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hearkens attentively to his faithful adviser-Bathsheba is recalled; she hears with satisfaction the king's determination, that Solomon her son should succeed him; she bows with her face to the earth, does him reverence, and offers an ardent supplication for the eternal felicity of her lord. Agreeably to Nathan's advice, Bathsheba informs the king of the usurpation of Adonijah. The prophet inquires, whether it has taken place by the king's consent, and the aged monarch, according to his

promise made to Bathsheba, immediately commands Zadok and Nathan to anoint Solomon king over Israel.

Ex.-Notwithstanding your bro

ther's remark, Miss, I must confess that the great facility with which you explain my scenes, while it evidences your knowledge of the Scriptures, does honour to my Exhibition, and for which I feel myself greatly obliged.

Mrs. P.-Mr. Davenport, I fear your commendations will make my daughter vain.

Ex.--I rather hope, Madam, that what I have taken the liberty to mention, will have no such tendency, but rather induce the young lady to continue to search the Scriptures. The sacred volume will well reward the closest study; attentive readers will derive therefrom, both pleasure and advantage. It will open to their view the general history of man-the transient nature of the prosperity of the wicked, and the necessity of watchfulness in the most upright. They will perceive, that, notwithstanding the Father of Mercies will pardon the transgression of those who with genuine repentance acknowledge their iniquities, and request forgiveness in the Redeemer's name; yet it is equally certain, that sin shall not go unpunished. The scenes which have just been noticed, authorize these observations. Saul and David were successively appointed to the throne of Israel. Saul soon transgressed; when charged with his offence he acknowledged his sin,

but prevaricated with the prophet. Crime, hypocrisy, and misery folTowed each other in rapid succession, and constitute the general outline of this man's life: his death was awful, for it is evident he died under the displeasure of God. David was also taken from a comparatively low situation, to occupy the post to which he was afterwards exalted, and the recollection thereof made an indelible impression upon his mind. His early life was chequered with a succession of dangers, in all which he experienced the divine protection. While he walked with God in the exercise of faith, his .conscience was so truly tender, that when the Lord delivered

his enemy into his hand, his heart smote him for having cut off the skirt of his coat. However, in an unguarded hour he fell : when charged with his offence he did not prevaricate, but with genuine contrition acknowledged his crime. Mercy was immediately declared to the penitent, and judgment pronounced on his sin; showing, that although the Lord will not cast off his people, nor remove his loving kindness from them, yet he will visit their transgressions with the rod, and their iniquity with stripes. This is fully verified in the history of David. From his fall to his dying hour he was the subject of deep affliction. The child for whom he inade earnest sup

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