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#ch. 4. 42

10. 89.

5. 19.

• ver. 2.

* Esth. 1. 6. in gold, and «to sleep upon gold, and a and if he send them out against the

chariot with bridles of gold, and a head. enemies, they go, and overcome moun. Gen. 41. 42. tire of fine linen, and ya chain about tains, walls, and towers. 5 They slay Dan. 6. 7.

his neck: 7 and he shall sit next to and are slain, and transgress not the
Darius because of his wisdom, and shall king's commandment: if they get the

be called Darius his cousin. 8 And then victory, they bring all to the king, as Cp 1 Macc. they wrote every one his sentence, and well the spoil, as all things else. 69 Like-Cp: 1 Sam. set to their seals, and laid the writing wise for those that are no soldiers, and

& 12, 14. under king Darius his pillow, 9 and said, have not to do with wars, but use husWhen the king is risen, some shall give bandry, when they have reaped again him the writing ; 'and of whose side the that which they had sown, they bring king and the three princes of Persia it to the king, and compel one another shall judge that his sentence is the to pay tribute unto the king. 7 And he wisest, to him shall the victory be is i but one man: hif he command to * Cr. Dan. given, as it is written. 10 The first kill, they kill; if he command to spare, wrote, Wine is the strongest. 11 The they spare; 8 if he command to smite, second wrote, The king is strongest. they smite; if he command to make 12 The third wrote, Women are strongest: desolate, they make desolate; if he but above all things Truth beareth away command to build, they build; gif he the victory.

command to cut down, they cut down; 13 Now when the king was risen up, if he command to plant, they plant. they took the writing, and gave it unto to So all his people and his armies obey him, and so he read it: 34 and sending him: furthermore he lieth down, he forth he called all the princes of Persia eateth and drinketh, and taketh his and of Media, a and the satraps, and the rest: 11 and these keep watch round captains, and the governors, and the about him, neither may any one depart, chief officers; 15 and sat him down in and do his own business, neither disobey the royal seat of judgement; and the they him in anything. 12() sirs, how writing was read before them. 16 And should not the king be strongest, seeing he said, Call the young men, and they that in such sort he is obeyed? And he shall explain their own sentences. So held his peace. they were called, and came in. 17 And 13 Then the third, who had spoken of they said unto them, Declare unto us women, and of truth, (this was i Zoro-ch. 5. 5. your mind concerning the things ye babel) began to speak. 14 sirs, is not

Cp. Ezra 3. have written.

the king great, and men are many, and Then began the first, who had spoken wine is strong? who is it then that of the strength of wine, 18 and said thus, ruleth them, or hath the lordship over

O sirs, how exceeding strong is wine! them? are they not women? 15 Women bCp. Prov.

bit causeth all men to err that drink it: have borne the king and all the people de lei. 287 29 it maketh the mind of the king and that bear rule by sea and land. 16 Even

of the fatherless child to be all one; of of them came they: and they nourished
the bondman and of the freeman, of the them up that planted the vineyards, from

poor man and of the rich: 20 cit turneth whence the wine cometh. 17) These also Prov. 31. S. Ps. 104. also every thought into jollity and mirth, make garments for men; these bring 13, 18.

so that a man remembereth neither sor- glory unto men; and without women
row nor debt: 21 and it maketh every cannot men be. 18 Yea, and if men
heart rich, so that a man remembereth have gathered together gold and silver

neither king nor satrap; and it maketh and every other goodly thing, 2 and see (p. Ec- to speak all things by talents : 22 dand a woman which is comely in favour and

when they are in their cups, they forget beauty, 19 they let all those things go,
their love both to friends and brethren, and k gape after her, and even with open Op. ver. 31.
and a little after draw their swords: mouth fix their eyes fast on her; and

23 but when they awake from their wine, I have all more desire unto her than Cp. Ecp. Prov. e they remember not what they have unto gold or silver, or any goodly thing

done. 24 O sirs, is not wine the strongest, whatsoever. 30 m A man leaveth his ** See Gen,
seeing that it enforceth to do thus ? own father that brought him up, and
And when he had so spoken, he held his his own country, and cleaveth unto his

21 And with his wife he endeth
i Then the second, that had spoken his days, and remembereth neither fa-
4 of the strength of the king, began to ther, nor mother, nor country.

