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& Acts 14. 16.

& Mal. 3. 15.

8. 2
&1 Pet. 3.
& 2 Pet. 2.

23. 18.

17. 5.
Gen. 15.12.

& Dan, 5.

Gen. 20. 20,

and there were born of him nations and things doing even as Adam and all his

tribes, peoples and kindreds, out of generations had done: for they also 1 Cp. Gen. 6. number. 8 And I every nation walked bare a 2 wicked heart; 37 and so thou 11, 12

after their own will, and did ungodly gavest thy city over into the hands of

things before thee, and despised thy thine enemies. 28 And I said then in Cp. Gen. commandments, and rthou didst not mine heart, n Are their deeds any better " ver. 31. 6. 3

forbid them. 98 Nevertheless again in that inhabit Babylon? and hath she

process of time thou broughtest the therefore dominion over Sion? 29 For • Gen. 7. 10. flood upon those that dwelt in the it came to pass when I came hither, that

world, and destroyedst them. 10 And it I saw also impieties without number,
came to pass that the same hap befell and my soul saw many evil-doers in this
them; like as death was to Adam, so thirtieth year, so that my heart failed vor. 1.

was the flood to these. 11 Nevertheless me. 30 p For I have seen how thou PCp. Jer. Cp. Gen. one of them thou leftest, Noah with his sufferest them sinning, and hast spared

12, 1 household, even all the righteous men the ungodly doers, and hast destroyed that came of him. 12 And it came to thy people, and hast preserved thine pass, that when they that dwelt upon enemies; and 9thou hast not signified Cp. Jer. the earth began to multiply, they mul. 31 unto any how thy way may be comtiplied also children, and peoples, and prehended. r Are the deeds of Babylon " ver. 28. many nations, and began again to be better than those of Sion ? 32 Or is there more ungodly than the first. 13 And it any other nation that knoweth thee

came to pass, when they did wickedly beside Israel? or what tribes have so * Gen. 12 1. before thee, u thou didst choose thee one believed thy covenants as these tribes Cp. Gen. from among them, v whose name was of Jacob? 33 And yet their reward ap

Abraham; 14 and him thou lovedst, and peareth not, and their labour hath no

wunto him only thou shewedst the end fruit: for I have gone hither and thither * Gen. 17. 7. of the times secretly by night: 15 X and through the nations, and I see that they

madest an everlasting covenant with abound in wealth, and think not upon

him, promising him that thou wouldest thy commandments. 348 Weigh thon Cp. Job 31. y Gen. 21. 2, never forsake his seed. 26 And y unto therefore our iniquities now in the

him thou gavest Isaac, and *unto Isaac balance, and theirs also that dwell in

thou gavest Jacob and Esau. a And the world; and so shall it be found . Mal. 1. 2, thou didst set apart Jacob for thyself, which way the scale inclineth.

35 Or Rom. 9. 13.

but didst put by Esau: and Jacob be- when was it that they which dwell upon
came a great multitude. 17 And it came the earth have not sinned in thy sight?
to pass, that when thou leddest his seed or what nation hath so kept thy com-

Cp. Acts • Ex. 19. 1. out of Egypt, o thou broughtest them up mandments ? 36 t Thou shalt find that Deut. 4. 10.

to the mount Sinai. 18° Thou bowedst men who may be reckoned by name have

the heavens also, and d didst 1 shake the kept thy precepts; but nations thou • Ex. 19. 18. earth, and movedst the whole world, shalt not find. Cp. ch. 6

e and madest the depths to tremble, 1 And the angel that was sent unto

and troubledst the course of that age. 4 me, whose name was u Uriel, gave "ch. 5. 20 Cp. Ex. 19. 19% And thy glory went through four me an answer, 2 and said to me, v Thy Cp. ver.10,

gates, of fire, and of earthquake, and of heart hath utterly failed thee in regard.
wind, and of cold; that thou mightest ing this world, wand thinkest thou to " Cp. ver. 11
give the law unto the seed of Jacob, and comprehend the way of the Most High?

