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pious prince Jehosaphat, Elisha paid regard, and for his sake inquired of the Lord, and under the divine inspiration foretold a miraculous deliverance from the drought, and a decisive victory over the Moabites. Do you recollect, young ladies, by what means this was effected?

Harriot.-I think, Sir, that at the command of the prophet the army having made the valley full of ditches, agreeably to his prediction, without either wind or rain, they were filled with water, by which the


cattle and beasts were preserved. The Moabites saw the water as red as blood, and they said, "" This is blood : the kings are surely slain, and they

[blocks in formation]

have sniitten one another; now therefore, Moab, to the spoil.” Thus deceived, they rushed to the camp of Israel, and the Israelites smote the Moabites, so that they fled before them ; but they went forward smiting the Moabites even in their country, which they utterly destroyed.

Amelia.-Very well, Sister; but you have said nothing concerning the Moabitish king offering up his eldest son for a burnt offering upon the wall.

Harriot. That was not included in the inquiry.

Ex.- True, Miss Harriot; and I must confess you have answered that very correctly. I suppose, Miss Amelia, you will inform me concerning Elisha's attention to the widow and the Shunamite.

Amelia.-Would it not be as well to favour us with scenical representations of the subjects; then, Sir, we could, as usual, be both engaged.

Ex.-Not just yet. You will soon have another scene; but first oblige me with a recital of some of the many miracles which it pleased God to perform by the successor of Elijah. Suppose you notice the afflicted widow and her creditor.

Mrs. N.-Perfectly right, Sir ; I am certain my daughters will readily oblige you. Amelia, you begin with

the subject Mr. Davenport has just mentioned.

Amelia.The widow who applied to Elisha was in great distress, in consequence of her cruel creditor threatening to take her two sons to be bondmen.

Ex. However cruel it might appear, yet he was acting agreeably to the Mosaic dispensation; for the Hebrews had such power over their children, that they might sell them to pay what they owed, and the creditor might force them to it.

Amelia.— It was a happy circumstance bowever, Sir, that the compassionate prophet was at hand; for he increased her oil to such a degree that by the profits of it her debts were honourably discharged, her sons rescued from bondage, and her whole family supported. It was not long before the prophet had an opportunity of abundantly rewarding also the pious Shunamite for her unsolicited benevolence. She noticed this holy man of God as he often passed her house she constrained him to take refreshment-she spake to her husband concerning him-at her requesta chamber was built on the wall, and furnished with a table, stool and candlestick for the use of the prophet.

Er. It is perhaps, Madam, too frequently the case that people read

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