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& Rev. 22.

& 14. 9.

1 Pet. 2. 11. See Gen. 47. 9. 9 See ch. 13. 56.

1. 23 (mg.).

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Ps. 104. 4.


22. 16.

will speak; touching man in general, wickedly; and among them that have
thou knowest best; but touching thy lived there is none which hath not done
people will I speak, for whose sake I am amiss. 36 For in this, O Lord, thy
sorry; 16 and for thine inheritance, for righteousness and thy goodness shall be
whose cause I mourn; and for Israel, declared, if thou be merciful unto them
for whom I am heavy; and for the seed which have no store of good works.

of Jacob, for whose sake I am troubled; 37 Then answered he me, and said, I See ch. 7. 179 therefore will I begin to pray before Some things hast thou spoken aright, (46)

thee for myself and for them: for I see and according unto thy words so shall it

the falls of us that dwell in the land; come to pass. 38 For indeed I will not Crver, 61 18 but I have heard rthe swiftness of the think on the fashioning of them which & James 6. judgement which is to come. 19 There have sinned, or their death, their judge

fore hear my voice, and understand my ment, or their destruction: 39 e but I ch. 7. (God. saying, and I will speak before thee. will rejoice over the framing of the

The beginning of the words of Esdras, righteous, I their pilgrimage also, and sch16, 40. * 6. 26 before he was taken up. And he said, the salvation, Iand the reward, that

200 Lord, thou that labidest for they shall have. 40 Like therefore as I I Cp. 1 Pet

ever, whose eyes are exalted, and u whose have spoken, so shall it be. 41 For "Cp. Ps. 104. chambers are in the air; 21 whose throne as the husbandman soweth much seed

is inestimable; whose glory may not upon the ground, and planteth many
be comprehended; before whom the trees, and yet not all that is sown shall
hosts of angels stand with trembling, Bcome up in due season, neither shall all

222 at whose bidding v they are changed that is planted take root: even so they Heb. 1. 7.

to wind and fire; whose word is sure, that are sown in the world h shall not all * Cp. ver. 1. and sayings constant; whose ordinance be saved.

is strong, and commandment fearful; 42 I answered then and said, iIf I See ch. 4. te Pe. 74. 15. 23 whose look w drieth up the depths, have found favour, let me speak before Sah, 1. 4.

* and whose indignation maketh the thee. 43 Forasmuch as the husband(p. 2 Sam.

mountains to melt away, and whose man's seed, if it come not up, seeing that * Sah. 1. 5.

truth beareth witness: 24 hear, O Lord, it hath not received thy rain in due . Ps. 104. the prayer of thy servant, and give ear season, or if it be corrupted through

to the petition of thy handywork; 25 at. too much rain, 9 so perisheth; 44 likewise
tend unto my words, for so long as I live man, which is formed with thy hands,
I will speak, and so long as I have and ) is called thine own image, because See Gen. 1.
understanding I will answer. 260 look he is made like unto thee, k for whose
not upon the sins of thy people; but on sake thou hast formed all things, even
them that have served thee in truth. him hast thou made like unto the hus.

27 y Regard not the doings of them that bandman's seed. 45 Be not wroth with 18. 23--23.

deal wickedly, but of them that have us, but i spare thy people, and have Joc! 2. 17.
kept thy covenants in affliction. 28 Think mercy upon thine inheritance; for thou
not upon those that have walked feign. hast mercy upon thine own creation.
edly before thee; but remember them 46 Then answered he me, and said,
which have willingly known thy fear. Things present are for them that now
29 Let it not be thy will to destroy them be, and things to come for such as shall
2 which have lived like cattle; but look be hereafter. 47 m For thou comest far
upon them that have 3 clearly taught short that thou shouldest be able to
thy law. 30 Take thou no indignation love my creature more than I. But thou
at them which are deemed worse than hast brought thyself full nigh unto the
beasts; but love them that have alway unrighteous. Let this never be. 48 Yet
put their trust in thy glory. 31 For we in this shalt thou be admirable before
and our fathers a have passed our lives the Most High; 49 in that thou hast * Cp. ch. 12.
in 5 ways that bring death: but thou be humbled thyself, as it becometh thee,
cause of us sinners 6 art called merciful. and hast not judged thyself worthy to be