the commandment unto the generation 3 Then said I, Yea, my Lord.
* Cp. ch. 4, of Israel. 20 9 And yet tookest thou not And he answered me, and said, I am
& 7. (48)

away from them their 2 wicked heart, sent to shew thee three ways, and to set
that thy law might bring forth fruit in forth three similitudes before thee: * Cp. ver, 5.
them. 21 h For the first Adam bearing 4 whereof if thou canst declare me one,
a ?wicked heart transgressed, and was I also will shew thee the way that thou
overcome; and not he only, but all they desirest to see, and I will teach thee
also that are born of him. 22 Thus dis- wherefore the heart is 2 wicked.

ease was made permanent; and the 5 And I said, Say on, my Lord. 7. 7-13.

law was in the heart of the people along Then said he unto me, Go to, weigh
with the 3 wickedness of the root; so me a weight of fire, or v measure me a y Cp. Prov.
the good departed away, and that which measure of wind, or call me again the
was 2 wicked abode stili. 23 So the times day that is past.
passed away, and the years were brought . Then answered I and said, Who of
to an end : ) then didst thou raise thee the sons of men is able to do this, that

up & servant, called David, 24 k whom thou shouldest ask me of such things ?
kCp 2 Sam.
7. 3, 12, 13.

thou commandedst to build a city lunto 7 And he said unto me, If I had asked 1 Jer. 25. 29. thy name, and to offer oblations unto thee, saying, How many dwellings are * i Chr. 29. thee therein mof thine own. 25 When there in the heart of the sea ? zor how Cp. Jobs 14, 16.

this was done many years, then they many springs are there at the fountain
that inhabited the city did evil, 26 in all head of the deep? or how many ways

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10. 35.

Sam. 22. 10.

16 • Ps. 77. 16.

16, 18
See Pe. 18.


& ch. 5. 34 & 7. 19.

30, 31

Ach. 4. 30 & 7. 48.

See Rom.

30. 4.

ii Sam. 16.



1 So some versions. Lat. set fast. 2 Or, corrupt * So the Syriac. The Latin has how this way may be left.

3 Or, corruptness 6 After the Oriental versions.

& 79. 4. Tobit 3. 4. Baruch 2.4 & 3. 8.

& 8. 52

Three 9.

6, 7.

& 6. 57. * Isai. 40.22 Cp. Ps. 109

9. 16.

• James 4. 14.

6. 27.

1 Cor. 7. 31.


10, 11.

& 2.

1. 28

& 3. 23.

46, 47.


are above the firmament? or which are by us daily; ' because Israel is given up Ps. 44. IS,

the outgoings lof hell? or which are as a reproach to the heathen, and the ach. 6. 2 the paths of a paradise ? 8 peradventure people whom thou hast loved mis given

7, 138), 53 thou wouldest say unto me, bI never over unto ungodly nations, and the law b Op. Deut.

went down into the deep, nor as yet of our forefathers is made of none effect, Cp. Joel 2. 30. 12, 13

17. into hell, neither did I ever climb up and the written covenants are nowhere

Song of & Rom. 10 into heaven. 9c Nevertheless now have regarded, 24 and we pass away out of I asked thee but only of the fire and the world nas grasshoppers, and o our

(D, c. 5. 28 CT: Fccles. wind, and of the day, things where life is as a 1 vapour, neither are we & Wisdom through thou hast passed, and without worthy to obtain mercy. 25 P What will

which thou canst not be, and yet hast he then do for his name I whereby we
thou given me no answer of them. are called? Of these things have I
10 He said moreover unto me, Thine asked.

P Josh. 7. 9. own things, that are grown up with 26 Then answered he me, and said, If See Num.

thee, canst thou not know; 11 how then thou be alive, thou shalt see, and if thou dch. 7.88). can athy vessel ecomprehend the way livest long, thou shalt marvel; rforch. 6. 20. Cp. 2 Cor.

of the Most High ? and how can he that the world hasteth fast to pass away. & 1 Thess. is already worn out with the corrupted 27 For it is not able to bear the things 1 John 2.

world understand 3 incorruption ? that are promised to the righteous in & 1 Pet. 3.

CP, ch. 14 7.

