The Hymns of the Rigveda, Volume 2

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E.J. Lazarus, 1897

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Page 517 - When they divided Purusha, how many portions did they make? What do they call his mouth, his arms? What do they call his thighs and feet? 12. The Brahman was his mouth, of both his arms was the Rajanya made. His thighs became the Vaisya, from his feet the Sudra was produced.
Page 518 - Purusha. 16. Gods, sacrificing, sacrificed the victim: these were the earliest holy ordinances. The mighty ones attained the height of heaven, there where the Sadhyas, gods of old, are dwelling.
Page 390 - There is not a single word in the Veda pointing to Yama and Yami as the first couple of mortals, the Indian Adam and Eve If Yama had been the first created of men, surely the Vedic poets, in speaking of him, could not have passed this over in silence.
Page 80 - Vasishtha. 6. Not our own will betrayed us, but seduction, thoughtlessness, Varuna ! wine, dice, or anger. The old is near to lead astray the younger ; even slumber leadeth men to evil-doing.
Page 564 - What time the mighty waters came, containing the universal germ, producing Agni, Thence sprang the Gods
Page 564 - Who by his grandeur hath become sole ruler of all the moving world that breathes and slumbers : He who is lord of men and lord of cattle. What god shall we adore with our oblation...
Page 495 - He who hath eyes on all sides round about him, a mouth on all sides, arms and feet on all sides, He, the sole god, producing earth and heaven, weldeth them, with his arms as wings, together.
Page 429 - Play not with dice: no, cultivate thy corn-land. Enjoy the gain, and deem that wealth sufficient. There are thy cattle there thy wife, 0 gambler. So this good Savitar himself hath told me. 14. Make me your friend: show us some little mercy. Assail us not with your terrific fierceness. Appeased be your malignity and anger, and let the brown dice snare some other captive.
Page 564 - By him the heavens are strong and earth is stedfast, by him light's realm and sky-vault are supported: By him the regions in mid-air were measured. What god shall we adore with our oblation?
Page 392 - I will not fold mine arms about thy body: they call it sin when one comes near his sister. Not me, — prepare thy pleasures with another: thy brother seeks not this from thee, 0 fair one.

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