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3/6 net-Continued. The Great Salvation : A Gospel for the Day. By Rev. P. Wilson, M.A.,

Author of " Leaders in Literature." Large crown 8vo, cloth extra. Pilgrims in the Region of Faith : Amiel, Tolstoy, Pater, Newman. By

John A. Hutton, M.A. Large post 8vo. The Beatitudes of the Old Testament. By the Rev. John W. Dunbar, M.A.,

Edinburgh. Large crown 8vo. The Pen of Brahma. Peeps into Hindu Hearts and Homes. By Beatrice

M. Harband, Author of "Daughters of Darkness in Sunny India," &c.

Large crown 8vo, cloth extra, with Illustrations. The Moslem Doctrine of God. A Treatise on the Character and Attributes

of Allah according to the Koran and Orthodox Tradition. By Samuel M. Zwemer, Author of “ Arabia, the Cradle of Islam.” With introduction by the Rev. John C. Young, M.A., M.B., C.M., Sheikh

Othman, Aden. Hinduism and Christianity. By John Robson, D.D., Author of “The

Holy Spirit, the Paraclete,” &c. Third Edition. Crown 8vo, cloth extra. The Way of Life. Illustrations of the Book of Proverbs for the Young.

By Rev. James Jeffrey, D.D., Pollokshields. Large crown 8vo, gilt top. The Personal Ministry of the son of Man: Studies in the Saviour's Applica

tion of his own Teaching. By the Rev. James Jeffrey, D.D. Large

crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt top. Second edition. Life: Its Mystery, Now and After Death. By the Rev. Alexander Wright,

M.A., Author of “The Psalms of David and the Higher Criticism,"etc. The Church and Social Problems. By Rev. A. Scott Matheson, Dumbarton. Third edition, crown 8vo, cloth.

3/6 UNIFORM SERIES OF ANNIE S. SWAN'S LARGER BOOKS. Extra crown 8vo, cloth extra. Also in half calf, gilt top, 58., and half

morocco, gilt top, 6s. per volume net. 1. Sheila. With Frontispiece. 2. Maitland of Laurieston. With Frontispiece by George M. Paterson. 3. The Gates of Eden: A Story of Endeavour. With Frontispiece by

James T. Murray. 4. Briar and Palm : A Study of Circumstance and Influence. With Frontis

piece by Ida Lovering. 5. St Veda's : or, The Pearl of Orr's Haven. With Frontispiece by Robert

Macgregor. 6. The Guinea Stamp: A Tale of Modern Glasgow. With Frontispiece by

George M. Paterson. 7. Who Shall Serve ? A Story for the Times. With Frontispiece by Ida

Lovering. 8. A Lost Ideal. With Frontispiece by Elizabeth Gulland.

1. Bits from Blinkbonny ; or, Bell o' the Manse: A Tale of Scottish

Village Life between 1841 and 1851. By John Strathesk. New

edition, crown 8vo, cloth extra, with six original Illustrations. 2. Gertrude Ellerslie : A Story of Two Years. By Mrs Meldrum. Now

and Revised Edition. Cloth extra, with Frontispiece. 3. The Laird's Secret. By Jane H. Jamieson. Crown 8vo, cloth extra.

Second edition. With six beautiful Illustrations.

By E.

3/6 --Continued. 4. Preston Tower ; or, Will He No' Come Back Again? By Jessie M. E.

Saxby. With eight Full-page Illustrations. Large cr. 8vo, cloth ex. 5. Heroes of Discovery: Livingstone, Park, Franklin, Cook, Magellan. By

Samuel Mossman. New edition, with Portraits. Demy 8vo, cloth gilt. 6. Barbara Laybourne : A Story of Eighty Years Ago. By Sarah Selina

Hamer. Demy 8vo, cloth gilt, with Frontispiece. 7. Witch Winnie : The Story of a King's Daughter. By Elizabeth W.

Champney. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, Illustrated. 8. Norman Reid, M.A. By Jessie Patrick Findlay. Extra crown 8vo,

cloth extra, Illustrated. 9. An old Chronicle of Leighton. By Sarah Selina Hamer. Extra crown

8vo, cloth extra, with Frontispiece. 10. Mrs Romaine's Household By Evelyn Everett-Green. Demy 8vo, cloth

gilt. Frontispiece by Sydney Paget. 11. My Brother Basil. By Mrs E. Neal. Large crown 8vo, cloth extra,

with nine Full-page Illustrations, by R. Barnes. 12. Comrades True. By Ellinor Davenport Adams. Extra crown 8vo, with

six original Full-page Engravings. 13. Richard Tregellas : A Memoir of his Adventures in the West Indies in the

Year of Grace 1781. By D. Lawson Johnstone. Sixteen Full-paga

Illustrations. 14. Aloph the Chaldean; or, The Messiah as seen from Alexandria.

F. Burr, D.D., LL.D. Large crown 8vo, cloth extra. 15. Mr Gladstone : A Popular Biography. By Andrew Melrose. Large 8vo,

cloth extra, gilt edges, with eight full page Illustrations. 16. In Als Steps : "What Would Jesus Do?” By Charles M. Sheldon.