12 + And when I heard these things I the times to come: $for this world is Cp. rer. 2. fell upon my face, and said unto him, full of sadness and infirmities. 28 For Cp. Rom. 1 Cp. Ezek.

o It were better that we were not here the evil 9whereof thou askest me is

at all, than that we should come hither sown, but the gathering thereof is not * Cp, ch..

and live in the midst of ungodliness, and yet come. 29 If therefore that which is
suffer, and not know wherefore.

sown be not reaped, and if the place
13 He answered me, and said, 5 The where the evil is sown pass not away,
woods of the trees of the field went there cannot come the field where the
forth, and took counsel together, 14 and good is sown. 30 + For a grain of evil Cp. ch. 3.
said, Come, let us go and make war seed was sown in the heart of Adam & 7. 48
against the sea, that it may depart away from the beginning, and how much
before us, and that we may make us wickedness hath it brought forth unto
more woods. 15 The waves of the sea this time! and how much shall it yet
also in like manner took counsel together, bring forth u until the 10 time of threshing Op. Matt.
and said, Come, let us go up and subdue come! 31 Ponder now by thyself, how
the wood of the plain, that there also great fruit of wickedness a grain of evil

we may make us another country. 16 The seed hath brought forth. 32 When the Cp. Judg. counsel of the wood was in vain, for h the ears which are without number shall be

fire came and consumed it: 17 likewise sown, how great a floor shall they fill!

also the counsel of the waves of the sea, 33 Then I answered and said, ilu How Cp. Rev.6. I Cp. Job for the sand stood up and stopped them. long? and when shall these things come & Ps. 104.9

18 If thou wert judge now betwixt these to pass ? wherefore are our years w few * Cp. c. 7. & Jer. 5. 22. two, whom wouldest thou justify, or and evil ? whom condemn ?

34 And he answered me, and said, 19 I answered and said, It is a foolish Thou dost not hasten more than the * Cp. ch. 6. counsel that they both have taken, for Most High: for thy haste is 12 for thine

the ground is given unto the wood, and own self, but he that is above hasteneth jCp. Gen. 1. the place of the sea is given to bear his on behalf of many. 35 y Did not the waves.

souls of the righteous ask question of 20 Then answered he me, and said, these things in their 2 chambers, saying, Cp. Rev.6. Thou hast given a right judgement, and How long 18 are we here? when cometh

*C why judgest thou not in thine own case the fruit of the 10threshing time of our ° C), cho 21 For like as the ground is given unto reward ? 36 And unto them Jeremiel

the wood, and the sea to his waves, the archangel gave answer, and said, k Cp. Isal, keven so they that dwell upon the earth a Even when the number is fulfilled of & John 3. may understand nothing but that which them that are like unto you. For he "CP. Iki.

is upon the earth: and he only that hath weighed the world in the balance; Cp. Wisdwelleth above the heavens may under- 37 c and by measure hath he measured

dom 11. 30. stand the things that are above the the times, and by number hath he numheight of the heavens.

bered the seasons; and he shall not 22 Then answered I and said, I beseech 14 move nor stir them, until the said

& 7. 17. (58)

& 12.7 thee, O Lord, 6 wherefore is the power measure be fulfilled. of understanding given unto me? 23 For 38 Then answered I and said, do Lord Cp. ch. 8. it was not my mind to be curious of the that bearest rule, yet even we all are

/ See Acts ways above, but of such things as pass full of impiety: 391 and for our sakes

3. 12
& 13. 30, 39
& Rev. 14.

9. 15.

[blocks in formation]

3. 19-21.

1 So the Syriac. The Latin omits of hell, or which are the paths. 2 Another reading is, from which thou canst not be separated. Syriac and Æthiopic, the way of the incorruptible. * So the Syriac and Æthiopic. The Latin is corrupt. * So the Oriental versions. The Latin is corrupt. See Judg. 9.&

& After the Oriental versions. 7 So the chief Oriental versions. The Latin is corrupt. # So the Syriac. ? So the Syriac and Ethiopic. 10 Or, threshing-floor 11 So the chief Oriental versions. 12 So the Syriac. The latin is corrupt. 13 So the Syriac. The Latin has shall I hope on this fashion )

14 Syr. reat.

39, 40

& Dan. 7.7.

