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and approve but do not imitate the conduct which has excited their admiration. Not so with many of the ladies of our country: for it is doubtless in a great measure on account of their powerful influence, that Britain's sons do honour to themselves, by supporting the various benevolent institutions with which the realm abounds.

Mrs. N.-Did I think, Sir, that I deserved to share in your commendation I would make you my very best congee, but I really do not; for though Mr. Neville sets me a most inviting example, I must confess I imitate it very imperfectly; however, I shall not forget to request a few additional

lessons from him on the subject. Come, Amelia, proceed.

Amelia.- The prophet, from a sense of gratitude, offered to exert his influence for the amiable Shunamite in any way she wished, but her modesty and contentment would not permit her to make any request. However, at the prayer of Elisha, a child was granted her, and thereby, as it should seem, her only grievance was removed.

Ex.-It may not be improper for me to observe on this occasion, that even our blessings expose us to many trials. At the moment when the mother probably flattered herself with the expectation of much comfort from her son, he died. Now, Miss, how did the bereaved parent act under this afflictive dispensation?

Amelia.She instantly applied to Elisha and fell at his feet, saying, “Did I desire a son of my Lord ? ” The prophet directed Gehazi to go immediately to her house, and lay his staff on the face of the child. But this would not content the anxious mother, who positively refused to leave Elisha, who at her importunity returned with her, and at his repeated supplications the beloved son restored to his mother. Now, Sir, will you favour us with another scene?

Ex. -Oblige me first by carrying on the history a little further, and then I will


Amelia.-In his circle of benevo, lence, Elisha visited the sons of the prophets ; he saw them oppressed with famine, and instantly relieved them by his fatherly care. His miraculous powers were exercised, at one time, to prevent their being poisoned by eating pottage, into which wild gourds had been shred: at angther, to feed a hundred of them, by multiplying the very food which had been provided for himself, and which he generously gave up for their refreshment.

Ex.—Now, young ladies, you may both be employed; the promised scene invites your observation.

Harriot. Here is a house, or rather

a kind of cottage ; it is low, long, and of poor appearance.

I cannot yet say whose residence it is. O, here comes a chariot ; in it some person of rank: a servant

appears and speaks to him. The person in the chariot seems displeased: this is Naaman, the Syrian. Without doubt he is displeased because Elisha sent a messenger to him, saying, “Go, and wash in Jordan seven times." His servants endeavour to soothe his anger; and, at their entreaty; he yields obedience to the prophet's direction. Mrs. N.--However intent the

prophet was upon doing good, we cannot think that his sending a messen

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