Demy 8vo, cloth extra, gilt edges, with Frontispiece. 17. Schooldays and Holidays. By Adelaide M. Cameron, Author of “ Among

the Heather," &c. Large crown 8vo, cloth extra, with eight full

page Illustrations. 18. Sprays of Northern Pine. By Fergus Mackenzie, Author of "Cruisie

Sketches," &c. 19. John Armiger's Revenge. By P. Hay Hunter. 20. A Most Provoking Girl By Margaret Moyes Black. Decorated title by

Joseph Brown. 21. A Handful of Silver. By L. T. Meade, Author of "A Girl in Ton

Thousand,” &c. With Illustrations. 22. Reuben Dean. A Story of Village and University Life in Scotland, with

Adventures of the Hero in the Army Medical Service on the Indian

Frontier. By W. Leslie Low, D.D. With six Full-page Illustrations. 23. The Master of Craigens. By A. D. Ritchie. With six full-page

Illustrations by J. Allan Duncan. 24. The Luck of the House. By Adeline Sergeant. Demy 8vo, cloth extra,

gilt, with Frontispiece. 25. The Children of the Forest. A Story of Indian Love. By Egerton Young.

Large crown 8vo, cloth, beautifully illustrated. 26. No Ambition. By Adeline Sergeant. Large crown 8vo, cloth extra,




Mission Methods in Manchuria. By John Ross, D.D., Missionary of the

United Free Church, Moukden, Manchuria. New edition, with addi

tional chapter. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, with Map and Illustrations. Village Work in India. Pen Pictures from a Missionary's Experience. By

Norman Russell, of the Canada Presbyterian Church, Central India.

Crown 8vo, art cloth, with 8 full-page Illustrations. Soo Thah. A Tale of the Making of the Karen Nation. By Olonzo Bunker,

D.D. With an Introduction by Henry C. Mabie, D.D. Crown 8vo,

illustrated. The Cross of Christ in Bolo Land. A Record of Missionary Effort in the

Philippines. By John Marvin Dean Crown 8vo, illustrated. East of the Barrier; or, Side Lights on the Manchuria Mission. By the Rov.

J. Miller Graham, Dundee. Crown 8vo, with Illustrations and Map. Sign of the Cross in Madagascar. By the Rev. J. J. Kilpin Fletcher.

Crown 8vo, cloth extra, with numerous Illustrations. The Cobra's Den, and other Stories of Missionary Work among the Telugus

of India. By Rev. Jacob Chamberlain, Author of “In the Tiger's

Jungle.” Crown 8vo, ornamental cloth binding, fully illustrated. In Afric's Forest and Jungle. By R. H. Stone. Crown 8vo, cloth extra,

illustrated. Missions in Eden. By Mrs Crosby H. Wheeler. Crown 8vo, cloth extra,

illustrated. The Transformation of Hawaii : How Fifty Years of Mission Work gave a

Christian Nation to the World. Told for Young People. By Belle M.

Brain. Crown 8vo, art linen, Illustrated. Among the Wild Ngoni. Being chapters from the history of the Living.

stonia Mission in British Central Africa. By W. A. Elmslie, M.B., C.M., Medical Missionary. With an Introduction by Lord Overtoun. Crown

8vo, cloth extra, with Illustrations and Portraits. A Life for Africa. A Biography of the Rev. A. C. Good, Ph.D., Missionary

in Equatorial Central Africa. By Ellen C. Parsons, M.A. Crown 8vo,

cloth extra, with a Map and twenty-two Illustrations. Korean Sketches. A Missionary's Observations in the Hermit Nation. By

the Rev. James S. Gale. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, with eight Illustrations. In the Tiger Jungle, and Other Stories of Missionary Work among tho

Telugus of India. By the Rev. Jacob Chamberlain, M.D., D.D.

With portrait and seven Illustrations. Christianity and the Progress of Man : As Illustrated by Modern Missions.

By W. Douglas Mackenzie, M.A. Large crown 8vo, cloth extra.

Helpful Words for Daily Life. A Book of Daily Readings on the less

observed Passages of Scripture. By Professor S. Law Wilson, M.A.,

D.D., Belfast. Large crown 8vo, cloth extra. The Village Artist. By Adeline M. Teskey, Author of "Where the Sugai 3/6—-Continued. If I were a Girl again. By Lucy Elliot Keeler. Crown 8vo, printed in two

Maple Grows." Crown 8vo, cloth extra. Saint Cecilia of the Court. By Isabella R. Hess. Crown 8vo, cloth extra,

with Illustrations.

colours, beautifully bound. Winsome Womanhood : Familiar Talks on Life and Conduct. By Margaret

E. Sangster. Cr. 8vo, handsomely bound, gilt top, with Illustrations.

New edition. The Divine Pursuit. By John Edgar M‘Fadyen, Professor of Old Testament

Literature and Exegesis, Knox College, Toronto. Crown 8vo, cloth extra. Ministerial Life and Work. A Series of Lectures on Pastoral Theology

delivered at all the Scottish Universities. By James Stewart Wilson,

D.D. Large crown 8vo, cloth extra. Short Studies for Bible Classes : The Gospels. By the Rev. John Smith,

D.D., Minister of Partick Parish. Large crown 8vo, cloth extra. Great Books as Life Teachers. By Newell Dwight Hillis. Large crown 8vo,

decorated cloth cover. A Man's Value to Society. Studies in Self-culture and Character.

