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*.ch. 1. 29 & 2. 18

& 13. 12 • See ch. 5. 20.


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17. 45.


8. 2.


3. .

eyes the outrage that had been law. among themselves and their children.
lessly perpetrated upon n the holy place, 29 And when they had accomplished
and the shameful handling of the city these things, and had made a common
that had been turned to mockery, and supplication, they besonght d the mer. ch. 11. 9

further the overthrow of the mode of life ciful Lord to be wholly e reconciled with • Cp. ch. 11. received from their ancestors. 18o For his servants.

they, said he, trust to arms, and withal 30 And having had an encounter with P Ps. 20, 7: to deeds of daring; but pwe trust on the forces of / Timotheus and 9 Bacchides, ch. 9.3 Cp. 1 Sam. the Almighty God, since he is able at they killed above twenty thousand of

CP. ch. 13. a beck to cast down them that are them, and made themselves masters of coming against us, and even the whole strongholds exceeding high, and divided Macc. 7. world. 19 And moreover he recounted very much plunder, giving the 8 maimed unto them the help given from time to and -orphans and widows, and moreover

time in the days of their ancestors, the aged also, an equal share with them. ich. 16. 22. both qthe help given in the days of selves. 31 6 And when they had gathered See ? Kin. Sennacherib, how that a hundred four. the arms 9of the enemy together, they

score and five thousand perished, zo and stored them all up carefully in the most
the help given in the land of Babylon, important positions, and the residue of

even the battle that was fought against the spoils they carried to Jerusalem. "Op; ? Mace. the 'Gauls, how that they came to the 32 And they killed the 10 phylarch of

engagement eight thousand in all, with Timotheus's forces, a most unholy man,
four thousand Macedonians, and how and one who had done the Jews much
that, the Macedonians being hard pressed, hurt. 33 11 And as they kept the feast
the 2 six thousand destroyed the hundred of victory in the 12 city of their fathers,
and twenty thousand, because of the they burned those that had h set the Cp. 1 Mace.
succour which they had from heaven, sacred 18 gates on fire, and among them
and took great booty. a1 And when he Callisthenes, who had fled into 14 an

had with these words made them of outhouse; and 80 they received the 'Cp. ch. 1 . ch. 19. 14. good courage, and ready to die for the meet reward of their inpiety. Cp;1 Mace. laws and their country, he divided his 34 And ithe thrice-accursed Nicanor, ich. 15.3.

army into four parts; 22 8 appointing his who had brought the thousand mer.

brethren to be with himself leaders of chants kto buy the Jews for slaves, \ ver. 11, 25. ich. 10, 19,

the several bands, to wit, Simon and 35 being Ithrough the help of the Lord See ch. 13.

u Joseph and v Jonathan, giving each the humbled by them who in his eyes were 1 Macc. 2. command of fifteen hundred men, 23 and held to be of least account, put off his

moreover v Eleazar also: then, having glorious apparel, and passing through 1 ch. 10. 19.

read the sacred book, and whaving the midland, 16 shunning all company Macc. 2.

given as watchword, THE HELP OF God, like a fugitive slave, arrived at m An. "Cp. ch. 13. leading the first band himself, w he joined tioch, 16 having, as he thought, had the

battle with Nicanor. 24 And, since the greatest possible good fortune, though
Almighty fought on their side, they his host was destroyed. 36 And he that
slew of the enemy above nine thousand, had taken upon him "to make tribute * ver. 10.
and wounded and disabled the more

* Cp. ch. sure for the Romans by the captivity of

38, 39. part of Nicanor's army, and compelled the men of Jerusalem opublished abroad

all to flee; 25 and they took the money that the Jews had One who fought for Ý ver. 11, 34. of v those that had come there to buy them, and that 17 because this was so the

them. And after they had pursued Jews were invulnerable, because they
them for some 5 distance, they returned, followed the laws ordained by him.
being constrained by the time of the I Now about that time Pit befell PCp 1 Mace.

