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representation of that event, but have rather chosen to notice the life of Samuel, which fully proves that it had taken place.

Mrs. N.-A very sufficient reason, Sir; for it is not the knowledge or supposed knowledge of the means which infinite wisdom uses to produce the important change, but the subsequent effects which result therefrom, that prove the call divine. Having brought Eli into notice, I suppose you have something more concerning him; if so, show it to Samuel, and he will tell me about it.

Master N.-With much pleasure, Madam; my Mamma particularly directed me to do so.

[blocks in formation]

Kind creature, said the Dowager ; she, like my son, is always contriving some new way to please me. Well then, Samuel, obey your Mamma, and gratify me by describing the picture.

Master N.-Eli is again the most prominent figure; he is represented on a high seat, near the gate of the city, through which many are passing in great dejection; one with his clothes rent, and dust upon

his head, rushes rapidly through the throng. Do you hear the distant noise, Madam?

Mrs. N.-Yes, my dear; I suppose it is on account of bad news, concerning the defeat of the Israelites.

Master N.-So it is, Madam ; for the same man now approaches Eli,

who, with extreme concern, questions him ; as he replies, Eli becomes increasingly agitated; and when he concludes, by saying, “Thy two sons, Hophni and Phineas, are dead, and the ark of God is taken:” the aged prophet falls backward from his seat a breathless corpse.

My dear child, said this pious woman to her grandson, I hope this history, which appears to have made a strong impression on your memory, will produce powerful effects in your life. Cheerfully obey your parents; they will deny you nothing that would afford you any good, but whatever they disallow, you may be certain would ultimately prove injurious. If Eli had restrained his sons as he ought to have done, it is not probable that they would have proceeded to those lengths in sin which they did ; but you may discover, and I hope will ever remember, that the false indulgence of the parent and the disobedience of the son, were the means which brought upon that family the sad catastrophe which you have described. On the other hand, you may perceive, by attending to the history of Samuel, that the good principles, which his parents early instilled into his mind, having been accompanied with the divine blessing, produced the most happy effects through his whole life. He governed

the people wisely over whom the Lord placed him; prayed earnestly for them, and piously directed their attention to Him by whom they were repeatedly delivered from their oppressors. Aim, my dear grandson, to imitate his conduct; then, like him, you will have occasion at the close of every trial through which you pass, to erect your Ebenezer to his praise, who will be your constant support, and induce you gratefully to declare, Hitherto hath the Lord helped me.


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