say, 2() sirs, do not men excel in this also ye must know that women sep. Gen. 1. strength, Sthat bear rule over the sea have dominion over you: do ye not

and land, and all things in them? 3 But labour and toil, and give and bring all
yet is the king stronger: and he is their to women? 23 Yea, a man taketh his
lord, and hath dominion over them; and sword, and goeth forth to make outroads, * On. Pror.
in whatsoever he commandeth them they and to rob and to steal, and to sail upon
obey him. 4If he bid them make war the sea and upon rivers; 24 " and look-See Job 24
the one against the other, they do it: eth upon a lion, and walketh in the


20. 1

& Hos, 4.
See Pror.
23. 33.

& Prov. 31.
& Eccles.
10. la.

elus. 31. 29.

clus, 36.22

23. 35.

2 24


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& 9. 2.

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2. 24.

ch. 1. 41 & 2. 10

29, 20.

& 5. 5
& 7. 28, 27

9. 8.

& Ezek. 25 12 & 35.5 & Amoy 1. 11.


2. 6

hver. 58. Dan. 4. 37.




Ezra 3. 7.

9. 15.

darkness; and when he hath stolen, thou didst vow to build Jerusalem, in

spoiled, and robbed, he bringeth it to the day when thou camest to thy king. P See Gen. his love. 25 P Wherefore a man loveth dom, 44 and to send away all the vessels his wife better than father or mother. that were taken out of Jerusalem, which

e ver. 57. 26 Yea, many there be that have run out Cyrus set apart, when he vowed to de9 Cp. Gen. of their wits for women, and become stroy Babylon, and vowed to send them & 6. 18, 19.

bondmen for their sakes. 27r Many again thither. 45 Thou didst also vow "Cp. Prov. 2. 18 also have perished, have stumbled, and to build up the temple, which the Ps. 137. 7.

sinned, for women. 28 And now do ye Edomites burned when Judæa was made Cp. ver. 50 & Ecclus. not believe me? is not the king great desolate by the Chaldeans. 46 And now,

in his power ? do not all regions fear o lord the king, this is that which I
to touch him? 29 Yet did I see him require, and which I desire of thee, and
and Apame the king's concubine, the this is the princely liberality othat shall

See Obad. daughter of the illustrious Bartacus, proceed from thee: I pray therefore Cp. ver. 42. Cp. Neh. sitting sat the right hand of the king, that thou make good the vow, the per& Px. 45. 9.

30 and taking the crown from the king's formance whereof thou hast vowed to
head, and setting it upon her own head; "the King of heaven with thine own
yea, she struck the king with her left mouth.

Tobit 13.7, *Cp. ver. 19. hand: 31 t and therewithal the king gaped 47 Then Darius the king stood up, and

and gazed upon her with open mouth: kissed him, and wrote letters for him
if she laughed upon him, he laughed unto all the treasurers and governors
also: but if she took any displeasure and captains and satraps, that they
at him, he was fain to flatter, that she should safely bring on their way both
might be reconciled to him again. 32 him, and all those that should go up
sirs, how can it be but women should be with him to build Jerusalem. 48 He
strong, seeing they do thus ?

wrote letters also unto all the governors
33 Then the king and the nobles looked that were in Cælesyria and Phænicia, See ch. 2
one upon another: so he began to speak and unto them in s Libanus, that they

1 Judith 1. concerning truth. 340 sirs, are not should bring k cedar wood from ) Libanus

women strong ? great is the earth, high unto Jerusalem, and that they should ch. 5.55. "Cp. Ps. 19. is the heaven, uswift is the sun in his build the city with him. 49 Moreover

Sec Judy. 5, 6.

course, for he compasseth the heavens he wrote for all the Jews that should go
round about, and fetcheth his course out of his realm up into Jewry, con-

again to his own place in one day. cerning their freedom, that no officer, " Cp. Wis- 35 v Is he not great that maketh these no governor, no satrap, nor treasurer, dom 13. 1,5 things ? therefore great is w truth, and should forcibly enter into their doors;

stronger than all things. 36 All the 50 and that all the country which they * Cp. John earth calleth upon truth, and the heaven occupied should be free to them without

blesseth her: all works shake and trem- tribute; and that the Edomites should Cp, ver. 45
ble, but with Ther is no unrighteous give over the villages of the Jews which
thing. 37 Wine is unrighteous, the king then they held: 51 and that there should & Obad. 13.