2. 11


& ch. 7. 32

3. 11, 12

Cp. Matt. 10. 21

& 6. 11
& 8. $23
& 12. 7
& 14. 22.



peradventure it is that the threshing grant thee to live, thou shalt see P that ' Cp. ch. 11. time of the righteous is kept back, be- which is after the third kingdom to be

& 12. 11 cause of the sins of them that dwell troubled; and the sun shall suddenly upon the earth.

shine forth in the night, and the moon 40 So he answered me, and said, Go in the day: 5 and blood shall drop out thy way to a woman with child, and ask of wood, and a the stone shall give his Cp. Hab. of her when she hath fulfilled her nine voice, and the peoples shall be troubled;

& Luke 19. months, if her womb may keep the birth and their goings shall be changed: any longer within her.

6 and he shall rule, whom they that 4. Then said I, No, Lord, that can it | dwell upon the earth look not for, and not.

the fowls shall take their flight away And he said unto me, In the grave together: 7 and the Sodomitish sea shall 5 Cpver. 35 the chambers of souls are like the cast out fish, and make a noise in the

womb: 42 for like as a woman that night, which many have not known: but (mg.).

travaileth maketh haste to escape the all shall hear the voice thereof. 8 There
anguish of the travail : even so do these shall be chaos also in many places, and
places haste to deliver those things that the fire shall be oft sent out, and the
are committed unto them from the begin wild beasts shall change their places,
ning. 43 Then shall it be shewed thee and women shall bring forth monsters:
concerning those things which thou de 9 and r salt waters shall be found in the Cp, James
sirest to see.
sweet, and sall friends shall destroy one

.ch. 6. 24. Ach. 5. 56 44 Then answered I and said, "If I another; (then shall wit hide itself, and have found favour in thy sight, and if it understanding withdraw itself into its

& Mark 13 be possible, and if I be meet therefore, chamber; 10 and it shall be sought of

45 shew me this also, é whether there be many, and shall not be found: and uun- Cp. Prov. iCp. ver. 50. more to come than is past, or whether righteousness and incontinency shall be

* Cp. ver. 2 the more part is gone over us. 46 For multiplied upon earth. 11 One land also what is gone I know, but what is for to shall ask another, and say, Is righteouscome I know not.

ness, is a man that doeth righteousness, 47 And he said unto me, Stand up gone through thee? And it shall say, upon the right side, and I shall expound No. 12 And it shall come to pass at the similitude unto thee.

that time that men shall hope, but shall 48 So I stood, and saw, and, behold, a not obtain: they shall labour, but their hot burning oven passed by before me: ways shall not prosper. 13° To shew ver. 1. and it happened, that when the flame thee snch tokens I have leave; and if was gone by I looked, and, behold, the thou wilt pray again, and weep as now, smoke remained still. 49 After this there and wfast seven days, thou shalt hearch. 6. 31, passed by before me a watery cloud, and yet greater things than these. sent down much rain with a storm; and 14 Then I awaked, and an extreme when the stormy rain was past, the drops trembling went through my body, and remained therein still.

my mind was troubled, so that it * Cp. ver. 50 Then said he unto me, Consider fainted. 15 So the angel that was come & ch. 12. 5. with thyself; as the rain is more than to talk with me held me, y comforted ch. 10. 30.

Cp. Dan. the drops, and as the fire is greater than me, and set me up upon my feet.

10. 10, 11. up, ver. 4: the smoke, iso the quantity which is 16 And in the second night it came to & ch. 14. 11,

past did more exceed; but the drops pass, that Phaltiel the captain of the
and the smoke remained still.

people came unto me, saying, Where
5. Then I prayed, and said, May I hast thou been ? and a why is thy coun- • Neh. 2. 2
live, thinkest thou, until that time? or tenance sad ? 17 or knowest thou not
who shall be in those days?

that Israel is committed unto thee in 5a He answered me, and said, k As for the land of their captivity? 18 Up then, the tokens whereof thou askest me, I and eat some bread, and forsake us not, may tell thee of them in part: but as a as the shepherd that leaveth his flock Cp. John touching thy life, I am not sent to in the hands of cruel wolves. 19 Then shew thee; for I do not know it. said I unto him, Go thy ways from me,

· Nevertheless as concerning k the and come not nigh me for w seven days,

tokens, behold, the days shall come, and then shalt thou come unto me. Cp. Luke

that they which dwell upon earth And he heard what I said, and went shall be taken 2 with great amazement, from me.

mand the way of truth shall be hidden, 20 And so I w fasted seven days, mourn. * Cp. Luke and the land n shall be barren of faith. ing and weeping, like as "Uriel the angel ch. 4. 1

ch. 4. 52.



k ch. 5. 13
& 6. 12
& 7. 6.