6. 1.
sabbath, and for this cause they made order from the region of Persia.

no effort to chase them far. 276 And 29 For he had entered into the city cp. ch. 1. Cp 1 Mace. <when they had gathered the arms of called Persepolis, and he assayed to rob

the enemy together, and had stripped 19a temple and to hold down the city. * 1 Macc. 4. off a their spoils, Othey occupied them. Whereupon there was an onset of the op. ch. 12 selves about the sabbath, blessing and multitudes, and 20 Antiochus and his men

thanking the Lord exceedingly, who turned to make defence with arms; and
had saved them into this day, for that it came to pass that Antiochus was put Ezra 6 2
he had caused a beginning of mercy to to flight by the people of the country


Tobit 3 7. distil upon them. 28 And after the sab- and broke up his camp with disgrace. Judith 1. i.

bath, when they had given of a the spoils 3 And while he was at - Ecbatana, Cpl Macc. • Cp. ch. 3. to the emaimed, and to cthe widows 8 news was brought him what had hap: + See Mace.

and orphans, the residue they distributed pened unto Nicanor and the forces of


& 14. 17.

3, al.



1 Macc. 3. 37.

15. * See

1 Maco. 4. 13--16.

day, 26 for
it was the day before the 9 that Antiochus had

returned 18 in dis

4. 6.

&1 Maco
6 2-4



3. 38

1 Gr. Galatians. 2 Some authorities read eight. » Gr. appointing his brethren also leaders.

7 Gr. 4 Gr. disabled in their limba. 5 Or, while 6 The exact meaning of this clause is uncertain. their arms... the spoils of the enemy. 8 Or, wounded Gr. shamefully handled.

Gr. of them, 2. That is, probably, the captain of an irregular auxiliary force. Some write Phylarcher, as a

11 The Greek text here is perhaps corrupt. name.

'12 Or, country
13 Or, porches

16 Or, a solitary hut 15 Gr having made himself solitary. 16 Or, haring uon the greatest possible favour by reason of the destruction of his host 17 Or, because of this their way of life Gr. because of this manner. 19 Or, with dishonour 19 Or, temples

* Or, the people of the country turned

+ See ch. 8.


3. 60.


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6. 8.


9. 1.


3. 37.

u Timotheus. And being lifted up 1 by of "Athens; 16 and the holy sanctuary, "Cp. ch. 6. 30.

his passion he thought to make the Jews which before he had spoiled, he would
suffer even for the evil-doing of those adorn with goodliest offerings, and would

that had put him to rout. Wherefore, restore all the sacred vessels many * ch. 5. 16. "Cp. 1 Maca "the judgement from heaven even now times multiplied, and Pout of his own P See ch. 3.

accompanying him, he gave order to his revenues would defray the charges that
charioteer to drive without ceasing and were required for the sacrifices; 17 and,
despatch the journey; for thus he arro- beside all this, that he would become
gantly spake: I will make Jerusalem a Jew, and would visit every inhabited

w & common graveyard of Jews, when I place, publishing abroad the might of Cp. Jer. 26

come there. 5 But «the All-seeing Lord, God. 18 But when his sufferings did in * See ch. 18. the God of Israel, smote him with a no wise cease, for the judgement of God

2 fatal and invisible stroke; v and as soon had come upon him in righteousness, y Cp.1 Macc.

as he had ceased speaking this word, an having given up all hope of himself, he
incurable pain of the bowels seized him, wrote unto the Jews the letter written

and bitter torments of the inner parts; below, having the nature of a supplicaCp. ch. 13. 6 and 7 that most justly, for he had tor- tion, to this effect: mented other men's bowels with many 19 To the worthy Jews, This fellow. Cp. ch. 4.

