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6. 43, 44



Ps. 72. 4 & 76. 3.

50, 51.

y See ver. 2

5. 52.

inhabited by a mixed multitude of di- will be shewn to these. 25 So when
vers nations; and it was named Caspin. he had with many words confirmed the
14 But they that were within, trusting agreement to restore them without hurt,
to the strength of the walls and to their they let him go that they might save
store of provisions, behaved themselves their brethren.
rudely toward Judas and them that were 26 C And Judas, marching against 3 Car-Cp.1 Macc.
with him, railing, and furthermore blas. nion and the temple of Atergatis, slew five
pheming and speaking impious words. and twenty thousand persons. 27 And

15 But Judas and his company, calling after he had put these to flight and
w See ch. 3. upon w the great Sovereign of the world, destroyed them, dhe marched against 1 Macc. 5.

who without rams and cunning engines Ephron also, a strong city, ?wherein
* Josh. 6. 20. of war x hurled down Jericho in the times were multitudes of people of all na.
Heb. 11.30. of Joshua, rushed wildly against the tions; and stalwart young men placed

wall; 36 and having taken the city by on the walls made a vigorous defence;
the will of God, thoy made unspeakable and there were great stores of engines
slaughter, insomuch that the adjoining and darts there. 28 But calling upon
lake, which was two furlongs broad, w the Sovereign who with might e break. Job 34. 24.
appeared to be filled with the deluge of eth in pieces the strength of 10 the enemy,

they got the city into their hands, and 1 Macc. 6.
17 And when they had drawn off seven slew as many as twenty and five thou.
hundred and fifty furlongs from thence, sand of them that were within. 29 And
they made their way to Charax, unto setting out from thence they marched in
the Jews that are called 1 Tubieni. haste against 9 Scythopolis, which is dis Cp.1 Mace.
18 And y Timotheus they found not in tant from Jerusalem six hundred fur-
occupation of that district, for he had longs. 30 But when the Jews that were
then departed from the district without settled there testified of the good will
accomplishing anything, but had left be. that the Scythopolitans had shewn to-
hind a garrison, and that a very strong ward them, and of their kindly bearing
one, in a certain post. 19 But Dositheus toward them in the times of their mis-
and Sosipater, who were of Maccabæus's fortune, 31 they gave thanks, and further
captains, sallied forth and destroyed exhorted them to remain well affected
those that had been left by Timotheus toward the race for the future; and
in the stronghold, above ten thousand they went up to Jerusalem, ithe feast " See

1 Macc, 6. 20 And Maccabæus, ranging his of weeks being close at hand. own army by bands, set 2 these two over 32 But after the feast called ; Pentecost Deut. 16.

the bands, and marched in haste against kthey marched in haste against Gorgias Chr. 8. 13. "Cp. 1 Mace. Timotheus, zwho had with him a hun the governor of Idumea: 33 and he came Tobit 2 1.

dred and twenty thousand footmen and out with three thousand footmen and
two thousand and five hundred horse four hundred horsemen. 34. And when

kCp 1 Mace.
21 But when Timotheus heard of they had set themselves in array, it came
the inroad of Judas, he at once sent to pass that a few of the Jews fell. ch. 10. 14,
away the women and the children and 35 And a certain Dositheus, one 11 of
also the baggage into the fortress called Bacenor's company, who was on horse-
*Carnion; for the place was hard to be back and a strong man, pressed hard on
siege and difficult of access by reason of Gorgias, and taking hold of his cloke

the narrowness of the approaches on all drew him along by main force; and
*Cp.1 Macc. sides. 22 a But when the band of Judas, while he was minded to take the ac-

who led the van, appeared in sight, and cursed man alive, one of the Thracian
when terror came upon the enemy and horsemen bore down upon him and dis-
fear, because b the manifestation of him abled his shoulder, and so Gorgias
who beholdeth all things came upon escaped unt m Marisa.