32 For if thou hast a desire to have among the righteous, so as to be much ? See ch. 4. • Cp. Tit. 3. mercy upon us, b then shalt thou be glorified. 50 n For many grievous mise

called merciful, to us, namely, that have ries shall befall them that in the last

no works of righteousness. 33 For the times dwell in the world, because they Op. 1 Cor. ech. 7. (77) just, which have many good works laid have walked in great pride. 5. But up with thee, shall for their own deeds understand thou for thyself, and of such

( 7.26 receive reward. 34 For what is man, as be o like thee seek out the glory. & 10, 27 that thou shouldest take displeasure at 52 For unto you is p paradise opened,

& lleb. 11. & 7. (6) him? or what is a corruptible race, that the tree of life is planted, r the time to

& Rev. 21. thou shouldest be so bitter toward it? come is prepared, plenteousness is made & 53.2, 3. 35 d For in truth there is no man among ready, sa city is builded, tand rest is

them that be born, but he hath dealt 10 allowed, goodness is perfected, wisdom Rev. 14. 13. Rervice taken the solemnity wini According to the chief Oriental versions. The Latin has, even they those

26, 7. k See ch 6. 35.

y See Gen.

Rest of
Esth, 13.15.

Ps. 49. 20.

* ch, 5. 33.

4 ch. 7. 19.

23, 24. over. 62. ch. 4. 36.


7. 9 See ch. 2. 12.

See ver. 1.

& 9.7 & 13. 23.

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The Syriac has received the brightness of thy law,
Syriac and Æthiopic versions:

6 lat. manners.
6 Another reading is, shall be.

* So the Syriac. There appears to be an error in the Latin text. 8 Lat. be saved. y So the printed Latin text. The earlier MSS. are corrupt. 19 The Syriac has established.

So the

w ch.9. 11.

3. 22 9 See ch. 6.

#ch, 7.93
Ps. 14. 1
& 53.1.


16. 24. Ezek, 18

3. 12-15.

2 Tim. 3. 2.

+ See ch. 7.

(44). 4 ch. 14, 9.

& 5. 1.

being perfect aforehand. 53 The root of have received benefits, and yet have not
evil is sealed up from you, weakness is known me; 110 and as many as have ch. 8. 56.

done away from you, and 1 [death) is scorned my law, while they had yet " Rev. 20. 14. hidden; u hell and corruption are fled liberty, and, when as yet place of repent" Rev. 21. 4. into forgetfulness: 54v sorrows are passed ance was open unto them, understood

away, and in the end is shewed the not, but despised 3 it; 12 the same must
treasure of immortality. 55 Therefore know it after death by torment. 13 And
ask thou no more questions concerning therefore be thou no longer curious how
the multitude of them that perish. the ungodly shall be punished; but inquire
56 w For when they had received liberty, how the righteous shall be saved, they
they despised the Most High, thought Pwhose the world is, and a for whom the PCp. 1 Cor.
scorn of his law, and forsook his ways. world was created.
57 Moreover they have trodden down his 14 And I answered and said, 15 I have
righteous, 58 and xsaid in their heart, said before, and now do speak, and will
that there is no God; yea, and that speak it also hereafter, that rthere be " See ch. 8.
knowing they must die. 59 For as more of them which perish, than of them

the things aforesaid shall receive you, which shall be saved : 16 like as a wave » Cp. Luke y so thirst and pain which are prepared is greater than a drop.

shall receive them: 2 for the Most High 17 And he answered me, saying, Like

willed not that men should come to as the field is, so is also the seed; and Wisdom 1. nought: 60 but they which be created as the flowers be, such are the colours

have themselves defiled the name of him also; and such as the work is, such also See 1 Cor. * Rom. 1. 21. that made them, and were a unthankful is the judgement thereon; and as is

unto him which prepared life for them. the husbandman, so is his threshing-floor See ver. 18. 61b And therefore is my judgement now also. For there was a time in the world,

at hand, 62 which I have not shewed 18 even then when I was preparing for
unto all men, cbut unto thee, dand a them that now live, before the world
few like thee.

