of their Con-naries.- Mrs. Pearce's Stays consist of fifteen Patterns,
cern enables them to embrace every new desirable adapted to every Use and Size. No. 1, Brook-street,
Fashiod.-A great variety of elegant, novel, and cheap Bond-street,
Long and Short Muslin Robes; also, coloured Silk To prevent trouble ready Money is expected.
Figured Netts: among which is the Cupid's Net', Letters for Consultation must be post-paid. (889
which are very elegant for Dresses; about One Thou.
sand dozen Hosiery. This Article is sold by Commis-
sion, which will be found to produce an advantantage
on the Cotion, froin ls. 10 1s. 60. per Pair, and on the

Silk, Is. 64. to 2s.6d no less than Three Pair sold;
White and Coloured Furs: with every Artiele kept by

No. 22, CHARLOTTE-STREET, F11ZROY-SQUARE. the Haberdashers, Wholesale and Retail, for ready The Nobility and Ladies are requested to inspect an Money. West corner Chancery-lane, Temple-bar. elegant Assortment of Millinery, Dresses, Pelisses,

[887 Maniles, Corsets, &c. which they may depend on have

ing (for ready money) at much lower prices than at HER MAJESTY'S STAY-MAKER.'

any other house whatever. Mrs. HARMAN, of New Bond-street, with the most Mrs BARRON, not only having connections with two respectful deference, begs leave to submit to her nu. of the first Milliners at Paris, but also keeping a firstmerous Friends and the whole World of Fashion, a rate French Milliner in constant employ here, is enlong Stay which sits well, and is put on in the short abled to introduce into her extensive Show Rooms space of half a minute. This Stay is well adapted for every fashionable Article, almost immediately on its the present change of Fashion, in the exterior of the coming out at Paris. She also intends (as quick as the Female form, and is a further proof of the general com- very great demand she has will allow) to increase her fort and elegance of those long Slays which are of Stock of Millinery and Dresses to Six Hundred Articles, Mrs Harman's invention. From the great Stock Mrs. so that Ladies and Gentlemen having Foreign or CounHarman keeps finished, Ladies have an opportunity of try Orders, may be immediately supplied. suiting themselves immediately, and from the great Every article in the Fur Trade; also Gloves, Lace, number of People in her employ, those Ladies who Children's Dresses, &c. at uncommon low prices. [926 give it the preference can have their Stays inade pur. posely, with all possible Expedition. No. 18, New-Bond-street.


Ladies of distinction and fashion are invited to inWANTS A SITUATION.

spect an assemblage of such elegant and truly fashion A young Lady of respeciable Connexions is desirous able articles of Morning and Evening Dresses, Slips, of meeting with a Situation as a Companion to a Lady and Pelisses, &c. which are kept in all sizes, so that she has no objection to asist in any Needle work, and Ladies may immediately suit themselves without the in rendering herself useful to a Family. Satisfactory unavoidable delay attending their being made to order. Reference, will be given.

Mrs. BARCLAY hopes her terms are such as to merit Letters Post-paid, addressed in A. B. at Mr. Hol- the continuance of that decided approbation she has land's, near York Place, Kentish Town, will be at. heretofore so liberally experienced. tended to. (922 93, Frith-street, Soho.

(912 No XIV. Vol. III.






ELEGANT MILLINERY J. GOLDICUTT of* No. 21, King-street, Covent

On a Superior Scale, Garden, has the honour to inform the nobility, genly, The greatest assortment of Millinery, Dresses, Peand public, that he continues to sell his universally lisses, Cardinals, Corsets, &c. are now on show at Miss approved of Family Crates of Earthenware of all descrip BLACKLIN's, No. 11, Blenheim-streer, Bond-street, and tions, from $1. 13s 6d. to 161. 16s. per Crate, package at prices much lower than any other house in town. included, according to patierns and qualities. A Crate Miss B. having connections in Paris, is immediately contains a dinner service, and articles for the kitchen i ossession of e:ery new Fashion introduced there. and bed-rooms, whereby a house is furnished in the This advantage being entirely confined to hersell, en: cheapest and most convenient manner.

ables hier, from the great demand, to have un hand Printed particulars in be had at the Warehouse. [974 upwards of two hundred articles in Millinery, and three

hundred Dresses, which require inspection o!.ly to be LAMPS approved.