And when * 1 Mace, 8.
them, they filed amain, carried this way they that were with Esdris had been
and that, so that they were often hurt fighting long and were wearied out, Ju-
of their own men, and pierced with the das called upon the Lord to shew him-
points of their swords. 23 And Judas con- self, fighting on their side and leading 149, 10

& Mic. 1. tinued the pursuit the more hotly, putting the van of the battle; 37 and then nin the wicked wretches to the sword, and the language of his fathers he raised the "See eh. 7. he destroyed as many as thirty thousand battle-cry joined with hymns, and rushmen. 24 But y Timotheus himself, falling ing unawares upon the troops of Gorin with the company of Dositheus and gias put them to flight. Sosipater, besought them with much 38 And Judas gathering his army came 4 crafty guile to let him go with his life, unto the city of 120 Adullam; and as becanse he had in his power the parents the seventh day was coming on, P they Cp. Num. of many of them and the brethren of purified themselves according to the some: botherwise, said he, little regard custom, and I kept the sabbath there. Cp. ch. &.



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See Acts 2. 1.


5. 63.

Seel Macc.
3. 38.

6. 43.

. See ch. 2

66 (mg.),
Cp. Josh.
16. 44
& 2 Chr. 11.



. See Gen. 38. 1.

31. 19.


That is, men of Tob: see Judg. 11. 3, 2 Sam. 10. 6, and compare 1 Mace, 6. 13. 2 Gr. them. 3 Comare Carnain, 1 Macc. 5. 26, 43, 44. 4 Gr. jugglery. 5 Gr. and the result will be that these be disregarded. The Greek text here is perhaps corrupt. # Or, have been shewn 7 The Greek text here is perhaps corrupt. 8 Gr. in front of. 9 Some authorities read weight. 10 Or, his enemies

11 The Greek text is uncertain. 12 Gr. Odollam.

& 5. 15.

Tver. 8, 9.
See Deut.

+ See ver, 6.

See ch. 4. 19.



39 And on the day following, lat which fifty cubits high, full of ashes, and it
time it had become necessary, Judas and had all round it a 'gallery 10 descending
his company came to take up the bodies sheer on every side into the ashes.
of them that had fallen, "and in com- Here him that is eguilty of sacrilege, p. ch. 4.
pany with their kinsmen to bring them or hath attained a preeminence in any
back unto the sepulchres of their fathers. other evil deeds, they 11 all push forward
40 But under the garments of each one into destruction. 7 By such a fate it
of the dead they found Sconsecrated befell the breaker of the law, Menelaus,
tokens of the idols of rJamnia, swhich to die, without obtaining so much as

the law forbids the Jews to have anght a grave in the earth, and that 9. 6. 7. 25, 26

to do with; and it became clear to all justly; 8 for inasmuch as he had perpe-
that it was for this cause that they had trated many sins 12 against the altar,
fallen. 41 All therefore, blessing the whose fire and whose ashes were holy,

works of the Lord, the righteous Judge, in ashes did he receive his death.
* 1 Cor. 4. 5. u who maketh manifest the things that 9 Now the king, 18 infuriated in spirit,

are hid, 42 betook themselves unto suppli- was coming with intent to inflict on the
cation, beseeching that the sin committed Jews the very worst of the sufferings
might be wholly blotted out. And the that had befallen them in his father's
noble Judas exhorted the multitude to time. 10 But when Judas heard of these
keep themselves from sin, forsomuch as things, he gave charge to the multitude
they had seen before their eyes what to call upon the Lord day and night,
things had come to pass because of the beseeching him, if ever at any other time,
sin of them that had fallen. 43 And so now to succour them that were at the
when he had made a collection man point to be deprived of the law and their
by man to the sum of two thousand country and the holy temple, 11 and not

vdrachmas of silver, he sent unto Jeru- to suffer the people that had been but * See Lev.

salem to offer wa sacrifice for sin, doing now a little while revived to fall into

therein right well and honourably, in the hands of those profane heathen. * See ch. 7. that he took thought for wa resurrection. 12 So when they had all done the same

44 For if he were not expecting that they thing together, 14 beseeching 9 the merci chi.. that had fallen would rise again, it were ful Lord h with weeping and fastings and

A Cp. Joel 2 superfluous and idle to pray for the dead. prostration for three days without ceas- 12

45 (And if he did it looking unto an ing, Judasexhorted them and commanded Cp. ch. 10. » Cp. ver. 43. honourable memorial of gratitude laid they should join him for service. 13 And

up for them that die 5 in godliness, having gone apart with the elders he re-
holy and godly was the thought.) Where. solved that, before the king's army should
fore he made v the propitiation for them enter into Judæa and make themselves
that had died, that they might be re- masters of the city, they should go forth
leased from their sin.

and try the matter in fight I by the help ch.8 93 *Cp 1 Macc.