10. 12.

ich. 6. 24.


21. 26.

20 But iniquity shall be increased above commanded me. 21 And after seven days & Biatt:24. that which now thou seest, or that thou so it was, c that the thoughts of my heart Cp. ch. 6. hast heard long ago. 3 And the land, were very grievous unto me again, za and

86, 37 that thou seest now to have rule, shall my soul d recovered the spirit of under be waste and "untrodden, and men shall standing, and I began to speak words Cp. ver. 14. see it desolate. 4 But if the Most High before the Most High again, 23 and said,

3 ch. 11. 18

& 10. 28.

18.8. • ver.


& 7.15 & 9. 27.

? Or, threshing-floor

? So the Syriac. 3 According to some Oriental versions, the air.

The Syriac has Pealtiel.





12. 12

A Hos. 14. 5.

12. 11.


&79. 13 & 20.1.



28. 33,

& 6. 34.

24. 14

2. 18. #ch. 4. 1.

. See ch. 4. O Lord that bearest rule, of all the 40 Then said he unto me, Like as thou

woods of the earth, and of all the trees canst do none of these things that I Ps. 80. & thereof, thou hast chosen thee Sone have spoken of, even so canst thou not Cp. ch, 9.

vine: 34 and of all the lands of the find out my judgement, or v the end of Co. Isai. & Isai. 5. 1, world thou hast chosen thee one Icoun. the love that I have promised unto my

try: and of all the flowers of the world people. 3Cp. Deut.

thou hast chosen thee one hlily: 25 and 41 And I said, But, lo, O Lord, thou & Isai. 51.1 of all the depths of the sea thou hast hast made the promise unto them that (for mg..

filled thee i one river: and of all builded be in the end : and what shall they do Op. S. of 8. cities thou hast hallowed Sion unto that have been before us, or we that be 2 1, 2.

thyself: 26 and of all the fowls that now, or they that shall come after us? iCp. Ps. 46.

are created thou hast named thee kone 42 And he said unto me, I will liken See Deut. dove: and of all the cattle that are my judgement unto a ring: zlike as "Cp 1 Thess.

15. made thou hast provided thee one there is no slackness of them that be k Cp. Ps. 74.

Isheep: 37 and among all the multitudes last, even so there is no swiftness of p. Ps. 741 of peoples thou hast gotten thee one them that be first.

people: and unto this people, mwhom 43 So I answered and said, Couldest * Sue Deut. thou lovedst, thou gavest a law that is thou not make them to be at once

approved of all. 28 And now, O Lord, that have been made, and that be *C. ch. 4. why hast nthou given this one people now, and that are for to come; a that • Cp. ch. 2.

41 & 6. 57.

over unto many, and 2 hast dishonoured thou mightest shew thy judgement the • See Lov.

the one root above others, and hast sooner?
scattered thine only one among many? 44 Then answered he me, and said,
29 And they which did gainsay thy pro- "The creature may not haste above the Co. ch. 4.
mises have trodden them down that creator; neither may the world hold

believed thy covenants. 30 If thou dost them at once that shall be created
PCp 2 Sam. so much hate thy people, P they should therein.
& Ecclus.

be punished with thine own hands. 45 And I said, How hast thou said

31 Now when I had spoken these unto thy servant, that 8 thou wilt surely
words, the angel that came to me the make alive at once the creature that
night afore was sent unto me, 32 and thou hast created ? *If therefore they
said unto me, Hear me, and I will in- shall be alive at once, and the creature
struct thée; hearken unto me, and I shall sustain them: even so it might
shall tell thee more.

now also support them to be present at
33 And I said, Speak on, my Lord. once.
Then said he unto me, Thou art sore 46 And he said unto me, Ask the womb
troubled in mind for Israel's sake: of a woman, and say unto her, If thou
r lovest thou that people better than bringest forth ten children, why doest
he that made them?

thou it at several times ? pray her there-
34 And I said, No, Lord: but of very fore to bring forth ten children at once.

grief have I spoken: for my reins tor- 47 And I said, She cannot: but must Op. ch. 4 2 ment me every hour, while I labour 8 to do it by distance of time.

comprehend the way of the Most High, 48 Then said he unto me, Even so have
and to seek out part of his judgement. I given the womb of the earth to those See ch. 10.

