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Rev, 12. 7. W 2 Esd.4.36.


Cp. 2 Pet.

2. 11.
xCp. Deut.
34. 6.

2 2 .

2. 15.

2 Pet. 2. 10. at nought dominion, and “rail at which ungodly sinners have spoken Pinh,.. idignities. But Michael w the against him. 16 These are murv Dan, 16.15 archangel, when contending with murers, complainers, 'walking after r2 Pet. 2. 10.

the devil he disputed about the their lusts (and their mouth speak- 42 Pet. 2. 18. Feb.* body of Moses, durst not bring eth great swelling words), 'shewing Lev. 11 15

against him a railing judgement, respect of persons for the sake of
but said, "The Lord rebuke thee. advantage.

10 But these rail at whatsoever 17 But ye, beloved, "remember ? Pet. 2 2. y Zech.3, 2. things they know not: and what ye the words which have been spo

they understand naturally, like the ken before by the apostles of our
creatures without reason, in these Lord Jesus Christ; 18 how that

things are they destroyed. 11 Woe they said to you, ” In the last time v 2 Pet. & 2 a See Gen. unto them! for they went in a the there shall be mockers, walking otse Pet. way of Cain, and 3 ran riotously in after their own ungodly lusts. Cp. 1 Cor.

the error of Balaam for hire, and 19 These are they who make separa- mg.). c.Num. 16. perished

in the gainsaying of Ko- tions, 8 w sensual, * having not the slip. Rom. 1-3, 31-35.

rah. 12 These are they who are Spirit. 20 But ye, beloved, v build- & Phil. 2.8. d 2 Pet. 2.13. hidden rocks d in your love-feasts ing up yourselves on your most see Col.

when they feast with you, e shep- holy faith, * praying in the Holy Eph18

herds that without fear feed them- Spirit, 21 a keep yourselves in the Prov.25.14. selves; clouds without water, love of God, looking for the mercy "cp. Acts 3 Heb. 13,4: carried along by winds; autumn of our Lord Jesus Christ unto eter- 43 i Isai. 57. 20. trees without fruit, twice dead, nal life. 22 And on some have 2 Pet. 3. 12. p. 2 Cor. A plucked up by the roots; 13 'wild mercy, 10 who are in doubt; 23 and death Philo3:19

. waves of the sea, foaming out their some save, snatching them out of See 1 Cor.

own 5 shame; I wandering stars, a the fire; and on some have mercy ech, 2 Cor. 12 Pet. 2: 17. i for whom the blackness of dark- ewith fear; hating even the gar- Rev. 2.4.

See Deut. ness hath been reserved for ever. ment spotted by the flesh. Cp. Dan. 7. 14 And to these also Enoch, mthe 249 Now unto him that is able y Rom.16.25. 2 Esd. 6.3 seventh from Adam, prophesied, to guard you from stumbling, and Soho 39 & Mark8.38 saying, "Behold, the Lord came i to set you before the presence of col. 2.

with 8 ten thousands of his holy his glory without blemish in ex

ones, 15° to execute judgement ceeding joy, 25 to k the only God Eph. 1. 4 o Cp. 2 Pet. upon all, and to convict all the un our Saviour, through Jesus Christ phil. 2. 15. p 2 Pet. 2.6. godly of all their works of ungod- our Lord,'be glory, majesty, domin- John 3. 4.

Sam. 2. 3. liness which they have r ungodly ion and power, before all time, and some 1.1.7. John 6.60. wrought, and of all ? the hard things now, and 11 for evermore. Amen.

e Ezek. 34. 2, 8, 10.


a2 Cor.18.14.

14. 12.

Cp. Zeeh.

& 1 Thess.
3. 13
& 2 Thess.
1. 7.

1 Pet. 4. 13




a John 17. 1 THE Revelation of Jesus and keep the things which are 4 ch. 10. 7. 8.

Cp. 1 John Cp. John I Christ, which God 12a gave him written therein: A for the time is at 8. 26 oto shew unto his 18 servants, hand.

See Rom. & 14. 10.

