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In bringing the first number of the Oxford Examiner before the public, I wish to say a few words by way of preface.

The Cambridge Examiner is already so well known, and has so extensive a circulation, that it is unnecessary for me to in any way sound its praises ; suffice it to say that the want which it has supplied, and the manner in which it has been received, have alone prompted me to publish a companion periodical.

I lay claim to no originality in my work, --save in so far as the arrangement and style of the several papers are individually original. I admit frankly that I am a mere copyist ;--that I have in fact but followed in the footsteps of an “elder sister.”

And whilst honestly acknowledging as much, I would take the opportunity of publicly expressing my grateful thanks to that “elder sister";—not only for the originality which prompted me to copy, but also for the kindly, friendly, sisterly assistance she has given me in my


MARY W. I. SHILLETO. 162, Manchester Road, Warrington.



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