was made for them to dwell in; and Then answered I and said, 63 Behold, then no man spake against me, 19 for C. c. 4. O Lord, enow hast thou shewed me the there was not any: but now they

multitude of the wonders, which thou which are created in this world that
wilt do in the last times: but at what is prepared, both6with ta table that Cp. Pa 2.
time, thou hast not shewed me.

faileth not, and a law which is run-
1 And he answered me, and said, searchable, are corrupted in their man-
9. Measure thou diligently within thy ners. 20 v So I considered my world,
self: and when thou seest that a and, lo, it was destroyed, and my earth,

Cp. Gen. 6. certain part of the signs are past, which and, lo, it was in peril, because of the I Cp. Matt. have been told thee beforehand, 2then devices that were come into it. 21 And & Mark 13

shalt thou understand, that it is the I saw, and spared them, but not greatly,
very time, wherein the Most High I will and saved me a grape out of a cluster,
visit the world which was made by him. and wa plant out of a great forest. * Cp. ch. 5.
3 And when there shall be seen in the 22 Let the multitude perish then, which

world hearthquakes, disquietude of peo was born in vain; and let my grape be Matt 17 ples, devices of nations, wavering of saved, and my plant; for with great Luke 21.10, leaders, disquietude of princes, 45 then labour have I made them perfect.

5 & 78. 19. * Rom. 11.


24. 33

29 & Luke 21. 31. 9 ch. 5. 56 & 6. 18.


shalt thou understand, that the Most 23 Nevertheless if thou wilt cease yet
High spake of these things from the seven days more, (howbeit thou shalt * Cp ch. &
days that were aforetime from the be- not fast in them, 24 y but shalt go into Cp. ch. 10.
ginning. 5 For like as of all that is a field of flowers, where no house is
made in the world, the beginning 2 is builded, and meat only of the flowers of "ch, 12 51.
evident, and the end manifest; 6 so also the field; and thou shalt taste no flesh,
are the times of the Most High: the and shalt drink no wine, but shalt eat
beginnings are manifest in wonders and flowers only;) 25 and pray unto the Most
mighty works, and the end in effects High continually, then will I come and
and signs. 7 And every one that shall | talk with thee.
be saved, and ishall be able to escape 26 So I went my way, like as he

by his works, or by faith, whereby he commanded me, into the field which Cp. Rom.

hath believed, 8 shall be preserved from is called 8 Ardat; and there I sat among
the said perils, k and shall see my salva- the flowers, and did eat of the herbs
tion in my land, and I within my borders, of the field, and the meat of the same
which I have sanctified for me from the satisfied me. 27 And it came to pass

4 Cp, ch, A.
beginning. 9m Then shall they be a- after seven days that I lay upon the
mazed, which now have abused my grass, a and my heart was vexed again, Cp. ch. 6.
ways: and they that have cast them like as before: 28 c and my mouth was
away despitefully shall dwell in tor- opened, and I began to speak before the 4 Ex. 19.9
ments. 10n For as many as in their life Most High, and said, 290 Lord, d thou



ich. 8. 33 & 13, 22.

3. 28. kch. 6. 20. I ch. 12. 34

& 13. 48.
IR Wisdom
5. 2.

& 6. .

ech. 14 42.

* Cr. Luke 16. 25.

& 24. 10.

1 After the chief Oriental versions. 2 So the Syriac. The Latin is corrupt.

3 Or, me

4 So the Syriac and other versions. The Latin has and whose... created, and irhen.

So the Ethiopic and Arabic. The Latin has creation 6 So the Syriac. 7 So the Syriac and other versions. The latin has great triles. * The Syriao and Ethiopic have Arphad.

• Jer. 2. 6.


9 Acts 7. 53. Ach, 14. 30.


& 8.2.

dom 7.1.


Isai. 40. 8.