18. 11. och. 22. 6. even the things which must shortly

i ver. 8. c ch. 2. 16. d John 19.85. come to pass : and che sent and 4 JOHN to the seven churches Heb. 13. 8. e ch. 6. 9 & 12. 17

signified 14 it by his angel unto his which are in Asia : Grace to you Ex. 3.14 & 19. 10. servant John; 2d who bare witness and peace, from him which is and John 1.1. See I Cor. 1.6.

of the word of God, and of ethe & which was and 16 which is to come; this g ch. 22.7. 2., 19. testimony of Jesus Christ, even f of and from the seven Spirits which

mch. 3. 14. Cp. Luke all things that he saw. 3° Blessed are before his throne ; 5 and from John 18. št. & John 8.51 is he that readeth, and they that Jesus Christ, who is m the faithful Tim. 6.18 & 1 John

hear the words of the prophecy, witness, " the firstborn of the dead, Ps 83,7 2.8.

n Col. 1. 18 1 Gr. glories. 2 Or, corrupted 3 Or, cast themselves away through 4 Or, spots 8 Gr. shames. Cp.Ps.89.27 6 Gr. his holy myriads. 7 Gr. their own lusts of ungodlinesses. 8 Or, natural Or, animal 9 The & Acts 20.23 Greek text in this passage (And ... fire) is somewhat uncertain. 10 Or, chile they dispute with you

& 1 Cor. 15. 11 Gr. unto all the ages. 12 Or, gare unto him, to shere unto his serrants the things te. 13 Gr. bondser. 20. rants: and so throughout this book. 14 Or, them 15 Or, schich cometh


och, 17.14 & 19. 10.

z 9.1 &

Cr. Ps. 89. earth.


& 15. 3.

q1 Pet. 1.
18, 19.
rch. 5. 10
& 20. 6.
1 Pet. 2. 3.
& See Roni.
15. 6.

5. 14, 13.

See Matt. 16. 27. w Zech. 12. 10.

rch. 21.6 & 92. 13. Cp. Isai. 41. 4 & 43. 10 & 44. 6. » Ver. 4.


2 c ch, 3. 10,

12. 3, .

& Ezek.3.12

and • the ruler of the kings of the 10 for evermore, and I have the keys

Unto P him that loveth us, of death and of Hades. 19 a Write Wisdom

and la loosed us from our sins 2 by therefore othe things which thou 16.13. p John 13.34

his blood ; 6 and he made us to be sawest, and the things which are, o ver. 12-16. Rom. 8. 37, "a kingdom, to be " priests unto his and the things which shall come to

God and Father; to him be the pass hereafter ; 20 the mystery of
glory and " the dominion 8 for ever the seven stars which thou sa west
and ever. Amen. 7 Behold, "he 11 in my right hand, and the seven cSee ver. 12
cometh with the clouds; and“ every golden ? candlesticks.

The seven + See Rom. eye shall see him, and they which stars are the angels of the seven n1 Pet. 4.11. pierced him; and all the tribes of churches: and d the seven ? candle. d Cp. Matt. v Dan. 7. 13. the earth shall mourn over him. sticks are seven churches. Even so, Amen.

1 To the angel of the church 8*I am the Alpha and the Omega, 2 in Ephesus write; John 19.37. saith 4 the Lord God, 5y which is These things saith he that ech. 1. 16,20.

and which was and which is to holdeth the seven stars in his right
come, the Almighty.

hand, he that walketh in the midst sch. 1. 13. 91 John, your brother and * par- of the seven golden 7 candlesticks :

taker with you in a the tribulation 29 I know thy works, and thy toil over. 19. z pa. Phil. and kingdom and patience which and patience, and that thou canst a John 16.3.2. are in Jesus, was in the isle that is not bear evil men, and "didst try h See 1 John

called Patmos, d for the word of them i which call themselves apos- see 2 Cor. Sh2. God and the testimony of Jesus. tles, and they are not, and didst 11. 13. Cp; ch. 17.3 10° I was in the Spirit on the find them false; 3 and thou hast * Matt. 22. Lord's day, and I heard behind me patience and didst bear i for my ;John 15.21. i Kin. 18. a great voice, as of a trumpet name's sake, and " hast not grown & Cp: Heb.