is unrighteous, women are unrighteous, be yearly given twenty talents to the 2 Cp. Ps. 14. all the children of men are unrighteous, building of the temple, until the time

and unrighteous are all such their works; that it were built; 52 and other ten & 2 Esd. 8. and y there is no truth in them; in their talents yearly, for burnt offerings to & Rom. 3.

unrighteousness also they shall perish. be presented upon the altar mevery * Cp. ch, 5.

38 But truth abideth, and is strong for day, as they had & commandment to See 2 Esd.

ever; she liveth and conquereth for offer seventeen: 53 and that all they y Cp. John evermore. 39 With her there is a no ac- that should come from Babylonia to 8. 44

cepting of persons or rewards; but she build the city should have their freedom, &1 John 2.

doeth the things that are just, and as well they as their posterity, and all See Deut. refraineth from all unrighteous and the priests that came. 54 He wrote 10. 17.

& . 20.

14. 6.

& Ezek. 36. 5

& 53. 1



3. 20-22


wicked things, and all men do well like also to give them their charges, and
of her works. 40 Neither in her judge the priests' vestments wherein they

ment is any unrighteousness; and she minister; 55 and for the Levites he Cp: 1 Chr. is a the strength, and the kingdom, and wrote that their charges should be

the power, and the majesty, of all ages. given them until the day that the house
Blessed be the God of truth. 41 And were finished, and Jerusalem builded
with that he held his tongue. And all up. 56 And he commanded to give to
the people then shouted, and said, Great all that kept the city lands and wages.
is truth, and strong above all things. 57 Ho sent away also all the vessels

42 Then said the king unto him, Ask from Babylon, n that Cyrus had set " See ver. 44. * Cp. ch, 3. what thou wilt more cthan is appointed apart; and all that Cyrus had given 5-7.

in writing, and we will give it thee, in commandment, the same charged he
inasmuch as thou art found wisest; and also to be done, and sent unto Jeru.
thou d shalt sit next me, and shalt be salem.
called my cousin. 43 Then said he unto 58 Now when this oyoung man was 3. 4.
the king, Remember thy vow, which gone forth, he lifted up his face to

29. 11.

Ps. 31. 5. Cp. Deut. 32. 4 & Jer. 10. 10.

4 ch. 3. 7.

Another reading is, him.

8. 48
& Dan. 6.



13. 15.


1. .



7. 15.

3. 12.


5 fathers' houses chosen to go up, ao


& 18. 28.

P. Cp. 1 Kin. heaven P toward Jerusalem, and praised hundred fifty and four: the sons of

9 the King of heaven, 59 and said, From 10 Zathui, nine hundred forty and five:

thee cometh ? victory, from thee cometh the sons of 11 Chorbe, seven hundred See ver, 46. swisdom, and thine is the 'glory, and I and five: the sons of Bani, six hundred

am thy servant. 60 Blessed art thou, forty and eight: 13the sons of Bebai, p. 2 Macc. who hast given me wisdom: and to six hundred twenty and three: the sons • Prov. 26.

thee I give thanks, O Lord of our of 12 Astad, 13 a thousand three hundred Ecclus. 1. fathers. 61 And so he took the letters, twenty and two: 14 the sons of AdoniCp. James and went out, and came unto Babylon, kas six hundred six and seven: the

and told it all his brethren. 62 And they sons of 14 Bagoi, two thousand sixty and + 1 Chr. 29. praised the God of their fathers, because six: the sons of 15 Adinu, four hundred Matt. 6. 13 he had given them freedom and liberty fifty and four: 15 the sons of 16 Ater, of

63 to go up, and to build Jerusalem, and Ezekias, ninety and two: the sons of # Wisdom

the temple v which is called by his name: Kilan and Azetas, threescore and seven: See i Kin. and they feasted with winstruments of the sons of 17 Azaru, four hundred thirty music and gladness seven days.

