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ger, and not going himself to the Syrian general, was paying him that respect which was due to his rank. Ex.-Elisha's not appearing to receive Naaman, is ascribed by some to that retired course of life which the prophet led; and I rather think, that it was not unbecomming the prophet, upon this occasion, to take some state upon him, and to support the character and dignity of the office in which the Most High had placed him; especially as this might be a means to raise the honour of his religion and ministry, and to give Naaman a higher idea of his miraculous cure, when he found that it it was neither by the prayer nor the presence of the pro


phet, but by the divine power and goodness that it was effected. Harriot. Whether Elisha polite or not to Naaman, Mamma, Naaman gratefully returned to thank the prophet for his cure; and thus he is represented coming with all his company, and I will suppose that he is saying "Behold, now I know that there is no God in all the earth, but in Israel." How courteously he bows as requesting the prophet to accept a present; but Elisha seems peremptorily to refuse it. Naaman then requests to be permitted to take with him two mules' burden of earth, declaring that henceforth he would offer neither burnt offering or sacri

fice unto other gods, but unto the LORD. Oblige me, Sir, by informing me what he could intend to do with the earth? and why he would not take it without the prophet's permission?

Ex. He desired the earth of the land, because he thought it more holy and acceptable to God, and proper for his service; or because he would by this token declare his conjunction with the people of Israel.

Amelia.-You are so intent about the earth, Harriot, that you have not noticed the covetous Gehazi following Naaman.

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Harriot. Yes, I see him; and Naaman's condescension in descending from his chariot, and giving him


the requested present, with which he appears much pleased, and returns to his master.

Er. Having noticed Gehazi's interview with Naaman, now please to inform me what befel him afterwards. Harriot.-His fraud was not long concealed; Elisha detected it, and expressed his abhorrence of it, while, in God's name, he pronounced the sentence, that both he and his posterity should inherit the leprosy of Naaman. And this awful denunciation was immediately inflicted on himself; for he came out of his master's presence a leper as white as


Ex. This is one of the many

warnings contained in the Scriptures against the love of money. His sin was of a most malignant nature, as it tended to disgrace the prophet and bring religion into reproach; and, therefore, the punishment was appointed to be a standing memorial of the baseness of his offence. Perhaps, Miss Amelia, you will have the goodness to favour me with the conclusion of Elisha's history.

Amelia.-I know not, Sir, whether I shall be able to do that with accuracy; however, so far as my memory permits, I shall obey my Mamma's nod, and attend to your request. Elisha continued to be a blessing to his country, both in public and pri

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