11 saying, "What thou seest, write weary: 4 But I have this against 2001.12.2

. in a book, and send it to the seven thee, that thou didst leave 'thy first i Jer. 2. 2. Actr. 30. churches; unto Ephesus, and unto love. 5 Remember therefore from 2

Smyrna, and unto Pergamum, and whence thou art fallen, and repent,
unto Thyatira, and unto Sardis, and and do m the first works; or else " I m ver. 2.
unto Philadelphia, and unto Laodi- come to thee, and will move thy 10:32.

12 And I turned to see the 12 candlestick out of its place, except n ch. 3. 3, 19 Cp.chin... voice which spake with me. And thou repent. 6 But this thou hast, i Dan, 7.13. having turned I saw seven golden that thou batest the works of othe o ver. 15. Dan. 10.16

. ? candlesticks ; 13 and in the midst Nicolaitans, which I also hate.

of the 7 candlesticks i one like unto 7P He that hath an ear, let him hear n ver. 11, 17, 8 ka son of man, clothed with a what the Spirit saith to the churches.

ch. 3, 6, 13, n Dan. 7. 9. garment down to the foot, and " girt ? To him that overcometh, to him

about at the breasts with a golden will I give to eat of "the tree of

girdle. 14 And his head and " his life, which is in the 13 Paradise of p Ezek. 1.7. hair were white as white wool, God.

white as snow; and "his eyes were 8 And to the angel of the church

as a flame of fire ; 15 and Phis feet in Smyrna write ; 2 Esd. 6.11. like unto burnished brass, as if it These things saith the first and Ezek. 28.

had been refined in a furnace; and the last, "which was dead, and
This voice as the voice of many wa- lived again: 9 I know thy tribula-
ters. 16 And " he had in his right tion, and » thy poverty (but thou en

hand seven stars: and sout of his art rich), and the 14 blasphemy of "James 2.5. & Wisdom mouth proceeded a sharp two-edged w them which say they are Jews, 698 & Eph.6.17 sword: and his countenance was and they are not, but are a syna

as the sun shineth u in his strength. gogue of Satan. 10 Fear not the Judz. 5. 17 And "when I saw him, I fell at things which thou art about to suf

his feet as one dead. And he laid fer: behold, the devil is about to y Cp. Gen. $ his right hand upon me, w saying, cast some of you into prison, w that

Fear not ; * I am the first and the ye may be tried ; 15 and sye shall ohn 21. last, 18 and the Living one; and vI have iš tribulation v ten days. * Be w Matt. 17.7. I was dead, and behold, I am alive thou faithful a unto death, and I a ch. 12. 11.

ch. 4. 1.

ver. 2, 19. i ver. 20. ch. 2. 1. Ex. 25. 37. 2 Chr. 1.20. cea. Zech. 2

John 3. 27 (mg.). i Dan. 10. 5. ich. 15. 6.


och. 2. 18 & 19. 12. Cp. Dan. 10. 6.

& 13. 3. Matt. 11. 15 & 13. 9, al. qch.3.3, &c. & 21. 7. r 2 Esd. 2.12 & 8. 52. See Gen. 2. 9.

Dan. 10. 6. 9 ch. 14. 2 & 19.6. Ezek. 43.2.

rver. 20.
ch. 2. 1
& 3. 1.
8 ch. 19. 15.
C. ch. 2.
12, 16
& Isai. 49.2

13 & 31.8 (Gk.). + See ch. 1.

[blocks in formation]

1 Many authorities, some ancient, read rashed. 2 Gr. in. 3 Gr. unto the ages of the ages. Many ancient authorities omnit of the ages. 4 Or, the Lord, the God 5 Or, he which 6 Or, which cometh 7 Gr. lampstuds. 8 Or, the Son of man 9 Gr. became. 10 Gr. unto the ages of the ages. 11 Gr. upon. 12 Gr. lampstand. 13 Or, garden : as in Gen. 2. 8. 14 Or, reviling 15 Some ancient au. thorities read and may hare. 16 Gr. a tribulation of ten days.

& 21. 8.

e ver. 16. ch. 1. 16.

z Cp. Acts

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& & 17. 6

2. 15.

