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tom, I suppose, yet prevails; for though people do not carry in their hands what they intend to offer, I have heard that, being affected by the impressive and eloquent sermons delivered on such occasions, as they retire from the respective services, they contribute the contents of their reticules and purses towards the cause which they have heard advocated.

Ex.-Having given you this brief specimen of Jewish tradition, I shall now only add, it is my earnest hope that the histories of Solomon and the temple, will lead you to reflect on the instability of human grandeur, and induce you to place your affec

tion not on the transient and uncertain scenes through which we are passing, but on those ETERNAL REALITIES to which we are 'hastening. Not only, like Solomon, request wisdom, but let us be concerned to obtain grace, “whereby we may serve God acceptably, with reverence and godly fear.” In this respect Solomon most sadly, failed; he became idle, did evil in the sight of the Lord, who denounced the punishment which befel his house. Scarcely was he buried in the city of his fathers, before, according to the divine prediction, ten tribes reyolted from his son Rehoboam ; and, as you pursue the history, you will observe, after

the death of Rehoboam, the various kings (with but few exceptions) verified the predictions of Samuel concerning them. Jehosaphat, Asa, Joseph, Hezekiah, and some few others, were exceptions, and of whom ho. nourable mention is made in sacred history; but as in the days previous to their rejection of the Lord for their king, he frequently raised them up judges, or saviours, as they are sometimes termed, so in the days of their kings he raised them up prophets to warn them of danger-to threaten them on account of their transgressions—to instruct them in the way which they ought to walk; and amidst their revoltings from and their returns to God, through all and above all, to declare unto them his coming, who should rule over the house of David, and of whose kingdom there shall be no end. I might have selected subjects for representation from almost every page of the Bible; but it has been my endeavour to select those, which are not only calculated to preserve the general line of history, but in a particular manner to engage the attention and impress the mind of my visitors. Young ladies, now view the first scene of a series which will very, briefly sketch the history of those, who were highly approved of God, and greatly beneficial to men. Have the goodness to say what this delineation is intended to represent. Harriot.-This, however, does not require much time to examine.

It is Elijah in the wilderness; the ravens, with flesh and bread in their beaks, plainly tell the tale.

Ex. — They do more, Miss; the subserviency of those creatures to the purposes of divine providence, indicate that the Lord causes the voracious worldlings to minister unto the necessities of his people. St.

" that one of these birds brought Paul, the first hermit, half a loaf every day, and, when St. Anthony came to visit him, it brought him a whole one, to answer

Jerome says,

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