Chi ver. 17. to Judas and his company that ing them that were with him to contend See ch. 1. ch. 10.10, a Antiochus Eupator was coming with nobly even unto death 'for laws, temple, ch. stane

great multitudes against Judæa, 2 and city, country, 1?commonwealth, he pitched p1 Mace.

with him a Lysias his guardian and chan his camp by m Modin. 15 And n having "Cpl Macc. cellor, 6 each having a Greek force, ba given out to his men the watchword, i Macc. 2. 0. 30. hundred and ten thousand footmen, and VICTORY is God's, with a chosen body of

* Cr ch. five thousand and three hundred horse the bravest young men he fell upon the men, and two and twenty elephants, camp o by night and penetrated to the ch. & 7 and three hundred chariots armed with king's 18tent, and slew 11 of the 19 army as

& 12 6, 9. scythes.

many as two thousand men, and 11 brought 3 And Menelaus also joined himself down the chiefest elephant with him that with them, and with great dissimulation was in the 20 tower upon him. 16 And at encouraged Antiochus, not for the saving last they filled the 19 army with terror of his country, but because he thought and alarm, and departed with good sucthat he would be set over the govern. cess. 17 And this had been accomplished

ment. 4 But the d King of kings stirred when the day was but now dawning, beRev. 17. 14 up the passion of Antiochus against the cause of the Lord's protection that gave

wicked wretch; and when Lysias in- 21 Judas help.
formed him that this man was the cause 18 But the king, having had a taste of
of all the evils, the king commanded to the exceeding boldness of the Jews, made ? See
bring him unto Bercea, and 8to put him attempts by stratagem upon their posi-
to death after the manner of that place. tions, 19 and upon a strong fortress of the

Cal Macc. 5 Now there is in that place a tower of Jews at p Bethsura; he advanced, I was

& 12 11 & 15. 35.

6. 20.

13 ninth year tidings were brought to k the 16 Lord of the world, and exhort


1 Macc. 6. 17.

& 21.

* See


See ch, 4 03.

di Tim. 6.


& 19. 16.

1 Macc. +

6. 31.

1 The Greek text here is uncertain. 2 Or, and to bring them back to be with their kinsmen in the
sepulchres 3 Perhaps these were consecrated images of the idols. . Gr. fall asleep. 5 Or, on
the side of godliness 6 The Greek text here is corrupt.

7 Or, spirit 8 The Greek text here is
perhaps corrupt. * Gr. contrirance or machine. 19 Or, sloping steeply 1 The Greek text here
is probably corrupt. 12 Gr. about. 13 Some anthorities read indignant. 14 Gr. and besought.
15 Some authorities read the Loril. 16 Some authorities read Creator,


19 Gr.

Or, mode of life court.

0 Gr. house.

21 Gr. him.

19 Gr, camp.

6. 49.

6. 58

6. 11. " See 1 Macc. 3. 37.

1 Macc. 3. 38.


1 Macc. 5. 15.

* ver. 2

6. 63

* See

turned back, failed, was defeated. 20 And have for the things that concern the
Judas conveyed such things as were king, and secondly because I have regard
necessary unto them that were within. also to mine own fellow-citizens: for,
21 But Rhodocus, from the Jewish ranks, through the unadvised dealing of those
made known to the enemy the secrets of of whom I spake before, our whole race

his countrymen. He was sought out, and is in no small misfortune. 9 But do "Op. 1 Macc. taken, and shut up in prison. 22 r The thou, O king, having informed thyself of

king treated with them in P Bethsura the these things severally, take thought both Cp. 1 Macc. second time, & gave his hand, took theirs, for our country and for our race, which

departed, attacked the forces of Judas, is surrounded by foes, according to the

was put to the worse, 23 heard that gracious kindness with which thou re. Sec 1 Macc. Philip who had been left as chancellor ceivest all. 10 For as long as Judas re

in u Antioch had become reckless, was maineth alive, it is impossible that the
confounded, v made to the Jews an state should find peace. 11 And when he

overture of peace, submitted himself and had spoken such words as these, at once
"Cp.1 Mace.
6. 60, 61.