. 24.

j ver. 20.

& 10. 19. k Num. 25.1 & 31. 16. 1 Cor. 10.8.

m Cp. ch.

22. 7. » See 2 These. 2.8.

4, 16.

b See James will give thee the crown of life. tribulation, except they repent of c'see ver. i. 11 He that hath an ear, let him her works. 23 And I will kill her

hear what the Spirit saith to the children with #death ; and all the

churches. «He that overcometh churches shall know that I am he dch.20.6,14 shall not be hurt of the second w which searcheth the reins and Ps. 7.9 death.

hearts: and I will give unto each Ser20.12. 12 And to the angel of the church one

of you according to your works. See Rom. in Pergamum write ;

24 But to you I say, to the rest that *Bee Matt. These things saith he that hath are in Thyatira, as many as have 16. 27. e the sharp two-edged sword: 13 I not this teaching, which know not

know where thou dwellest, even v the deep things of Satan, as they cp. 1 Cor. f ver. 9. where Satan's throne is : and thou say; I * cast upon you none other to

holdest fast my name, and didst burden. 25 Howbeit a that which 15.2%, gSee 1 Tim. not deny my faith, even in the ye have, hold fast till I come. h Act822.20. days I of Antipas “my witness, my 26 And he that overcometh, and > See ver. i. Sich. 1. 5 faithful one, who was killed among he that keepeth my works "unto csee Heb.

you, where Satan dwelleth. 14 But the end, d to him will I give author- P. 2.8. (mg.).

I have a few things against thee, ity over the nations : 27 and he &.

because thou hast there some that shall frule them with a rod of 20. 4. i See 2 Pet. hold the teaching of Balaam, 5 iron, as the vessels of the potter eh. 12.'s

who taught Balak to cast a stum- are broken to shivers ; as I also $13.15 bling block before the children of have received of my Father : 28 and "Jer. 19. 11.

Israel, i to eat things sacrificed to I will give him the morning star. A Cp. 9 Pet. 1 Cor. 8. 16 idols, and * to commit fornication. 29. He that hath an ear, let him belsch.

15 So hast thou also some that hold hear what the Spirit saith to the 16.

the teaching of 'the Nicolaitans in churches.
I ver. 6. like manner. 16 Repent therefore ; 1 And to the angel of the

or else I come to thee quickly, 3 church in Sardis write ;

These things saith he that i See ch. 1.
with the sword of my mouth. hath the seven Spirits of God, and
17 € He that hath an ear, let him the seven stars: I know thy works,
hear what the Spirit saith to the that thou hast a name that thou j1 Tim.5.6.

churches. To him that overcom- livest, kand thou art dead. 2 Be & See Luke Cp: John eth, to him will I give of the thou watchful, and stablish the

hidden manna, and I will give him things that remain, which were / Acts 14. *

a white stone, and upon the stone ready to die: for I have found mcp 2Tim. ech. 3. 12. P a new name written, Iwhich no no works of thine 'fulfilled before eh. 2.3. one knoweth but he that receiveth my God. 3° Remember therefore th:1.6,1.5

. 9 ch. 19. 12. it.

how thou hast received and didst 13.
18 And to the angel of the church hear; and keep it, and repent. If
in Thyatira write;

therefore thou shalt not watch, "I 1.9 These things saith the Son of will come as a thief, and thou (mf.) r ch. 1. 14, God," who hath his eyes like a shalt not know what hour I will img.).

flame of fire, and his feet are like come upon thee. 4 But thou hast dude.B
unto burnished brass : 198 I know a few P names in Sardis which did 47.9.
thy works, and thy love and faith not defile their garments and eles. 9.8
and ministry and patience, and that they shall walk with me "in white ;
thy last works are more than the for they are worthy. 5° He that .Cp Luke
first. 20 But I have this against overcometh shall thus be arrayed Seech. 2.7.