and two: 16 the sons of 18 Annis, a hun1 Kin. &

1 After this were the chiefs of dred and one: the sons of Arom: the * ch. 5. 2, 59.

sons of 19 Bassai, three hundred twenty cording to their tribes, with their and three: the sons of Arsiphurith, a wives and sons and daughters, with hundred and twelve: 17 the sons of their menservants and maid servants, Baiterus, three thousand and five: the and their cattle. 2 And Darius sent sons of 20 Bethlomon, a hundred twenty with them a thousand horsemen, till and three: 18 they of Netophas, fifty they had brought them back to Jeru. and five: they of Anathoth, a hundred 11 Kin. 2 salem 1 safely, and with musical instru. fifty and eight: they of 21 Bethasmoth,

Jer. 32 7. ments, tabrets and flutes. 3 And all forty and two: 19 they of 22 Kariathiarius, their brethren played, and he made twenty and five: they of yCaphira and Josh. a 17 them go up together with them. Beroth, seven hundred forty and three:

4 And these are the names of the men 20 the Chadiasai and Ammidioi, four

which went up, according to their fami. hundred twenty and two: they of * ch. 1. 5, 11. lies amongst their tribes, after their 23 Kirama and 24 Gabbe, six hundred * Cp. Neh.

several divisions. 5v The priests, the twenty and one: 21 they of 25 Macalon, 12 1.

sons of Phinees, the sons of Aaron: a hundred twenty and two: they of ver. 49, 58. Jesus the son of Josedek, the son of 26 Betolion, fifty and two: the sons of See Ezra 3.

Saraias, and a Joakim the son of b Zoro. 27 Niphis, a hundred fifty and six: as the a Judith 4.6 babel, the son of Salathiel, of the house sons of 28 Calamolalus and 29 Onus, seven Cp. Neh.

of David, of the lineage of Phares, of hundred twenty and five: the sons of
the tribe of Judah; 6c who spake wise 30 Jerechu, 81 three hundred forty and
sentences before Darius the king of five: 23 the sons of 82 Sanaas, three
Persia din the second year of his reign, thousand three hundred and 33 thirty.
in the month Nisan, which is the first 24 The priests: the sons of 84 Jeddu, the
month. 7e And these are they of Jewry son of Jesus, among the sons of Sanasib,


& 15. &

that came up from the captivity, where so nine hundred seventy and two: the & Veh. 7. they dwelt as strangers, whom Nabu- sons of 36 Emmeruth, 37 a thousand fifty 6-73.

chodonosor the king of Babylon had and two: 25 the sons of 88 Phassurus, & carried away unto Babylon. 8 And they thousand two hundred forty and seven: returned unto Jerusalem, and to the the sons of 89 Charme, 87 a thousand and other parts of Jewry, every man to his seventeen. 26 The Levites: the sons of own city, who came with Zorobabel, Jesus, and Kadmiel, and Bannas, and with Jesus, Nehemias, and 2 Zaraias, Sudias, seventy and four. 37 The holy Resaias, 8 Eneneus, Mardocheus, Beel- singers: the sons of Asaph, a hundred sarus, Aspharasus, Reelias, Roimus, 0 twenty and eight. 28 The porters: and Baana, their leaders. 9 The number the song of 41 Salum, the sons of 42 Atar, of them of the nation, and their leaders: the sons of Tolman, the sons of 43 Dacubi, the sons of 6 Phoros, two thousand a the sons of 44 Ateta, the sons of 45 Sabi, hundred seventy and two: the sons of in all a hundred thirty and nine. 29 The 7 Saphat, four hundred seventy and two: temple-servants: the sons of 46 Esan, the 10 the sons of 8 Ares, seven hundred fifty sons of +7 Asipha, the sons of Tabaoth, and six: 11 the sons of "Phaath Moab, the sons of 48 Keras, the sons of 49 Sua, of the sons of Jesus and Joab, two the sons of 50 Phaleas, the sons of Labana, thousand eight hundred and twelve: the song of 51 Aggaba, 30 the sons of 12 the sons of Elam. a thousand two 52 Acud, the sons of Uta, the sons of

12 10.

ver. 48 ech. 4 13 4 ch, 2 40. • For ver. 7-46. see Ezra ch. 2

* Mispar.

& Relaiah. & Parosh. 7 Shephatiah 1 Gr. with peace.