sware to acknowledge all their rights, the rest of the king's Friends, having Seo ch. 8. 8.
came to terms with them and offered ill will against Judas, inflamed Demetrius
sacrifice, honoured the sanctuary and the yet more. 12 And forthwith appointing
place, 24 shewed kindness and graciously & Nicanor, who had been master of the See
received Maccabæus, left Hegemonides elephants, and making him governor of
governor from w Ptolemais even unto the Judæa, he sent him forth, 13 giving him

Gerrenians, 25 came to Ptolemais. The written instructions to make away with
men of v Ptolemais were displeased at Judas himself and to scatter them that
the treaty, for they had exceeding great were with him and to set up ? Alcimus ver. 3, .
indignation against the Jews : they de- as high priest of the 'great temple.
sired to annul the articles of the agree. 14 And those in Judæa that m had be-

*ch. 5. 27. ment. 26 x Lysias ? came forward to fore driven Judas into exile thronged to

speak, inade the best defence that was Nicanor in flocks, supposing that the Cri Mace,

possible, persuaded, pacified, made them misfortunes and calamities of the Jews
well affected, y departed unto u Antioch. would be successes to themselves.
This was the issue of the inroad and de- 15 But when the Jews heard of Nica.
parture of the king.

nor's inroad and the assanlt of the
Now after a space of three heathen, " they sprinkled earth upon

years tidings were brought to Ju- their heads and made solemn supplica1 Macc. 7.

das and his company that - Deme- tion to him who had established his See Deut. trius the son of a Seleucus, having sailed own people for evermore, and who alway, into the haven of Tripolis with a mighty making manifest his presence, upholdeth

host and a fleet, 2 had gotten possession them that are p his own portion. 169 And " See ch. 1. 6Cp.1 Macc. of the country, having made away with when the leader had given his commands,

Antiochus and Lysias his guardian. he straightway setteth out from thence, ¢ ver. 13, 26. 3 But one c Alcimus, who had formerly and joineth battle with them at a village

been high priest, and had wilfully pol. called Lessau. 17 But 9 Simon, the bro. See ch. 8.

luted himself in the times d when there ther of Judas, had encountered Nicanor, 1 Macc, 1.

was no mingling with the Gentiles, con 10 yet not till late, having received a check
sidering that there was no deliverance by reason of the sudden consternation
for him in any way, nor any more access caused by his adversaries.

unto the holy altar, 4 came to king De. 18 Nevertheless Nicanor, hearing of • 1 Macc. 7. metrius e in about the hundred and one the manliness of them that were with Ni Macc. 13. and fiftieth year, presenting to him la Judas, and their courage in fighting for

chaplet of gold and a palm, and beside their country, shrank from bringing the 9Cp. ch. 10. these some of the festal olive boughs matter to the decision of the sword.

of the temple. And for that day he held 19 Wherefore he sent Posidonius and
his peace; 5 but having gotten oppor. Theodotus and Mattathias to give and
tunity to further his own madness, being receive pledges of friendship. 20 So when
called by Demetrius into a meeting of his these proposals had been long con-
council, and asked how the Jews stood sidered, and the leader had made the
affected and what they purposed, he an- 11 troops acqnainted therewith, and it ap.

swered thereunto, 6 Those of the Jews peared that they were all of like mind, * 1 Maco. 2. that be called Åh Hasidæans, whose leader they consented to the covenants, air And Cp, Macc.

