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The Companies appointed for the Revision of the Old and New Testaments had the question of marginal references under consideration at an early period in the course of their work. They submitted it to two small Committees, one from each Company, who were requested to confer and report to the Companies. The Committee of the Old Testament Company were of opinion that, until it was known whether the Revised Version would be accepted, it would be premature to furnish it with marginal references, and no further steps were taken by them. The Committee of the New Testament Company, however, the active members of which were Dr. Scrivener and Dr. Moulton, compiled a very elaborate body of marginal references for the New Testament, which were printed for the use of the Company, but for which the Committee alone were responsible.

In preparing these references the Committee were allowed by the Syndics of the Cambridge University Press to make use of the references in the Paragraph Bible edited for them by Dr. Scrivener in 1873. The references so prepared were submitted to the Company, who expressed a general approval of them, but resolved to issue the Revised Version of the New Testament in the first instance without any marginal references, except such as had already been inserted by them. At the same time they conveyed to the University Presses of Oxford and Cambridge their earnest wish that, in consideration of the labour care and thought bestowed upon these references, a place might be found for them in their integrity in some cditions of the Revised Version. It was therefore agreed by the 'University Presses to print one edition at least of the Revised Version of the New Testament with the marginal references prepared by the Committee of the New Testament Company of Revisers. After the death of Dr. Scrivener the task of final revision and

verification remained in Dr. Moulton's hands, but owing to unforeseen delays it had not | been completed at the time of his death in February, 1898.

In 1895 the University Presses undertook to meet the increasing demand, both at home and in America, for an edition of the complete Revised Version with marginal references. A Committee was appointed to superintend the work, consisting of the Rev. Dr. Price, Master of Pembroke College, Oxford ; the Ven. Dr. Palmer, Archdeacon of Oxford; Dr. W. Aldis Wright, Vice-Master of Trinity College, Cambridge ; and the Rev. Dr. Kirkpatrick, Regius Professor of Hebrew in the University of Cambridge. On Archdeacon Palmer's death in October 1895, the Rev. Dr. Ince, Regius Professor of Divinity in the University of Oxford, succeeded to his place on the Committee.

The general editorship was entrusted to the Rev. Dr. Stokoe of Lincoln College, Oxford, and the following scholars were appointed to assist him in preparing the references for the Old Testament and Apocrypha ; the Rev. Dr. Barnes, Fellow of Peterhouse, Cam


bridge; the Rev. A. W. Greenup, St. John's College, Cambridge; the Rev. E. R. Massey, Exeter College, Oxford ; and the Rev. J. W. Nutt, late Fellow of All Souls' College, Oxford. In regard to the New Testament references Dr. Stokoe was instructed to confer with Dr. Moulton, who undertook to adapt for this edition the fuller body of references upon which he had been engaged. Since Dr. Moulton's death, this part of the work has been completed, under the Editor's supervision, by the Rev. J. H. Moulton, late Fellow of King's College, Cambridge, and the Rev. A. W. Greenup, both of whom had already been assisting Dr. Moulton.

The marginal references given in the original edition of the Authorised Version of 1611 have been retained as far as possible, and the Contributors have availed themselves largely of the references in Dr. Scrivener's Paragraph Bible, which they were instructed to make the basis of their work.

The references given may be arranged under the following heads : -
1. Quotations, or exact verbal parallels.
2. Passages referred to for similarity of idea or of expression.
3. Passayes referred to by way of explanation or illustration.
4. Historical and Geographical references :

: - names of persons, places, etc., which


5. Passages referred to as illustrating differences of rendering between the Authorised

and Revised Versions.

The following modes of indication have been used : 1. A simple index letter is employed, when there is an exact or close parallel between

the passages. 2. " Cited”, or “ Cited from ", is prefixed to cases of actual quotation. 3. “Cp.” (compare) is prefixed to references, when the parallel is less exact. 4. “See" is prefixed : (a) When reference is made to a parallel passage, on which a body of references

has been collected : () In referring to longer passages, parallel or explanatory. When one longer

passage is given as a parallel to another of similar length, the mode of

indication is “For &c., see &c.". 5. al.(=alibi, elsewhere) is added to indicate that all the parallel passages are not

given. 6. (?)” is placed after a reference, when its appropriateness is doubtful. 7. “(mg.)”, “(& mg.)”, “(for mg.)”, “(mg. for mg.)” are used when references relate

solely or partly to the Revisers' marginal renderings.

When several references are given, with different modes of indication, they are arranged in this order :

1. References with simple index letter:

which have " Cited” or “Cited from” prefixed :

which have “Cp." prefixed : 4.

which have “See" prefixed.

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When several references have the same mode of indication, they are arranged as follows :

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1. References to other verses in the same Chapter:

to other passages in the same Book :

to passages in other Books, according to the order of these Books in the Bible.

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The Revisers' marginal renderings are transferred in this edition to the foot of the page, together with all other notes in the margin of the Revised Version, except:(a) When simple references given by the Revisers have been incorporated in the new

body of references : (6) When a marginal note refers to some different division or order in the original.

In previous editions of the Revised Version the numbers of the verses were placed on the inner margin of cach page.

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