thee, that thou sufferest 2 the wo- in white garments; and I will in Sez. t1 Kin. 16. man Jezebel, which calleth her- no wise blot his name out of the ch, 18. 8

self a prophetess; and she teacheth book of life, and I will confess his * 20.12, 18 2Kin... and seduceth my servants u to com- name before my Father, and before 1.27

mit fornication, and "to eat things his angels. 6'He that hath an ear, Matt. 16. sacrificed to idols. 21 And I gave let him hear what the Spirit saith Luke 12. &

her time that she should repent; to the churches. Cp: ch.9. and she willeth not to repent of 7 And to the angel of the church ch. 19. ii. 16.9, 11. her fornication. 22 Behold, I do in Philadelphia write;

cast her into a bed, and them that These things saith * he that is laai. 22.2.
commit adultery with her into great holy, he that is true, ? he that 1.32.
1 The Greek text here is somewhat uncertain. 2 Many authorities, some ancient, read thy wife.

5 Or, iron; as vessels of the potter, are
6 Many ancient authorities read not found thy works.

13. 94.

6. 48-50.

Isai. 62.2 & 65. 15.

1 Thess. 5.

Cp. ch. 14. 3.


$ ver. 2.

Cp. Ee

[blocks in formation]

Cp. Matt.
16. 19,

c John 14.


O Acts 14.27.

2 2. 12.
Col. 4. 3.

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& John 12.

See Matt.
19. 28.

45. 14
& 43. 23
& 60. 14.

John 16.33.

Cp. Ex. 19.

f ch. 1. 9.
2 Pet. 3. 9.

g ch. 6. 10

& 8.13
& 11. 10
& 13.8, 14
& 17.8.

ch. 2. 7,
12, 20.
ich. 2. 25.

See I Kin.

k See ch.
2. 7.

2 Chr.3.17. 10.1
& Gen. 9.

3. 4.

a Job 12.14. hath the key of David, a he that hold, I stand at the door and a knock: aCp.s.ofs.

openeth, and none shall shut, and if any man hear my voice and open o Luke 12.
that shutteth, and none openeth: the door, CI will come in to him,
8 I know thy works (behold, I have and will sup with him, and he with 27.

set before thee à door opened, me. 21 d He that overcometh, I ke
Cor. 16%: which none can shut), that thou will give to him to sit down with See ch.

hast a little power, and didst keep me in my throne, as I also over- ech: 20. 4.
my word, and didst not deny my came, and sat down with my Father op. ch. 2.

9 Behold, I give of cthe in his throne. 22 dHe that hath an
synagogue of Satan, of them which ear, let him hear what the Spirit & 2 Tim. 2.

say they are Jews, and they are saith to the churches.
d Cp. Isai. not, but do lie; behold, dI will 1 After these things I saw,

s ch.5.5
make them to come and worship 4 and behold, a door opened in

before thy feet, and to know that heaven, and the first voice which $1.7.14
e Irai. 43. 4. e I have loved thee. 10 Because I heard, a voice 9 as of a trumpet och. 1. 10.

thou didst keep the word of my speaking with me, one saying, 19, 20.
patience, I also will keep thee from Come up hither, and I will shew ch. 11. 12.
the hour of 2 trial, that hour which thee the things which must 6 come '& 22.8.
is to come upon the whole 8 world, to pass hereafter. 2 Straightway
to 4 try 9 them that dwell upon the I was in the Spirit: and behold, see ch. 1.
earth. II” I come quickly : hold kthere was a throne set in heaven, Ps. 11. 4
fast that which thou hast, that no and one sitting upon the throne; 4.103.19
one take thy crown. 12k He that 3 and he that sat was to look upon Matt. 3.34

overcometh, I will make him la like a ? jasper stone and a sardius :

. pillar in the 5 temple of my God, and there was ma rainbow round 2.9.

and he shall go out thence no more: about the throne, like an emerald m Ezek. 1.
11 Kin.7.2. and I will write upon him in the to look upon. 4 And round about
Jer. 1. 8. name of my God, and “the name the throne were n four and twenty

of the city of my God, "the new thrones: and upon the thrones I sair n ch.11.16
Jerusalem, which cometh down four and twenty elders sitting, o ar- o See ch.
out of heaven from my God, and rayed in white garments; and on
mine own P new name. 13 * He that their heads P crowns of gold. 5 And p ver, 10.
hath an ear, let him hear what the out of the throne proceed light- 1.12.
Spirit saith to the churches.