9, 19 and strange sufferings. 7 But he in no citizens, Antiochus, king and general, & 5. 23. wise ceased from his rude insolence; wisheth much joy and health and pros

nay, still more was he filled with arro. perity. 20 6 May ye and your children a Cp. Acts gancy, a breathing fire in his passion fare well; and your affairs shall be to

against the Jews, and commanding to your mind. Having my hope in hea.
haste the journey. But it came to pass ven, 21 I remembered with affection your
moreover that he fell from his chariot honour and good will toward me. Re.
as it rushed along, and having a grievous turning rout of the region of Persia, ver. 1.
fall was racked in all the members of and being taken with a noisome sickness,

his body. 8 And he that but now sup- I deemed it necessary to take thought bCp. ch. 5. posed himself b to have the waves of the for the common safety of all, 22 not

sea at his bidding, so vainglorious was despairing of myself, but having great

he beyond the condition of a man, and hope to escape from the sickness. 23 But * Isai. 40. 12. that thought cto weigh the heights of considering that my father also, at what

the mountains in a balance, was now time she led an army into the upper Cn. 1 Mace. & Co. ch. 3. brought to the ground and carried din country, appointed his successor, 24 to

a litter, 8 shewing unto all that the the end that, if anything fell out con-
power was manifestly God's; 9 so that trary to expectation, or if any un.

out of the body of the impious man welcome tidings were brought, they Cp. Acts

eworms swarmed, and while he was still that remained in the country, knowing
living in anguish and pains, his flesh to whom the state had been left, might
fell off, and by reason of the stench not be troubled ; 25 and, beside all this,
all the army turned with loathing from observing how that the princes that

his corruption. 10 And the man that a are borderers and neighbours unto my 1 Cp. Obad.

little afore supposed himself / to touch kingdom watch opportunities, and look See Isai. the stars of heaven, no one could en- for the future event, I have appointed Seel Macc.

dure to carry for his intolerable stench. my son Antiochus to be king, whom I

119 Hereupon therefore he began in great often committed and commended to 1 Macc. 6.

part to cease from his arrogancy, being most of you, when I was hastening
broken in spirit, and to come to know. unto the upper provinces ; and I have
ledge under the scourge of God, his written to him what is written below.
pains increasing every moment. 12 And 26 I exhort you therefore and beseech
when he himself could not abide his you, having in your remembrance u the "See ver. 14

own smell, he said these words: It is benefits done to you in common and
- Cp. c. 7, right h to be subject unto God, and severally, to preserve each of you your
iCp. Ecclus.

that one who is mortal should not be present good will toward me and my
minded arrogantly. 13 And the vile man 27 For I am persuaded that he in

vowed unto the Sovereign Lord, who gentleness and kindness will follow my * Cp. Prov.

now kno more would have pity upon purpose and treat you with indulgence.
him, saying on this wise: 14 that I the 28 v So the murderer and blasphemer,

"Cp.1 Mace. See ch, 3. 1. holy city, to the which he was going having endured the sorest sufferings,

in haste, to lay it even with the ground even as he had dealt with other men,
and to 5 make it ma common graveyard, ended his life among the mountains
he would declare free; 15 and as touch- by a most piteous fate in a strange
ing the Jews, whom he had decided not land. 29 And w Philip his foster-brother 1 Macc. 6.
even to count worthy of burial, but to conveyed the body home; and then,

14, 55, 63.
cast them out to the beasts with their fearing the son of Antiochus, he be.
infants, for the birds to devour, he took himself to Ptolemy Philometor


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1. 10.

14. 13. & See



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See 1 Macc, would make them all equal to citizens in Egypt. ? Or, in his spirit 2 Gr. remedilega.

3 Or, sheuring manifeally unto all the porrer of God authorities read be minded as if equal to God.

Or, Ye fare well, and your children; and your afairs are to your mind. The Greek text in verses 20 and 21 is uncertain.

*ch. 4. 21.

1. 18.

4 Some

5 Gr. buid.

Seel Macc. 8. 38.


5. 3.

18 & 14. 36. di Macc. 4. 47.


1 Mace, 4 50, 51.

24 14 & Ecclus. 218,

1. 54.

4. 56.

