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height of six cubits, and of the same breadth, and contained several buildings for different uses, surrounded with cloisters, supported by marble pillars. There was an ascent of twelve steps to what we may properly call the temple; and this consisted of three parts: the porch, the sanctuary, and the Holy of Holies. The porch was about twelve cubits long and twenty broad, at the entrance of which stood the famous pillars of Jachin and Boaz, whose names import, that God alone was the support of the temple ; its gate was fourteen cubits wide. The sanctuary, or nave of the temple, was forty cubits long and twenty broad; wherein were the altar of incense and the table of shew-bread. The Holy of Holies was a square of twenty cubits every way; and here stood the ark, with its furniture; and Solomon made two cherubims. of olive-tree, which overshadowed the two golden ones, and stretched their wings the whole breadth of the house. The wall, of the house was reared with alternate rows of fine cedar wood and hewn stone, probably polished marble; the inside was carved with figures of cherubims and palm-trees; and the whole inside, floor, walls and roof, was overlaid with gold. The oracle had no windows at all, but was perpetually dark; the sanctuary had narrow windows, light against light. This

temple was furnished with the ark and other sacred utensils, and the Shekinah, or cloud of divine glory, entered it, to take up its rest over the ark, between the cherubims; and it was dedicated with a solemn prayer by Solomon, and by seven days of sacred feasting, and by a peace

offering of twenty thousand oxen, and one hundred and twenty thousand sheep, to consume which the holy fire anew came down from heaven.

Amelia. - To assist our memory in the recollection of these particulars, would you, Sir, favour us with a similar card to that with which Miss Farquar was so much pleased ?

The Exhibitor replied, I hope it will also meet your approval ; and presented to the ladies the following descriptive card.

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The Temple of Solomon was built according to the pattern which King David gave to his son SOLOMON.

David and his princes assigned thereto one hundred and eight thousand talents of gold, one million and seventeen thousand talents of silver, both which together amounted to about nine hundred and thirty-nine millions two hundred and ninety-nine thousand six hundred and eighty-seven pounds sterling, and in weight amounted to about forty - six thousand ton weight of gold and silver.

About one hundred and eighty-three thousand six hundred men, Hebrews and Canaanites, were employed in building it. Every thing was made ready ere it came to the spot, that nothing was to do but join the materials; and yet it was seven years in building.

This superb and magnificent edifice retained its pristine splendour only for thirty-three or thirty-four years, when Shishak, king of Egypt, took Jerusalem, and carried away the treasures of the temple, in the year of the world three thousand and thirty-three, before Christ nine hundred and sixty-seven ; and after undergoing various subsequent profanations and pillages, this fine edifice was finally plundered and burnt by the Chaldeans under Nebuchadnezzar, A. M. three thousand four hundred and sixteen, A.C. five hundred and eighty-four.

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