nings and voices and thunders. And ych.
14 And to the angel of the church there were r seven lamps of fire burn-
o ch. 21.10. in Laodicea write;

ing before the throne, 'which are
These things saith the ? Amen, the seven Spirits of God; 6 and be- rcp. Zech.
r the faithful and true witness, the fore the throne, 'as it were a glassy See ch.!.t.
beginning of the creation of God: sea like unto crystal; and in the 'Ep.06.11
15 I know thy works, that thou art midst of the throne, and round about 1821
neither cold nor hot: 'I would thou the throne, ufour living creatures Ezek. 1. 3.
wert cold or hot. 16 So because vfull of eyes before and behind. Ezek. 10.
thou art lukewarm, and neither hot 7" And the first creature was like a Ep. Ezek.

nor cold, I will spew thee out of lion, and the second creature like
Cp; 2 Pet. my mouth. 17 * Because thou say- a calf, and the third creature had a
2 Hlow. 12. 8. est, I am rich, and have gotten face as of a man, and the fourth
Zech. 11.5. riches, and have need of nothing: creature was like a flying eagle.

and know est not that thou art the 8 And the four living creatures,
wretched one and miserable and having each one of them six wings, Irai. 6. 2.

poor and v blind and naked : 181 are » full of eyes round about and y ver. 6.
Eph. 1. 18. counsel thee w to buy of me gold within: and a they have no rest day z ch. 14. 11.
ladi. retined by fire, that thou mayest and night, saying, a Holy, holy, a lsai. 6.::.

become rich; and white garments, holy, is the Lord God, the Al.
that thou mayest clothe thyself, mighty, which was and which is o see ch.1.4.
and that the shame of thy naked- and 7 which is to come. 9 And when

ness be not made manifest; and the living creatures shall give glory
y ch. 16. 13. eyesalve to anoint thine eyes, " that and honour and thanks to him that

thou mayest see. 19- As many as I sitteth on the throne, to chim that ch.5.3,14
love, I reprove and chasten: be zeal liveth 8 for ever and ever, to the
ous therefore, and repent. Jo Be four and twenty elders d shall fall & 19. 4.
1 Gr. given. 2 Or, temptation

6 Or, come to pass. After these things straightıray &c.
8 Gr. into the ages of the ages,

Gal. 2. 9.
Cp. Ps.23.6
& 27. 4.
m ch. 14. 1

& 22. 4.
nch. 21. 2.
Ezek. 48.
Cp. Gal. 4.

& Heb. 12.

[blocks in formation]

p ch.2. 17
4 Isai. 65. 16

2 Cor. 1.20.
rver. 7.
ch. 1.5
& 19. 11
& 92. 6.
& Col. 1. 15,
C. ch.31.6
& 92. 13
& Prov, 8.

1. 10
& 10. 14,

[blocks in formation]
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e ver. 4.

13 And

gch. 10.6
& 14. 7.
Gen. 1.1.

h Ps. 33.

10. 1
& 18. 21.

& 19. 4.
e ver,
See ch.4

geh. 4.:.

ich. 20 20

Cp. cb 19
11, 19, 21.

2 Esd. 12.
31, 32.

down before him that sitteth on thousands of thousands ; 12 saying
the throne, and shall worship him with a great voice, Worthy is the bch. 4. 11.
that liveth 1 for ever and ever, and Lamb that hath been slain to re-

shall cast e their crowns before the ceive the power, and riches, and
fch. 5. 12. throne, saying, 11 Worthy art thou, wisdom, and might, and honour,

our Lord and our God, to receive and glory, and blessing.
the glory and the honour and the cevery created thing which is in c P. 143. 21
power: for gthou didst create all the heaven, and on the earth, and

& 1.51.6
things, and because of thy will under the earth, and on the sea, and
Acts 14. 15. they were, and were created. all things that are in them, heard I
Eph. 3. 9,

1 And I saw 2 in the right hand saying, Unto him that sitteth on

5 of him that sat on the throne ia the throne, and unto the Lamb, be
Cp. Eph.

