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At Dawn (poem), Walton, 6.
Attempts at Translation and Paraphrase from the German of

Heinrich Heine, Doughty, Part I, 165; Part II, 266.
Babel and Geneva, Guérard, 177.
Bard of Coosa whatchie, The, Editor, 133.
Beginning of the Fast, The (poem), Doughty, 269.
Blue Waters (poem), Algert, 3.
Breath of Life in Vaudeville, The, Romain, 157.
Brides of Heaven (poem), Doughty, 269.
By the Fireside (poem), Doughty, 266.
Cessation (poem), Doughty, 268.
Charmed Days (Pump Rcom), Baker, 70.
Commerce of the Prairies and Dr. Gregg, Morrison, 36.
Comradeship (poem), Doughty, 173.
Confession (poem), McNeal, 263.
Confessions, McNeal, 263.
Coiton woods (poem), Henderson, 82.
“Death Is an Old Man at the Window" (poem), Algert, 176.
Devil to a Ghost (poem), Algert, 3.
Earliest Sonnet, The, Wilkins, 236.
Echoes of Walter Savage Landor, Williams, 43.
Finis (poem), McNeal, 265.
Flowers of Fable (poem), Doughty, 267.
Forgotten Critic of Literature, A, Williams, 299.
For Pardon (poem), McNeal, 264.
Giacomo Leopardi, Woodbridge, 106.
He and She (poem), Doughty, 168.
Heine, Heinrich (translations from), Doughty, Part I, 165; Part

II, 266.
Holiness of Learning, The (poem), Whitford, 83.
Home Coming, The (poem), Doughty, 173.
Homeric Reminders of the Bible, Penick, 284.
"Horns of Elfland" (poem), Doughty, 173.
Ich Liebe Sie (poem), Doughty, 170.
I Dreamed a False Sweet Dream (poem), Doughty, 272.
In Defence of the New Poetic Movement, Ingianni, 84.
Intellectualist in Strindberg and Turgeniev, The, Radoff, 215.
Interlude, An (poem), Doughty, 274.
Jenny (poem), Doughty, 271.
Katharsis Again, Woodbridge, 191.

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