1903 UPON A PRINEIFLE TRULY UNIQUE. By his Majesty's Royal Letters Patent.


LISSES, CARDINAL CLOAKES, &c. SMETHURST's NEW IMPROVED LAMP, that burns without smoke, No. 128, New Bond-street, and

At the Sign of the Bee Hive, 75, Piccadilly, opposite

the Bath Hotel. 15, Union-street, Borough. Warehouses for Lamps of all descriptions, and genuine Lamp Oils.

Mrs. TYERS, respectfalls informs the Nobility, J. Smethurst respectfully solicits the attention of the Ladies, and her Friends in general, that she has for Nobility, Gentry, and the Public in general, to his new their inspection an extensive and fashivnable assetto improved Lamps, in a variety of furins, for all purposes, ment of Millinery, Dresses, Pelisses; Cardinal Cleaks, with spiral burners, having neither rack, wire, or spring &c. made up in the first style of Fashion; and Mrs. wick holder, and are warranted not to overflow. Tyers fartens herself that bose Ladies who may lonour

The word Patent is on the cylinderical glass, that her with their orders, will find her things made up with gives double the light to any other with the same sized the best materials, and lower in price than other Houses, cotton, without smoke ; and is the most brilliant light Cambric Muslin Dresses from 18s, tu sos; chep ever produced from oil; so that they may be used in Gloves, Ribbons, Laces, and every article in Habere the most elegant apartment, drawing-roon, sideboard, lashery and Linen Drapery; a variety of fancy Furs, taverns, coffee houses, billiard tables, &c. as well as in &c. &c. for Ready Money only. counting.houses, warehouses, or 'shops; and in short, wherever a good and pleasant light is required.

25, GREAT ORMOND-STREET, QULENThe Lamp is simple in its construction, and not

SQUARE. liable to get out of repair. The burners may be easily WILLIAM LEWIS begs leave to acquaint the taken from the lamps and cleaned, if clogged with bad Public, that he has now on sale a variety of japanned oil or otherwise, without expence.

and other Furniture, in Setas, Grecian Couches, Diar. The Patentee engages to return the purchase money ing-room Chamber and other Chairs, Pole and Curnices, for such lamps, as, upon trial, do not answer the above Pier Slabs (in imitation of Marble), Writing, Work, description, if returned within one week,

and Coffee Tables, Foot Stools, &c. on an entirely new Old Brass Patent Lamps altered to the New Patent plan. Bronze Figures, Egyprian Vases, painud glass Principle.

Shades, Chimney Ortaments, and every other article They are also bought or taken in exchange for new in the above branch of useful and fashionable Furniture, Lamps, warranted superior to any other for its simpli- Manufactured under his own immerliste inspection, city and brilliancy of light. Compare them to any and equal in elegance, workmanship and durability to other, and judge for yourself. Thc Improved Lamjany House in England, and on the most cannot be had at any other house in London.

terms. Old Furniture re-japanned and modernized. J. S. also assures the Public he is the only person

(078 that has a Patent sur Lamps with Spiral Burners, which, by turning the glass holdsrs, causes the cution to rise

TO THE FASHIONABLE WORLD and fall. This lanp has a label fixed in front of the Burner,

Is peculiarly recommended an Article of singular excel. with the words " Smethurst and Paul's Pitent."

lence, where utility and elegance are combined, A Caution to the Public : If any person sells a lamp

THE MACASSAR OIL, with a Spiral Burner under the title of Patent, without the above names on the Buroer, it is an imposition on

For improving and accelerating the growth of Hair. ibe purchaser and an infringement on his righr, (905

The virtues of this Preparation are far beyond eulo. SELLING OFF CHEAP.

