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pointed. Here is a mountainous country; a vast concourse of people assembled; many of them in peculiar dresses : a most venerable individual, habited differently from the others, addresses the multitude. No reply is offered: he, with increased earnestness, repeats his application. If

you had not so fully introduced the subject, I think I must have discovered that Elijah is here represented challenging the priests of Baal.

Harriot paused.

Mrs.Neville encouraged her daughter, saying, “ you have done very well:” proceed, my love.

Harriot. - Mamma, the figures stood still, and being neither voice


to be heard or action to be described, was the cause of my stopping. I recollect the history very well; but, you know, I was only required to repeat what was represented !

Amelia.-Well then, Sister, go on, for all is now in action.

Harriot.—Indeed they are. How the priests leap upon, jump over, and dance round their altar! While, from the attitude and countenance of Elijah, I can suppose that he is saying, “Cry aloud : for he is a god; either he is talking, or he is pursuing, or he is in a journey, or peradventure he sleepeth, and must be awaked.” Enraged by this taunt, Baal's priests cut themselves with knives and lances;


the blood appears trickling down

upon the altar!


Amelia.--But, Sister, observe Elijah! He, having repaired the altar of the Lord, put the wood in order, cut the bullock in pieces, and abundantly watered the sacrifice, approaches the altar with great solemnity. How expressive his countenance ! How striking his attitude ! His hands stretched forth, and his eyes

directed towards heaven. Oh! the fire descends! the sacrifice, water, stones, and altar are instantly consumed ! Do you, Sir, scenically represent the sequel to this event?

The Exhibiter replied, I hope to hear it narrated either by yourself or Miss Harriot.

Mrs. Neville desired Harriot to proceed with the history.

Harriot.-Immediately that the fire had consumed the sacrifice, the people fell on their faces; and they said, “the LORD, he is the God; the LORD, he is the God.” At Elijah's command, Baal's prophets were slain, and as my Papa has told me, their still bleeding cuttings so identified the priests of Baal, that not one of them escaped.

Ex.—Very well, Miss Harriot; your recollection of this history does honour to parental instruction.' Miss Amelia or yourself, I hope, will have the goodness to mention what followed the just execution of Baal's priests.

(At Mrs. Neville's direction, Amelia proceeded.)

Elijah predicted abundance of rain ; directed Ahab to hasten his return, and ran before him to the entrance of Jesreel. Ahab having told Jezebel that Elijah had slain all the prophets, she sent a messenger to him, and threatened to make his life as the life of one of them by the following day. On this Elijah immediately fle for his life.

While Amelia paused to recollect the history, Mrs. N. said to Mr. Da-. venport, what could have induced the prophet to flee, after the many proofs he had received of the divine care and protection?

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