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mind. Agreeably to the tenor of his own proposal, he was ordered to array Mordecai in royal apparel, set him on the king's own horse, and lead the horse with Mordecai on it through all the city of Shushan, and proclaim before him, 66 Thus shall it be done to the man whom the king delighteth to honour."

Mrs. N.–Very well, Amelia ; Har‘riot proceed.

Harriot.- dear, Sir, the scene is changed! Why, here is the gallows, and a lofty one it is! What a crowd surrounds it! I hope we shall not see the execution. Er.Probably not, Miss ; but perhaps you will mention the circum

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stances which took place previously to that event.

Harriot.-Stung with grief, Haman posted home as soon as his task was finished, and told his wife and friends what had happened. They said, “if Mordecai be of the seed of the Jews, before whom thou hast begun to fall, thou shalt not prevail against him, but shall surely fall before him.” That very day Esther accused him of intending destruction to herself and her nation, and begged the king would interpose for their lives. Ahasuerus, in great wrath, left the apartment, when Haman fell at the feet of the queen, to implore her intercession for his life: the incensed monarch, on returning, commanded him to be dragged away, and to be hanged on the gallows which he had prepared for Mordecai.

Ex.-Well, Miss, you have come to the close of the story without seeing the execution ; but I hope not without noticing the providence of God in protecting his church. The circumstance not only excited much thanksgiving at the time, but gave rise to an annual festival, the feast of Purim, that is, the feast of Lots, so called from the lots cast by Haman, to fix the exact time of the destruction which he had planned. This feast is observed to the present day,

nd by which the reality of this his

tory is clearly confirmed. The whole transaction displayed the goodness and faithfulness of God towards those who feared him, and tended, under his controlling influence, to advance the interests of truth and righteous


Mrs. N.We must now take our

leave of

Two of our friends from the country intend to visit your Exhibition to-morrow. I do not imagine that you will find them very expert at discovering the allusions of your scenes; but if you will have the goodness just to name the subject, you will find that they are pretty well acquainted with the Bible. Good morning, Sir.



(The Exhibitor furnishing the Camera with appropriate scenery, a gentleman enters hastily, saying, “ Your door-keeper, Sir, is extremely uncivil ; I assure you, it was with difficulty that I could obtain permission to speak to you!”

Exhibitor.-Excuse me, Sir, the man is not to blame; he knows that the day is wholly occupied by existing engagements : the present is the only time I have to prepare for my expected visitors.

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