See ch,


1 And Maccabæus and they that 14 But & Gorgias, when he was made 'ch. 8. 9.

IO were with him, the Lord leading governor of the district, maintained a + cb, 9 2.

them on, y recovered the temple force of mercenaries, and at every turn Cp. ch. 11,

and the city; aand they pulled down kept up war with the Jews. 15 And to*Cp. 1 Macc. zthe altars that had been built in the gether with him ithe Idumeans also, Op. 1 Mace. 1. 47. marketplace by the aliens, and also the being masters of important strongholds, • Macc. 4. walls of sacred inclosures. 3 And a hav. harassed the Jews; and receiving unto

ing cleansed the sanctuary othey made them those that had taken refuge there Cy, ch. 2.

another altar of sacrifice; and striking from Jerusalem, they assayed to keep
stones and taking fire out of them, they up war. 16 But Maccabæus and his men,
offered sacrifices, after they had ceased having made solemn supplication and
for two years, and burned incense, and besought God to fight on their side,
lighted lamps, and set forth the shew- rushed upon the strongholds of the

bread. 4 And when they had done these Idumæans; 17 and assaulting them vi. d Cp. ch. 13. things, a they fell prostrate and besought gorously they made themselves masters 12.

the Lord that they might fall no more of the positions, and kept off all that

into such evils; but that, if ever they fought upon the wall, and slew those Cp. 2 Sam. should sin, ethey might be chastened by that fell in their way, and killed no

him with forbearance, and not be de- fewer than twenty thousand. 18 And
livered unto blaspheming and barbarous because no less than nine thousand were
heathen. 5 Now on the same day that fled into two towers exceeding strong
the sanctuary was profaned by aliens, and having all things needed for a siege,
upon that very day did it come to pass 19 Maccabæus, having left u Simon and" ch 8. 22
that the cleansing of the sanctuary was u Joseph, and Zacchæus besides and

made, even on the five and twentieth them that were with him, a force suffi. Seol Mace. day of the same month, which is/ Chislev. cient to besiege them, departed himself

69 And they kept eight days with glad-unto places where he was most needed. Cp.1 Macc.

ness in the manner of the feast of taber- 20 But Simon and they that were with
nacles, remembering how that a not long him, yielding to covetousness, were
afore, during the feast of tabernacles, bribed by certain of those that were in
they were wandering in the mountains the towers, and receiving seventy thou.
and in the caves after the manner of sand v drachmas let some of them slip

wild beasts. 7 Wherefore bearing wands away. 21 But when word was brought " Lev. 23. 40. wreathed with leaves, hand fair boughs, to Maccabæus of what was done, he Neh. 8. 15.

and é palms also, i they offered up hymns gathered the leaders of the people toCp. ch, 14,

of thanksgiving to him that had pros-gether, and accused those men of having p. 1 Macc. perously brought to pass the cleansing sold their brethren for money, by setting

of his own place. They ordained also their enemies free to fight against them.
with a common statute and decree, for 22 So he slew these men for having
all the nation of the Jews, that they turned traitors, and forthwith took pos-
should keep these days every year,
session of the two towers. 23 And w pros-

i Mace... 5. *Cp. 1 Macc. gk And 8 such was the end of ? An. pering with his arms in all things he

tiochus, who was called Epiphanes. | took in hand, he destroyed in the two See 1 Macc.

10 But now will we declare what came strongholds more than twenty thou. *Cp. ver. 18 ? ch. 2. 20

to pass under Antiochus named 4m En- sand.

pator, who proved himself a true son of 24 v Now 2Timotheus, who had been op 1 Mace. 1 Macc. 6.

that ungodly man, and will gather up before defeated by the Jews, having see Ch. &
briefly the 5 successive evils of the wars. gathered together foreign forces in great
11 For this man, when he succeeded to multitudes, and having collected the

the kingdom, appointed one n Lysias to "horsemen which belonged to Asia, not i Mace,

be chancellor, and supreme governor of a few, came as though he would take
Cælesyria and Phænicia. 12 For o Pto- Judæa by force of arms. 25 But as he
lemy that was called Macron, setting an drew near, Maccabæus and his men
example of observing justice toward the a sprinkled earth upon their heads and See
Jews because of the wrong that had bgirded their loins with sackcloth, in
been done unto them, endeavoured to supplication to God, 26 and falling down .ch. 8. 19.
6 conduct his dealings with them on upon the step in front of the altar, be-

peaceful terms. 13 Whereupon being sought him to become 'gracious to them, P See ch. & accused by the king's P Friends before and cbe an enemy to their enemies and Ex. 2.