35 And he said unto me, Thou canst that be sown therein in their several

not. And I said, Wherefore, Lord, or times. 49 For like as a young child may Job 3.11. whereunto was I born? or i why was not bring forth, neither dshe that is Cp. Gen. Jer. 20. 17. not my mother's womb then my grave, grown old bring forth any more, even

18. 12, 13

& Luke 1. that I might not have seen the travail so have I disposed the world which I of Jacob, and the wearisome toil of the created. stock of Israel ?

50 And I asked, and said, Seeing thou "Op. Ec- 36 And he said unto me, u Number me hast now shewed me the way, I will clus. 1. 2.

them that are not yet come, gather me speak before thee: Is our mother, of ever. **
together the drops that are scattered whom thou hast told me, still young ?
abroad, make me the flowers green or doth she now draw nigh unto age ?

again that are withered, 37 open me 51 He answered me, and said, Ask a ob. 4. 35. v the chambers that are closed, and woman that beareth children, and she

bring me forth the winds that in them shall tell thee. 52 Say unto her, Where-
are shut up, or shew me the image of a fore are not they whom thou hast now
voice: and then I will declare to thee brought forth like those that were before,

the travail that thou askest to see. but less of stature? 53 And she also Seo ch. 4. 38 And I said, w0 Lord that bearest shall answer thee, They that be born in

rule, who may know these things, but the strength of youth are of one fashion,

he that hath not his dwelling with men and they that are born in the time of * Cp. Jer. 1. 39 * As for me, I am unwise: how may I age, when the womb faileth, are other. sop. Gen. then speak of these things whereof thou wise. 54 Consider therefore thou also,

eh. 8. $7.

& 12. 4,



& Ecclus. 40. 1.


& Num. 13 askest me?

how that Iye are less of stature than

! After the Oriental versions. The Latin has pik 2 After the Oriental versions. The Latin reads hast prepared.

3 So the Syriac. • The Latin omits I/... alire at once.


& 43. 2. Rev. 1. 35 & 14.2

& 9. 2.

8. 2323 See Gen. 1. 1.

6 , be me

40. 2.

12. 22

[ocr errors]

m ver. 41. See Gen. 1. 6, 7.


28. 2.

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3. 6.

6. 20.

24. 30
& Luke 21.

those that were before you. 55 And so heard it vI stood up upon my feet, and ch. 14. 2.

Cp. ver. 13. . See ch. are they that come after yon less than hearkened, and, behold, vthere was a

ye, as born of the creature which now voice that spake, and the sound of it ch. R. 18

beginneth to be old, and is past the was like the sound of many waters. Ezek. 1. 24 strength of youth.

18 And it said, Behold, the days come, 56 Then said I, Lord, I beseech thee, and it shall be that when I draw nigh

& 19. 6. gif I have found favour in thy sight, a to visit them that dwell upon the earth,

.ch. 8. 56 shew thy servant by whom k thou visitest 19 and when I shall make inquisition of thy creature.

them that have done hurt unjustly with iCp. Prov.

1 And he said unto me, In the their unrighteousness, and bwhen the Cp. Isai. before the outgoings of the world when the seal shall be set upon cthe See ch. 4. were fixed, or ever the gatherings of the world that is to pass away, then will I winds blew, 2 before the voices of the shew these tokens: dthe books shall be a Dan. 7. 10.