Ву Newell Dwight Hillis. Post 8vo, cloth extra, gilt top. New Edition. The Investment of Influence. A Study of Social Sympathy and Service.

By Newell Dwight Hillis, author of “ A Man's Value to Society.” Post

8vo, extra cloth binding, gilt top. New Edition. The Children's Own. Being Sermonettes for each Sunday in the year. By

James Aitchison, Falkirk, Author of "A Bag with Holes," &o. Large crown 8vo, cloth extra.


Post Svo, art linen, gilt top. Bible Characters, First Series. Adam to Achan. Bible Characters, Second Series. Gideon to Absalom. Bible Characters, Third Series. Ahithophel to Nehemiah (completing the

Old Testament Characters). Bible Characters. Fourth Series. Joseph and Mary to James the Brother

of our Lord. Bible Characters. Fifth Series. Stephen to Timothy. Bible Characters. Sixth Series. Our Lord's Characters.

Bible Characters are also done, six volumes in case, price 21s., and in half morocco binding, gilt top, at 6s. per volume net, or 36s. net per set in case.

The Apostle Paul. By Alexander Whyte, D.D. Post 8vo, cloth extra,

gilt top. Bishop Butler : An Appreciation. With the best Passages of his Writings,

selected and arranged by Alexander Whyte, D.D. Post 8vo, art linen,

gilt top Newman: An Appreciation. With the choicest Passagos of his Writings,

selected and arranged by Alexander Whyte, D.D. And an Appendix containing Six Letters not hitherto published, ono of which is in facsimile. Post 8vo, art linen, gilt top.

3/6—Continued. Lancelot Andrewes and His Private Devotions. A Biography, a Transcript,

and an Interpretation. By the Rev. Alex. Whyte, D.D. Small post

8vo, antique paper, cloth extra. The Christian Minister. His Aims and Methods. Being Lectures delivered

to Divinity Students of the Four Scottish Universities. By the Rev.

James Robertson, D.D., Whittingehame. Post 8vo, cloth extra. The Tabernacle and its Priests and Services, described and considored

in relation to Christ and the Church. By William Brown. Sixth

Edition. Crown 8vo, cloth extra, gilt, with numerous Illustrations. Selfhood and Service. The Relation of Christian Personality to Wealth and

Social Redemption. By David Beaton. Crown 8vo, cloth extra. For Days of Youth. 366 Talks to the Young on Favourite Texts. By the

Rev. Charles A. Salmond, D.D. Second edition, large crown 8vo, cloth

extra, gilt top. After Pentecost, What? By the Rev. James M. Campbell, Author of "The

Atonement: The Heart of the Gospel.” Crown 8vo, cloth extra. Tales of the Covenanters. By Robert Pollok. With Life of the Author by

the Rev. Andrew Thomson, D.D., and with Twelve Illustrations by Mr

H. M. Brock. Large crown 8vo, art canvas binding.
Memoir and Remains of the Rev. Robert Murray M'Cheyne, Minister of St

Peter's Church, Dundee. New edition. By the Rev. Andrew A. Bonar,
D.D., with additional matter, Portrait, and facsimiles of writing.
Domy 8vo, cloth extra. Also in full morocco, gilt edges, 108. 6d.

pet. Additional Remains of the Rev. Robert Murray M'Cheyne. Extra crown

8vo, cloth. New edition. Letters of Samuel Rutherford, with a Sketch of his Life, Notices of his

Correspondents, Glossary, and List of his Works. New edition. By Rev. Andrew A. Bonar, D.D. Demy 8vo, cloth extra, with 14 Illusts. and facsimile of his writing. Also in full morocco, gilt edges,

108. Ed. net. Princetoniana. Charles and A. A. Hodge, with Class and Table-Talk of Hodge

the Younger. By a Scottish Princetonian (Rev. C. A. Salmond, D.D.).

With Portraits of the Hodges and of Dr M'Cosh. Crown 8vo, cloth extra. History of Joseph: Viewed in Connection with Egyptian Antiquities, and

the Customs of the Times in which he Lived. By Rev. Thornley Smith.

Fifth edition, crown 8vo. History of Joshua : Viewed in Connection with the Topography of Canaan,

and the Customs of the Times in which he Lived. By Rev. Thornley

Smith. Fourth edition, crown 8vo. On the Way to the Throne. By Rov. R. Ballantine, M.A. Crown 8vo, cloth. Simon Peter, His Early Life and Times. By Charles S. Robinson, D.D.

Extra crown 8vo, cloth. What and How to Preach : Being Lectures delivered in the College of the

United Presbyterian Church. By Rev. Alexander Oliver, D.D., Author of "In Defence of the Faith.” Crown 8vo, cloth.

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