m Eupator, and hearing himself called an adversary to their adversaries, as

traitor at every turn, because he had the law declareth. 27 And rising from * Cp. ch. 4 abandoned 4 Cyprus which Philometer their prayer they took up their arms,

had intrusted to him, and had with and advanced some distance from the
drawn himself unto 'Antiochus called city; and when they had come near to
Epiphanes, and a failing to uphold the their enemies they 10 halted. 28 And when
honour of his office, he took poison and the dawn was now spreading, the two
made away with himself.

armies joined battle; the one part having
1 Gr. String.
the events of the end.

Or, not long a fore they kept the feast of tabernacles by wandering 3 Gr. ruch were

* That is, son of a good father: 7 The Greek text here is corrupt.

* Or, chief 6 Or, settle his relations with 8 Or, horses Gr. propitious. 10 Gr. were by themselves.

, 1 ver. 38.

е Ср.

6. 16.

1. 10.

& 13. 1.


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32 • See ch. 4.

1 Macc. 3.

See 2 Sam. 3. 31.


29. ch. 4. 21 & 9. 29

1 Macc. 4 29.

d See 2 Sam. 22. 3.

«See ch. 2





& 13. 12.

3. 4.

this, beside their virtue, for a pledge of and drawing near to 9 Bethsuron, which See
success and victory, that they had fled was a strong place and distant from Je.
unto the Lord for drefuge, the others rusalem about five leagues, he pressed
making their passion their leader in the it hard. 6 But when Maccabæus and
strife. 29 But when the battle waxed his men learned that he was besieging

strong, ethere appeared out of heaven the strongholds, they and all the people 21

unto their adversaries five men on horses with lamentations and tears made sup-
with bridles of gold, in splendid array; plication unto the Lord r to send a good

Tch. 15. 23

See Ex. 23. Cp. ch. 11. land two of them, s leading on the Jews, angel to save Israel. 7 And Maccabæus

30 and taking Maccabreus in the midst of himself took up arms first, and exhorted
them, and covering him with their own the others to jeopard themselves together
armour, guarded him from wounds, with him and succour their brethren;
while on the adversaries they shot forth and they sallied forth with him right
arrows and thunderbolts; by reason willingly. 8 And as they were there,
whereof they were blinded and thrown close to Jerusalem, there appeared at *CP, ch, 10.
into confusion, and were cut to pieces, their head one on horseback in white See ch. 2.
filled with bewilderment. 31 And there apparel, brandishing 5 weapons of gold.
were slain twenty thousand and five 9 And they all together praised the ch.8.29
hundred, beside six hundred horsemen. merciful God, and were yet more strength.

32 But Timotheus himself fled into a ened in heart: being ready to bassail
9Cp.1 Mace. stronghold called 9 Gazara, a fortress of not men only but the wildest beasts,
4. 15
& D. 8(?).

exceeding strength, h Chæreas being in and walls of iron, 10 they advanced in * Cp. ver. 37. command there. 33 But Maccabæus and array, having him that is in heaven to

his men were glad and laid siege to the fight on their side, for the Lord had
fortress four and twenty days. 34 And mercy on them. 11 And hurling them-
they that were within, trusting to the selves u like lions upon the enemy, v they "Cp.1 Macc.
strength of the place, blasphemed ex- slew of them eleven thousand footmen "Cp.1 Mace.
ceedingly, and hurled forth impious and sixteen hundred horsemen, and 4. 34.
words. 35 But at dawn of the five and forced all the rest to flee. 12 But the
twentieth day certain young men of the more part of them escaped wounded and
company of Maccabæus, inflamed with naked; and Lysias also himself escaped
passion because of the blasphemies, by shameful flight. 13 But as he was a
assaulted the wall with masculine force man not void of understanding, weighing
and with 2 furious passion, and cut down with himself the defeat which had be-
whosoever came in their way. 36 And fallen him, and considering that w the