Luke 16.17.

didst shew thyself among us, unto our bours rose up to comfort me: and I
fathers in the wilderness, when they remained quiet unto the second day at
went forth out of Egypt, and when they night. 3 And it came to pass, when
came into the wilderness, ewhere no they had all left off to comfort me, to
man treadeth and that beareth no fruit; the end I might be quiet, then rose I up
30 and thou didst say, Hear me, thou by night, and fled, and came hither into

Israel; and mark my words, 0 seed of this field, as thou seest. 4 And I do
See ch.8. Jacob. 31 For, behold, I Sow my law now purpose not to return into the city,

in you, and it shall bring forth fruit in but here to stay, and neither to eat nor
you, and ye shall be glorified in it for drink, but continually to mourn and to
ever. 32 9 But our fathers, hwhich re- fast until I die.

ceived the law, kept it not, and observed 54 Then left I the meditations wherein 9. i See ver. 37. not the statutes: and ithe fruit of the I was, and answered her in anger, and

law did not perish, neither could it, for said, 6 Thou foolish woman above all
it was thine; 33 yet they that received other, seest thou not our mourning, and
it perished, because they kept not the what hath happened unto us? 7 how
thing that was sown in them. 34 And, that Sion vthe mother of us all is full "Gal. 4. 26.
lo, it is a custom, that when the ground of sorrow, and much humbled. 82 It is
hath received seed, or the sea a ship, or right now to mourn very sore, seeing
any vessel meat or drink, and when it we all mourn, and to be sorrowful,
cometh to pass that that which is sown, seeing we are all in sorrow, but thou
or that which is launched, 36 or the sorrowest for one son. 9w For ask the ch. 7. (54)
things which have been received, should earth, and she shall tell thee, that it is

C. ch. 5,
come to an end, these come to an end, she which ought to mourn for so many
but the receptacles remain: yet with us that grow upon her. ro For out of her See Wis-
it hath not happened so. 36 For we that all had their beginnings, and others
have received the law shall perish by shall come; and, behold, they walk

sin, and our heart also which received valmost all into destruction, and the Cp. ch. 9 ver. 82. it. 37) Notwithstanding the law perisheth multitude of them is utterly rooted out. Matt. 5. 18 not, but remaineth in its honour. II Who then should make more mourn.

38 And when I spake these things in ing, 3she, that hath lost so great a

my heart, I looked about me with mine multitude, or thou, which art grieved * Cp. ch. 10. eyes, and upon the right side I saw ka but for one? 12 But if thou sayest unto

woman, and, behold, she mourned and me, My lamentation is not like the
wept with a loud voice, and was much earth's, for I have lost the fruit of my
grieved in mind, and her clothes were womb, % which I brought forth with 'Gen. 3. 16.

Cp. John rent, mand she had ashes upon her head. pains, and bare with sorrows: 13 but it See Josh, 39 n Then let I my thoughts go wherein is with the earth after the manner of

I was occupied, and turned me unto her, the earth; the multitude present in it is of Esth. 14. 40 and said unto her, Wherefore weepest gone, as it came: 14 then say I unto 2.

thou ? and why art thou grieved in thy thee, * Like as thou hast brought forth * Cp. ch. 10. mind ?

with sorrow; even so the earth also 5.

41 And she said unto me, Let me alone, hath given her fruit, namely, man, ever my lord, that I may bewail myself, and since the beginning unto him that made add unto my sorrow, for I am sore vexed her. 15 Now therefore keep thy sorrow in my mind, and brought very low. to thyself, and bear with a good courage

42 And I said unto her, What aileth the adversities which have befallen thee. thee? tell me. 43 She said unto me, I 6 For a if thou shalt acknowledge the Cp. 1 Sam.

thy servant was barren, and had no decree of God to be just, thou shalt both . ch. 10. 45. child, though I had a husband othirty receive thy son in time, and shalt be

years. 44 And every hour and every praised among women. 17 Go thy way p Cp. 1 Sam. day these thirty years did I P make my then into the city to thine husband.

