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see nothing distinctly! Ah, my eyes are so very dim that my glasses do not render me much assistance. Well, I shall see clearer by-and-by; and the scene will be delightful. However, I will sit down, and do you, Samuel, tell me all about the picture, and what you can make out of the history

Master N.-This scene represents the inside of a temple, there is a priest sitting near one of the pillars, and, at a small distance, a man is conversing with two women. The countenance of one is cheerful, the other sad.

You begin early with the history, Sir, said Dowager Mrs N.; those



have mentioned, Samuel; I imagine are Elkanah, his two wives, and Eli; now go on, my dear.

Master N. --The sorrowful one looks as if she were praying !

Mrs. N. That is Hannah'; very well, go on.

Master N. The priest notices it, and appears to address her.

Mrs. N:-Now, my dear, can you tell me what he says ?

Master N.-The figure does not speak, Madam.

Mrs. N.-But, my dear, I suppose you know; no doubt you have often read about it.

Master N.-Yes, Madam, I have, and recollect that Eli imagined Hannah had been drunken, for which he reproved her; but she replied, that-it was from the grief of her heart, she had been pouring out her soul before the Lord. Satisfied with this reply, Eli dismissed her with his blessing! Mrs. N.-Very well; what next?

Master N.—The scene is closed, Madam.

Mrs. N.-But I hope you can tell me what followed, and then explain the next picture.

Master N.-Elkanah's family rose up early the following morning, worshipped the Lord, and then returned home ; the ensuing year Samuel was born, and Elkanah and his house went up to Shiloh to offer their yearly

sacrifice; but Hannah continued at home, to nurse and wean the child; saying to her husband, that when she had so done she would bring him to appear before the Lord, and there he should abide for ever.

Ex.—You find your grandson, Madam, has been well instructed.

Mrs. N.—That affords me great satisfaction; it would be a sad thing, indeed, if he had not ; how often have I had his dear father at my knees, repeating what he had committed to memory. Before he was seven years old he knew the Assembly's Catechism with proofs, the three first chapters of Proverbs, and, at his father's desire, the third of John, saying to me, “ Let us carefully store the mind of our child with the scriptures, request the Lord to teach him the meaning, and who can tell what blessed effects may be the consequence?” Dear man! he lived till our son gave evident proofs of his conversion. Come, my dear child, now you go on about Samuel.

Master N. This is another scene, Madam; in the distance a company of travellers appear, and several oxen with them.

I think you will find, said the Dowager, that it is Hannah going up to Shiloh with her son.

It is so, replied Master Neville; for the scene is changed, and now

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