7. 27. is Judas Maccabæus, keep up war, and they appointed a day on which to meet are seditious, not suffering the kingilom together by themselves. And a litter

to find tranquillity. 7 Wherefore, having was borne forward from each army; Cp. 1 Macc. laid aside mine iancestral glory, I mean they set chairs of state; za Judas sta7. 14.

the high priesthood, I am now come tioned armed men ready in convenient Cp. 1 Macc.
4 hither; 8 first for the unfeigned care I places, 8 lest haply there should suddenly
1 The form of this word is uncertain. Compare Girzites (or Girriter), 1 Sam. 27. &. One manuscript


1 Macc. 3. 47.

[ocr errors]

1. « See ch. 3. 3.

7. 2.


d ver. 38.

& 2. 31.

[ocr errors]



& 7. 13.

2 Gr. came forward to the tribune or judgement-seat. 3 That is, Chasidim. Some anthorities read a second time. > Or, is hardly bestead 6 Or, the king's Friends likewine : Gr. preatest. * Or, they that had Red before Judas all over Judon throned The Greek text of this verse and the next is corrupt.

10 Or, and had received a check, yet not til late by reason of the sudden consternation of his adversaries 11 Or, people Gr, multitudes.

7. 30.

reads Gerarenes.

2. 65.

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ch. 3. 39 & 4. 2

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be treachery on the part of the enemy; should be set among us; 36 so now, O
they held such conference as was meet. holy Lord of all hallowing, keep unde-
23 Nicanor tarried in Jerusalem, and did filed for ever this house that hath been ch. 10. 8.
nothing to cause disturbance, but dis- lately cleansed.
missed the flocks of people that had 37 Now information was given to Ni.
gathered together. 24 And he kept Ju. canor against one Razis, an elder of
das always in his presence; he had Jerusalem, 'as being a lover of his
gained a hearty affection for the man; countrymen and a man of very good
25 he urged him to marry and beget chil. report, and one called 9Father of the Cp.1 Macc.
dren; he married, settled quietly, took Jews for his good will toward them.
part in common life.

38 For in the former times when there * See fer. 3. & ver. 3, 13. 26 But + Alcimus, perceiving the good was no mingling with the Gentiles he

will that was betwixt them, and having had been iaccused of cleaving to the 6. 6. got possession of the covenants that had Jews' religion, and had jeoparded body

been made, came unto u Demetrius and and life with all earnestness for the 1 Macc, 7.

told him that Nicanor was ill affected religion of the Jews. 39 And Nicanor,
toward the state, for he had appointed wishing to make evident the ill will
v that conspirator against his kingdom, that he bare unto the Jews, sent above
Judas, to be his successor. 27 And the five hundred soldiers to take him; 40 for
king, falling into a rage, and being ex. he thought by taking him to inflict a
asperated by the calumnies of that most calamity upon them. 4. But when the
wicked man, wrote to Nicanor, signi- 10 troops were on the point of taking the
fying that he was displeased at the cove- tower, and were forcing the door of the
nants, and commanding him to send court, and bade bring fire and burn the

Maccabæus prisoner unto w Antioch in doors, he being surrounded on every i Macc. 3.

all haste. 28 And when this message side fell upon his sword, 4 choosing
came to Nicanor, he was confounded, rather to die nobly than to fall into
and was sore troubled at the thought of the hands of the wicked wretches, and
annulling the articles that had been suffer outrage unworthy of his own
agreed upon, the man having done no nobleness: 43 but since he missed his

wrong; 29 but because there was no deal stroke through the excitement of the *Cp.1 Macc. ing against the king, whe watched his struggle, and the crowds were now

time to execute this purpose by strata- rushing within the door, he ran bravely
gem. 30 But Maccabæus, when he per- up to the wall and cast himself down
ceived that Nicanor was behaving more manfully among the crowds. 44 But as
harshly in his dealings with him, and they quickly gave back, a space was
that he had become ruder in his cus-made, and he fell on the middle of 11 his
tomary bearing, understanding that this side. 45 And having yet breath within
harshness came not of good, gathered him, and being inflamed with passion,
together not a few of his men, and con- he rose up, and though his blood gushed
cealed himself from Nicanor.