prayer to the Most High day and night. 18 And she said unto me, That will I
45 And it came to pass after thirty years not do: I will not go into the city, but

that God heard me thine handmaid, and here will I die.
9 Cp. Luke I looked upon my low estate, and con- 19 So I proceeded to speak further

sidered my trouble, and gave me a son: unto her, and said, 20 Do not so, but Cp. Luke and I rejoiced in him greatly, I and suffer thyself to be prevailed on by

my husband, and rall my Ineighbours: reason of the adversities of Sion; and Tahit 8. 19 and we gave great honour unto the be comforted by reason of the sorrow Matt. 22. 2. Mighty. 46 And I nourished him with of Jerusalem. 21 For thou seest that

great travail. 47 So when he grew up, bour sanctuary is laid waste, our altar 2 Chr. 36. and I came to take him a wife, 8 I made broken down, our temple destroyed;

Lam, 2 7. a feast day. And it so came 22 cour psaltery is brought low, our Cp. ch, 12, IO to pass, that when my son was song is put to silence, our rejoicing is

Cp. Isai. entered into his wedding chamber, at an end; d the light of our candlestick I Cp. Job 2

he fell down, and died. 2 Then we all is put out, the ark of our covenant is Cp:1 Macc. overthrew the lights, and ' all my lneigh- spoiled, our holy things are defiled, and

41, 44,

11 Sam. 4.
Esth. 4. 1.

16. 21.

7. 6.

3. 18
& Isai. 39.

1. 10, 11.

1. 48.

1. 68.



24. 8.

1. 21.

& John 11.

Lat. tornemen.

2 See the Oriental versions. The Latin is corrupt.

3 So the Syriac.




& 106. 41.

2 Chr, 7. 4.


ch. 4. 1.

the name that is called upon us is thee. 39He hath seen that thy way is . See ch. & profaned; our freemen are despitefully right: for that thou sorrowest continu

treated, our priests are burnt, our Le- ally for thy people, and makest great Lam. 5. 11. vites are gone into captivity, our virgins lamentation for Sion. 40 This therefore

are defiled, and our wives ravished; our is the meaning of the vision. 41 t The "ch. 8. 28.

righteous men carried away, our little woman which appeared unto thee a little am. 5, 13, ones betrayed, four young men are while ago, whom thou sawest mourning,

brought into bondage, and our strong and begannest to comfort her: 42 but now

men are become weak; 23 and, what is seest thou the likeness of the woman I Cp. Jer. 22 more than all, I the seal of Sion-for no more, u but there appeared unto thee " ver. 27. & Hag. 2

she hath now lost the seal of her honour, a city in building: 43 and whereas she told

hand is delivered into the hands of them thee of the death of her son, this is the I Cp. Ps. 44. that hate us.

24 Thou therefore shake solution : 44+ This woman, whom thou off thy great heaviness, and put away sawest, is ?Sion, 2whom thou u now from thee the multitude of sorrows, that seest as a city builded ; 45 and whereas the Mighty may be merciful unto thee v she said unto thee, that she hath been clL 9. 43. again, and the Most High may give thee thirty years barren, it is, because there rest, even ease from thy travails. were three 2 thousand years in the world

25 And it came to pass, while I was wherein there was no offering as yet talking with her, behold, her face upon offered in her. 46 And it came to pass a sudden shined exceedingly, and her after three 2 thousand years that Solocountenance glistered like lightning, so mon builded the city, and woffered offer. * 1 Kin. &. that I was sore afraid lof her, and ings: then it was that the barren bare a mused what this might be; 26 and, son. 47 And whereas she told thee that behold, suddenly she made a great cry she nourished him with travail : that very fearful; so that the earth shook at was the dwelling in Jerusalem. 48 x And * rer. 1. the noise. 27 And I looked, and, behold, whereas she said unto thee, My son

the woman appeared unto me no more, coming into his marriage chamber died, i ver. 42.

but there was a city builded, and a and that misfortune befell her: this was Rev. 21. 10,

place shewed itself from large founda- the destruction that came to Jerusalem.
tions: then was I afraid, and cried with 49 And, behold, thou sawest her likeness,
a loud voice, and said, 28 Where is iUriel how she mourned for her son, and thou
the angel, who came unto me at the begannest to comfort her for what hath
first? for he hath caused me to fall befallen her ; 3 these were the things to
into this great trance, and mine end is be opened unto thee. 50 For now the

turned into corruption, and my prayer Most High, seeing that thou art grieved * Cp. Dan. 9. to rebuke. 29 k And as I was speaking unfeignedly, and sufferest from thy whole

these words, behold, the angel who had heart for her, hath shewed thee v the Cp. Isai,

come unto me at the first came unto brightness of her glory, and the comeli1 Rev. 1. 17. me, and he looked upon me: 301 and, lo, ness of her beauty: 51 and therefore I Cp ver.:2