2 Seraiah, 3 Or, Enenis
10 Zattu.
11 Zaccai,

12 Azgart.
. Arah * Pahath-meab.

13 Aocording to other readings, 16 Adin. 362, or 3222 1 Biores.

17 Another reading is, Azurn. in Ater of Hesekiah 19 Besai. 20 Beth-lehem. 21 Aomaveth.

2 Kiriatharim, or 18 Another reading is, Annias.

vi Magbish

> Wichmas.

* Lod, Hadid 24 Geba.

34 Sengah,

Another reading is, one. 2 Ono.

» Jericho. 31 Another reading is, tuo.

3 Another reading is, eight. 35 Immer. 34 Jedaiah

37 Another reading is, tuv hundred.

42 Iter. 11 Shallum.

0 Akkub. » Pashhur. 3 Harim. 40 Another reading is, forty.

19 Siaha.

Padon. # Hatita. 45 Shobai. * Ziha.


47 Hlasupha. 61 Hagabak

32 Akkub.


Neh. 7. 73.


1, 3.

Ach. 1. 3


9. 21.

Ketab, the sons of 1 Accaba, the sons of mules, five thousand five hundred twenty
2 Subai, the sons of 8 Anan, the sons of and five beasts of burden. 44 And cer.
4 Cathua, the sons of 3 Geddur, 31 the tain of the chief men of their families,
sons of Jairus, the sons of ? Daisan, when they came to the temple of God
the sons of Noeba, the sons of Chaseba, that is in Jerusalem, vowed to set up
the sons of Gazera, the sons of 10 Ozias, the house again in its own place accord-
the sons of 11 Phinoe, the sons of Asara, ing to their ability, 45 and to give into
the sons of 12 Basthai, the sons of the holy treasury of the works a thou-
18 Asana, the sons of 14 Maani, the sons sand pounds of gold, five thousand of
of 16 Naphisi, the sons of 16 Acub, the silver, and a hundred priestly vestments.
sons of 17 Achipha, the sons of 18 Ásur, 46! And the priests and the Levites and "ch. 9. 87.
the sons of Pharakim, the sons of they that were of the people dwelt in
19 Basaloth, 32 the sons of 20 Meedda, the Jerusalem and the country; the holy
sons of Cutha, the sons of 21 Charea, the singers also and the porters and all
song of 22 Barchus, the sons of 28 Serar, Israel in their villages.
the sons of 24 Thomei, the sons of 25 Nasi, 47 m But when nthe seventh month For ver.
the sons of Atipha. 33 The sons of the was at hand, and when the children of

see Ezra . servants of Solomon: the sons of 23 As- Israel were every man in his own place, 1-7

nch. 9. 87. saphioth, the sons of 27 Pharida, the they came all together with one consent sons of 28 Jeeli, the sons of 29 Lozon, the into the broad place before the first ch. 9.6, 38, sons of 30 Isdael, the sons of 31 Saphuthi, porch which is toward the east. 48 Then

Cp. Neh. & 34 the sons of 82 Agia, the sons of 83 Pha- stood up p Jesus the son of Josedek, and careth, the sons of Sabie, the sons of his brethren the priests, and p Zorobabel P See ver. B. Sarothie, the sons of 84 Masias, the sons the son of Salathiel, and his brethren, of Gas, the sons of Addus, the sons of and made ready the altar of the God of Subas, the sons of Apherra, the sons of Israel, 49 to offer burnt sacrifices upon Barodis, the sons of Saphat, the sons | it, according as it is expressly com

of Allon. 35 All h the temple-servants, manded in the book of Moses the man & & 5, 22,

and the sons of ithe servants of Solo- of God. 50 And I certain were gathered 'ch. 7. 13. Cp. 1 Kin. mon, were three hundred seventy and unto them out of the other nations of Ken 1.2.

two. 36 These came up from 35 Ther- the land, and they erected the altar
meleth, and 86 Thelersas, 37 Charaathalan upon its own place, because all the
leading them, and Allar; 37 and they nations of the land were at enmity with
could not shew their families, nor their them, and oppressed them; rand they Cp. ch. 4.
stock, how they were of Israel: the offered sacrifices according to the time,
sons of 88 Dalan the son of 89 Ban, the and burnt offerings to the Lord both
sons of 40 Nekodan, six hundred fifty morning and evening. 51 Also they held
and two. 38 And of the priests, they the feast of tabernacles, 8 as it is com-

