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you will

gine, that there is now any occasion for the delineation ? Harriot.-0

yes, Sir;

if have the goodness only to let us see the representation I will endeavour to describe it.

Ex.-Well, young ladies, I readily oblige you.

On this declaration they both sprang to the Camera, and Harriot said, I find, Sir, that your artist has 'commenced his representation in an early stage.

In the distance there is a company, which I suppose to be the sons of the prophets ; Elijah and his attendant are by the side of Jordan; Elijah wraps up his mantle, twists it as if to increase the force of the stroke which he is about to give. He smites the river; the waters separate, and both go over on dry ground-they converse and proceed together. How astonishingly the trees are agitated ! The whole scene is illumined! The prophet is gone! I do not perceive the horses ! I thought I should have seen them with wings on their shoulders, as represented in Aurora's chariot.

Ex.- No, Miss ;, this is no poetic fiction, but a matter of fact. Nor are we to suppose that material horses were seen, but that a company angels, assuming that form, appeared, and Elijah entering the chariot was carried up by a

whirlwind into heaven.

of Amelia.-By whatever means Elijah ascended, I am sure that Elisha's representative seems very desirous to follow him ; see how he stretches out his hands! The mantle falls at a distance from him ; rapidly he runs, takes it up, with it divides the Jordan, and thus receives a decided evidence that his request is answered.

Mrs. N.-Thank you, Sir, for thus gratifying my daughters; will you have the goodness to inform me, who are particularly meant by the sons of the prophets, whom Elijah visited ?

Ex.-By the sons of the prophets we are to understand the scholars of the prophets, such as were educated and trained up in religion and virtue,

upon whom God by degrees bestowed the spirit of prophecy, and whom the superior prophets employed in the same capacity as the Apostles did the Evangelists.

Harriot.--Pray, Sir, what kind of mantle was worn by the prophets ?

Er.-The prophetical mantle was made of lanıb skins, being a kind of upper garment thrown over the shoulders, and (as some think), reaching down to the heels ; though others take it for no more than a leathern jacket to keep out the rain. The orientals always cast their mantle over them when they go abroad; and they use it as a blanket or coverlid when they go to sleep. Having thus attended Elijah till his departure from the earth, I shall proceed with the history, of another servant of the Lord of equal eminence.

Harriot. I think, Sir, you mean the prophet Elisha.

Ex.--If so, I hope that I shall be favoured with your assistance. Without doubt you recollect the manner by which he was appointed to his office.

Harriot.—He was at plough, Sir, with twelve yoke of oxen, when Elijah passing by suddenly cast his mantle upon him. He left his oxen, ran after the prophet, and ministered to bim.

Mrs. N.--What a striking transi

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