Rev. 20.12. thunder sounded and before the flashes opened before the firmament, and all

of the lightning shone, or ever the foun- shall see together: 21 and the children I See ch.4 dations of 1 paradise were laid, 3 before of a year old shall speak with their 7.

kthe fair flowers were seen, or ever the voices, the women with child shall bring kCp. ver. 44

powers of the earthquake were esta forth untimely children at three or four I Cp. Heb. blished, before the innumerable hosts months, and they shall live, and dance.

of angels were gathered together, 4 or 22 And suddenly shall the sown places
ever the heights of the air were lifted appear unsown, the full storehouses

before the measures of m the firma- shall suddenly be fow empty: 33 and

ment were named, or ever n the footstool the trumpet shall give a sound, which Zech. 9. 14. * See 1 Chr. of Sion lwas established, 5 and ere the when every man heareth, they shall be

present years were sought out, and or suddenly afraid. 24 At that time I shall 1 Cor. 18. ever the imaginations of them that now friends make war one against another

Cp. Amos . ch. 2. 38. sin were estranged, before they were like enemies, and ø the earth shall stand PCp. Matt. sealed that have gathered faith for Pa in fear with those that dwell therein, See ch. 5. 8.

I Cp. Matt. treasure: 6 then did I consider these the springs of the fountains shall stand things, and they all were made through still, so that for three hours they shall me alone, and through none other : as not run.

35 And it shall be that "who-Matt. 10. by me also they shall be ended, and by soever remaineth after all these things 22 none other.

that I have told thee of, he shall be 7 Then answered I and said, What saved, i and shall see my salvation, and ch. 9. 8. shall be the parting asunder of the the end of my world. 26 And they shall times? or when shall be the end see the men that have been taken up, 8. the first, and the beginning of it that who k have not tasted death from their & 14. 9. followeth ?

birth: land the heart of the inhabitants - Matt. 16. 8 And he said unto me, From 29 Abra- shall be changed, and turned into another (for mg.).

ham unto 8 Abraham, inasmuch as Jacob meaning. 37 For evil shall be blotted out, Gen25, 26and Esau were born of him, rfor Jacob's and deceit shall be quenched; 28 mand

Cp. John Hos. 12. 3.

hand held the heel of Esau from the faith shall flourish, and corruption shall & Heb. 2. 9. beginning. For Esau is the end of be overcome, mand the truth, which Op. Mal. 4. this world, and Jacob is the beginning hath been so long without fruit, shall

* Cp. ch. 7. of it that followeth. 10 * The beginning be declared. of a man is his hand, and the end of 29 And when he talked with me, behold, a man is his heel; between the heel by little and little n the place whereon I *Cp. ver. 14. and the hand seek thou nought else, stood Brocked to and fro. 30 And he Esdras.

said unto me, These things came I to • See ch. 4. 11 I answered then and said, 80 Lord shew thee 6this night. 31 If therefore

that bearest rule, gif I have found favour thou wilt pray yet again, and 5. 13, 20.

in thy sight, 12 I beseech thee, shew thy seven days more, PI shall yet'tell thee P ch. 13. 56. See ch. 5. servant the end of thy tokens, t whereof greater things than these. 32 For thy

thou shewedst me part the last night. voice hath surely been heard before the

13 So he answered and said unto me, Most High: qfor the Mighty hath seen Cp. ch. 10. "Çp. ch. 10. - Stand up upon thy feet, and thou shalt thy righteous dealing, he hath seen & Ezek. 2. hear va mighty sounding voice; 14 wand aforetime also thy chastity, which thou

if the place whereon thou standest be hast had ever since thy youth. 33 r And & Dan. 8.

greatly moved, 15 when it speaketh be therefore bath he sent me to shew Op. Dan. 9.

not thou afraid : for the word is of the thee all these things, and to say unto Cp. Dan.

end, and the foundations of the earth thee, Be of good comfort, and fear not. See. ch. 7. ** Cp.ver. 29. shall understand, 16 that the speech is 34 And be not hasty in regard of the Cp. ch. 4. * Cp. ch. 3. of them: x they shall tremble and be former times, to think vain things, that

moved: for they know that their end thou mayest not hasten in the latter must be changed.

times. 17 And it happened, that when I had 35 And it came to pass after this, that I So the Syriac. ? Perhaps for Abram. 3 Another reading is, Isaac. * So the Byriac, &c. The Latin is defective. 5 After the Oriental versions. The Latin is corrupt. 6 So the Syriac. The Latin is corrupt.

7 The Lati has tell thee by day.


? Gen. 17.5

28. Mark 9. 1. Luke 9. 27.

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& 5. 44.


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