out in streams and his wounds were
31 But the other, 2 when he became grievous, he ran through the crowds,
aware that he had been bravely de- and standing upon a steep rock, 46 when

feated by the stratagem of 8 Judas, came as his blood was now well nigh spent, Cp. ch.7. Cp.1 Macc. to the great and holy temple, v while he drew forth his bowels through the

the priests were offering the usual sacri- wound, and taking them in both his
fices, and commanded them to deliver up hands he shook them at the crowds;
the man. 32 And when they declared with and calling upon him who is Lord of
oaths that they had no knowledge 12 the life and the 13 spirit ; to restore him
where the man was whom he sought, 14 these again, he thus died.
33 *he stretched forth his right hand

ik But Nicanor, hearing that " See 1 Macc. 7.

1 Mace. 3. oath: If ye will not deliver up to me the region of Samaria, resolved '1 Mace. S. Judas as a prisoner, I will lay this to set upon them with all security on 5temple of God even with the ground, the day of rest. 2 And when the Jews and will break down the altar, and I that were compelled to follow him said, will erect here a temple unto 6 a Bacchus O destroy not so savagely and bar.

for all to see. 34 And having said this barously, but give due glory to the lam. 3. 41. he departed. But the priests, stretch- day which he mthat beholdeth all things .ch. 7. 25 See 1 Kin. ing forth their hands toward heaven, n bath 15 honoured and hallowed above Ecclus. 15. called upon him that ever fighteth for other days; 3 then the thrice-accursed

*Ср. Ex. 2). our nation, in these words: 35 Thou, 10 wretch asked if there were Pa Sovereign & Cp. Acts Lord of the universe, who in thyself in heaven that had commanded to keep .ch. 8 34 Cp. 2 Chr. dhast need of nothing, wast well pleased the sabbath day. 4 And when they de- P See ch. 3.

that ea sanctuary of thy 8 habitation clared, There is the Lord, living himself

7. 29, 30.

7. 33.

. ch. 15. 32

toward the sanctuary, and sware this 15 Judas and his company were in


& ch. 6. 7
(& mg. for
Ps. 88.9
& 6.

& 9. 5.


&. 22. och. 12. 15 & 13. 14.


17. 25.



6 Gr.

1 Or, and the covenants that had been made, took occasion and came 2 Or, though he was conscious that he had been nobly defeated by 3 Gr. the man. 4 Gr. greatest. 6 Or, chapel Gr. inclosure. Dionysus. 7 Or, O Lord, who in thyself hast no need of the universe & Gr. tabernacling. 9 Or, who was a lover

10 Or, people Gr. multitudes. 11 Or, the void place 12 Or, life and spirit breath 14 Some authorities read the same. 15 Or, honoured above other days as a halloted day

13 Or,

28.2 9.

[ocr errors]

ch. 8. 16.
1 Macc, 6.
.ch. 8. 19.

& 7. 12 & 22. 40.

Dan. 3.

& 26. 22. Cp, ch, 8 23.

18 .ch. 8. 18.


Pa Sovereign in heaven, who bade us to an issue, because the city and the

observe the seventh day; 5 then saith sanctuary and the temple were in danger. I Cp. Ezek. the other, I also am la sovereign upon 18 For their fear for wives and children,

the earth, 1who now command to take and furthermore for brethren and kins.
up arms and execute the king's business. folk, was in less account with them;
Nevertheless he prevailed not to execute y but greatest and first was their fear 8.
bis 2 cruel purpose.

for the consecrated sanctuary. 19 And
6 And Nicanor, 8 bearing himself haugh- they also that were shut up in the city
tily in all vaingloriousness, had deter- were in no light distress, being troubled
mined to set up a monument of com- because of the encounter in the open
plete victory over Judas and all them ground.
that were with him: 7 but Maccabæus 20 And when all were now waiting for
still trusted unceasingly, with all hope the decision of the issue, and the enemy
that he should obtain help from the had already joined battle, and the army
Lord. 8 And The exhorted his company had been set in array, and the elephants
not to be fearful at the tinroad of the brought back to a convenient post, and
heathen, but, keeping in mind the help the horsemen drawn up 10 on the flank,
which of old they had oft-times received 21 Maccabæus, perceiving the presence
from heaven, so now also to look for of the 11 troops, and the various arms
the victory which would come unto with which they were equipped, and the

them from the Almighty; 9 and com- savageness of the Selephants, holding Matt. 5. 17 forting them out of the law and the up his hands unto heaven called upon

prophets, and withal putting them in the Lord «that worketh wonders, a re-1. Ps. 136.4 Acts 13. 15 mind of the conflicts that they had cognising that success cometh not by