12 See ch. 13.

others climbing up in like manner, Hebrews could not be overcome, because
while the besieged were distracted with the Almighty God fought on their side,
them that had made their way within, he sent again unto them, 34 and per-
set fire to the towers, and kindling fires suaded them to come to terms

i barned the blasphemers alive; while condition that all their rights were acCp. ch. 12 others broke open the gates, and, having knowledged, and promised that he

given entrance to the rest of the band, would also persuade the king to become + Cp. ch &

occupied the city. 37 And they slew their friend. 15 And Maccabæus gave
Timotheus, who was hidden in a cistern, consent upon all the conditions which

and his brother Chæreas, and Apollo-m Lysias proposed to him, being careful Cp. 1 Macc.

phanes. 38 And when they had accom- of the common good; for whatsoever
plished these things, k they blessed the requests Maccabæus delivered in writing
Lord with hymns and thanksgivings, unto Lysias concerning the Jews the
him who doeth great benefits unto king allowed. 16 For the letters written
Israel, and giveth them the victory. unto the Jews from Lysias were to this

Now after a very little time effect:

m Lysias, the king's guardian and Lysias unto the people of the Jews,

kinsman and chancellor, being sore greeting. 17 John and y Absalom, whó Cp: 1.Ma X.

displeased for the things that had come were sent from you, having delivered & IL *Cp.1 Macc. to pass, an collected about fourscore thou- the petition written below, made re

sand footmen and all his horsemen and quest concerning the things signified

came against the Jews, thinking to make therein. 18 What things soever thereCp.1 Macc. the city'a place for Greeks to dwell in, fore had need to be brought before the

3and to levy tribute on the temple, as : on king I declared to him, and what things

the other sacred places of the nations, were possible he allowed. 19 If then ye P CP ch. 4 and P to put up the high priesthood to will preserve your good will toward the

sale every year ; 4 holding in no account state, henceforward also will I endeavour
the might of God, but puffed up with his to contribute to your good. 20 10 And on
ten thousands of footmen, and his thou- this behalf I have given order in detail,
sands of horsemen, and his fourscore both to these men and to those that
elephants. 5 And coming into Judæa are sent from me, to confer with you.


«See ch.8.

2, 24.

* See
1 Macc. ).

27 & 11. 9. Iver. 7.

13. 51.

in See
1 Macc. 3.


4. 28.

1. 38.

8, 23, 24,

1 Some authorities read and leading on the Jewe; who also, taking. 2 Gr. passion as of wild beasts. 3 Or, on all the sacred places of the heathen The Greek text here is uncertain. 3 Gr. a panoply. 6 Gr. round 7 The Greek text here is corrupt. 8 Gr. multitude. 3 Or, document But as to this

20 or,

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10. 18
& 11. 30.

1 Macc. S. 6.

• See

38 Pch. 4. 29 & 10. 13.

6. 69.



Ps. 7. 11.

i ver. 33, 38 arz Fare ye well. Written in the hun. that we also may learn what is your
Acts 15. 29
& 23. 30

dred forty and eighth year, on the four mind. 385 h Farewell. Written in the (mg.).

and twentieth day of the month 1 Diosco hundred forty and eighth year, on the

fifteenth day of Xanthicus.
22 And the king's letter was in these

So when these covenants had words:

12 been made, I Lysias departed unto *Cp.1 Macc. King Antiochus unto his a brother the king, and the Jews went *(n. ch. 11.

Lysias, greeting. 23 Seeing that our about their husbandry.
father passed unto the gods having the 2 But certain of the governors of dis-
wish that the subjects of his kingdom tricts, n Timotheus and Apollonius the * ver. 2
2 should be undisturbed and give them son of Gennæus, and Hieronymus also
selves to the care of their own affairs, and Demophon, and beside them Nica- Cp. Ch. 10.

