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Mrs. Ponsonby, her Son and Daugh

ter, and the Exhibitor,

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Good morning, Sir, said Master Ponsonby ; I shall know the subject this morning, try me where you please.

Mrs. Ponsonby.— Henry, Henry, you are too bold! Excuse him, Sir; he expects to excel his sister, for he has been attentively reading the hiş

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tory with which you told him you intended to proceed.

Exhibitor. -Then my information has produced the desired effect: the young lady probably has also been refreshing her memory, so that I doubt whether Master Ponsonby's expectation will be realized; however, Sir, take your post, and inform me what the scene represents.

Miss P.-May I not be indulged with the same privilege? You smile, Sir, and so I shall venture to take a glance, that I may witness miy brother's proficiency.

Henry.--I do not see the asses, Sir! : Miss P.-Nor did Saul, his father ent him only to seek for them.

Henry.-Well, but I expected to see them straying in the fields, and then Saul and his servant seeking them.

Miss P.-Excuse me, brother, if I venture my opinion, but I think that Saul has taken his servant's advice, made inquiries, for the seer, met with him in the gate, and that Samuel has told him not to set his mind on the asses, for they were found : and at the same time inquiring, on whom is all the desire of Israel? Is it not on thee, and on all thy father's house? Look at the figure hearkening to that venerable man in a priest's habit, observe the astonishment of the younger, and tell me whether they are 'not intended to represent Samuel and Saul?

Henry.-Yes, without doubt they are, and I suppose the cook will soon bring the shoulder which Samuel designed for Saul.

Mrs. P.-Sir, you have not noticed the conversation between Saul and his servant, concerning what they should bring to the man of God to tell them their

way; as, on account of this and similar circumstances, I think it has been said, that the prophets of the Lord were a set of mercenary pretenders to the knowledge of future events, who sold their services to the anxious inquirer for a large reward, you would greatly oblige

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