See Ps. 72 maintained, he made them more eager arms, but that, according as the Lord for the battle. 10 And when he had shall judge, he gaineth the victory for roused their spirit, he gave them his them that are worthy. 2a And calling commands, at the same time pointing upon God he said after this manner: out the perfidiousness of the heathen Thou, bo Sovereign Lord, cdidst send 80e ch. 3. and their breach of their oaths. 11 And thine angel in the time of Hezekiah

• CD. chi & arming each one of them, not so much king of Judæa, and he slew of the 12 host with the sure defence of shields and of Sennacherib as many as a hundred spears as with the encouragement that fourscore and five thousand; 23 so now lieth in good words, and moreover re- also, 10 Sovereign of the heavens,

19. 35.
lating to them a dream 6 worthy to be d send a good angel before us to bring ch. 11. 6.
believed, he made them all exceeding terror and trembling: 24 through the
glad. 12 And the vision of that dream greatness of thine arm let them be

was this: He saw u Onias, him that was stricken with dismay that with blas-
high priest, a noble and good man, phemy are come hither against ethy

See Deut. reverend in bearing, yet gentle in man- holy people. And as he ended with

ner and well-spoken, and exercised from these words, 25 Nicanor and his company See ch. 14. a child in all points of virtue, "with advanced with trumpets and pæans;

outstretched hands invoking blessings on 36 but Judas and his company joined
the whole body of the Jews: 13 there battle with the enemy with invocation
upon he saw a man appear, of venerable and prayers. 27 And /contending with p. Ps. 149.
age and exceeding glory, and wonder their hands, and praying unto God with
ful and most majestic was the dignity their hearts, they slew no less than
around him: 34 and Onias answered thirty and five thousand men, being
and said, This is the lover of the made exceeding glad by the mani. See ch. 2

brethren, he who prayeth much for the festation of God.
See ch, 3. people and wthe holy city, 2 Jeremiah 28 And when the engagement was
* ch.2 5,7.

the prophet of God: 15 and Jeremiah over, and they were returning again 2 Esd. 2. 18. stretching forth his right hand deli- with joy, they recognised Nicanor " lying cri Macc.

7. 43 vered to Judas a sword of gold, and in dead in full armour; 29 and there arose giving it addressed him thus, 16 Take a shout and 18 tumult, and then they the holy sword, a gift from God, where blessed the b Sovereign Lord in the Seech. 7. 8. with thou shalt smite down the adver- language of their fathers. 30 And he saries.

that in all things was in body and soul 17 And being encouraged by the words the foremost champion of his fellowof Judas, which were of a lofty strain, citizens, he that kept through life the and able to incite unto virtue and to good will of his youth toward his coun. stir the souls of the young unto manly trymen, commanded I to cut off Nicanor's - 1 Macc. 7. courage, they determined not to carry head, and his hand with the shoulder, on a campaign, but nobly to bear down and bring them to Jerusalem. 31 And upon the enemy, and fighting hand to when he had arrived there, and had hand with all courage bring the matter called his countrymen together and set

19 &1 Macc. 7. 41. See 2 Kin.

See Ex. 23. 20.

* See ch. 3. 1.





6 Or,

1 Or, that commandeth 2 Or, miserable 3 Gr, carrying his neck high. * Or, assault passion 6 Or, moet worthy... all glad 7 Or, not to go out to battle, but nobly to engage toithin their lines, &c. The Greek text of this passage is uncertain. & Gr. beusls. 9 Or, stationed for convenient action 10 Or, in line 11 Gr. multitudes.

13 Or, beriderment

12 Gr. camp.

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