& ch.9. 24 * ch. 5. 14. lay as one that had been dead, mand bade thee remain in the field where no Cp. Dan & 17, 18

mine understanding was taken from house was builded : 52 for I knew that

me; and he took me by the right hand, the Most High would shew this unto nch. B. 15. n and comforted me, and set me upon thee. 53 Therefore I commanded thee

my feet, and said unto me, 31 What to come into the field, where no founda-
aileth thee? and why art thou so dis- tion of any building was. 54 For in the
quieted ? and why is thine understanding place wherein the city of the Most High
troubled, and the thoughts of thine was to be shewed, the work of no man's
heart? 32 And I said, Because thou building could stand. 55 Therefore fear

hast forsaken me: yet I did according thou not, nor let thine heart be af. • 9. to thy words, "and went into the field, frighted, but go thy way in, and a see * Cp. Ps. 4

and, lo, I have seen, and yet see, that the beauty and greatness of the building,
which I am not able to express. 33 And as much as thine eyes be able to see:
he said unto me, P Stand up like a man, 56 and then shalt thou hear as much as
and I will advise thee. 34 Then said I, thine ears may comprehend. 57 For , Cp. ch. 12

Speak on, my Lord; only forsake me thou art blessed above many, and with
not, lest I die frustrate of my hope. the Most High art called by name, like

35 For I have seen that I knew not, and as but few. 58 But to-morrow at night I See Ec- hear that I do not know. 36 9 Or is my thou shalt remain here ; 59 and eso shall Sce clu. 7.

sense deceived, or my soul in a dream? the Most High shew thee those visions [+]
37 Now therefore I beseech thee to shew in dreams, of what the Most High will
thy servant concerning this trance. do unto them that dwell upon earth in

38 And he answered me, and said, the last days. So I slept that night and
Hear me, and I shall inform thee, and another, like as he commanded me.
tell thee concerning the things whereof

I And it came to pass the second - Cp. Dan. ch. 12, 36. thou art afraid : "for the Most High II night that I saw a dream, and, be

hath revealed many secret things unto hold, there came up d from the sea

20, 21.

34. 11.


12, 13.

P See ch. 6. 13.

clus. 34, 2.

7. 3
& Rev. 13.

The Syriac has to draw near unto her, and my heart

was greatly astonied, and when I mused &c. 2 So the Syriac and other versions. The Latin is incorrect.

Omitted in the Oriental versions.


ver. ch. 12. 16. 9 Cp. Dan. 7. 2.

A ver. 11. i ver. 11

ver. 29.
ch, 19. 92

ch. 12 22.


ch. 12, 17.

I ver. 3.


27, 28

* ver. 20.

Cp. Deut. an eagle, which had I twelve feathered side: but four remained in their place.
Ezek. 17. wings, and three heads. 3 And I saw, 25 And I beheld, and, lo, these 3 under

and, behold, she spread her wings over wings thought to set up themselves, and & Dan, 7. 4. all the earth, and Jall the winds of to have the rule. 26 And I beheld, and,

heaven blew on her, land the clouds lo, there was one set up, but within a
were gathered together against her. while it appeared no more. 37 A second
3 And I beheld, and out of her wings also, and it was sooner away than the
there grew other wings hover against first. 28 And I beheld, and, lo, the two

them; é and they became little wings that remained thought also in themselves (mg.), 22,

