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limited view of the subject, appears to be much the same with that which is aimed at in the present work. The view which is taken of the nature of pure or holy love, namely, that in its basis it is the love of existence, (a doctrine to which some, who have not reflected much on the subject, may have objections,) does not essentially differ, I believe, from that which is presented by President Edwards, in his Treatise on the Nature of Virtue. All those writers, of various denominations of Christians, who hold to the doctrine of sanctification in the present life, as a thing provided for and attainable, agree more or less with what is here said. But this would afford but little satisfaction, if I did not fully believe that it is also in accordance with the Bible.

It is generally conceded among Christians that a better day is approaching, and the great characteristic of that day will be, and must be, practical holi

So that holiness of heart and life, as a matter of personal realization, is brought closely home to all. Let us, therefore, in the expressive language of Scripture, stand “with our loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteous

” Perhaps we may be called to endure trials; but we should not forget that truth emerges safely from its conflicts, and that virtue is not destroyed, but only purified, by suffering. All things will be well, when God dwells in man.

T. C. U. Bowdoin College, Jan. 1, 1851.



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III. – On the Strictness of the Retributions of the Law of Provi-

dence, ...

IV. - Of Providence in Connection with Man's Situation in Life,' . 206

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