23. 33–36.
that usurped the office of the priesthood manded in the law, and offered sacrifices
and were not found: the sons of 41 Obdia, daily, as was meet: 5a and after that,
the sons of 42 Akkos, the sons of Jaddus, the continual oblations, and the sacrifices
who married Augia one of the daughters of the sabbaths, and of the new moons,
of 43 Zorzelleus, and was called after his and of all the consecrated feasts. 53 And

39 And when the description of all they that had made any vow to God the kindred of these men was sought began to offer sacrifices to God from in the register, and was not found, they the new moon of n the 46 seventh month, were removed from executing the office although the temple of God was not

of the priesthood: 40 for unto them said yet built. 54 And they gave money unto ở Cp. ch 9. Nehemias and 3Attharias, that they the masons and carpenters; and meat & Ezra 2 should not be partakers of the holy and drink, 55 and cars unto them of

things, till there arose up a high priest Sidon and Tyre, that they should bring & Neh. 8.9. k See Ex. 28.

wearing 44k Urim and Thummim. 4So cedar trees from u Libanus, vand convey See ch. 4. all they of Israel, from twelve years old them in floats to the haven of wJoppa, Ch. 4. 48. and upward, beside menservants and according to the commandment which Judith 1.7. womenservants, were in number forty was written for them by Cyrus king of "2 Chr. 2. and two thousand three hundred and the Persians. 56 x And in the second

See Josh. sixty. 42 Their menservants and hand- year after his coming to the temple of maids were seven thousand three hun- God at Jerusalem, in the second month, * Ezra 3. 8. dred thirty and seven: the minstrels began Zorobabel the son of Salathiel, and singers, two hundred forty and and Jesus the son of Josedek, and their five: 43 four hundred thirty and five brethren, and the priests the Levites, camels, seven 45 thousand thirty and six and all they that were come unto Jeruhorses, two hundred forty and five salem out of the captivity: 57 and they Hagab.


. Seo Lev.






з Наап.
4 Giddel.

7 Rosin.

8 Nekoda, Gaszam.

10 Uzza. 11 Paseah. 12 Besai. 13 Asnah. 1 Meunim. 15 Nephisim. 16 Bakbuk. According to other readings, Acum, or Acuph. 17 Hakupha.

19 Bazluth 20 Nehida. 21 Harsha. 2 Barkos.

$ Sisera. 24 Temah. * Neziah. Another reading in, Nasith * Hassophereth.

30 Giddel. 31 Shephatiah.

33 Hattil. * Pochereth-hazzebaim, Ezra 2. 57. 34 Another reading is, Misaias. 35 Tel-melah ** Tel-harsha. 87 Cherub, Addan. 34 Delaiah. Another reading is, Asan. 39 Tobiah. Another reading is, Baenan.

Nekoda. 11 Habaiah, or Hobaiah. 42 Hakkoz. 43 Barzulai. Another reading is, Phaezeldaus. 4 Gr. the manifestation and truth. 45 Another reading is, hundred. 48 Another reading is, first.

19. 46.

9 Shamlai.

$ Gahar.

18 Harhur.

97 Peruda.

23 Jaalah.

23 Darkon.

For ver. 58-62, see Ezra 3.

11. * See ver. 5.

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dyer. 2.

ch. 4. 63.

1. 68.

For ver.

laid the foundation of the temple of finishing of the building all the time
God on the new moon of the second that king Cyrus lived: so they were
month, in the second year after they hindered from building for the space of
were come to Jewry and Jerusalem. two years, until the reign of Darius.
58 And they Levites from

second year of the · 4. 24 Lord. Then stood up Jesus, and his rias the son of 6 Addo, the prophets,