gium. It is composed of Vegetable Ingr vents, from

a Tree in the Island of Macussar, in the Ease lodiss, The valuable Stock in Trade of J. J. Dallaway (leav. The test of experience has proved its utiliy, and the ing London), Mathematical, Optical, and Philosophical Proprietors, Rowland and Son, Kirhy.stree'', Harion. lostrument maker, No. 192, Tottenham Court Road Garden, can produce incontrovertible evidence of the (opposiie the Chapel), consisting of the following ar- superlative advantages it possesses ; they appeal to ticles, which are oft'e best quality :-Spectacles, Lye facts, and them alone ; and, while too much advant ge Glasses, Opera and Perspective Glasses, Telescopes, s takon of he liberality of the public, by impo»lions ui a Microscopes, Mirrors, Prisms and Magic Lanthorns, Magrant nature, they an recommend it to public nolice Giobes, Drawing Instruments, Pocket Compases, without a blush. Rules, Barometers and Thermometers, Military and Sild wholesale and retail, at 3s Gd. per Borile, by Land Surveying Instruments, Electrical Machines and the Proprietors; and wholesale by R. Bowney. Pero Aparatus, a small Battery, a large Galvanic Trough, fumer iö their Majesties, No. 10", Harton Garden ; Sic. dc. Also a very large Cylinder Electrical Machine, retail by Burgois and Amick, Perfumers to their Rosal with the Medical Apparatus, well calculated for an Highnessess the Prince and Princess of Wale», No. 2, Electrician Lecturer, or an Hospital, being larger than Haymarket ; by Mr. Overton, Perfumer, No. 47, A-* aus nuw made in London. Ta: Lease of the Ilouse to be sold.

Bond-street ; and by most principal Venders in the [8841 County.

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On an Extensive Scale,

Approved by the niost eminent of the Faculty, for

Bruises, Puins, Swellings, &c. for a Cancer, and for all No.14 Tavistock-Street, Covent-Garder. Sore Breasts, particularly in a lying in; for a Suitf Neck, J. CREIGHTON most respectfully informs his &c.; for the Piles, and will prevent a Fistola; for Chila Friends and the Public that his Library, which for blains, Chapped Hands and Lips; will also cure Scalds three years past has established its character of select, and Burns; and will greatly relieve Rheumatic and valuable, and well-chosen, is now greatly augmented; Gouty Pains. The only rrue and genuine Pommade and arrangements are made for the accommodation, of Divine, prepared by J. Ogilvy, Perfumer to their Royal any number of Subscribers, and for the supply of any | Highnesses the Duke of Gloucester, and she Princess rumber of Volumes, whe:her in town or country.

Sophia Matilda, 68, Swallow-street (who is the only

1911 Although this Library furnishes a full, quick, and person in possession of the genuine receipt). liberai supply of all new Novels, Romances, & soon MORGAN AND SANDERS'MANUFACTORY. as published, yet these constitute only a part of the

The fashionable Parent Sofa Beds, Chair Beds, foure Collection : for, to accommodate every class of Readers, post and rent Bedsteads, with Furniture and Bedding no expence has been spared in the purchase of the complete; the new.invented Patent Trafalgar Sideboard most approved Publications, including Arts and and Dining Tables; also the Imperial Dining Tables, Sciences, Biography, Divinity, Education, History, and portable Chairs, elegant suits of Drawing-room and Topogranhy, Voyages, and Travels, Luw, Miscel Dining-room Furnisure, Carpets, Glasses, &c. the Palanies, Plays, Poetry, ito.

tent East India Musquito Net Beds, with every other Catalogues and Cards of the Terms may be had on article manufactured on purpose for foreign climates. application at the Library.