24 we, having heard that the Jews do not nor the governor of p Cyprus, would not 1. consent to our father's purpose o to turn suffer them to enjoy tranquillity and live 1 Macc,

them unto the customs of the Greeks, in peace. 3 And men of 9 Joppa perpe

but choose rather their own manner trated this great impiety: they invited Cp.1 Macc. of living, and make request cthat the the Jews that dwelt among them to go See customs of their law be allowed unto with their wives and children into the

1 Mace. 10 them, -25 choosing therefore that this boats which they had provided, as nation also should be free from 3 dis- though they had no ill will towards

turbance, we determine that their them; 4 and when the Jews, 7 relying on 4 Çp. ch. 10. temple d be restored to them, and c that the common decree of the city, accepted

they live according to the customs that the invitation, as men desiring to live
were in the days of their ancestors. in peace and suspecting nothing, they
26 Thou wilt therefore do well to send took them out to sea and drowned them,

messengers unto them and give them in number not less than two hundred. 'Ile Macc. 6. the right hand of friendship, that they; 5 But when Judas heard of the cruelty

knowing our mind, may be of good done unto his fellow-countrymen, giving
heart, and gladly occupy themselves with command to the men that were with him
the conduct of their own affairs. 6and calling upon God r the righteous rer. 41.
27 And unto the nation the king's letter Judge, he came against the murderers

2 Esd. 14 was after this manner:

of his brethren, and set the haven on King Antiochus to Sthe senate of the fire & by night, and burned the boats, and op. ch. & 7 Jews and to the other Jews, greeting. put to the sword those that had fled 28 If ye fare well, we have our desire: thither. But when the town was closed

we ourselves also are in good health. against him, he withdrew, intending to . See ch, 4. 299 Menelaus informed us that your de- come again to root out the whole com

sire was to return home and follow your munity of the men of Joppa. 8 But
own business. 30 They therefore that learning that the men of Jamnia were
depart home up to the thirtieth day of minded to do in like manner unto the
Xanthicus shall have our friendship, Jews that sojourned among them, 9 he
with full permission 31 that the Jews fell upon the i Jamnites also s by night,
use their own proper meats and observe and set fire to the haven together with
their own laws, even as heretofore; and the fleet, so that the glare of the light
none of them shall be in any way mo- was seen at Jerusalem, two hundred
lested for the things that have been and forty furlongs distant.
ignorantly done. 32 Moreover I have 10 Now when they had drawn off nine
sent oMenelaus also, that he may en- furlongs from thence, as they marched
courage you. 33. Fare ye well. Written against - Timotheus, a host of u Arabians "ch. &. 8.

1 Macc. 5. in the hundred forty and eighth year, attacked him, no fewer than five thou

on the fifteenth day of Xanthicus. sand footmen and five hundred horsei Macc, 8. 34 And the Romans also sent unto men. 11 And when a sore battle had

them a letter in these words: Cp. 1 Macc.

been fought, and Judas and his com. Quintus Memmius and Titus Manius, pany v by the help of God had good See ch. 13. ambassadors of the Romans, unto the success, the nomads being overcome

people of the Jews, greeting. 35 In re- besought Judas to grant them friend. ver. 1. gard to the things which I Lysias the ship, promising to give him cattle, and

king's kinsman granted you, we also to help 8 his people in all other ways.

give consent. 36 But as for the things 12 So Judas, thinking that they would * Cp. ver. 18 which he judged k should be referred to indeed be profitable in many things,

the king, send one forthwith, after ye agreed to live in peace with them; and
have advised thereof, that we may pub- receiving pledges of friendship they

lish such decrees as befit your case; departed to their tents. 13 And he also Seel Macc. for we are on our way to Antioch. fell upon a certain city Gephyrun,

37 Wherefore send some with speed, strong and fenced about with walls, and


Seel Macc. 12. 6.

& 13. 15.

rer. 40 See 1 Macc. 4. 18.

See ver. 21.


7. 1.


3. 37.

3 Or,

1 This name is not found elsewhere, and is perhaps corrupt. 2 Or, should not be disquieted but dinquiet . Gr. right handl. 6 Gr. Be in good health. 6 Or. they also.

7 Gr. after. 8 Gr. them. * The relation between the names Gephyrun and Carpin is unknown, and perhaps the Greek text is corrupt. Compare Gephrun, the name of a city of Gilead mentioned by Polybius, v. 70, 19; and Casphor, 1 Macc. 8. 23, 38.

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