the the blessing, and the honour, and
i Ezek. 2. 9, back, j close sealed with seven seals. the glory, and the dominion, 1 for
j Isai. 29. 11. 2 And k I saw a strong angel pro ever and ever. 14 And the four liv.
Dan. 12. 4. claiming with a great voice, Who ing creatures d said, Amen. And deh. 1. 12

is worthy to open the book, and to the elders e fell down and wor-
loose the seals thereof? 3 And no shipped.
one in the heaven, or on the earth, I And I saw when the Lamb
or under the earth, was able to open

6 opened one of the seven seals, sch: 3. 1.
the book, or to look thereon. 4 And and I heard one of the four
I wept much, because no one was living creatures saying has with a 4 ch. 14.9
found worthy to open the book, or voice of thunder, Comeó.

2 And
to look thereon : 5 and one of the I saw, and behold, ja white Zech. 67

elders saith unto me, Weep not : horse, and k he that sat thereon
| Gen. 49. 9. behold, 'the Lion m that is of the had a bow; and there was given & Cp. Ps. 4.

tribe of Judah, " the Root of David, unto him la crown: and he came
m Heb.7. 14. hath overcome, to open the book

forth m

conquering, and to con-
Isai. 11. 1, and the seven seals thereof. 6 And quer.

I saw in the midst of the throne 3 And when he opened the second

and of the four living creatures, seal, I heard » the second living
clus. 47. 22. and in the midst of the elders, "a creature saying, Come 5.

And an-
over.,12. Lamb standing, as though it had other horse came forth, a red horse: o Zech. 1.8

been slain, having seven horns, and and to him that sat thereon it was
John 1. 29,

P seven eyes, which are 4 the 3 seven given P to take 6 peace from the Cp. Matt.
1 1. 19
Zech.3.9 Spirits of God, sent forth into all earth, and that they should slay *24.6;.

the earth. 7 And he came, and he one another: and there was given
9 Seech. 1.4.

4 taketh it out of the right hand of unto him a great sword.
him that sat on the throne. 8 And 5 And when he opened the third
when he had taken the book, the seal, I heard " the third living crea-

four living creatures and the four ture saying, Come. And I saw,
r See ch. 4. and twenty elders " fell down be and behold, I a black horse; and he q Zech. 6. 2.

fore the Lamb, shaving each one a that sat thereon had a balance in
harp, and 'golden bowls full of in his hand. 6 And I heard as it were
cense, ” which are the prayers of a voice in the midst of the four liv.

the saints. 9 And they sing pa new ing creatures saying, "A' measure rcpEzek.
"See P5.3.3. song, saying, Worthy art thou to of wheat for a 8 penny, and three 3, 10, 16.

take the book, and to open the seals measures of barley for a spenny;

thereof: for w thou wast slain, and and the oil and the wine hurt sch. 7. 3
I ch.14.3, 4. * didst purchase unto God with thy thou not.

blood men of vevery tribe, and 7 And when he opened the fourth
ych. 7.9

tongue, and people, and nation, seal, I heard the voice of " the fourth
10 and madest them to be unto our living creature saying, Comeó

God za kingdom and priests; and 8 And I saw, and behold, ta pale Çp. Zech.
z Seech. 1.6. they reign upon the earth.

horse: and he that sat upon him,
I saw, and I heard a voice of many his name was Death; and Hades
angels round about the throne and followed with him. And there was

the living creatures and the elders; given unto them authority over the
a Dan. 7.10. and the number of them was a ten fourth part of the earth, to kill Ezek. 11.

thousand times ten thousand, and u with sword, and with famine, and Exd. 13.

& Hab.
& Zech.9
13, 14.
leh. 14. 14.
Cp. Zach.
6. 11.
m See ch. I

Rom. 15.

Cp. Ec-

Rch. 4. 7.

Isai. 53, 7.

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& 4. 10.

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1 Gr. unto the ages of the ages. 2 Gr.on.

3 Some ancient anthorities omit serven. 4 Gr. hath
takon. 5 Some ancient authoritien add and see. 6 Some ancient authorities read the peace of the
earth. 7 Gr. chirnir, a small measure. 8 See marginal note on Matt. 18. 28.

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