and small. 4j But her heads were at to reign : 29 and while they so thought,
rest: the head in the midst was greater behold, there awaked tone of the heads rer. 4.
than the other heads, yet rested it with that were at rest, namely, it that was in
them. 5 Moreover I beheld, and, lo, the the midst; for that was greater than
eagle flew with her wings, to reign over the two other heads. 30 And I beheld
the earth, and over them that dwell how that it joined u the two other heads “('. ver. 1.
therein. 6 And I beheld how that all with it. 31 And, behold, the head was
things under heaven were subject unto turned with them that were with it, and
her, and no man spake against her, no, did eat up the two 3 under wings that
not one creature upon earth. 7 And I thought to have reigned. 32 But this
beheld, and, lo, the eagle rose upon her head held the whole earth in possession,
talons, and uttered her voice to her and bare rule over those that dwell
wings, saying, 8 Watch not all at once: therein v with much oppression; and itch. 12. 24.
sleep every one in his own place, and had the governance of the world more
watch by course: 9 but let the heads be than all the wings that had been. 33 w AndÇp. ch. 12.
preserved for the last. 10 And I beheld, after this I beheld, and, lo, the head also
k and, lo, the voice went not out of her that was in the midst suddenly appeared
heads, but from the midst of her body. no more, like as the wings. 34 But there
11 And I numbered 2l her wings that remained the two heads, & which also in Cp. ch. 12.
were over against the other, and, be like sort reigned over the earth, and
hold, there were eight of them. 12 And over those that dwell therein. 35 y And Cr. ch. 12.
I beheld, and, lo, mon the right side I beheld, and, lo, the head upon the
there arose one wing, and reigned over right side devoured it that was upon the
all the earth; 13 and so it was, that left side.
when it reigned, the end of it came, and 36 Then I heard a voice, which said
it appeared not, so that the place thereof unto me, Look before thee, and con-
appeared no more: and the next follow- sider the thing that thou seest.

37 And
ing rose up, and reigned, and it bare rule I beheld, and, lo, as it were %a 12. 31.
a great time ; 14 and it happened, that roused out of the wood roaring: and I
when it reigned, the end of it came also, heard how that he sent out a man's
so that it appeared no more, like as the voice unto the eagle, and spake, saying,
first. 15 And, lo, there came a voice 38 Hear thou, I will talk with thee, and
unto it, and said, 16 Hear thou that hast the Most High shall say unto thee,
borne rule over the earth all this time: 39 Art not thou it that remainest of a the

this I proclaim unto thee, before thou four beasts, whom I made to reign in "Cp. ch. 12. shalt appear no more, 17 n There shall my world, that the end of my times

none after thee attain unto thy time, might come through them? 40 And bthe Dan. 7. 7,
neither unto the half thereof. i8 Then fourth came, and overcame all the beasts
arose the third, and had the rule as the that were past, and held the world in
others before, and it also appeared no governance with great trembling, and

19 So went it with all the wings the whole compass of the earth v with
one after another, as that every one grievous oppression; and so long time
bare rule, and then appeared no more. dwelt he upon the earth with deceit.
20 And I beheld, and, lo, in process of 45 And thou hast judged the earth, but
time the 8 wings that followed were set not with truth. 42 For thou hast afflicted
up upon the “right side, that they the meek, thou hast hurt the peaceable,
might rule also; and some of them thou hast hated them that speak truth,
ruled, but within a while they appeared thou hast loved liars, and destroyed the
no more: 21 some also of them were set dwellings of them that brought forth
up, but ruled not. 22 After this I be- fruit, and hast cast down the walls of
held, and, lo, P the twelve wings appeared such as did thee no harm. 43 Therefore

no more, nor atwo of the little wings: is thy insolent dealing come up unto the (mg.).

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& Dan. 7. 3.


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23 and there was no more left upon the Most High, and thy pride unto the eagle's body, " but the three heads that Mighty. 44 The Most High also hath rested, and a six little wings. 24 And I looked upon his times, and, behold, they beheld, and, lo, 8two little wings divided are ended, and his ages are fulfilled. themselves from the six, and remained 45 And therefore appear no more, thou under the head that was upon the right eagle, nor p thy horrible wings, nor lthy

ver. 4, 29.

. ch. 12 2.

1 So the chief Oriental versions. The latin has only and were gathered together. 2 The Syriac has her little wings, anul, c. 3 The Syriac has littie uings. The Ethiopic has left.

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