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Ex.--It emblematically distinguishes between a NEW and ANOTHER heart. For the heart of man is entirely blurred with depravity, and that principle of love to God by which he was originally actuated, sin has absolutely destroyed.

This being the case with every individual of the posterity of Adam, were it possible to exchange the heart of one man for that of another, no advantage could possibly result therefrom. But on the New heart which the LORD gives unto his people, he indelibly inscribes his law, and implants therein love to God and love to man. And it is by the operation of this principle, that old things are passed away, all things become new; hence the subject of this invaluable favour is denominated a NEW CREATURE. Having thus, Madam, attended to your request, I will only add, although these observations may not at present be fully understood by my visitors, I earnestly hope, the Creator of the new-born soul will, in his own due time, make them personally acquainted with the important fact. Will you, Sir, favour me now with your opinion of the representation ?

Master P.--I suppose it alludes to something concerning Saul; if so, and your artist has executed the design in a masterly manner, I think I shall. O it is very well; this is another meeting of Samuel and Saul:

I know it by the army, the sheep and oxen ; and especially by the countenance and gesture of Samuel.

Miss P. – That is expressive of great indignation : how the prophet turns away from the king !

Henry.--And he in vain strives to stop him ; absolutely he has torn the skirt of Samuel's mantle. I think, Sir, your automata will frequently require new cloathing, if they so closely imitate the transactions which they are intended to represent. It certainly is exceedingly well performed; but it would be life itself, if your ventriloquist were permitted to mention the denunciation of Samuel against Saul.

Ex. - I hope, Sir, that you will prove your knowledge of the subject, , by favouring me with your assistance?

Henry.-I accept the office with pleasure : Samuel told Saul, that the kingdom of Israel should be rent from him, and given to a better man than himself.

Ex. - Though you have taken a little liberty with the version, it is very well. Will you oblige me by proceeding

Henry-Willingly: but then, Sir, you must put the figures in motion.

Miss P.—They have already begun! See how Agag comes mincingly towards the prophet.

Henry.--And I suppose, that at the

[blocks in formation]

moment which this scenery represents, he as little thought about death as the automata do now.

Miss P.-The countenance of the figure does not indicate fear, nor does Scripture mention it. However, though Agag was presumptuous, Samuel was faithful, and the offending Amalekite was slain. For though Mr. Davenport has dropped the curtain, to prevent (I suppose) our being pained with a view of his execution, yet Scripture declares, that Samuel hewed Agag in pieces before the Lord.

Mrs.P.-This I think, Sir, is a most excellent method of proceeding. The memory of each being exercised,

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