see Ezra sons and brethren, and Kadmiel his bro- prophesied unto the Jews in Jewry and ch. 3. ther, and the sons of Jesus, Emadabun, Jerusalem; in the name of the Lord, and the sons of Joda the son of Iliadun, the God of Israel, prophesied they unto and their sons and brethren, all the them. Then stood up Zorobabel the Levites, with one accord setters forward son of Salathiel, and Jesus the son of of the business, labouring to advance Josedek, and began to build the house the works in the house of God. So the of the Lord at Jerusalem, the prophets builders builded the temple of the Lord. of the Lord being with them, and helping 59 And the priests stood arrayed in their them. 39 At the same time came unto cp. Ezra vestments a with musical instruments them Sisinnes the governor of Syria Co. ch. 2. and trumpets, and the Levites the sons and Phænicia, with Sathrabuzanes 17. of Asaph with their cymbals, 60 singing and his companions, and said unto songs of thanksgiving, and praising the them, 4 By whose appointment do ye Lord, after the order of David king of build this house and this roof, and perIsrael. 61 And they sang aloud, praising form all the other things ? and who are the Lord in songs of thanksgiving, be the builders that perform these things ? cause his goodness and his glory are 5 Nevertheless the elders of the Jews for ever in all Israel. 62 And all the obtained favour, because the Lord had people sounded trumpets, and shouted i visited the captivity; 6 and they were p. Luke with a loud voice, singing songs of not hindered from building, until such thanksgiving unto the Lord for the time as communication was made unto rearing up of the house of the Lord. Darius concerning them, and his answer

636 Also of the priests the Levites, and signified.
see Ezra 3. of the heads of their families, the 7 The copy of the letter which Sisinnes,
12, 13.

ancients who had seen the former house governor of nSyria and Phænicia, and
came to the building of this with la- Sathrabuzanes, with their companions,
mentation and great weeping. 64 But the rulers in h Syria and Phænicia, wrote
many with trumpets and joy shouted and sent unto Darius; 8 To king Da-
with loud voice, 65 insomuch that the rius, 1 greeting: Let all things be known ch. & 9.

Rest of people heard not the trumpets for the unto our lord the king, that being come

Esth. 16.1. weeping of the people: for the multitude into the country of Judæa, and entered 1 Mac. 10. sounded marvellously, so that it was into the city of Jerusalem, we found in heard afar off.

the city of Jerusalem the elders of the 2 Macc. 11. 66 c Wherefore when the enemies of Jews that were of the captivity 9 build

Acts 15, 23 the tribe of Judah and Benjamin heard ing a house unto the Lord, great and 1-5. it, they came to know what that noise new, of hewn and costly stones, with

Cp. Ezra : of trumpets should mean. 67 And they timber laid in the walls. 10 And those perceived that they that were of the works are done with great speed, and captivity did build the temple unto the the work goeth on prosperously in their Lord, the God of Israel. 68 So they hands, and with all glory and diligence went to Zorobabel and Jesus, and to is it accomplished. 11 Then asked we the chief men of the families, and said these elders, saying, By whose comunto them, We will build together with mandment build ye this house, and you. 69 For we likewise, as ye, do obey lay the foundations of these works?

your Lord, and do sacrifice unto him 12 Therefore, to the intent that we Cp. Ezra from the days of 1d Asbasareth the king might give knowledge unto thee by

& 11. 32


For ver. 66-73, see Ezra 4.

of the Assyrians, who brought us hither. writing who were the chief doers, we 70 Then Zorobabel and Jesus and the questioned them, and we required of chief men of the families of Israel said them the names in writing of their prinunto them, It is not 2 for you to build cipal men. 13 So they gave us this the house unto the Lord our God. answer, We are the servants of the 71 We ourselves alone will build unto Lord which made heaven and earth. the Lord of Israel, according as Cyrus 14 And as for this house, it was builded the king of the Persians hath com- many years ago by a king of Israel manded us. 72 But the heathen of the great and strong, and was finished. land lying heavy upon the inhabitants 15 But when our fathers sinned against of Judæa, and holding them strait, hin. the Lord of Israel which is in heaven, dered their building; 73 and 4 by their and k provoked him unto wrath, he gave Cp. Hebu secret plots, and popular persuasions them over into the hands of Nabuchoand commotions, they hindered the donosor king of Babylon, king of the

! Another reading is, Axbacaphath. 2 Another reading in, for us and you. 3 Or, besieging them * Another reading is, leading the people astray in counsel, and raising commotions.

ludo, Another reading is, Eddin. 6 Tattenai. 7 Shethar-bosenai.

3. 16.

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