[882 Army and Navy Equipages on entire new principles

and inventions, every article in the Upholstery and

Cabinet branches, requisite for the furnishing of houses No 6, TAVISTOCK-STREET, COVENT complete in the first style of modern fashion and eleGARDEN

gance, at Morgan and Sanders' Manufactory and Ware

rooms, VICKERY's Fashionable Repository of inimitable

Nos, 16, and 17, Catharine-street, Strand,

London. Head Dresses, beautiful Braids, &c. &c, articles fron their obvious utili'y, excellent workmanship, and

N. B. Morgan and Sanders have no connection what.

ever with any other Warehouse in London. (881 without exception the greatest addition that a Lady can possibly receive in respect to personal appearance, and

COUNTY FIRE OFFICE. has obtained the Patronage of the inost illustrious

Southampton-street, Strand, London, Ladies in his Majesty's Dominions. The Nobility and Gentry's hair cut as usual with Established by an Association of Noblemen and Gentle

men in the Counties of every arten'ion to the style and improvement of their


Leicester, Nottingham, hair. Lidies and Gentlemen sending iheir Orders, are

Bedford, Lincoln,

Oxford, solicited to give their Servants very particular directions


Middlesex, to his House as above, a caution made necessary by

Henford, Northampton,

Vickery's Name being placed conspicuously at shops in
the Neighbourhood with which he has no concern.

For the Benefit of Country Rosidents.

TRUSTEES. Vickery's real Beari Grease, a substance of inestimable

His Grace the Duke of Rutland, K.G. virtue for restoring that great ornament the human

The Most Noble the Marquis of Buckingham, K.G. Hair.

The Most Noble the Marquis of Salisbury, K.G. Tickery most respectfully concludes with acquaint

The Right Hoon the Earl of Northampton. ing the polite world that he has engaged several of the

The Right Hon. the Earl of Buckinghamshire. most eniinent Hair Cutters for the season. [927

The Righe Hon. the Earl of Upper Ossory.

All Persons who continue insured with this AssocinSEMINARY FOR YOUNG LADIES, ALBION. tion Seven Years, whether their Policies be originally HOUSE, EPSOM.

taken out for seven years, or be renewed annually, will The Public are respectfully informid that the above be rendered Proprietors, and par icipate with the original Establishment, lately superintended by Madames Riley Subscribers in the profits of the establishment. With and Farrow, is now wholly conducted by Mrs. Riley, this advantage, they have the peculiar and valuable assuHer terins for the education of young Ladies are as rance of not being liable to make good the losses of follow, viz.- For the English and French Languages others, as the sole responsibility is undertaken by an grammatically, Astronomy, Geography, the use of the extensive Association of Noblemen and Gentlemen, Globes, projestion of the Sphere, History, ancient and who have subscribed a Capital of 350,0001. to guarantee modern, and Needle work, Thirty-five Guineas per the engagements of the Office. annum ; no Entrance. Writing, Geometry, Drawing, These profits are considered to be very certain, as the Music, Singing and Dancing, taught by Masters of Office has a selection of the best business, and its maeminence on approved terms.

nagement is unincumbered by large and numerous Mrs. Riley dispenses with the usual technical routine Salaries--the Trustees, Directors, and Auditors, art of promises and professions, convinced that to those gratuitously. The Capital embarked also, while amply acquiinted with her course and stile of instruction, such sufficient to cover any train of lusses which can reason. is not necessary, and to those who are not, egotisın ably be conceived in an Office which rejec's great ought not to recommend her; upon the opinion of her hazards, is not so great as in disperse the profits on ihese friends and the consciousness of her Pupils, therefore transactions through an excessive extent of Share she rests her claims as a Preceptress of youth.

holders. N. B. Pupils who evince a decided taste for scientific Insurances are effected in anii about such parts of the pursuits, muy have the use of a well chosen Library Metropolis as partake of the nature of Country Risk and of a Philosophic Apparatus. Mrs. R. regularly i. e the Western Part thereof, and the New Buildings gives Lectures to her Pupils on the more interesting generally. and entertaining parts of Natural and Experimental Office hours from Nine to Four daily. Philosophy, elucidated by experiment, where the sub. Agents are appointed in all the principal Cities ana ject inży require it.

[902 | Towns in the Associated (and other) Counties, [916

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