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Page 12 - Are they not on the other side Jordan, by the way where the sun goeth down, in the land of the Canaanites, which dwell in the champaign over against Gilgal, beside the plains of Moreh?
Page 12 - And there shalt thou build an altar unto the LORD thy God, an altar of stones : thou shalt not lift up any iron tool upon them.
Page 46 - Gautama. 8vo. cloth, ios. 6d. Vol. III. The Sacred Books of China. The Texts of Confucianism.
Page 56 - Jerusalem Explored; being a Description of the Ancient and Modern City, with upwards of One Hundred Illustrations, consisting of Views, Ground-plans, and Sections. By Dr. Ermete Pierotti, Doctor of Mathematics, Architect-Engineer to His Excellency Soorraya Pasha of Jerusalem, and Architect of the Holy Land.
Page 122 - Observations connected with Astronomy and Ancient History, sacred and profane, on the Ruins of Babylon, as recently visited and described by Claudius James Rich, Esq.
Page 74 - ... the future the monuments in question must be spoken of as Hittite, and not Hamathite. The various inscriptions known were then referred to, and the sculptures noticed by Texier, Hamilton, and Perrot in different parts of Asia Minor were considered. These bear some resemblance to Egyptian art on the one side, and still more to Assyrian art on the other, but yet have a very marked and peculiar character of their own. What made the matter the more interesting, was...
Page 87 - The following presents were announced, and thanks ordered to be returned to the respective donors : FOR THE LIBRARY.
Page 88 - Legge. 8vo. cloth, 1 2s. 6d. Vol. IV. The Zend-Avesta. Part I. The Vendidad. Translated by James Darmesteter. 8vo.
Page 57 - TOUM maketh thy bones firm ; his good north-wind is for thy nostril ; he giveth thee the daily aliments ; hi? beverages are not lacking to thee. Thy flesh liveth by the purification which thy son maketh thee in thy retreat. The Resident of the West hath established thy person among the sages of the divine lower region ; he giveth stability to thy body among those who repose, and causeth thy soul not to distance itself from thee. Is1s, divine mother, offereth thee her breast, and thou hast, by her,...
Page 15 - THE TURANIAN EPOCH OF THE ROMANS, AS ALSO OF THE GREEKS, GERMANS, AND ANGLO-SAXONS, IN RELATION TO THE EARLY HISTORY OF THE WORLD. BY HYDE CLARKE, ESQ., Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. THE paper which is here offered to the Royal Historical Society, following that of the Khita-Peruvian in 1877, and the early English in...

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