Annals of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association

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Page 195 - And point their spires of faith to heaven. He rends the oak — and bids it ride, To guard the shores its beauty graced ; He smites the rock — upheaved in pride, See towers of strength and domes of taste. Earth's teeming caves their wealth reveal, Fire bears his banner on the wave, He bids the mortal poison heal, And leaps triumphant o'er the grave. He plucks the pearls that stud the deep, Admiring Beauty's lap to fill; He breaks the stubborn marble's sleep, And mocks his own Creator's skill. With...
Page 201 - COMINS made a donation in 1855 of $500 to be held in trust by the Chairman of the School Committee, the Mayor of the city and the President of the Common Council, who are constituted ex officiis trustees of the fund, the income to be expended for the library of the Comins Grammar School for girls situated in the former limits of the town of Roxbury.
Page 195 - T was Art ! sweet Art ! New radiance broke Where her light foot flew o'er the ground ; And thus with seraph voice she spoke, — " The curse a blessing shall be found.
Page 195 - She led him through the trackless wild, Where noontide sunbeam never blazed ; — The thistle shrunk, — the harvest smiled, And nature gladden'd as she gazed. Earth's thousand tribes of living things, At Art's command to him are given ; The village grows, the city springs, And point their spires of faith to heaven. ' He rends the oak, — and bids it ride, To guard...
Page 281 - Fulton, whose memory will dwell in the grateful recollections of posterity, when the titled and laureled destroyers of mankind shall be remembered only with detestation. — Mechanics of America, respect your calling, respect yourselves. The cause of human improvement has no firmer or more powerful friends. In the great Temple of Nature, whose foundation is the earth, — whose pillars are the eternal hills, — whose roof is the star-lit sky, — whose organ-tones are the whispering breeze and the...
Page 207 - Beheld with love, with veneration heard. This task perform'd — he sought no gainful post, Nor wish'd to glitter at his country's cost ; Strict on the right he fix'd his...
Page 279 - ... road. What a miracle of art, that a man can teach a few brass wheels, and a little piece of elastic steel, to out-calculate himself; to give him a rational answer to one of the most important questions which a being travelling...
Page 207 - The Fathers in glory shall sleep, Who gather'd with thee to the fight ; But the sons will eternally keep The tablet of gratitude bright. We bow not the neck And we bend not the knee, But our hearts, LAFAYETTE, We surrender to thee.
Page 181 - NOW to the God, to whom all might And glory, in all worlds belong, Who fills unseen his throne of light, Come, let us sing a general song.
Page 119 - No foe dare molest where in union are joined The Plough, Loom, and Chisel, with Commerce combined. Scarce a thousand short years had completed their round, When Tubal stood foremost, the pride of his nation ; At the Almighty's behest, kings and princes were drowned, But the ship-builder NOAH 'scaped the wide inundation.

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